Black panty and black nylon upskirt

May 4, 2016 // 0 Comments

I’m wearing a really really short with black suspenders, black stockings and black panties. I actually usually wear white panties, because when you flash gentlemen up your skirt at work or on the train, then they definitely get a good look. With black you have to be a little more daring, this usually means wearing your already short skirt, even shorter. Well this skirt is short enough In fact this skirt is so short you get to see my black stocking tops as well as my black panties. Just like those naughty boys in the office where I was working as a temp today did. This is my party skirt and way to short to wear to work normally. But this was just a very […]

Stockings Story – Late for work (again)

May 3, 2016 // 0 Comments

My watch is ten minutes fast, however, I didn’t realise this until I stood at the bus stop impatiently waiting on my bus, thinking I was late. It was windy, cold and damp. This was not starting out to be a good day. As I waited I threw my ass down onto the cold plastic bench and waiting for the bus to come. The older gentleman sitting next to me asked if I was alright and I replied that I thought I had missed the bus. The old dear informed me however that it wasn’t due for another ten minutes. That was when I realised that my watch was fast. After setting my watch to the appropriate time I got up of the seat and […]

Stockings Video: Taking off my stockings

May 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

  Here I am in the office wearing my black suit, which has a very short skirt. I pretty much always wear very short skirts that are long enough to cover my stocking tops when I am walking, but short enough that when I sit down, my skirt rides up a little and you can see the tops of my stockings and often you can get a peak at my panties. I am wearing tanned coloured stockings today that have gone all hot and sweaty, as they often do in the summer. Most girls do not wear any nylons in the summer, but I do, pretty much all year around. If I get to hot I take them off, but usually my stockings stay on […]

Watch me thrash this stocking wearing slave girl

May 1, 2016 // 0 Comments

Danni is actually our brand new servant girl. I will be teaching her to become the dungeon sub and to service me as well as my gentleman friends. However the coaching didn’t start off well, for the reason that on the first morning of her training, Danni was delayed. Several minutes late to be accurate. Hence the initial session was to ensure this specific girl knew never to end up being delayed. The easiest way to teach her appeared to be to give her bum a fantastic beating. So I had the girl stripped naked apart from some dark stockings & bent over the horse. We next make use of numerous implements to thrash the girl’s ass with. Watch this video now in my premium […]

Hoovering in thigh high boots and stockings

April 30, 2016 // 0 Comments

These stills were taken of a high definition video. You like watching me hoovering don’t you, you naughty boy. But when I hoover I also like to tease. Especially if I am doing a stocking tease session. I get all dressed up in my stockings and thigh high boots and really go to town teasing my subject. Some men love to be dominated but others just love to be teased. I love to tease, I am the queen of teasing. Would you like to come and visit me for a stocking teasing session? Would you enjoy watching me bending and hoovering?

Stockings pictures: playing at my desk in stockings

April 29, 2016 // 0 Comments

Here I am bored and horny in the office. Again. Wearing this purple suspender belt with tanned coloured stockings underneath my short grey striped skirt. If you look carefully you just manage to get a glimpse of my white panties up my skirt as I rub myself. See my breasts are bursting out of my white shirt. When I get really horny at work and no one is around I often rub myself through my panties at the same time as playing with my suspender belt and clips, running my fingers inside my stocking tops. But you have to be careful not to take your panties down. Otherwise if someone comes into the office, they might catch you with your panties round your ankles. A […]

Nylon Jane in stockings teasing her sissy in panties

April 28, 2016 // 0 Comments

Nylon Jane is not a standard pantyhose plus stockings website. This star is a really British starlet that is what a person would name pansexual. She’s all-woman within the best physically charged sense and she likes to do it with other girls, fellas, transsexuals plus crossdressers. Nylon Jane might tease a man alternatively permit them to ride her. Jane rides girls or transsexuals with the strapon, while dressed in pretty lingerie and stockings. The web-site looks neat plus navigation is smooth thanks to obvious portions. You have available the basic search feature, rate her content, make opinions as well as sort their films & photos by latest, most popular along with by title. Should anything particularly takes your fancy, you may keep this within a […]

do you have a small cock and like to be humiliated?

April 27, 2016 // 0 Comments

Do you have a tiny dick nevertheless would still want to know what exactly it is like to end up being humiliated where you work by the pretty bitchy boss dressed up in a very short skirt, ff stockings, heels plus slightly see through dark-colored knickers? Very well this is for yourself. If you like to get teased and also laughed at in that case currently it is the moment for getting your own dick out. Observe as I talk about precisely how small your dick is and how large I prefer tools. A lot of cleavage on this movie therefore you can easily see precisely what it truly is like when I tease men using my breasts along with my nylons as well as […]

getting out of my sweaty pantyhose and knickers

April 26, 2016 // 0 Comments

These are some screen grabs from a new HD movie. I don’t often wear pantyhose, but sometimes when it is really cold I do. I have been wearing these pantyhose and knickers all day and it is time to get changed. Would you like a sniff of my pantyhose or knickers that I have been wearing all day? After taking my pantyhose down, I put on these skin tight, platform boots, which are really cute and look like a cross between hold up stockings and boots. See the full length movie at my premium site here

Stockings Story – Bored again at work in my secretarial job in the office

April 26, 2016 // 0 Comments

Endless keyboard noises, constant mouse clicking and buzzing computer monitors are enough to drive anyone mad. However I hear these all day, five days a week. I’m an office temp and as such I have to deal with the new technology that comes with the job. I still don’t see what was wrong with a typewriter but I’m an old fashioned sort of girl. Work had been quite today so I was passing my time staring at the odd ornament that sat on my desk. You find these ornaments in offices all the time. Its metal, it has five balls dangling from it and the two end ones just hit back and forth of off the main balls. It may sound simple but it’s very […]

Stockings pictures – putting on stockings outside

April 25, 2016 // 0 Comments

In these stockings pictures of me, that I took while out driving in the country one day, I needed to change my tanned fully fashioned stockings because they had a ladder in them. No girl wants to walk around with a ladder in or stockings, pantyhose or any nylons. So I had to jump out of my car and change them before I got to my rendez-vous with a new gentleman friend I had met. This older gentleman friend loved stockings and so I had to make sure mine were just perfect. Even though it was the height of summer and I was wearing a very casual short denim skirt, I still put on a pair of stockings and a suspender belt, well I like […]

Rubber army uniform patent dr marten boots panty flash

April 24, 2016 // 0 Comments

Something a bit different today, this doesn’t really go with stockings, so I left them out, anyway, my bare legs look good in this rubber army uniform. I have combined this rubber army uniform with these very shiny patent Dr Martin boots, they look very hot together and are ideal for some panty flashing don’t you think? But because of the dress design, not only do you get my legs and panties to look at, you also get lots of cleavage. I don’t have the biggest boobs in the world, but they are all natural and all mine and so I think you should enjoy them in this rubber uniform. See the complete set on my site here

My friend, British MILF Danica Collins in lingerie and stockings

April 23, 2016 // 0 Comments

I took this blog post from big boob amateurs. I am over joyed in just how this amateur invents concepts for naughty clothing plus films. This amateur uses merely really basic stuff and turns these in to a genuinely sexxy outfits. As soon as this milf begins her well-known gradual stripping this naughty English mature hot woman takes out both of her large breasts and pulls down her pantyhose. It seems if you ask me this naughty milf is actually welcoming you to definitely play a little excitement. Consider just how neat it will be for you to stick your cock among these huge breasts then distribute your sticky cum all over this amateur’s face. This extremely sexy video from this amateur sees this amateur […]

Stockings Video – Putting on stockings

April 22, 2016 // 0 Comments

  In this video for stockings lovers I am just getting dressed and about to start putting on stockings. Under my negligee you can just see my panties In the full length movie you get to see me putting on tanned stockings and a white suspender belt. You can watch me pulling the silky stockings up my legs and fastening the clips. A girl should always wear stockings and I put mine up as soon as I get up in the morning. I even wear them to bed. Well a girl can not be too careful when she might be seen by a gentleman, can she? If you like to see girls getting dressed in their finest stockings then you will love this exclusive movie […]

Air Hostess In Stockings up skirt

April 21, 2016 // 0 Comments

When I use to work on the airlines as an air hostess this was the colour of the uniform I use to wear. Watch me getting ready with my white panties and bra, a white garter belt and a pair of white stockings with red seem and reinforced toe and heel. But when I worked as an air hostess the uniform was very strict and so I had to wear tanned or black stockings. But I think these stockings look match the uniform well. I really wanted a uniform similar to show you what I use to wear. Here I am wearing fully fashioned tanned stockings with a Cuban heel and a pair of stiletto’s, then I mainly wore black or tanned stockings. But I […]

Sitting on and bursting balloons while wearing stockings

April 20, 2016 // 0 Comments

I do love to play around in nylons, not necessarily in the sexual means. The truth is I wear stockings, basically at all times plus like to do plenty of things which is enjoyable, however , not sexual. Like right now I will be using these black fully fashioned stockings,, with a corset in addition to charcoal full back knickers & My goal is to possibly be relaxing upon balloons until eventually they burst. View as I rebound down and up in my knickers until eventually the balloons go bang. There’s no doubt that precisely what works really well may be the set off involving the dark-colored nylons, and also the red-colored and also light red balloons..You can watch this video in my premium members […]

stranger on the train

April 19, 2016 // 0 Comments

Sabrina liked train journeys. There was the chance to relax,read a magazine, switch off. Also she generally felt very, very sexual on trains. The steady rhythms, the smallish area, all of it served to make her feel highly sexual. Today, wearing her brown knee-high boots, leather miniskirt, black pantyhose and black roll neck jumper she looked highly sexual too. Her presence had not gone unnoticed by the other passengers,there were five men on the train, the usual mix of train passengers, a couple in suits, a man in overalls and a couple of younger men. They had all noticed Sabrina when they had got on the train. Sabrina barely registered it, she was used to being noticed. However, Sabrina now noticed one of the younger […]

Watch me dressed as a nurse fucked by a machine

April 18, 2016 // 0 Comments

Today I need to pay a visit into the fucking machine hospital dressed up in this rubber the medical staff clothing along with a pair of nylons naturally. Obviously it is just about all recorded just for this great fucking machine web site. Nevertheless just before I put on any patients which want to be able to find out how it can be to get banged relentlessly, I firstly ought to check out this specific fucking machine. Look at me while I get hammered relentlessly, by this specific Anaconda fucking machine. We do obviously have the extra dimension of me attired like a nurse in plastic along with stockings. You receive a fantastic frontal view as well as experiencing slutty health professional Sabrina laying on […]

Secretary in stockings on the desk

April 17, 2016 // 0 Comments

These pictures taken in this office sees me in this very traditional secretary clothes. But I have a very short skirt on and am flashing my purple suspenders and my black seemed stockings. You cant quite get a glimpse of my panties. But in the full office set on my site you can. See me on the desk pulling up my skirt to show you my suspender belt I love bending over the desk just so you get a glimpse of the bottom of my white panties up my skirt and you can see the seems of my stockings going right down to my fully fashioned heel. OK this is what you have been waiting for, a secretary on your desk with her skirt pulled […]

A three minute stocking movie for all my lovely stockings blog readers

April 16, 2016 // 0 Comments

If you want to watch a great movie featuring the nets sexiest amateur stocking babe Sabrina, then here it is, all you need to do is sign up to her stockings fanzine, you get instant access to this great stockings movie, plus her exclusive stockings pictures. Plus she will send you stockings pictures, movies and stories. After you subscribe you will need to confirm your email. If it goes into your junk box remember to take it out of your junk mail. Otherwise you wont get my free fanzine    

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