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August 26th, 2014

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Changing my stockings after work

August 25th, 2014


In this exclusive stockings movie you get to watch me change my stockings. Unclipping my metal clasps that have been holding up these tanned stockings all day, under my black business suite, rolling down these nylons down my legs and removing them from my legs. I then show you the used stockings for you to inspect and see if they are all sweaty or if either of my stockings has any ladders in them. Would you enjoy checking my stockings each day after I come home after work? I bet you would. I could take them off in front of you for you to inspect if you would like. All my exclusive stockings movies are for real stockings lovers and I love to do requests. So don’t be shy, if you have any stockings fantasies and want me to act them out please get in touch. visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

My dinner date with a gentleman who just loves stockings

August 24th, 2014

I was sitting on the bus to work thinking about the usual things in life, hair make up, lingerie etc. It was a Friday and was looking forward to the weekend. Fridays are always the best day at work for me as I get to finish early, being an office temp I got that luxury but it was one of only a few luxuries I did have when it came to work. The bus seat was uncomfortable and when we went up and down over cracks in the road my skirt kept riding up, so I forever had to perch up and sort my skirt before the old man sitting across from me stole a peek.

My bus finally got to my stop and I made my way down the stairs and onto the street. It was a lovely day, the sun was hot and the sky was clear. I headed down the street to the office. My shoes were clacking against the ground, my stockings protecting my feet from the harsh consequences that high heels provided. My stockings also protected my legs from sunburn. I use these excuses every day just so I can feel the soft material of stockings grace my legs. I love the feel of walking when I’m wearing stockings; it’s like rubbing my legs against silk. The feeling is sensuous and erotic. When I walk and my stockings rub together it is like electricity between my legs. I love the sensation of the suspender clips gently nibbling away at my inner thighs, my panties rubbing against my body when I move and the way that stockings make me feel like a woman in power.

I walked into the building oozing confidence. I used the lift to get to the middle floor; I was not walking up stairs in heels. I was wearing my black ones today to match my black Yves saint Lauren suit. I wore a deep red shirt underneath my suit jacket. My lingerie was scarlet red. My bra was made of lace and the cups were moulded. The straps were thin and the cups sat in a half moon shape supporting my firm breasts. My panties were silk, they were the colour of blood and felt like heaven to wear. I stared at them lying on my sheets this morning and against the whiteness they stood out like a bright light. My suspenders match the colour of my panties. My stockings were scarlet red in colour. They were made of Lycra and the sheer material shone in the sun glinting through the building windows. Once I started walking through the office I was getting funny looks, some good, and some bad. It seemed as though some of the staff weren’t used to their colleagues wearing stockings to work.

I eased myself down at my desk, the desk I was designated for my several weeks here. Some of the women in the office looked at me shocked while some of the men looked with lust. Their eager eyes telling me that I looked good enough to eat. I crossed over my legs and this caught their attention further. My skirt slid up just enough that they could see they were definitely stockings and not tights. Their eyes were glued to the tops of my thighs, that was until I stood up to sort myself out. I did not want to set a bad example in my first week. My skirt was shorted that it was supposed to be for work and as a result of that the tips of my stockings showed, my colleagues catching the glint of my metal suspenders if they looked the right way. I crossed over my legs, quickly flashing my panties and bemusing the men sitting opposite me who could see under the desk. They eyes lit up with a sex appeal that I hadn’t seen in a long while. I enjoyed the reaction it got but thought it best to keep myself to myself for now.

The day past relatively quickly despite the mornings rush. I was glad to see the clock strike one, which meant lunch time! I made my way back to the elevator and squeezed in beside one of the gentlemen I was working with. I stood on the left and he was on the right, I looked at the lights on the lift but he was looking at my legs. To be honest I couldn’t blame him, my stockings were very sexy. He eyed me up from top to bottom. He stared at my thighs, his thoughts lingering on what my skirt was covering. He eyed his way down to my knees, staring at the curve under my knee. I felt his glare move down past my calf and rest on my feet. The lift hit the ground floor and the noise brought him back to the real world.

I made my way out of the lift and towards the cafeteria, not many offices had one so I made good use of this one. I waited in the queue to get myself some sandwiches. It wasn’t too long but I’m just impatient. After being served I headed to one of the seats in the corner where I could just watch everyone. I was sitting by myself of course; I didn’t want to make friends as I would be moving on soon.

I was eating my sandwiches when the gentleman from the lift sat two tables behind me with another one of our colleagues. They were muttering under their breath so I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I did however feel the burden of heavy gazes resting on me. I calmly ate my sandwich, pretending that I didn’t know they were stealing a look. I saw in the reflection of the window near me they were looking me up and down and obviously talking about the good bits. Again the skirt I was wearing was showing more than I had hoped for. As I sat down, in a wild bid to prevent the tips of my stockings show I pulled my skirt down and the tops of my panties were in full view. This obviously needed fixing. I stood up gracefully, pretending that I was looking for my handbag. While doing so, I sneakily adjusted my skirt and sat back down. Of course doing this meant the top of my stockings were on show and the men from the office got more for lunch than they had hoped. Their eyes sat still on my thighs, they were breathing in tune to my pulse. Watching the stockings as they sat there, doing nothing apart from making my legs look sexy. Their eyes were full of something and it wasn’t the Friday afternoon joy. I rubbed my legs together under the table and I swear that one of the men winced in anticipation. My legs bounced with every move I took exciting the gentlemen further. After devouring my sandwich, with a sexy pout on my lips the whole time I felt that it was time to put the men out of their misery and let them concentrate on their lunch.

I stood up, their eyes followed. I felt the stockings rub between my legs and my walk turned into a provocative swagger. The sensation of the stockings rubbing at the top of my thighs was unbearable. I felt the suspender clips teasingly scrape my skin, sending shivers up my spine. I emptied my food tray and headed back to the elevator.

Standing in the elevator all alone gave me the chance to feel my stockings, run my hands up and down the smooth fabric, savouring every last minute of it before I had to return to my bleak work. It felt as though water would barely touch the stockings, the material is so smooth that the water would just glide off. I felt the suspenders under my skirt; they were cold to the touch. The metal was tight and held my stockings in place; I didn’t want them to be falling down around my ankles especially at work.

I heard the lift starting to shudder which meant I was nearly at my floor; I gave my stockings one last run over with my hands, memorizing the feel under my fingers. The elevator dinged just as I stood up. I walked back to my desk and sat down, waiting for the clock to strike five so that I could head home. That is what my day is all about, hoping for the clock to strike four o clock.

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August 23rd, 2014

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A lady is sometimes allowed to be a bitch In Stockings

August 22nd, 2014

Although I am submissive by nature, I have a strict side too. I like to keep the whip handy for when people have been naughty. I love corsets as well as stockings and they go so well together.


I need a slave. To do the house work and clean my shoes and wash my stockings. But if you want the job then be prepared to be flogged if you don’t work hard enough. But before I flog you I will rub this flogger on myself.


I love uniforms and love army uniforms. I bought this East German officers uniform in Germany. Its a real uniform and not a party uniform. OK, officially you are not suppose to wear the Uniform with black stockings and black knee length boots. But with this crop in my hand, who is going to argue?


Can you imagine what it would be like to on the floor licking your mistresses feet and toes and heels and high heel pointy shoes? Well now you can as I stand above you wearing black stockings, black suspender belt, black panties and a white shirt. I even force my dirty stiletto heel in your mouth.


Voyeur movie of secretary in the office in stockings playing with herself

August 21st, 2014


Would you like to see what secretaries do when you have left the office? Well in this voyeur movie you can see what I do when I am left alone in the office. Well girls have needs as well you know and after spending the morning flashing gentlemen on the train on my way to work and having been flashing the boss my panties all day in some up-skirt action, I can get very excited. Today I got very excited and was rubbing myself through my panties and playing with my stocking tops and suspender belt straps. Imagine if you had a secret camera on the office wall and booked me as a temp secretary for a week. If you went out and came back later you could watch me on the video tape footage playing with myself. You could even hint the next day what you have seen. I wonder how many security men have watched me playing with myself in the office, a fare few I would have thought have seen me in my panties and stockings. visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie For more secretaries and secretary sex take a look at the secretary blog secretary sex

Rubber nurse in stockings playing with balloons

August 20th, 2014

I love stockings, but just lately Ive also started to get a big love for rubber, especially when I am playing with balloons. Everyone pretty much likes a balloon. They’re bright and bouncy and stupidly cheerful. They can float, they make a loud noise when popped. I love the feel and sound as the balloons rub against the rubber. I also love to rub balloons on my panties and stocking covered legs. In this movie, I am dressed in this very sexy rubber nurse outfit and stockings and I play with various balloons.visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

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Changing my stockings on the bus

August 19th, 2014

I was on my way to work. As usual I was in a different office this week than last week and it was on the other side of town, too expensive for a taxi so I had to take a bus. I got up in the morning as per usual, turned on the shower and headed downstairs for the mail. After making myself a coffee I jumped in the shower to freshen myself up for the day ahead.

After getting out the shower I headed over to the cupboard to choose my suit for the day. I decided on a red wool floaty skirt, and fitted jacket. A white blouse underneath the jacket complimented the outfit just nicely. I headed over the chest of drawers next to pick out the day’s lingerie. I opted for a soft red, moulded cup bra, a pale red pair of panties and suspenders and my soft red stockings.

I headed over to the bed to get dressed. I let the towel slip of me, it hit the floor with a thud. I lent over and picked up the bra. I gently placed each breast inside the cups the strapped the bra on around my back. It was one of my favourite bras. After sorting out my top half I made my way down to the bottom. I slipped on my pale red lacy panties, each leg slipping through each hole with beautiful fluidity and grace. I placed them on my hips where they should be and looked down on the bed.

My stockings lay there; pale in colour but bright against the luminous white of my bed sheets. It was as though they were floating on clouds and I was about to bring then down from heaven. I plucked up the first stocking, savouring the sweet smell of lavender from the scented bag I keep in my lingerie drawer. I let the sheer material slide under my fingertips. It was soft and sensuous, they are part of a two set of stockings that I have, they are not lacy or cotton but made of Lycra, a very fine sheer covers them. They are light to hold and slide in and out my fingers like water. I gently gather it up in my hands and bend forward to slide it over my toes. I glide the stocking up my calf and over my knee not stopping until I got to the thigh. I wiggled my red metal clasp over the stocking so that it held the stocking in place. I then turned back around to face the other stocking lying on the bed, on its own in the clouds. I picked it from the bed and gathered up the stocking as I did with the previous and slid my leg into the soft, sultry fabric and eased it up my leg. With the other clasp firmly attached to the stocking I head back to the wardrobe to get my suit on.

My white blouse is dulled around my chest because of the red shining through. If I move to the side, the space in the buttons shows my soft bra sitting just below the surface. I folded down the collar of my shirt and buttoned it up except for the top two buttons. I picked up my wool skirt and slid it up my sheer legs, the fabrics rubbing together made my legs weak and shaky. I pulled the skirt over my pants and did the zipper, taking care not to snag my panties. I dug out my red court shoes before placing on my jacket. I slipped each foot into the shoe making sure it was well padded before walking; heels are not good for trekking to a bus stop in and standing around waiting for a late bus. I slipped on my jacket and buttoned the centre button. I quickly glanced in the full length mirror before grabbing my bag and heading downstairs. I look fabulous, my stockings, shoes and outfit were perfectly matched.

I headed down the street towards the nearest bus stop. Thank goodness it was a stop with a shelter, shelters had seats and my feet were sore. I sat patiently for ten minutes for the bus to come, and it wasn’t here. Twenty minutes later the bus arrived, empty and deserted. I stood up and made my way to the bus doors, where a middle aged bald man was sitting watching me quite contently. I steadied myself before boarding the bus; I didn’t want to fall flat on my face. I paid my fare and headed to the middle of the bus where I could sit comfortably knowing I was all alone. I laid my bag on the seat and sat down when I suddenly heard a pinging noise. It was my suspender clips.

I decided against the stockings now, deciding that if they were going to do this all day at work then they needed to be removed. Discreetly shuffling myself further behind the seat I stuck my hand up my skirt to unclasp the other stocking. They were both undone now which would make it easier for me to gently slide them off. The bus driver kept glancing back at me via the window mirror but I looked calm and steady as though nothing was happening.

I slid my feet out of my shoes and tucked one foot under my thigh. I rubbed the tip of the stocking with my toe, trying to grab it and ease it down my leg. I must have put up some struggle as the bus driver looked at me as though I was off my head. As the driver looked away I finally managed to get my stocking down my leg as gracefully as one could use her foot to do so. I bent over and slipped the stocking off and stashed it in my handbag. Now for stocking number two to come off. Again I tucked my opposite foot under my leg with my toes trying to catch the soft, sheer fabric but with no luck. We stopped and a passenger got on. She sat right in front of me on the other side, one glance from the sides of her eyes and she would see everything. I had to make it quick so I pulled my foot down as fast as it would go dragging my sexy stocking as I went. I pretended to drop my handbag and quickly gathered up the stocking and threw it into my handbag. Finally it was over. Although the suspender clasps were tickling my thighs as they hung in mid air, I could live with that.

It was finally my stop, a few short minutes later and I started to head of the bus. It wasn’t until the lady sitting in front of me called me back that I realised I forgot to put my shoes back on and was about to head into work without them, with my face as red as my shoes I grabbed the shoes, put them on my feet and dashed into the office building. I think tomorrow I will get a taxi.

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My new stockings from Stockings HQ

August 18th, 2014

I did four new sets of stockings pictures for my site Sabrinas Stockings yesterday and here are a sample of each. All these stockings and suspenders where supplied from the best stocking shop online Stockings For You

This is where I get to show you one of my many different coloured suspender belts. I love to mix and match colours, but I do try and get traditional suspender belts, with the metal clips and the traditional stockings, though this is not as easy as it use to be


When a man sends you nice flowers, you should always repay him by posing with the flower in stockings and suspeners. Thats what I think anyway. Here I am with some pink stockings, pink panties and purple traditional stockings.

Watch me strip down in the office to nothing but my undies. I love traditional colours and thats what I usually wear to work. But I also like to give the guys a look at some different colours. To brighten up their day


Secretary changing her stockings at her desk

August 17th, 2014

Sometimes I will get too hot at work, that is the price you pay for wearing stockings every day, much worse than getting to hot is that sometimes I will get a ladder in my stockings, again that is another price you pay for wearing stockings every day. But in either case I need to change them Most girls will change them fast or in the toilet or somewhere no one is looking. The great thing about temping is that I don’t have to worry about getting a reputation. So unlike most ladies I change my stockings at my desk. Usually in full view of all the men. They try not to look but they always do. I think their is something very erotic about pulling your skirt up, just enough to flash your panties, unclip your stockings and take them down. Before putting a new pair on. What do you think? Would you like to watch me in your office changing my stockings?




Stocking and pantie up-skirt in the back of a taxi cab

August 16th, 2014

I was late for work again! No time for the bus so I called a cab and it was here in under ten minutes, very unusual for big city taxis. I wasn’t anywhere near ready so I hoped into the taxi with my basics on, no make up, shoes or stockings - they were all stuffed into my day bag!

After setting off making my way to the other side of town I relaxed a little knowing that I was on my way, I knew there’d be traffic, it’s rush hour after all but at least now I can finish getting ready. I grabbed the make up out of my hand bag and applied what little make up I actually used. Just a touch of eye liner to make my eyes stand out, some lip gloss for a perfect pout and busher to make my cheeks cute and rosy - as if the cold weather wasn’t enough.

I pulled my shoes and stocking out of the bag and the driver looked in his read view mirror with a strange expression on his face, his eyes glued to my baby pink fishnet stockings and pink high heel pump shoes. He should be concentrating on his driving not my lingerie so I looked up at him and cock my eyebrow, with an embarassed cough he focused back on the road being careful only to look up when he thought I wasn’t looking.

I put my shoes down on the floor and rsted my back against the taxi seats. It felt good to have a site down, I had been rushing around all morning and didn’t even have time for a good cup of tea, scandalous. Anyhow, it wouldn’t be long until I got to work so I needed to press on. I reached for my stockings on the seat nect to my and started to roll the first one. They were very fine fishnet stockings with an elasticated lace hold up at the top, no garters today, thank god as they might have gave the old taxi driver a heart attack. I could almost hear his heart beat now as he watched me slide the stocking over my leg and down to my toes, I felt the cab swerve a litle as he puts his eyes back on the road and conentrated some more on driving than oggling me.

A big grin settled on my face and I slid my toes into the stocking hole and pulled it gently up my leg, being careful to keep it straight and avoid getting any ladders, I didn’t bring a spare pair today as I just didn’t have the time to grab one and throw them into my handbag. I rolled the stocking up my leg with one hand and smoothed out the creases with the other, trailing my fingers over the fine material, my eyes glanced up at the rear view mirrow and I watched cab driver quickly avert his eyes, as if I didn’t see him.

The stocking was now up over my knee and I hiked my skirt up a bit more so that I could slide the stocking up to rest of my smooth thigh, the elasticated lace hold up band would keep it there without any problems and any garters. It wasn’t until I pulled the stocking up fully did I realise that I had brought my skirt up too far and that my soft pink panties were peeking out under my black skirt, I raced the stocking up to my thigh, settled out the creases and quickly lowered my skirt, my eyes shooting up to the taxi man who’s face was now the color of beetroot, my face was about to join his!

After calming down a little I slipped on my high heel pumps and moved onto the other leg. Slowly I pulled my skirt up making sure that my panties stayed firmly under wraps and started to roll the stocking up. I crossed my leg over the other one to make it easier to reach my toes, everytime I bent over my boobs almost jumped out my bra. With ease I slid the fine fishnets over my toes but hesitated a little when I felt my toe catch the fabric. I quickly unhooked the stocking and continued sliding it up my legs patting down the material as I went, the cab drivers heavy breaths echoed through my ears but I just smiled and kept going. Once it got to the part where I slipped it onto my thigh I double checked to make sure my panties couldn’t be seen by peeping toms and pulled the stocking up into it’s rightful place.

Just as I pulled my shoe onto my foot the cab driver pulled up outside my office, I handed him the cash and told him to keep the change, I don’t think he heard a word I said however - his eyes were still glued to my stockings and ass - what a productive way to start the day! read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

New Stockings have arrived

August 15th, 2014

Four new pairs of stockings and three new suspender belts have arrived today from Stockings for you. I will be modeling these stockings and suspenders this wekend and will post some results here. Plus the full picture sets will be on sabrinas stockings . But in the meen time here are the stockings and suspenders

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Pulling up my short grey skirt and flashing my stocking tops at work

August 14th, 2014

Like all good secretaries should, I always make sure that when I am at work,  I am bending over a lot! Or casually opening my stocking covered legs, so that the guys in the office can take a peak at my panties or my stocking tops. I know the the other ladies in the office hate it. All talking about me when I go to lunch, usually with one of the men in the office who they are attracted too. But I am only a temp, so what do I care? I am not there to make friends. So I will carry on flashing my panties and stockings for as long as I want. But sometimes if I become more friendly with some or even just one of the men in the office I will give them a good flash of my stocking tops and panties. Like here, where I pull up my short grey skirt and let you have a good long look at my stocking tops. What do you think? Do you like them?




Busses are really great places to flash your stockings and panties

August 13th, 2014

I rinsed the shampoo out my hair and turned of the shower and opened the shower door, my body getting hit with the cold air that always seems to be there after you’ve left a shower or bath. After grabbing my towel and hugging it around my body tightly, I dabbed my hair and made my way to the bedroom where I was about to get ready for work.

I closed the bathroom door, not wanting the cold air to take over the heat that was in my bedroom. I made my way over to the bed, my feet wetting my blue carpet. I dropped the towel at my feet and stood on it so that my feet would dry.

Leaning over the bed, I picked up my lingerie and brought it closer. I picked up my cotton panties; they were white with lacy seams. I pulled the soft, scented panties over my legs. They were pulling against my legs, my legs being still damp from the shower. After I pulled them up over my hips and sat them on my waist I thought about the day ahead but the lovely feel of pure cotton against my skin brought me back to my sense.

I picked up my suspenders from the bed, feeling the cold metal clips in my hand, I rubbed them for a few seconds with my fingers to try and get some heat into them before I let them touch my thighs. I attached the slips and let them dangle down, waiting for the stockings to be attached. They weren’t as cold when I first touched them but I would have preferred them warmer. I sat down on the bed and brought one of the stockings forward.

The white stocking was pure white, when it lay on the bed it was hard to see, it melted into the white sheets. I held it in my hand and it glowed against my skin. The fabric was Spanish lace, I’d got this pair of stockings brought back for my when my friends went to Madrid; they knew I loved them so treated me. I had stockings from countries all over the world. These stockings were amongst my favourite few. The material was pure and smooth. I had had them for a long time but there were still no impurities on them. The cloth was still fine and sleek; the colour was pure and shone brightly under the sun. The feeling of them riding over my leg was still immense.

I slipped my fingers in the hole and eased the stocking open. It was stretchy and warm. The white lightened as the stocking opened further. I slowly moved the stocking down over my foot and eased it up my leg, feeling the neat, pure lace slide over my legs. The feeling was somewhat erotic. The stockings didn’t cling to my legs like the panties did. They were smooth and sleek.

The next stocking lay on the bed sheets, almost invisible to the naked eye. I crawled over the bed to pick it up and stared at it, intertwined with my fingers. It was like holding a feather. The stocking wasn’t only soft but it had no weight to it. I moved my hands down my leg, dragging the stocking over my calf as I went. The stocking glided over my toes softly, not catching on my nails. I wriggled my leg into the stocking, pulling it up over my thigh and attached the suspender clip so that the stocking would stay in place.

Reaching over to grab my watch, I got up from the bed. My watch was fast so I knew I had plenty of time to get to the bus stop. My shirt was also white; it was a long, silk shirt with silver buttons that slid easily into their holes. The top two buttons of my shirt never gets done up so they were left open exposing my bare neck. I reached on top of my cabinet and dipped my hands into the jewellery box and brought out a gold necklace. It had a love heart pendant on it with a diamond in the middle, shining brightly under the light.

After putting on the necklace I got up and put on my suit. My skirt was hanging up so I walked slowly and provocatively over to the cupboard where it hung, took it down and eased it up my legs. It slid over the soft, lacy material of my stockings with great ease and the button and zip were up in under a second. My coat lay over the end of my bed and as I reached for it I dipped my feet into my shoes, seeing as they were on the way to my bed. I picked up my coat and threw it over my shoulders, there was no point putting it on as the sun was beaming today.

With my coat in hand, my shoes on foot and my ban on my shoulder I was ready to leave for work. The bus stop was only a five minute journey and in the sun it would make things quicker. The sun shone down on my white outfit, causing me to look like an angel as I walked down the street. I was gleaming like a bright star and my appearance dazzled passers by. My walk was slow and sexy making sure I dominated the street with my presence. My hips swayed and my thighs rubbed together, the stockings making me sweat under the hot sun. The feeling of the stockings pressing against my thighs was sensuous and sultry. I looked every bit the goddess and felt like it too.

The bus stop was only a few feet ahead of me and when I approached and sat down my skirt rode up just that inch too high and the gentleman next to me got a sneaky peek and just what my skirt was covering. I sat back up quickly and sorted myself while the old man next to me smirked, obviously pleased with what he had seen. The tips of my stocking had been on show, and his eyes had lit up like light bulbs, taking in the view while he could. His face dropped when I sorted myself, although my skirt didn’t sit where I had hoped it would and still exposed the neat lace trimmings of the tops of my stockings; it wasn’t as great a view as the last one he had. His eyes were full of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. He was fidgeting where he sat, staring at my stockings. Taking in the view while he could, the bus was due soon and my thinking was he was waiting for a different one. He eyed my legs up slowly, memorizing the look of my lace. Noting the fine indents where the patterns were and trying to look past the stocking to my leg. His eyes rose up from the ground and focused on my thighs, he was watching the pulse under my skin beat against the lace trimmings at the top. I could almost hear his heart beat, his hands shaking on his lap.

I could hear the bus in the next street, the swishing noise of the suspension lowering the passengers waiting to exit. The gentleman’s eyes were still firmly fixed on my stockings. He must have known the bus was coming and did not want to miss a thing. The bus drove into the street; he shifted his position as I stood up. I edged my way to the front of the path, steadying myself for the bus to come. As the bus got closer the gentleman shifted once more, his eyes firmly attached to the back of my legs. This obviously wasn’t his bus.

The bus doors opened for me and the heat escaped out of the door, the bus driver was sweating and I proceeded up the steps and paid for my ticket. The old man finally lifted his head to look at my face for the first time, on his lips lay a broken smile and the bus sped off. read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

secretary in pencil skirt removes her stockings

August 12th, 2014

If you like these pictures of me and like secretary porn then you will love spunky specs. I hate getting ladders in my stockings especially when I am at work. Even if you can’t see them like you can’t now because I am wearing a long pencil skirt and black leather knee length boots. So the ladder is above the bottom of my skirt. So you would have to get a really good up-skirt shot to see the ladder. Now that is the thing. I love flashing my stocking tops and panties and more sometimes if I don’t have any panties on, like today. So I have to change my stockings even when you can’t see the ladder in normal every day wear. When I ladder my stockings I just simply have to take them off. Like in these naughty pictures. taken in the office, where all I have on is my stockings, black leather boots and suspender belt. I don’t even have panties on. So it is a rush to change my stockings before someone walks in the office and catches me with my skirt hitched up changing my stockings. That could be embarrassing, especially as today I didn’t wear any panties. For more hot secretaries then visit spunky specs here





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