New stockings from Stockings hq

October 2nd, 2014

My new stockings and undies arrived this morning from stockings for you. Hoorah! My most favourite online shop to buy stockings.

I have 12 new sets of stockings in various colours. But mainly with cuban heel and seemed :)

Plus 3 new suspender belts

and one set of suspenders bra and panties :)



I promise all you naughty boys will see me in my new sexy stockings soon! Stay tuned ;)

British milf Michelle in black stockings

October 1st, 2014

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Sara from Sara next door in Sexy Lingerie and stockings strips Down

September 30th, 2014

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Secretary in pantyhose upskirts

September 29th, 2014

I hardly ever wear pantyhose, I much prefer stockings but because you have asked so nicely I am going to show you what a secretary looks like with pantyhose and no panties. One the very odd occasion that I wear pantyhose I never ever wear panties with them. I think if you are flashing a guy in pantyhose you should never wear panties, just so they get a really interesting up-skirt shot. What do you think? Do you sometimes like a secretary pantyhose up-skirt in the office? Is this short black skirt short enough for a really good up-skirt? If I was in the office with you now, what would you do if I bent over in these pantyhose and I hat no panties on? I hope I don’t look too slutty!




Stockings Video - Cleaning the kitchen in stockings

September 28th, 2014


I never dress down, never, I am always wearing stockings. I will often clean the house in a maids uniform or something similar, but when I don’t fancy putting on a uniform I still make sure I am dressed in a short skirt and stockings and make sure than any gentleman who might be watching can still see my panties up my skirt. watch me cleaning the kitchen floor in this really short pink skirt, black stockings and panties. As I am on my knees you can see right up my skirt at my panties and stockings as well as being able to see my garter belt straps. Would you like to see that? visit sabrinas stockings here to watch the complete video

Stockings Video - Putting on suspender belt and stockings

September 27th, 2014


In this sort video clip that I have taken from a large movie that can be seen on my exclusive stockings site. I am putting on white suspender belt and tanned coloured stockings. You get a real look in my bedroom at home, off what happens in the morning as I get ready for work. If you are a voyeur and like to see a girl getting dressed in the morning then you will love this exclusive video of mine. Watch me as a pull each stocking on to both legs, straighten them and fasten the clips. This is the little routine I go through every day when I am getting ready for another busy day in the office. I wouldn’t say it is a wow exciting movie, just a real movie for you if you want to see my every day life as a stocking wearing secretary. This clip is only a small clip of the whole movie that lasts for about 8 minutes and I have reduced the quality to be able to put it here on my stockings blog. To see the complete video and all my videos visit sabrinas stockings here

French maid in stockings hoovering

September 26th, 2014

Watch me in this sexy French maid uniform, hoovering. Being dressed as a maid is probably my favourite fetish. I guess being dressed as a secretary would be if I wasn’t a real secretary. But I get to wear a sexy suit to work in the day, with stockings of course and get to clean in this French maids uniform. In stockings of course. I often do my housework dressed as a French maid, as it definitely makes the time go faster. Watch me as I bend over and so you get a glimpse up my little black dress at my cream full back panties. I often wear full back panties when wearing this uniform, I find it goes much better with it than a thong for example. Which do you prefer? Full back panties or a thong? If I was to come around and clean your house, would these panties be OK for you? You could watch me hoovering and keep getting glimpses of my stocking tops and panties.




Changing my panties on the train while commuting to work

September 25th, 2014


This up-skirt movie is one of the most popular I have ever done. If you love panties, stockings, up-skirts or are just a voyeur then I am sure you will love this exclusive movie. Have you ever been on a train and seen a girl with a short dress like this and seen her panties and stocking tops? Well flashing on the train is probably my most favourite hobby. I just love letting complete strangers see up my skirt. I do it all the time, probably every day. In this movie I got a bit further and change my panties. Imagine yourself commuting to work in the rush hour and sitting opposite me and I pull my skirt up a little bit to change my panties. Would you like that? Well now you can, you don’t even have to get up from out of your seat to watch me, join me on the train right now and watch me just visit sabrinas stockings here

I just love shopping for stockings and clothes

September 24th, 2014

Shopping has always been a hobby of mine. I like to do it when the mood takes me and there is nothing better than a huge shop at my fingertips, bulging at the seams with wonderful, brightly coloured clothes and gifts for me to lavish my cash on. Temping was fun and paid well so I was perfectly suited in my job.

As I walked in, the annoying floor attendants that squirted perfume over you everywhere you walked bombarded me. I rushed through them all dying to get to the clothes section. Clothes were my hobby, in particular, stockings. I love to wear ultra sexy stockings; it doesn’t matter if they are black, white, plain or patterned. I just love the way that the soft fabrics cling to my legs and keep them protected from the harsh winter winds and summer sun. I also find them extremely sexy and erotic. I enjoy the way they chafe at my inner thighs and the soft lacy tips rub together near my crotch.

In auto-pilot I walked over to the stockings section. It was a unisex store but I didn’t mind men looking at me while I was buying stockings, I just didn’t like them seeing me try them on! I take forever to put a stocking on. I slow down and feel the nylon or cotton or whatever kind of fabric the stocking is made out of, glide up my leg, over my knee and onto my thigh. I fiddle sensuously with the suspender clips making sure they are sitting in just the right position before standing up to look at them. Then I lay my eyes over every detail of the stocking, taking in every single indent on them, savouring the feel of them on my legs and the way they rubbed over my sensitive skin.

My eyes wandered over the vast rows of stocking, all packed neatly in their boxes with a hole at the front so that their patterns could be seen. I love to look at all the colours and feel the patterns with my fingers before trying them on. I always tried on stockings even though I didn’t need to as it was obvious they would fit. I just like to get my personal kicks.

I walked over to the reds. I was wearing a red suit today and thought it best to buy something to match. My legs were bare at the moment, I hadn’t wore any stockings today with the thoughts of buying new ones! My eyes fell upon a gorgeous pair of shimmering red, diagonally patterned red stockings. They had small glittery bit running through the fabric and they had diagonals patterned on them. They were also very fine rather than the thick style I am used to wearing.

I picked them up and went into the changing rooms, they were also unisex. I passed by several empty cubicles. However, they weren’t all empty. One of them had a woman, I would guess in her mid forties, trying on some skirts. The other had a young man trying on a new suit. He was devilishly handsome and I blushed and walked into the cubicle opposite his.

My hands traced over the silver box that held the stockings. My bag fell to the floor and I hoisted my skirt up before slipping of my red, leather, high heeled shoes. My legs were creamy and very delicate. My skin tingled in anticipation of the stocking and my hands trembled as I opened the box. The red stockings fell on my lap in a bundle, wrapped around some cardboard to keep them in place. I gathered the first one up in my hands and ran it over my fingertips, gently caressing the thing material. I pried it open gently with my fingers, being careful not to damage it. As I leant down to put it on my foot I knocked the curtain and it opened slightly, but enough so that the young man opposite me could see everything that I was about to do and I had no idea that he could.

Unbeknown to me he took a seat against the wall and watched me try on my stockings. His eyes lying heavily on my legs and he took deep, shallow breaths. I didn’t hear a thing, or see a thing for that matter. I carried on as normal, taking my time to ease the stocking up over my foot and calf. I sat it on my knee while I smoothed it over my toes and up over my leg. I then carried on lifting it up over my knee on onto my thigh. My hands fumbled around for the suspender clips and gripped the harsh clasps before sticking them onto the stocking. As I do so I threw my head back and let my hands wander over my leg with the stocking on, it felt wonderful and highly erotic but little did I know that I had prying eyes.

As I picked up the second stocking I pulled it open enough to let my manicured toes slip in. As I did so I felt the fine, yet scratchy material slide up my legs and onto my thighs. My lips were trembling and my mouth was really wet. I licked my lips, my saliva acted as gloss as the lights shone down on me. I was just tilting my head back when I noticed that my curtain was open and that I had a peeping Tom. My face went scarlet and I threw the curtains closed!

I whipped of the stockings and stuffed them back in the box, rushing to the checkouts. As I left the changing room the stranger was gone but my body filled with dread as I saw him standing at the check out with his suit in hand. I bowed my head as I stood behind him and put my stockings in the basket that was next in line to his.

As the cashier was ringing up his suit, his hands moved quicker than lightening and picked up the stockings from my basket. “These too” he said to the cashier. She flashed her piercing eyes at him while I stared on in shock. He just smiled. The cashier rang up the goods and sent us on our way.

I stopped following him at the front door and tapped him on the shoulder, “Any chance I can have my stockings please?” I asked him my eyes still wide in shock! He looked at me, the stockings in his hand and then back at me. A big grin just flashed over his face and he walked out of the store leaving me standing without the stockings that I had tried on, those stockings were in his hands and heading to his home. I just stood and watched as that stranger walked away with my intimate apparel, oh well, I turned on my heels and went back to the stockings section. Just another excuse to try some more stockings on! Read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

Stockings Maid cleaning the office

September 23rd, 2014

see these pictures of me cleaning the office when every one else has gone home. Well I can’t wear my business suit while cleaning can I? So I have to wear this little French maid’s uniform. I am pretty sure security guards wont mind. They even get to see a flash of my pink panties as I bend over and polish the desk. These black fully fashioned stockings look great and fell very sexy, they really show off your curves. What do you think? Do you like them? I usually wear a plain garter belt when I have black stockings on, I keep the coloured belts for when I am wearing coloured stockings. But I do like to wear coloured panties. What do you think of these little pink panties, do you like them when I bend over the desk? Would you like me to come and clean your desk dressed as a French maid?




My friend TJ Heart in black stockings

September 22nd, 2014

tj has a large appetite for intimacy, I guess you can say tj is an official whore at heart. I believe you’ll discover that tj is usually not really your common woman next door. tj and also her partner ADORE viewing porn. Seeing that they appreciate it a great deal they decided to produce a new internet site for people to be able to appreciate at the same time. Take a glimpse at this blonde amateur in charcoal nylons. tj is a sexy nudists M. I. L. F that adores getting rude. This amateur wife possesses numerous sexy films and also images for us all to enjoy. Have a look at some of the woman’s naughty photographs and video clip examples. I would like everyone to get a little taste of just what will be waiting for everyone within. tj can not wait for anyone to see the woman in many of her dirtiest swinging experiences. From time to time tj can be along with some other ladies or perhaps sexxy single men. TJ’s partner films all this and they put it right here on her web site for you in order to appreciate. tj has always been a natural exhibitionist and this internet site gives her the excellent outlet to show herself sexually. There is certainly so much to discover. Therefore get out your lube and be ready to get off hard. See this big breasted flasher amateur in black nylons posing in her kitchen area. visit tj here.


If you like my stockings blogs and like other adult blogs then check out these two sites

September 21st, 2014

I love writing my stockings blog and love to tell you my stocking adventures, post pictures of me in stockings and show the odd stocking’s video clip. But I also like to read other peoples blogs. Do you? If so then here are two really good directories. My Best Fetish Blog features all the best fetish blogs around. My one is listed there for example, it has a wide range of blogs and fetishes and you really need to take a look if you are hunting for more fetish blogs to read. Dirty Movie Blogs is another great directory, not so much fetish stuff on there, but all the blogs have to have some free movies to get listed. Now the videos are not all big, but it is nice to sit down have a read of a blog and watch a small movie clips. There are loads of mainstream adult blogs here and both sites list them in popularity and both have a search function so you can search for the exact type of blog you are looking for.

Stockings video - Making the bed in stockings

September 19th, 2014


Would you like your wife or girlfriend to do the house work all dressed up in stockings and suspenders and a short skirt, so when she makes the bed and bends over you can get a good look up her skirt at her stocking tops and panties. That is what I wear all the time, what ever I am doing, I am always wearing a short skirt like this one in this movie and stockings and panties and you can join me if you would like to see. Can you see what panties I am wearing today? Have you been looking? I bet you would like to follow me around the house and get a glimpse of my panties every time I bend over? Well now you can, I have taken to filming myself doing the housework, wearing these little short skirts and high heels visit sabrinas stockings here

Stripping off my clothes straight into the washing machine

September 18th, 2014


I am a busy lady, in the day I am working as a secretary, going from office to office as a temp. So sometimes when I come home after a day commuting to work, flashing at men and fitting in some work at the office, I am usually in a rush. Today is one of those days, I need to get these clothes off so I can get changed and go out to dinner with a gentlemen friend of mine. So I strip off right there in the kitchen and throw my clothes into the washing machine. One thing you need to know about this is that my kitchen window has no blinds or curtains, so the neighbours can look in and they often do. I never show to much, but I often walk around half naked and today you get a proper view of what they can see when they look through my window. Do you think they would like to see me in these black stockings? Will they like to see my panties as I bend over? Do you like this up-skirt shot? visit sabrinas stockings here

Flashing my stockings and panties on the London underground

September 17th, 2014

Today was my big adventure! I was going to take the tube to work today, for those of you who don’t know that is, it’s the underground train system. I’ve been warned of it for over a year but seeing as I wasn’t going into work at rush hour this morning and didn’t need leave till 11am I figured I’d just hop on one of them rather than grab the bus. First time for everything right…

It was a reasonable warm day so the tube station wasn’t so cold. I had to go down the escalators to get to my platform and wait on the speeding train. I sat down on an empty bench with my handbag at my side waiting or the train to come. Wonder if it was timely, unlike the buses.

Well, to my surprise, the train arrived on time and was occupied by only two people! I was shocked, apparently they are always, always busy. Oh well more space for me then. I hopped on quickly before the doors shut on me and grabbed a seat facing the windows, the couple that were already on the train were front facing, they could see me and I could see them out of the corner of my eye.

They were a middle aged couple, a man and his wife by the looks of things. Both dressed in suits and ready for the day ahead just like I was. I couldn’t the wifes legs but she probably didn’t have on what I was thinkg. Stockings. I wear them everyday, I just love the feel of them as they grip my thigh and elongate my legs. The sheer silk brushes against my soft smooth legs and send tingles down my spine. I always get excited thinking about stockings but today, heaven forbid, mine were starting to irritate me.

It was hot outside so hot down here too and my legs were starting to sweat under the silken cladding that covered my legs. They weren’t as bad as pantyhose would be but stockings can get very, very hot. I decided it’d be best if I took them of until I got home later. Of course, they were thigh highs and that meant riding my skirt up a little to unclip the garters. The problem being the other man and lady in the carriage with me. I could just stand up, pull up my skirt and hike my stockings down, not just for the sake of the attention but I might rip them and I couldn’t do that! These were fully fashioned luxury silken stockings with reinforced heel and toe! One of my favorites pairs. I’d have to be discreet.

I waited until the woman looked out the window and her partner looked down at his feet, they noticed I was on the train but hadn’t paid much attention to me. I slowly started to ride my skirt up my leg, being careful as not to grab their attention. Unbeknown to me the husband lifted his eyes up and watched me with his head bowed to the floor.

Gently and slowly I pulled the stocking up further, I felt someone staring at me but when I looked up the wife and husband were sitll looking elsewhere or so I thought. I moved my hands round to my left leg and slowly rimmed my fingers around the stocking tip till I came to the garter at the back, softly, I unclipped it and removed the garter from the belt slipping it into my bag. I did the same with the front garter being careful not to mark or rip my beautiful, precious stockings.

Next to come of was the stocking. I quickly slipped my hand up my skirt, grasping the lace at the top and gently rolled it down my leg. I could feel a hot, heavy gaze on me but when I looked up the husbands head was still down and the wife had laid her head back on the seat with her eyes closed. There was no one else in the carriage. Shaking it off I continued sliding the stocking down my leg gently, loving the feel of the soft silk slide over my legs. There were a light 10 denier and felt like heaven to touch.

When I got to my shoe I undid the ankle strap and slipped my toes out of my show, the reinforced heel and toe sections were darker than the rest of the stocking and stood out nicely. I pulled the stocking quickly over my toe and folder the stocking up slipping it into my bag. After stuffing my bare toes back into my shoes I redid the ankle strap and sat up straight again, making sure no one was watching me. I was so naive.

I moved my hands round to my other leg and sipped the garters of the same way as before, takng great care not to damage my wonderful stockings. I ran my hand up and down the length of my leg before letting my fingers find the top of my stocking and roll it gently down my soft skin. I closed my eyes, taking my time to pull the stocking of, I wanted to feel the silk run down my body like warm water and I shivered all over just moving the stocking down my leg. Mmmmm, it felt so good but there was that heavy pressure in the back of my neck which kept telling me someone was watching me. Read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here


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