Stockings video - Making the bed in stockings

September 19th, 2014


Would you like your wife or girlfriend to do the house work all dressed up in stockings and suspenders and a short skirt, so when she makes the bed and bends over you can get a good look up her skirt at her stocking tops and panties. That is what I wear all the time, what ever I am doing, I am always wearing a short skirt like this one in this movie and stockings and panties and you can join me if you would like to see. Can you see what panties I am wearing today? Have you been looking? I bet you would like to follow me around the house and get a glimpse of my panties every time I bend over? Well now you can, I have taken to filming myself doing the housework, wearing these little short skirts and high heels visit sabrinas stockings here

Stripping off my clothes straight into the washing machine

September 18th, 2014


I am a busy lady, in the day I am working as a secretary, going from office to office as a temp. So sometimes when I come home after a day commuting to work, flashing at men and fitting in some work at the office, I am usually in a rush. Today is one of those days, I need to get these clothes off so I can get changed and go out to dinner with a gentlemen friend of mine. So I strip off right there in the kitchen and throw my clothes into the washing machine. One thing you need to know about this is that my kitchen window has no blinds or curtains, so the neighbours can look in and they often do. I never show to much, but I often walk around half naked and today you get a proper view of what they can see when they look through my window. Do you think they would like to see me in these black stockings? Will they like to see my panties as I bend over? Do you like this up-skirt shot? visit sabrinas stockings here

Flashing my stockings and panties on the London underground

September 17th, 2014

Today was my big adventure! I was going to take the tube to work today, for those of you who don’t know that is, it’s the underground train system. I’ve been warned of it for over a year but seeing as I wasn’t going into work at rush hour this morning and didn’t need leave till 11am I figured I’d just hop on one of them rather than grab the bus. First time for everything right…

It was a reasonable warm day so the tube station wasn’t so cold. I had to go down the escalators to get to my platform and wait on the speeding train. I sat down on an empty bench with my handbag at my side waiting or the train to come. Wonder if it was timely, unlike the buses.

Well, to my surprise, the train arrived on time and was occupied by only two people! I was shocked, apparently they are always, always busy. Oh well more space for me then. I hopped on quickly before the doors shut on me and grabbed a seat facing the windows, the couple that were already on the train were front facing, they could see me and I could see them out of the corner of my eye.

They were a middle aged couple, a man and his wife by the looks of things. Both dressed in suits and ready for the day ahead just like I was. I couldn’t the wifes legs but she probably didn’t have on what I was thinkg. Stockings. I wear them everyday, I just love the feel of them as they grip my thigh and elongate my legs. The sheer silk brushes against my soft smooth legs and send tingles down my spine. I always get excited thinking about stockings but today, heaven forbid, mine were starting to irritate me.

It was hot outside so hot down here too and my legs were starting to sweat under the silken cladding that covered my legs. They weren’t as bad as pantyhose would be but stockings can get very, very hot. I decided it’d be best if I took them of until I got home later. Of course, they were thigh highs and that meant riding my skirt up a little to unclip the garters. The problem being the other man and lady in the carriage with me. I could just stand up, pull up my skirt and hike my stockings down, not just for the sake of the attention but I might rip them and I couldn’t do that! These were fully fashioned luxury silken stockings with reinforced heel and toe! One of my favorites pairs. I’d have to be discreet.

I waited until the woman looked out the window and her partner looked down at his feet, they noticed I was on the train but hadn’t paid much attention to me. I slowly started to ride my skirt up my leg, being careful as not to grab their attention. Unbeknown to me the husband lifted his eyes up and watched me with his head bowed to the floor.

Gently and slowly I pulled the stocking up further, I felt someone staring at me but when I looked up the wife and husband were sitll looking elsewhere or so I thought. I moved my hands round to my left leg and slowly rimmed my fingers around the stocking tip till I came to the garter at the back, softly, I unclipped it and removed the garter from the belt slipping it into my bag. I did the same with the front garter being careful not to mark or rip my beautiful, precious stockings.

Next to come of was the stocking. I quickly slipped my hand up my skirt, grasping the lace at the top and gently rolled it down my leg. I could feel a hot, heavy gaze on me but when I looked up the husbands head was still down and the wife had laid her head back on the seat with her eyes closed. There was no one else in the carriage. Shaking it off I continued sliding the stocking down my leg gently, loving the feel of the soft silk slide over my legs. There were a light 10 denier and felt like heaven to touch.

When I got to my shoe I undid the ankle strap and slipped my toes out of my show, the reinforced heel and toe sections were darker than the rest of the stocking and stood out nicely. I pulled the stocking quickly over my toe and folder the stocking up slipping it into my bag. After stuffing my bare toes back into my shoes I redid the ankle strap and sat up straight again, making sure no one was watching me. I was so naive.

I moved my hands round to my other leg and sipped the garters of the same way as before, takng great care not to damage my wonderful stockings. I ran my hand up and down the length of my leg before letting my fingers find the top of my stocking and roll it gently down my soft skin. I closed my eyes, taking my time to pull the stocking of, I wanted to feel the silk run down my body like warm water and I shivered all over just moving the stocking down my leg. Mmmmm, it felt so good but there was that heavy pressure in the back of my neck which kept telling me someone was watching me. Read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

black stockings pictures taken on a mobile

September 16th, 2014

These pictures were taken by one of my lovers on his phone. It isn’t really a set of pictures in terms of quality that I would usually show you and isn’t really a selfie, it is something in between. He wanted to take some pictures of the stockings I was wearing for him, before the night started. I was wearing a black dress for him, black stockings and a garter belt, plus some very sexy heels. Even though the quality is not great I hope you enjoy them anyway, as they show you what I wear on my normal days when I am not prepared to be in front of the camera.





Cutting up my stockings while wearing them

September 16th, 2014

Normally I wouldn’t do this I never like to waste a pair of stockings, because even if I get a pair of stockings that has ladders in them I can still use them. Maybe if I am entertaining a gentlemen friend I can put them on in the bedroom. Or wear them to bed, or even wear them around the house when I am alone, i can even send them to some lucky fan who wants a pair of used stockings. But I wanted to have some pictures of me looking like a tramp, some slutty girl who has been out on the streets all night. So I took the scissors to this pair of stockings. It was a very nice sensation actually on my legs, as the stockings ripped open. It was sort of naughty and nice at the same time. Would you like to rip open my stockings? maybe with your teeth.




My new facourite contact site to hang out and browse profiles

September 15th, 2014

nylon lovers is a different internet dating internet site intended for lovers of stockings, tights (pantyhose), lingerie in addition to uniforms. It’s free of charge to sign up for and you may check out users snap shots within their profiles and also uncover what nylon fetish they may be in to, to check out if this fits exactly what you happen to be after in a night out. Beneath is a sample of a nylon girl trying to find a person which loves a female in nylons

“I am a slutty 25 year old girl who loves nylons and may wish to speak to gentlemen that adore them as well. I’m from Norwich, do you ever travel this way? I love married men for some sexy dates. If you are looking for that. and you happen to be nice, then lets talk. Send me a message telling me exactly what you enjoy and I can get something you like. Speak soon. ”

In case finding a lover in nylons is usually what you deserve then take a look at nylon lovers right now.

Stockings video - hoovering the stairs in stockings

September 14th, 2014


In this sort video clip I am hoovering the stairs in my stockings. I wear stockings all the time. I mean what is the point of dressing down? Stockings make you feel good and sexy and I have never seen the point of dressing down ever. I mean, what if the post man was to come or any delivery man, wouldn’t he prefer to be met at the door by a lady in stockings? But apart from that, why would I want to look anything but my very best. Well you never know when an opportunity to strike up a new friendship with a gentleman might arise and any new gentleman friends I make must love stockings just as much as me! So he had better get use to seeing me in them from day one. Of course nothing shows off a pair of stockings quite like a very short skirt. This one is indeed very short. So short in fact that you can see my panties. This clip is only a small clip of the whole movie that lasts for about 7 minutes and I have reduced the quality to be able to put it here on my stockings blog. To see the complete video and all my videos visit sabrinas stockings here

mistress beats her slave while wearing stockings and suspender belt

September 13th, 2014

Now this sub thought that I couldn’t break him with a very good solid whipping. Now don’t you imagine I could beat him? Well naturally I could and thus did. Observe when I work with a wide selection of tools which are at my personal convenience right up until he could receive no more. We start out this movie completely clothed, but I get so warm with all the effort required with whipping this specific slave, that I need to strip down to my own under garment and stockings. But the following slave didn’t have a opportunity to get aroused seeing me stripped down, as he was far too busy getting beaten. Of course beaten so hard this individual would never end up being turned on. This is certainly possibly the hardest beating video We have made. Could you enjoy a dam good beating like this slave? Exactly what have you done to be treated in this way? Have you been good or even naughty? This beating goes on for about 40 minutes which is all captured onvideo, from start to finish without pauses or rests.You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

Watch this video now in my premium members area

Secretary changing my panties at my desk

September 12th, 2014


I have been sitting at my desk all day working and flashing my stockings and panties at all the men in the office and my pussy has become quite wet and so my panties are also a bit sticky. Well it is coming up to lunch time and I am meeting a gentlemen friend and so I had better change my panties and put a clean pair on. Lucky everyone has gone to lunch and the only person left is you. Hope you don’t mind me changing my panties in front of you. Do you? Good. Please make sure you don’t look too close as I wouldn’t want you to see up my skirt to far. Watch me as I undo my suspender belt clips and remove my panties before putting on my new clean pair that I keep in the desk at work visit sabrinas stockings here if you want to watch the full length movie

Secretary who is late for work today. Again!

September 11th, 2014

I checked my watch, I was late but what was new. Work started at nine and I tended to arrive about ten minutes after that but it wasn’t my fault, public transportation in this place is terrible. The bus was late or the taxi got caught in traffic, I know I could get up earlier but my bed is just too comfy for that.

Today I took the bus to work, but still had to walk a block to reach the office. The street was crammed with people all making their way to their office buildings and getting ready for the day ahead. I strutted as quickly as I could but the crowds were just too much so I swam with the fishes and took my time.

When I reached the office doors relief swept over me but that was soon shadowed with anxiousness as I saw the boss at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. He looked angry but his face softened as soon as I got closer. He ordered me to his office, and I, the measly office temp obeyed his command.

I got to the office before he did and made myself comfortable on the guest seats. They were comfortable enough but not as comfy looking as his plush executive leather chair, it went back and forward and sideways too. I dashed up from my chair and ran around the desk to his, or rather I hobbled around the desk to his chair, my heels were too high for me to run in!

I saw down in his chair, the leather was cool against my black silk skirt and the chill seeped through the fabric till it reached my bottom. I lay back and crossed my legs, picking up a pen and twirled it at my mouth. I could get used to this, being the bossman, sitting in the big chair and ordering all the little temps around. Shame it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, in saying that though I do love my job, travelling around different offices and meeting new people. Never in the same place for too long!

I heard the door knob click and before I coul hobble back round to the side of the table that I should have been on the big scary bossman was through the door with his eyes glazing at me. Oops. He placed his hands on his hips and started to tap his feet, this wasn’t going to be good.

His mouth started to move and lecture me about my lateness and my blatant disregard for the rules but I was to busy staring at him, watching his perfectly sculpted lips move and his muscly chest flex when he shifted from side to side. I felt my nipples grow taught in my white silk bra and my arousal started to seep through into my panties. They were silk, my wetness was going to stain!

I stood up from his chair, feeling my sheet white, seamed stockings rub against each other, and walked towards him. I put my hand up to my hair and looked up at him with my big round eyes and pleaded how sorry I was. My hand started to drop from my hair down the curves of my body till it got to the bottom of my skirt where I rubbed the silk in between my fingers, all the while pleading with him not to complain to the agency, a girl like me couldn’t afford to live without my cushy temp job…

His face softened and his eyes dipped to my fingers as they caressed my skirt, slightly drawing it up and revealing my lacey stocking tips and metal garter clips. His eyes snapped back up into his head and he looked back at my face, sweat starting to form on his brow. I smiled as innocently as I could, my eyes doing that “I’m a helpless little girl” look that all we women seem to be capable of.

He stopped staring and walked around me to his chair, shaking his head. He warned me not to be late again and just let me of with the oral warning. I was a lucky girl. I thanked him with my most sweetest voice and trottedo out of his office towards my desk. Another day, another escape! I’m glad I have legs, breasts and those puppy dog eyes of mine! Read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

Stockings and panties flashing on the train

September 10th, 2014

Trains for me, are really erotic. I get so turned up wearing a short skirt and letting men look up it. I know they do too. I make sure they don’t know I am doing it on purpose. But I know that sometimes, they know I’m doing it so they can look. This is a true story, I was once coming home quite late from work and I spent the whole journey flashing the older  gentlemen who was sitting opposite me. I was wearing a pair of white panties and he was getting very excited.  He spent the whole journey staring at me and when he got off the train, he came over to me and said “Thank you, it is my 5oth birthday and that was the best present I could have asked for” Would you like to sit opposite me and look up my skirt, while I sit here with my legs crossed reading my news paper?




Holiday snaps

September 9th, 2014

This collection of holiday snaps, features mainly me in my bikini. I know some of you wont be interested but I know some of you like to see me natural in front of the camera. there are about 150 holiday snaps here, some selfies and some taken by a camera. Lots of leg pictures lots of close ups on my feet and cleavage and a few of me drinking beer! Of course like all ladies I am always on the look out for hung black men, even when on holiday, so I have my queen of spades ankle bracelet on, just in case. These are actually my own private pics, totally not posed for. only to be shared with you. Hope you like them.





Black stockings maid making the bed

September 8th, 2014

When I left school and was at college I use to have a part time job as a chambermaid. But the uniform wasn’t as sexy or as short as this one. So I use to have to pull it up to get it short. I love being a chambermaid and would always bend over the bed and flash my panties if there was a gentleman in the room. They seem to enjoy it. Well I gave up that job years ago but I have to keep my own apartment clean, because as you know a secretary job doesn’t stretch to being able to afford a cleaner. Here I am in my French maids uniform making the bed in these pictures. Would you like to book me as a maid to do all your cleaning? I would wear this uniform and make sure I bent over when making the bed. Would you like that?




Milf in stockings having sex with strangers at a dogging spot

September 7th, 2014

dogging is a English slang term with regard to practicing in sex acts around any semi-open location (usually some sort of secluded car or truck park) or maybe viewing other people doing this. Often, you’ll find a lot more than a couple of individuals; group sex plus at times also gang bangs can certainly happen. The 2 sets of men and women engaged frequently meet both at random as well as arrange to meet-up in advance using the web using a dogging site such as this kind of webpage.

dogging could be nearly anything from putting on a show from inside your vehicle, through to having sex while Doggers watch and perhaps participate. All of it depends on precisely what you are trying to find. dogging will involve exhibitionism and voyeurism and this mixture goes hand in hand. The voyeurs are mostly males and the exhibitionists are mostly lovers and also females who really like to attract attention and often invite men to join in with these people fucking.

dogging after dark offers the complete guide to every thing everyone ever needed to find out with regards to British dogging and the best way to get involved in dogging. With 13 Years on the Internet dogging after dark is actually the most important dogging web site available with a lot more dogging locations, photographs, videos and contacts when compared with just about any other website, dogging after dark never have staged dogging pics and videos, this web-site is a real dogging contact internet site intended for people who engage in dogging, and all our content is actual legitimate british dogging members.

In these unique photographs taken via dogging after dark we’ve found a British wife wearing dark nylons getting banged by the collection of strangers outdoors and inside the back of a vehicle. Nylons tend to be the choice of swinging wives or girlfriends and swingers who get involved in swinging outside. Due to the fact anyone appreciates that guys appreciate fucking a wife in nylons. Pay a visit to dogging after dark here.


Possing in my French knickers and stockings

September 6th, 2014

If you are not English you may not know what French Knickers are. French Knickers are a type of lingerie. The term is predominantly used in the UK to describe a type of underwear worn from the hip. They cover the hip, part of the upper thigh and part of the buttocks. They are regarded as more comfortable and sexier than thongs and look great with garter belt straps poking through. Well I think so anyway. Do you? Let me pose for you in this pair of French Knickers and suspender belt and fully fashioned stockings. Would you like that? Watch me as I wiggle my hips for you, showing you my French knicker covered bottom. I bet you would like to spank my bottom wouldn’t you? With me wearing these. Would you like to unclasp my panties and remove them?





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