Nylons and stockings with elasticated tops and no suspender belts

April 19th, 2014

I love this little tartan skirt. It looks great with naked legs, or great with hold ups. It is a little to short though to wear with stockings. But I am sure you will like it with my tanned hold ups. You can see the stocking tops and my panties


Here I am in my fur coat, wearing nothing but white hold ups and white panties. You can almost see how excited I am in these sultry looking pictures.


A girl cant wear stockings all the time. Although I hardly ever wear pantyhose, I do sometimes wear hold ups, both to work and at home. These lacey hold ups look great with this frilly dress. You also get to see my white panties too.


These are the naughtiest pics yet wearing hold ups. I finally get my panties off. lol. Not that I would let any off you naughty boys see me like that. So I have covered myself up.  But you do get to see me nearly as I am wearing my black hold ups and black nighty


Petite Babe in Stockings and Lingerie

April 18th, 2014

Very petite babe Adana shows off her amazing body in this porn video wearing some of the most sexy lace lingerie I have ever seen. Black nylon stockings climb her long legs up to her little pussy. She is wearing beautiful lace bra and crotchless panties to show us her tight bald pussy lips. She gets her tits out showing how small and firm they are and spreads her legs ready for this cock. Sliding this cock in her wet pussy with her wearing her crotchless panties is very hot and I bet feels amazing. She fucks this guy with her little pussy until he gives her a nice warm creampie pussy!

The stocking loving stranger in the sex cinema

April 17th, 2014

It was quite a while ago that I decided that while I was in London, that I’d visit a Soho ‘cinema’. I was with a male friend of mine and we’d been in London for the day just shopping and enjoying a day out together.

It was summer and a gorgeous hot day. I was wearing a sexy floral dress. It was quite short and I was wearing stockings with it. When I sat down, you could just about see the sexy stocking tops. I had on a pair of strappy sandals and through them, you could see the slightly darker colour of the reinforced toes and the heels.

I had a few whistles from men that day as I’d walked by and that’s a great feeling, knowing that lots of men find you attractive. It seems such a shame that when there are hundreds of sexy ladies, that could look fabulous if they thought about their appearance more. They seem to think they look acceptable in jeans and baggy t shirts.

I love to wear sexy floral dresses in the summer and only wish it was hot all year round!

It was early evening and my friend and I popped into a trendy bar for a couple of glasses of wine before we went into the cinema, a glass of wine always makes me feel a little more daring!

We finished our drinks and headed for the cinema. Paid our subs to get in and ordered another drink. We sat down at the bar and pretty much straight away, loads of guys seemed to come in. It was getting really busy, so we thought we’d head straight in to see the film. The film was quite sexy actually. The girl in it looked a little like me and was wearing a pair of fully fashioned stockings and a sexy matching set of black lingerie. She was with two guys and was giving them a lot of pleasure!!

I was feeling really sexy myself and slid my hand up my skirt. As I did so, you could very easily see my lean, stocking clad legs and my stocking tops. You saw my sexy satin suspender belt holding up my stockings and it’s metal clasps. I was wearing a pair of see through white lace panties which my friend removed. He was really hard after touching me. He put my panties in his pocket after smelling the crotch.

It wasn’t long before the cinema was packed and there were at least 20 men surrounding us. Watching what we’d do and whether they might see us perform for them. They were all looking up my floral skirt and some were saying how beautiful my legs were and how they’d love to stroke them. I was so horny and feeling so sticky ‘down there’ that I let a few of the men touch my legs and feel how sexy they felt with the silky stockings on. One guy was about 60 and was just running his fingers over a metal clasp and was wanking right next to me. Soon all the guys surrounding us were pulling out their hard cocks and wanking. My male friend too, was whispering to me saying that he couldn’t wait to get me back to our hotel room so that he could be with me in private and he told me all the things he’d do to me. That sent me over the edge and I orgasmed so quickly!

One of the men opposite me had cum unexpectedly over my top. I wiped it away but knew it’d turn me on later knowing there were still traces of someone’s cum there.

It was getting really crowded in the cinema and the men were getting too close now and expecting maybe a little more than what I was prepared to do. We decided to leave, but just before we opened the exit door, a man came up to me and pushed a fifty pound note down my cleavage and begged me to take off my stockings so that he could take them home.

Well, I had plenty more of these particular stockings at home and I had a spare pair in the hotel room to wear the next day so, I sat back down, took each sandal off and carefully unclasped each stocking and slowly rolled each one off. I felt sexy with bare legs too! I slipped off my suspender belt and put it in my jacket pocket and put my sandals back on. The guys left loved watching me sexily remove my stockings and I spotted a couple more men cum over the floor! I handed over my stockings to the guy who I must say was eternally grateful, and my friend and I left the cinema.

We walked back to our hotel and on the way there stopped to buy a bottle of champagne with my recently acquired 50 pound note. I won’t tell you what happened next, I’ll leave that to your imagination!!

Bursting balloons on pantyhose, nylons and high heels

April 16th, 2014

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Well I have quite a few niches in one here, we have pantyhose, see through of course with no panties on. We have a pair of black hold up stockings, some high heel shoes and some balloons. Well how many fetishes of mine can you get in one shoot? I am not that sure whether pantyhose and stockings really work well together? What do you think? In this set as well as wearing these different nylons all at the same time, i decide to burst a load of big balloons, i sit on the balloons and squash them, with my pantyhose covered bottom and I also stand on them with my stiletto heels, see my heel pushing down on the balloons just before they burst. Of course they do burst which is the bit about playing with balloons that I don’t like, the moment before the balloon is burst is so exciting. Of course it wouldn’t be any where near as exciting if I wasn’t wearing nylons.




Two 60 year old grannies in stockings fuck a young man

April 15th, 2014

You cannot prevent maturing or cover each outward sign, no matter precisely how hard you try. Exactly what can be done, as the gals on 60plusmilf’s carry out, is embrace your many years of knowledge, however stay young in mind and get shagged by many young guys.

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Also you can down load photo galleries in Zip data files and you can choose from higher as well as medium-res pictures, and also utilize a good automatic slideshow. One particular spread is actually solo, nonetheless a lot of the others show a similar sort of action that you view in the videos, consequently plenty of interracial sex, threesomes and mature hotties becoming naughty with younger gentlemen.

Just like during this video when these two  60plusmilf’s  grannies in stockings fuck a young man.


Stocking slave in a cage filled up with balloons masturbating

April 14th, 2014


Watch me dressed in black stockings and a black bra, a purple suspender belt and no panties in a cage full of balloons. Watch me as I masturbate rubbing all the different coloured balloons against my wet pussy. See me as I like and bite these balloons. At one point one balloons bursts next to my head, which gives me quite a shock. Not only am I getting off on these balloons I am also getting off rubbing my stockings and pulling at my suspender belt straps. This is one of my most explicit videos and you get to see far more than you really should. But my legs covered in stockings and me feeling them against the balloons and against each other was so exciting. Especially knowing you are watching, that this exclusive video goes much further than I expected. Imagine being these balloons between my stocking covered legs and rubbing on my wet bald pussy. Would you like that? Would you like a stocking slave in a cage just for your entertainment? Well come in and watch visit sabrinas stockings here and come and watch me

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April 13th, 2014

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London Soho pantie & stocking up skirt

April 12th, 2014

I’d arranged to meet up with a male friend of mine who I haven’t seen in ages. He’s about the same age as me and is gorgeous….such a shame he’s gay! Anyway, we’d decided that instead of a major shopping trip, we’d head into Soho for the day, just to have a spot of lunch, a glass of wine, or two and do a bit of people watching!

It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was wearing a little black mini-dress, a pair of very expensive fully fashioned, sheer nylons and my favourite, brown knee length boots and new Gucci sunglasses. I thought I looked quite hot! I felt really sexy anyway as the sunshine makes you happy and stockings and knee high boots always make me feel really sexy. Paul and I sat down at a table on the street at a favourite wine bar of his. He said it was fabulous for watching the world go by.

He wasn’t wrong there! We chatted and set the world to rights and we could watch loads of people go by at the same time. Saw some really different people, not just the average Joe. There were transsexuals in full, make up and wacky dress and there were street traders, really over the top gay men and women, tramps, druggies, men in long overcoats, and despite the hot weather, they were carrying brown paper bags or briefcases full of magazines they’d bought in sex shops.

I like watching men scuttling in and out of sex shops, they look around to see if anyone notices them going in and coming out of the book shops or fetish shops. I don’t know why they get so embarrassed, I don’t bat an eyelid when I go into a sex shop. Paul says he goes into the gay sex shops to check out the talent! There are so many gorgeous gay men round here, in fact most of the good looking men will be gay here.

We had a couple of glasses of wine each and shared a quick bite to eat, then wandered off around the shops. I bought a couple of really nice pairs of stockings which I’m sure I will get to show you very soon, one is a pair similar to the pair I have on today, quite pricey, but worth every penny. The other pair is a pair of black fishnet stockings…very racy! We also went into a couple of sex shops and Ann Summers where I bought some very tacky undies and a couple of toys. (I might tell you about them another time!)

Next, we had a look in some of the book shops. Paul said said he’d noticed the same men in the same book shops as us and said they must be following us and were they pick pockets perhaps? I told him he was being paranoid. We were in one particular shop where one book caught my eye. I started to flick through the book and thought about buying it, then I just got the feeling someone was really staring at me, I looked down at the floor and literally jumped out of my skin!!! He must have been there for ages. To get to the point, there was a man, on the floor, looking right at my legs and my fully fashioned stockings, the metal clasps of the satin suspender belt holding them up and my panties!!!! People must have seen him, but no-one said a word! I didn’t think that was normal behaviour!

The cheek of the bloke!!! I was so shocked, I mean, a man blatantly looking up my skirt and at my underwear! He just looked like a normal guy, you’d expect him to be a bit weird or something?! I suppose at least I wear nice stockings and nice panties!! Anyway, he got up right away and ran off. I summoned Paul over and told him about the guy and Paul laughed with hysterics! I wasn’t angry with what had just happened, just in pure shock! Ok, I did have a laugh about it as well, but don’t you think that was a little bizarre!? Paul did say, that If a lady wears stockings, especially classy fully fashioned stockings, straight men would love to see more of them, most women don’t wear stockings these days and most women seem to wear jeans. So, he probably thought he’d look while he had a chance.

We had a great day anyway Paul and I, and bought loads of tacky stuff. I did buy that book that caught my eye though, and every time I look at it now, even though it’s not a funny book, it makes me laugh and think of that cheeky guy looking at my sexy stocking clad legs, my suspender straps and right up my skirt at my panties! I should have taken my little white panties off perhaps and given him a souvenir. What do you think? See all my exclusive content and read all my stockings stories at my premium site here

Stockings and pantie up-skirts in the back of a taxi

April 11th, 2014

I received a phone call in the early morning asking me to temp at a new office. I didn’t know where it was so I figured I would book a taxi for today until I figured out a bus route. I got up nice and early to get prepared, there is nothing better than looking your best at work and I dress to impress. I headed over to the lingerie drawer and removed some black lacy panties and a box containing new black stockings. They were also lacy but very delicate and detailed. There were fine flowers etched in the soft fabric.

After completing my hair and makeup I then started to get dressed. First on was the underwear. The bra slid over my shoulders clinging tightly to my firm, pert breasts. I fastened the clasp loosely so I would have freedom of movement; the clasp was soft and smooth on my sweet back. I worked my way down to the panties. I slipped my panties on gently but with a delicate grace that would shame any stripper. My panties lace glided over my skin sensually, making me feel like a woman. The lace tingled in certain places and felt warm atop my skin. It was like a fantasy come true. I adjusted the panty as it sat on my hips; lace always looks good on me. My panties were the perfect accessory to my stockings. The teasingly covered my backside but showed enough flesh to turn any man on. My firm cheeks were smooth under the lace allowing the panties to glide over them as they moved.

Then it was time for the stockings, my favourite piece of lingerie. I gently removed the soft, sultry stocking from the box they came in. Wearing stockings that are black always makes me look exotic and sexy. I gently sat my self down on the bed and took a stocking in my left hand. I rolled it gently so as not to get any ladders in the leg, no point rushing things and ruining a beautiful pair of stockings like these. I eased my foot into the rolled stocking, gentle not to catch my manicured toes on the sheer fabric. I slowly but steadily eased the stocking up my leg taking great care not to rip the gentle fabric. I tugged the stocking over my knee and gently pulled it the rest of the way up to the top of my thigh. I then attached the black metal suspender clasps, they held on tight indenting the French lace. I started to roll the other stocking to put it on my right leg. I rolled it steadily making sure my nails did not get caught in the fine lace. Once rolled I slowly brought my foot up and into the hole. Slowly but surely I started to bring the stocking up over my knee and to the top of my thigh. I grasped the cold, metal clasp and opened its tight mouth. I slid it over the stocking and let it clamp down onto the lace. It may have been tight but it seemed gentle on the lace. I stood up of off the bed and had a looking in the mirror, my stockings looked sexy and sheer, my breasts looked pert and firm and my waist looked sleek and sultry, what more could I have asked for.

I then headed for a shirt, I choose white. My bra was black but it would add a hint of flavour to my body under the white shirt, showing of my beautiful curves. I buttoned up the shirt making sure every button matched the correct hole. The buttons slid in the holes with ease, this shirt had been worn and taken of many times. I fixed the cuffs and then headed to the wardrobe for a skirt. I choose a black pencil skirt with a neat slit up the side. The slit would discreetly show the top of my stockings if I moved the wrong, or the right way. I eased the skirt over my stocking paying special attention to the suspender clasps. I did not want to catch my skirt on them for fear of ripping my stunning lacy stockings. I slipped the skirt over the clasps and fastened the button. I took one look in the mirror one last time and thought perfect. I looked elegant and sexy all at the same time. My stockings shining in my reflection sent shivers down my spine

I heard the taxi pull up outside so grabbed my coat and handbag and headed for the door. I slipped into the taxi and slammed the door shut. The taxi driver gave me the once over from his windscreen mirror and started off to the office.

We were about half way to the office, stuck in traffic, and I felt that my right stocking was loose. I speedily looked down my skirt, only to see that the suspender clasp had let go of the sexy stocking and was dangling in between my legs. I discreetly pulled my skirt up at the side, trying to grasp the clasp without making it look as though I was doing naughty things in the back of the taxi. I must have made to much noise as the taxi driver glanced in the mirror only to see my hand up my skirt fondling with the stockings.

He had a look on his face that I hadn’t seen before. It was a bemused and satisfied look as though he had been peeping the whole time. He told me not to worry and continue what I was doing, and to the shock of him I did. I grabbed the black, tight clip and quickly but gently tugged my stocking up and snapped them together. I then sorted my skirt back down, much to the amusement of the driver who looked like the cat with the cream.

We finally arrived at our destination and as I reached for my purse the driver told me not to worry about it, what he had seen was payment enough. I got out of the taxi and headed into the office. I felt the soft lace rubbing between my thighs and the suspenders tug playfully at my skin as I walked. I needed to re-adjust myself again but I thought I should leave it until I find the ladies toilet. I wouldn’t want to cause a scene, especially in my new place of work. To see all my exclusive stocking content visit my premium exclusive site here

Balloons and stockings are a great combination I hope you agree

April 10th, 2014

Lucky for me there was at least a few balloons in this cage, because with no panties on this could have been a very naughty set indeed. In fact it turned out a lot naughtier than I was expecting anyway. If you like to see girls locked up in a cage wearing nothing but stockings and high heels, then you will like this set as much as I liked it. I loved being caged like a stocking wearing beast


Imagine if you annoyed me one day, maybe you forgot to by me a nice present for my birthday, well this is what I would do to your testicles, I would dig my nails in so hard that you yelped. Watch me bursting balloons with my nails and watch me sitting on them to burst them. I have no panties on so, make sure there is no peeking, otherwise this is what I will do to your testicles!


After blowing up lots of balloons in this fur coat and black stockings, I get all hot and my panties get all wet, so I change them. But I only had the balloons to cover myself up with so you couldnt see to much. After I put on my French knickers I pose for you with the balloons. You get a good look at the seems of my stockings too.


In the mid to late 1970s French Knickers, designed by Janet Reger and others, brought erotic and exotic style to lingerie. Of course major manufacturers through the 1980s to present day latched on to the trends. Now luxury lace and silk French Knickers are available in high street stores. But in these pictures I combine my love for sexy lingerie with my love of fully fashioned nylons with my love for playing with balloons. There is something sexy about combining the rubbery feel of the balloons with the sexy feel of sexy lingerie and silky stockings.


I love playing with balloons and blowing up balloons. Wearing these little French knickers and black fully fashioned stockings and black bra, I play with these balloons as well as blow them up. You can see my cuban heels close up as I lay on my back to show you the seems at the back of my stockings.


Wearing a black corset, black suspender belt and fully fashioned stockings, and black frilly panties, watch me playing with these large sexy balloons on my bed. As you know I love stockings, but I also like balloons, especially sitting on them in my stockings and my frilly panties and standing on them with my high heels untill they burst. I get quite scared and excited all at once.


In this set I am dressed as a wench and playing with these balloons I have blown up. This set is a little naughtier than I planned and these little white panties were see through. But the panties look great with these tanned coloured fully fashioned stockings and I hold up the balloons with my stocking covered legs and you can see my cute shoes and cuban heel.


I love the feel of balloons on my stockings and on my private parts, I get really turned on. In these pictures I am riding these gold and silver balloons wearing nothing but my stockings and suspenders and a pair of silver leather boots. I get all sticky and so do the balloons lol


This is what looners love. girls popping balloons. With me there is an added twist. Im wearing nothing but stockings. What an odd fetish loonerism is, but I guess we all get turned on by something.


Mature wife in black stockings with big boobs who loves young men

April 9th, 2014

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More selfies of me

April 8th, 2014

Here are some more selfies taken on my phone over the last few months. This is the second lot of selfies I have put up. The other selfies are here. Again they are just a mixed collection of all sorts, that I take and send to people or tweet on my twitter time line. There are not loads of stockings, but plenty of heels, feet, legs, panties and the occasional boob. Plus lots of the usual silly selfie poses. There are no where near as many as the last lot. Only about 175 here, where as the last lots was more than 500. But I like to share them in case you don’t follow me on twitter.





Taking off my stockings after work

April 7th, 2014

Slowly I opened the lock on my front door, it had been a long day at the office and I was pleased to be opening the door to my flat, which I might remind you is about five floors up! Not the easiest to trek up with high heels and no energy. I banged the door shut and put the kettle on, getting ready to make a nice cup of warm tea. Tonight I was going to sit in front of the television and watch a few movies with some popcorn and tea. Nothing wrong with that at all!

I made my way through to the bedroom to get undressed, grab a shower and slip into something more comfortable. Slipping of my shoes I walked into the tiled bathroom and switch on the shower. I grabbed my towel from the bedroom and started to get undressed

The first thing to come off would be my office pencil skirt. I hated long skirts but the manager at the office I was temping in was rather strict and a prude to say the least so a long skirt was mandatory. However, I wouldn’t be put of wearing my stockings so as you can imagine I had fine nylon stockings on, only 15 denier with a 3inch lace top. The stockings were seamed with a cuban heel and looked gorgeous, if only my boss wasn’t so darned strict.

I slipped my suit jacket and crisp white blouse of and was left to wander around my room in nothing more than my bra, panties, garter belt, garters and black stockings. I wandered over the mirror to get a better look at my ensemble, or lack thereof and was pleasantly surprised. I knew that these stockings felt good when I wore them but had no idea that they looked this good on me too.

My hands moved down to my garter belt and unlipped the soft black garters, instead of a metal clip these ones had a soft plastic catch which takes me a long, long time to get on. This type of clip stops me hurting my precious stockings. I slipped the garter belt down my leg along with the clips and stood out of it, leaving my panties where they were, cupping my soft, rounded ass cheeks.

I lowered my hands down to the tips of my left stocking and watched in the mirror as I grabbed the lace gently between my fingers, slowly rolling it down my leg being careful not to get any ladders in the gentle, soft fabric. I got goosebumps on my leg and ass as I slipped the material down my soft, smooth legs and over my perfectly manicured toes. I closed my eyes and rubbed the stocking over my foot for a few seconds just for the feeling…

Moving onto the right leg, I did the same, slipped my fingers gently onto the lace top and started to roll down my leg, but stopped. I trailed my hand up and down the straight seam at the back, rubbing my heel where the fabric was tougher and darker and over my toes where the material clung tightly. Slowly I started to move the fabric back down my legs and over my toes, running my hands down my bare legs behind the stocking, closing the goosebumped trail the sheer nylon left in it’s wake…

Definitely time for a cold shower! I locked myself in the shower for quite a long time, the water beating down on the beat of my back and over my ass felt good. The heat seeped into my skin and alleviated the tension in my legs. I covered myself in expensive soap and lathered my legs, ass and the rest of my body till the days impurities were washed away. After rinsing my body and hair I got out, snuggled up in my giant bathrobe and plodded back through to the living room to grab my tea and popcorn! What an odd combination. To see me in all my exclusive stockings content then visit my premium site here

Lady Sonia’s friend Mia in black stockings with a member from Lady Sonia’s site

April 6th, 2014

lady sonia chatted to British wife Mia on the mobile phone on Saturday night to make the arrangements just for this film. This wife had wanted to arrange for her husband to drive her down and then wait for his wife inside the vehicle when Mia came inside to “arrange a ride” and lady sonia was to organise for the. lady sonia new member to be at hers & all set so this wife could strip, make the video with him then quickly get dressed to get back to her partners car not having him being aware of something about this at all till Mia explained to her husband all about this during intercourse later that evening. The actual plan had been that the wife desired to merely suck this younger guys BIG errect tool after which help make him unload all over her perfect facial foundation yet the moment Mia took this young guys hugetool in her hand the wife had additional ideas and to Lady Sonia’s big surprise she climbed ” up ” onto the chair with the man then took his penis deep in to Mia’s INCREDIBLY tight pussy and then rode him hard for the camera! The actual top of the settee is utterly ideal to watch Mia’s stretched cunt expand to accommodate him and if you are a enthusiast of observing ACTUAL wedded women experiencing extra marital pleasure not having their own husband’s understanding then the following video seriously is extremely special! Watch the entire length lady sonia video here.

Two soapy lesbians in stockings getting messy

April 5th, 2014

all wam is often a internet site displaying entirely clothed bathing, baby oil, body paints, pie battles, lots of amazing team dirt wrestling, and a whole lot more. While some of these fights tend to be more about princesses moving all over within the slime, this particular all wam challenge is actually far more comparable to a real wrestling match, with both Euro slut showing their toughness in addition to skill, and also their dirty need to become completely covered in that cool, squishy mud!


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