Flashing my stockings on the train while commuting to work

July 29th, 2014

I was late, I was terribly late.  I missed my alarm clock going of this morning and was rushing around getting everything ready for my new office job.    I rushed my shower and even went without my coffee.  I was running up and down my stairs like I had a rocket in a place it shouldn’t be.  I did my make up as artfully as I could, considering the pressure I was under.  I wanted to make sure that I enough time to pick out a beautiful suit and coordinated everything else.

In my bedroom I was standing at the cupboard looking at everything I owned and decided on a chocolate brown pinstripe suit.  I opted for a soft pink shirt to go underneath; the colours complimented each other nicely.  I headed over to my lavender scented lingerie drawer to pick out some stockings, bra, and panties to wear under the suit.  I choose a chocolate brown set to match the suit.  I don’t think pale pink stockings would be appropriate for the office.

I stood over at the bed, facing away from the mirror. I dropped the clothes on the bed and picked up the bra.  It was satin and the cups were made of lace.  I fitted the bra over my firm breasts clasping the bra at the front underneath the bow.  I adjusted the straps and went to pick up the panties.  I stared at them; they were one of the first pairs of silk panties that I bought.  They were soft and smooth.  They glided over my skin like warm butter.    It was feels as though the fabric melts in between my fingers.  I slid the panties up each leg, making sure that they were properly on and then attached the suspenders.

I sat down on the bed, my legs were aching from all the running about that I had been doing.  I relaxed a little and picked up the first stocking.  It was beautiful; it was smooth, elegant and sexy all at the same time.  I twirled the stocking around my finger tips.  It was like it was made form baby oil.  I separated the stocking so that I could slip my foot inside and slide the stocking up my leg.  My toes caught on the lace at first but once the stocking was adjusted I was able to slide my leg easily into the stocking, feeling the lace ease up my moisturised leg was pure bliss.  I ran my hands over the stocking after it was on.  Feeling the smooth surface even though it was lace, it was hard to tell there were any fine markings on it.  I clipped the top of the stocking to the suspender and watched the metal clamp down tight over the stocking.  I glanced at my watch realising the time and picked up the other stocking, I still felt the need to twirl it over my fingers and hands.  I had to keep every ounce of control to try and keep from admiring the stocking.  I slipped it over my toes and ran it up my leg.  I eased the metal suspender clip over the stocking and stood up.

I picked up my shirt from the bed and threw it over my body, I buttoned up the shirt a quick as I could, if I went any slower than I would miss my train to work.  I eased the skirt over my stockings and suspenders, the feeling of the material rubbing together gave me a quick thrill.  I slipped my jacket over my shirt and sorted the collar before heading to grab my shoes.  I slipped my feet in the shoes and raced for my handbag.  I headed out the door twenty minutes later than I would have liked to.

I almost jogged down the street to get to the train station in time.  It took me ten minutes to get to the station which was two minutes later than the train was due.  I was lucky though, just my luck trains are always late but this time I was grateful, I didn’t want to show up late on my first day.  I hopped on the train just before the doors were closing.

I took a seat in the back of the train, it wasn’t busy but there were several people dotted over the train. I sat down on my seat, careful not to sit on the gum on the chair.  I sat in the middle of the chair that was I could get out easier.  I folded my skirt down but it wasn’t that long and didn’t cover all of what it should.  The gentleman next to me stared out of the corner of his eye; I don’t think he saw a woman wearing stockings every day.  He had a cheeky glint in his eye; he stared at my legs, taking in every detail that my stockings had to offer.  He eyed my legs from the bottom up.  He was staring at my brown suede shoes.  He worked his eyes up my legs, his mouth half parted.  He rested his eye on my knee.  Savouring his way up my thigh till he got to the point where my skirt covered the rest of what I had to show.  He turned away at this point obviously not interested any more and about time because this was my stop.

I picked up my bag and scooted over the chair careful not to catch myself on the gum.  The stranger watched me walk to the door and out of the train.  Thank goodness I wasn’t going to be late.  Sometimes men just don’t now when to give up. Visit me at my stocking site here to read all my exclusive stockings stories

Police woman putting on her black stockings

July 27th, 2014


I just love uniforms, they all go so well with stockings. Well the uniforms I wear all do. That’s why I pick them in the first place. To go with stockings. What I love about the police uniform is that in comes with handcuffs and a big truncheon. Well a girl has to find things to amuse herself doesn’t she? In this exclusive stockings movie I am all dressed up as a police woman and I am finishing the final touches. Putting on my stockings. Watch me as I pull up these new silky black stockings up my leg and fasten the stocking tops with metal clips on my suspender belt. You even get a flash of my white panties up my police woman’s skirt. Naughty Naughty! visit my premium site sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

British milf Danica in stockings

July 26th, 2014

Who said it is just sluts who have fun, real ladies have fun as well, lots of it? Danica Collins is an English a lady and we can see what this lady likes to wear in this exclusive movie taken from her own new personal site Danica Collins, a real lady complete with pearls, fur stole, leather gloves and topped off with a pretty net hat. . Danica is a very naughty British lady and it isn’t long before her stocking covered legs are spread wide for you. But I know what it is you naughty boys want to know, you want to know what this British lady has on under her clothes. Danica is a real English lady she has on a tight open bottom girdle holding up her f/f silk black  stockings with a fur stole and gloves, Watch as this slutty milf starts to play with her curvy body, nice plump ass and large tits. Her glove covered hands squeeze and pull at her erect brown nipples A gloved hand rubs and strokes her pussy as she spreads her pussy wide and slowly work a gloved finger in and out of my wet hole. Visit Danica at her own new personal site here

New stocking forum launched

July 25th, 2014

We have launched a new stockings forum. Where we will be posting pictures and you can also post pictures. Also talk with other stocking lovers about stockings. Plus much more. It is brand new and I am adding loads of great stockings porn. So pop by today and say hi!

We have loads of forums and posters including:

Ladies In Stockings (520 Viewing) General talk about ladies in stockings. You can post pictures (as long as you own them) comment on peoples pictures and also comment on the galleries I make. Meet other stocking fans. But please keep it friendly


Lady Sonia Stockings, fem dom and cuckold forum (301 Viewing) Lady Sonia the webs most famous unfaithful wife with her very own forum. Post If you are into sexy milf ladies in stockings and pantyhose, cuckold husbands, fem dom and more, then this is the forum for you. Post pictures, make contacts but do not post lady Sonia site passwords!


Stocking Site Reviews (48 Viewing) I will be reviewing all the nicest stocking sites I can find. These will be honest reviews that will tell you exactly what you will get at the site. Plus I will include samples from the stocking sites.


Best Places To Buy Stockings (14 Viewing) Places you know where they sell great stockings. Please no spam


Men in stockings (21 Viewing) Sissy men, bi or straight men or gay men. If you like to wear stockings and like to see men in stockings or talk to men or women about you or men wearing stockings then this forum is for you


Nurse on video changing my black stockings to tanned stockings

July 24th, 2014


I am going to let you watch me get undressed out of my nurses uniform and the black stockings that I have wearing all day and then you can watch me putting on my tanned coloured. Imagine if I was a real nurse, my stockings and panties would be very sweaty from giving lots of men bed baths all day. Lots of bending over and flashing my panties to make everyone feel better I think. So in my lunch break or when I get home I would of course change my stockings and panties. You wouldn’t want me smelling would you? Or would you? Would you like to smell my panties and worn stockings? I bet you would like to smell them while I was still wearing them wouldn’t you?. visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

Do you like ladies in traditional English public schoolgirl uniforms?

July 23rd, 2014

At times the latest nylons or perhaps schoolgirl web site will come that may simply just knock back a person’s imagination. It’s going to have a number of the most well liked ladies posturing in amazing costumes and pantyhose & swiftly allow you to get dependent on their collection of photos plus movies. We now have encountered a site called st mackenzie’s and we are happy to say it is 1 of these web sites.

Thinking about st mackenzie’s is usually beneficial, the school rich in exhibitionist women individuals and also every bit as hot professors. It’s the porn equivalent of St Trinian’s, the place where by the college students wear your typical fantasy clothes of blouse, short skirt, hose as well as high heels. They’ve frequently been misbehaving and also generally need penalising, which usually requires these individuals needing to get undressed.

To put it succinctly, this web site is about hot ladies in sexy uniforms together with hose along with panties. There’s at times some other uniform porn too, including nurses as well as teachers. These young women pose by themselves, in twos, and also in groups. We can picture precisely what naughtiness genuinely goes on, should the lights goes out inside their class rooms. There is possibly the potential for some sexy activity between more youthful plus mature women set from the taboo background of the boarding college.

The st mackenzie’s girls appear remarkable when they add hosiery and also other uniforms. You can find quite a lot of nylons among the actual content on the site which includes sheer, coloured and fishnet hosiery. There is a good amount of attractive women being dressed in knee length socks in their college uniform.

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Titillating Temp in stockings at work

July 22nd, 2014

Office temping is tough work. You’re neither here nor there and you could be changing work places from month to month and you never know what to expect. This week I was attending an interview for working in an office pretty close to home which saved me loads on taxi and bus fares of which all of the savings went to a good cause, my stockings habit. As I was walking to work in my chic office suit I noticed men staring but there is nothing new there. I caught them glancing at my legs, the best part of my body. They were eyeing me up from toe to thigh and didn’t miss one detail by the looks of things and I’m sure the fact I was wearing white lacy stockings helped things along. After another ten minutes walk and two men staring I finally reached the office my feet killing me from the white pin heels I was wearing.

As I stepped in the building I could feel the heavy gaze of the staff watching every move I made towards the boss’s office. It was like I was the prey and they were the predators just waiting to strike. Office plants brushed past my stockings tickling my legs as I moved as gracefully as any women could with this amount of pressure weighing them down. I finally made it to the office after what felt like forever but was barely a few seconds. From the boss’s tilted blinds that lined the office windows I could see the rest of the staff start to get back to work. Mr Scott stood up and shook my hand, his palm was sweaty and so were the bags under his eyes. He was tense and uptight but as soon as we touched hands he relaxed a little.

We were there to discuss my work and what I was to do. I sat on the leather chair smoothing my white pinstripe skirt down as I sat. My legs automatically crossed showing the boss just what I was hiding under my perfectly tame outfit. I showed my white lacy thongs and stockings, he must have caught sight of my inner thigh because he suddenly grew tense again. He shuffled the papers on his desk while I laid my bag down at the side of the chair. His eyes met mine and were full of lust. A lust for something he knew that he couldn’t have. His eyes glanced over my pristine white suit, starting from the top of my head to the bottom of my shoes. He worked his way past my lips and chin. He reached my breasts and his lips slightly parted and a small gasp was made from his mouth. We discussed my CV and I politely answered every question he posed. He conducted the interview very professionally considering the pressure it looked as though he was under. After twenty minutes of bantering back and forth the interview ended with an appropriate handshake. He told me to come back tomorrow, I started at nine.

I left the office, the glares of the other staff weighing me down as I walked to the door. I got the impression that they didn’t like newcomers; either that or they didn’t like people in white. I finally reached the building door and exited to the street, the heat of the sun beating down on me. I had to get home quickly and strip off before I suffered from sun stroke. I walked as quickly as my white pin heels would let me. It was though I was glowing as I walked down the street, the light reflecting off my suit.

After ten minutes I finally reached the door to my apartment. I fumbled for my keys and opened the door, picking up the mail as I went. I threw my bag and letters on the settee before heading upstairs to the bedroom. The cool air of the apartment was sweet relief. As I entered the bed room I kicked of my shoes and headed over to the bed. I undid my coat buttons easing the jacket of my shoulders and draped it over the bed. My shirt buttons easily undid and one by one I worked my way down to my midriff exposing my bare flesh to the cool air of my bedroom. I glided the shirt of my shoulders and threw it over the coat and both lay in a heap on the bed. I undid the button and zip on my skirt gentle not to catch my lacy panties in the zipper. The skirt fell down over my waists quickly. I sat down on the bed staring at my legs.

The stockings covering them were beautiful. They were elegant, classy and sophisticated. They felt smooth, sleek and baby skin soft. They were unique. I loved my stockings. I unclipped the left stocking from its suspender clasp. The tight grip of the metal had left a mark on it but nothing that couldn’t be pressed out. I let the clasp dangle next to my skin, the cool metal providing sweet relief. I took the tip of the stockings in my manicured hands rubbing my fingertips along the edge of the smooth fabric, savouring every feel as I gently eased the stocking down my thigh and over my knee. I bent over to carry on the rest of the way down my leg. I stocking rolled up the further it went and by the time it had rolled to my foot it was merely a ball of lace, sexy enticing lace. The right stocking was then unclipped. I rubbed my hands up and down the stockings tasting with my fingers the feel of the material. Lace was a favourite of mine; the white sheer lace I was wearing always made me feel sexy. I smoothed my hands over the lace, up and down gently but firmly. I was memorising every pattern n the lace, every fine detail etched into the lace. I worked my way back to the top of my thigh and gripped the stocking tight. I tugged it over my thigh and knee and eased it the rest of the way down my soft, pure legs. I threw the stockings on the floor and stood up.

I walked over to my dresser and set the alarm for tomorrow. I did not want to be late, the staff did not look too pleased to see me as it was, I definitely did not want to give them another reason to scorn at me. I slumped back downstairs to read my mail and make some coffe To read this and all my stories visit me and watch all my exclusive stockings content visit my premium site here

Leggy Lana & her girlfriend for some horny lesbian stockings fun

July 21st, 2014

The actual Official leggy lana web site showcasing that long leg stunning sexpot showing off just for you. For all foot, leg, stockings and also pantyhose lovers lana cox desires to make all of your wishes come true. So, precisely what you waiting around for?

This slut likes having sex, therefore at any place stunning lana will go, at work or even in her travels, lana cox is always looking for a different as well as stimulating sex experience. this wife generally endeavors to look perfect and also prefers the long-established vintage design with seemed hose, extremely large stilettos, high quality lingerie and also well designed suits. By using Leggy Lana’s broad sex expertise leggy lana features a great number of stunts to have your cock solid

Lana’s sexual preferences go outside of seducing guys, employing these folks as her bitches plus making them worship her long legs along with naughty feet. this slut as well explores the opposite facet of her sexuality, taking pleasure in lady sexual intercourse together with girls lana meets at work or even in public functions. With Leggy Lana’s worldly attraction many people develop into putty in this wife’s palms

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Puting my stockings in the washing machine

July 20th, 2014

I love traditional coloured stockings the most, but I do love coloured stockings, especially if they are a bit special, like these white and red stockings, the red seam that runs up the back of these stockings looks really cute when you are wearing a smart suit. But I also love to wear these stockings when I am going out partying. But what I love the most about these stockings is the red reinforced toe and heel, I love the toes so much that I give them a good suck. I love having my toes sucked, especially when I am wearing stockings. The taste of the nylon stockings in your mouth is a real turn on. I like sucking other ladies toes while they are wearing stockings. But most of all I like gentlemen sucking my toes. Would you like to suck my toes while I am wearing these stockings? You can also get a good look up my skirt at my white panties.




Up-skirt pantie flash with these panties with cherries on them

July 19th, 2014

I love these little cherry covered panties and I really love flashing guys them. Most men seem to like them, they are really cute. I love this skirt as it is really short and perfect for some really great up-skirts. Though it is definitely to short to wear to work. A skirt as short as this really would give a girl a reputation. As a temping secretary I really have to look smart and not slutty. But sexy of course either way. One thing I love doing is teasing men with some up-skirts when chatting to them, but I also love to remove my panties and cover myself up with my hand, that way you can see inside my panties as well and see how wet I have made them. Is that something you would like? Well ok, take a look.




A friend of mine Michelle B dressed in stockings on my fucking machine

July 18th, 2014

You’ll find this big boob slutty M.I.L.F Michelle B wearing fully fashioned stockings a suspender belt and high heels, her panties, well they had to come off instantly. To have this British milf prepared for the equipment we get her warmed up with a number of substantial vibrators plus a black rubberized dildo, a very big black rubberized dildo. I need to declare I could truthfully have watched the girl non-stop using the black dildo and vibrator and that probably would have been more than enough since she was so very sexy. Yet the MILF wouldn’t experience the level of persistent pounding one of our machines could possibly give her. So that had to be the subsequent action to take. Have her fucked hard from the Anaconda fucking machines. Join us here now to see this movie and all our exclusive milf versus machine content.

a good hard caning in the dungeon

July 17th, 2014

This specific film is a very lengthy video. It plays for more than FORTY minutes. It had been filmed in the session having a slave who merely loves pain. That session continued for a couple of hours, by far the most prolonged punishing session, in which I made use of a whole variety of hitting equipment in order to beat him with. From crops, & canes, whips, tawse, floggers as well as whatever else I can discover. You can find some hard ass beating here. The two hr session has been cutt in to 45 minutes. This really is simply a video for those who like seeing tough punishment of slaves. We have a tiny bit of butt worship in addition to pussy worship, nevertheless it is principally physical punishment.

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Secretary in stockings gets caught in the rain

July 16th, 2014

Raindrops dribbled down the sides of the bus shelter, thank god there was a bus shelter otherwise my new silk, crisp, white suit would be soaked through and I would be see through for all the world to see, which is something that nobody really wants on a Monday morning on their way to work.

The bus shelter was empty thankfully, well almost. There was a young man, in his late twenties reading his early morning paper, one of several that were tucked under his arms. His briefcase sat neatly at his feet and his black suit was sitting gently on his toned body. He seemed like a business executive, strong and fierce, while here I was in my Angelic white suit, a mere office temp.

My skirt was two inches shorter than it really should have been and my white spiked heels clacked loudly against the ground as I paced back and forth. My stockings rubbed gently against my thighs sending shivers up my back but I stayed focused, I didn’t want to focus on the wet patch starting to soak into my panties. I put the feeling of the sheer, white stockings at the back of my mind and focused on the stranger.

His black as night hair was slick with gel and plastered to his head, his eyes were harsh but his mouth was soft and gentle. He screamed wealth, power, and for some strange reason, the word stamina came to mind.

My eyes moved lower down his body, his muscles were tight and spread evenly over his chest, his shoulders were wide and his hands rigid and smooth, that man had never done a hand days work in his life and by the £1000 Rolex on his wrist it seemed like he wouldn’t ever have to again. His shoes were perfectly polished, no doubt by the hands of his butler, his trousers neatly pressed and creased in all the right places. For some reason though I started to imagine naughty things about my stranger and when he turned and his ass faced me that was not the best thing that could have happened. I was mesmerised by how pert and tight it was, so small and cute!

I came back to my senses when he looked in my direction, pretending to read his paper rather than his ass. It was a shame too as I was really enjoying the view! Thankfully I heard the faint rattle of the buses engine and readied myself for my 20 minute journey to work.

Being the gentlemen that the stranger was I was on the bus first. What got me thinking was why on Earth was this man getting the bus, he was obviously wealthy, maybe his car was in the garage, but what about a limo or a taxi? A bus just didn’t fit the bill.

The stranger sat on the very back benches of the bus so I was sitting in front of him, thinking and wondering, not the best thing to do for someone like me, my mind usually tuned to naughty things when that was left to happen but just as I was thinking that I felt a heavy gaze press against the back of my head and I knew it was him, his fierce gaze ripped my hair to the side and slid down my neck, intently heading south.

My bust was next, jutting and full, sitting half in and half out of my blouse, a little bit of flesh went a long way these days and I could tell my wealthy stranger was lapping up every second of it. His eyes focused on my flat stomach, lowering themselves to my waist, my ass and my thighs. I heard heavy breathing but I wasn’t so sure that it was him; it could very well have been me!

I clenched my gut, I slowly looked down to check my stocking tips weren’t showing but it wasn’t much use, the soft lace of my hold ups were peeking out through the edge of my skirt and there was nothing I could do but feel the hot and heavy gaze of the stranger on the bus staring at them.

My hands were clammy, I laid them down on my knees and twirled my fingers over my stocking clad leg, in a way, I was trying to turn him on, egging him on but not letting him get his way. I can be a real tease when I want to be and today I was just in the mood for it. He adjusted himself on the seat and I heard him move over slightly, getting himself a better view.

My hold ups were white; they were sheer and soft, glinting gently in the morning lights. I wasn’t wearing any garter today so there were no straps gripping my legs, just the tight feel of an elastic band on my thighs. I have always loved the way that stockings affect men, today was no different and he succumbed to the lust of them just like every other man! Their elegance, their class and sophistication while also screaming erotic pleasures is just too much to bare for some men and this stranger was definitely one of those men.

His breaths were shallow and his neck cracked as he looked to see what stop we were coming up to, I nearly forgot that we were on the bus but his soft sounds made me remember. I could hear him picking up his briefcase, getting ready to get off at the next stop. I felt somewhat saddened.

As he got up however, my mind quickly changed. He was walking beside me one moment and the next he was down on the floor, his hand pulling down my right stocking as he went, a loud rip was heard and then my stocking was ruined. I couldn’t help but moan, these were one of my favourite pairs but the stranger being the gentlemen that he was helped me take off the stocking and apologised for his carelessness. It wasn’t until after he was off the bus did I realise it wasn’t carelessness at all! I couldn’t find my stocking anywhere and when I turned around I could see it peeking out of the top part of his suit jacket pocket, and his proud, cocky walk told me he had planned every…single…move… To read all my exclusive stockings stories or watch my exclusive stockings movies visit my premium stockings site here

Lots of selfies of me

July 15th, 2014

Time for a lot more selfies. All these images I get from my telephone usually when I’m alone and bored and tweeting, but sometimes when I’m in sessions etc. I like to include them on my web site for all those that don’t use to twitter. They’re a complete combination of pictures, no concept to them, just me on my camera phone having a great time. A bit explicit sometimes, shoes sometimes, feet, boobs, plenty of legs, just anything at that time I am doing. Sometimes simply me pulling a wacky expression or something. These selfies are often quite a big assortment of pictures. This collection provides over 150 selfies of me. Oh and because was on vacation in Majorca there are various bikini photos of me.


Do you like feet in stockings or bare feet?

July 15th, 2014

Watch me wearing this cream lingerie, tanned stockings with a black Cuban heel and black seem, playing with my feet. I love my stockings so much that I even suck my feet while wearing my stockings. The black heel and black toe on my stockings looks and feels very sexy, especially when I put them in my mouth.


You know my love of sexy stockings, but I imagine you like to see a ladies feet as well? Well if you dont then take a good look at my panties as I suck my own toes clean. This little short tartan skirt is very revealing and you can have a good look at my panties.



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