Watch me take a shower wearing stockings and panties

August 16, 2016 // 0 Comments

  Most people would think it is a bit strange to take a shower wearing stockings and panties , but I often do it. I love getting my stockings all wet and my panties all wet before taking them down. You would be surprised what fun a girl can have in stockings and panties and with a shower head. But playing with yourself isn’t the only reason for wearing stockings and panties in the shower. It is actually very handy for cleaning them. I often take my panties and stockings in the shower to clean them. I much prefer to hand wash my lingerie, as washing machines can easily ruin a good pair of stockings. The amount of times I have put a favourite pair […]

Watch me in high heels hoovering the stairs

August 15, 2016 // 0 Comments

When residing in town I stay static in the city house I’ve. Obviously I’ve a cleaning woman but often when I’m getting a gentleman around or some buddies I like the area to be spotless. The issue with the townhouse will be that it has therefore many floors therefore, so numerous stairs. Three units of stairs! They get me about quarter-hour to hoover throughout. I have several gentlemen friends who prefer to view me hoover the stairs in heels. Nowadays I gave one of these a camera to film me even though I hoover all three flights of stairs. I’m wearing nothing at all but high heels, glowing blue panties and a glowing blue top. The reason I’m not wearing stockings, is that I’ve just […]

watch me riding this balloon wearing pantyhose

August 14, 2016 // 0 Comments

I am aware everyone anticipate to discover me wearing stockings, but I also like to put on hose occasionally, simply for enjoyment, but under no circumstances at any time along with knickers on. Pantyhose must always be put on without panties therefore the pantyhose gusset can certainly rub towards ones pretty soaked pussy. In this video clip I will be riding a large yellow balloon wearing tights. Observe while I caress my own pantyhose covered vagina across the balloon. I get truly thrilled and also not forgetting soaked while i am riding this balloon. Practically fucking the balloon. When I bring myself in order to cum shortly right after the actual balloon bursts. I wish males was the same and as soon as you had […]

Take a look at this brand new panty blog

August 13, 2016 // 0 Comments

Do you have a panty fetish? I bet you do, you naughty boy. Well I have found a great panty blog for those of you who like panties as well as stockings. It is called Panty Fetish Blog and I know anyone who likes panties will love this site. This is one of the post on Panty Fetish Blog. Featuring panty fetish model and amateur panty site owner, Kelly Dee. I love the way big frilly panties cover Kelly Dee’s very sexy ass. In these exclusive panty fetish pictures taken from Kelly Dee’s site she is wearing a frilly pair of panties that look great with her stockings. Kelly Dee is one of the hottest panty fetish models I have seen. Kelly Dee has a […]

Putting on pink stockings and playing with my feet

August 12, 2016 // 0 Comments

Some movie screen grabs taken  from my latest movie. I usually wear more traditional stockings, brown, black etc. But I like a change sometimes and like some more modern colours and styles. In this movie I am putting on pink stockings. There is a lot of nylon foot play in this movie. So it is for foot lovers as well as stocking lovers. Obviously being a traditional girl, I am wearing a suspender belt with black metal clasps. When I have my stockings on, I show you some close ups of both my suspender belt and stocking covered feet. Watch the full length movie in HD here on my site

Hoovering the house in this short tartan skirt and stockings

August 10, 2016 // 0 Comments

  Some ladies like to dress down when doing the house work or the hoovering. Well to be quite honest I would rather not do any hoovering or any house work at all, but until I get a rich sugar daddy to pay for maid for me, I am stuck. But anyway I wont dress down just to do the hoovering. I mean what is the point? I have so many pairs of stockings it doesn’t matter if the odd pair get a ladder in them does it? The thing about hoovering is that when I wear a short skirt often the skirt gets sucked up in the Hoover, which then pulls it up to reveal my panties. In this movie I am wearing my […]

Sabrinas socks

August 9, 2016 // 4 Comments

Well a girl has to sometimes be different, I do like and sometimes wear socks, but always long sexy ones, they are ideal for lounging around the house. Here are a few different collections of pictures with me wearing socks. Well I thought I would take this opportunity of being alone in the office to wear something different than stockings. So here I am posing in my long black socks. You have to check out these adorable little panties I have on too! OK for those of you who don’t like white panties. I have done some pictures in black panties. I love black panties as they make your bum look smaller. lol But this set has some extra naughty shots as I have a […]

Black Stockings secretary in the office

August 8, 2016 // 0 Comments

The office was larger than any I had ever working in before, the custodial staff all wore uniforms and the executive staff flashed off their posh motors and fancy suits and briefcases. All the floors were highly polished marble with brass corners and there were three lifts and 2 marble stair cases that lead you to the offices upstairs. Reception staff also wore the same uniform, the young lady at the reception desk asked me what business I was here on so I filled her in about me being the new temp for the administrative department, trying to sound as elegant and posh as my clothes portrayed me. I may not have been in an executive position but I still had the posh suit, I […]

Removing my thigh high boots and stockings

August 7, 2016 // 0 Comments

These are some screen grabs from my latest movie on Sabrinas Stockings. I start in shiny thigh high platform black boots with latex underwear with stockings. I remove my black boots first, then my stockings. I end up just in my latex underwear. Obviously I start to take that off as well, but not naked obviously. A lady likes to tease. Would you like me to strip off from my underwear in front of you? Would you enjoy that? Do you like a lady to tease you in stockings and latex?

The secretary and office slave works in bondage and stockings

August 6, 2016 // 0 Comments

Sometimes if the boss thinks I have been naughty, maybe he thinks the skirts I have been wearing are far to short and the men in the office are spending all their time trying to look up my skirt at my panties instead of working. Or maybe he has caught to many of my gentlemen friends phoning me up in work time. Whatever the reason he might hand cuff me up. I still have to have enough mobility to carry on my work in the office and he likes to watch me as I try and carry on my work around the office like normal. He usually insists that I take my short smart skirt off first. So he can get a good look at […]

lounging around in stockings and outside in stockings

August 5, 2016 // 0 Comments

These are not very big sets, so I have given you two updates today. Two smaller than usual updates, but two different updates all the same. The first set, was taken by a stocking worshiper at a session with me. I’m lounging around in black stockings and lingerie. The second set I have taken a regular and loyal sub out to this nature reserve and got him to take a few pictures of me pulling up my skirt to show my stocking tops and panties.

Stockings and panty upskirts

August 4, 2016 // 0 Comments

It was dark and dreary, I hated it being dark and dreary so I decided to get a taxi to work rather than stand around at the bus stop. We were caught in traffic as usual, Wednesday always seemed to be the busiest day of the week, I suppose long weekends start back at work on a Wednesday and break of the day after so it would make some sense. The taxi driver focused on the road and only glanced back at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. It was definitely my outfit that caught his attention. I was wearing a soft pink suit, the skirt was several inches shorter than what it was meant to be, a seamstress made that happen, and my […]

Secretary in the office in stockings but not much else

August 3, 2016 // 1 Comment

The office gets so hot sometimes, that I have to take my stockings off. Here I pull down my skirt quickly and remove my stockings before anyone comes in the room. I wouldn’t want anyone to catch me wearing nothing but these frilly French knickers and stockings (again) I love pulling up a pencil skirt to reveal something a bit special underneath. LOL ok, not that. But this twelve strap suspender belt and these fully fashioned stockings attached to it with twelve metal clasps. Well even secretaries like to play in the office. See me at my desk playing with balloons, wearing cream see through French knickers, bullet bra, fully fashioned stockings with a cuban heel. You even get to see me push my high […]

Pin Up Wow girl in a sexy cocktail dress and black stockings

August 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

A girlie model seemed to be all of the trend several years ago. Most of these adult females were stunning, sexy and applied their physique in order to tease men in their own photographs and also posters. Now, with lots of false breasts along with hardcore fucking, the actual girlie has regretfully fallen by the wayside. pinupwow, however, realizes that there exists a market around for the vintage style that is who this particular assortment is for. The website is incredibly amazing and also works in to the stereotype wonderfully. pinupwow has a number of naughty United kingdom models who seem to make up most of this content. Which all adopt different 50’s hair styles plus clothing inside all these stunning shots. Similar to classic […]

Marks blue stockings

August 1, 2016 // 0 Comments

Something a bit different today, a set of pictures for Mark who sent me these stockings, mark is so impatient he couldn’t wait for some decent pictures, so I did these pictures on my phone, along with a video if me on my phone. The video of me in these blue stockings was taken at first in portrait and then in landscape and the film was then spliced together. I hope you like the pictures and video even though they were taken on my phone and feel free to send in more stockings for me to wear.

Secretary in stockings masturbating in the office

July 31, 2016 // 0 Comments

I have been flashing my panties all day and am really hot and moist, so I pull up my little grey short skirt and pull down my lacey black panties, run my fingers between my panties and my suspender belt and run myself untill I come. Lets hope no one walks in the office. In these pictures I get way to carried away and without wearing any panties, just some fully fashioned stockings, a 12 strap garter belt and a pencil skirt, that I pull up, you see way to much. This set of pictures of me in the office wearing a long black skirt with a split up the front gets very naughty. Because I am on the phone to a collegue when he […]

Playing with myself in the kitchen in black stockings and no panties

July 30, 2016 // 0 Comments

I know you love panties and love to see me in my panties. Whatever it is I am doing in them. Whether I am rubbing myself through my panties at the same time as rubbing my stocking covered legs and playing with my suspender straps. Or whether I am doing the housework and giving you the odd up skirt pantie flash. Or whether I am in the office dressed in a smart suit and flashing you my panties. But sometimes I like to take my panties down and play with myself. Or give you pantie-less up skirts. I hope you don’t mind? Would you like to see me with this short dress riding up my thighs and revealing my stocking tops? What about if I […]

Secretary in stockings going to work

July 29, 2016 // 0 Comments

The soft summer breeze tickled the skin on the nape of my neck as I was walking the five blocks it took me to get to work. It was only a temporary job but as with all things I was dressed to impress and ready to make an effort. My heels clacked against the broken pavement, the heat rose from the ground and warmed my toes. I had dressed in open toe sandals, with a heel of course. I had a soft cream, woven suit on with a pale cream blouse to match. My underwear also matched my attire but hopefully, if things went well, no one would have to see them. As I walked down the road my legs rubbed together and the soft, […]

Do pantyhose and stockings look good together?

July 28, 2016 // 0 Comments

In this explicit set I am in the office wearing stockings and pantyhose, but as I am wearing no panties I get very hot and very moist so I decide to relieve myself at my desk. I rub myself through my pantyhose and inside my pantyhose. corset, pantyhose and nylons, well this is something a little bit different, me in pantyhose but of course I amwearing some hold up nylons. The thing I like about pantyhose is that you can see through them when you are not wearing any panties, but without revealing too much

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