Do I wear stockings even on a Sunday?

September 2nd, 2014

Sundays are the worst day of the week. It is the last day of the weekend and you know that Monday, tomorrow, is the first day of the week which means back to work. Sunday is also the day to get my housework done. The cleaning, ironing and washing all sorted in just one day.

As usual with every Sunday morning I get up and slip into my sexy little silk chemise. I trot downstairs and head straight to the kettle, nothing screams Sunday morning better than coffee. I grab my mug and fill it with two sugars, I like life sweet. Once the coffee is made, I like mine white by the way, it is time to head back upstairs and get the shower on. I throw myself up the stairs and start to pick out today’s clothes, although I never tend to go anywhere on Sundays I still feel the need to get dressed.

I make my way over the chest of drawers and open the top one, it creaks as it opens. All the oil must have worn off as this is my favourite drawer. This is my lingerie drawer. As soon as I open it I smell bursts of lavender from the drawer freshener I got last month for my birthday. It keeps the lingerie fresh and scented. I raid about until I find the few items that I am looking for. I pick out the sapphire blue bra with the lace cups, the dark blue silk panties and the midnight blue Italian lace stockings.

I make my way towards the shower room. I slip out of my black sexy number and let it fall to the marbled floor. I test the water in the shower my perfectly manicured toes to make sure that it isn’t too hot. I slip one arm in just to make sure and then the rest of me follows.

I stand under the pressure of the shower, the water hitting my back in fierce beats. I stand and dip my hand back, exposing my delicate throat and neck. My hair gets soaked and detangles in the water as it flows through my hair, every bead of water putting back the moisture which day to day life rids my hair of. I run my hands through my hair shaking out the water as I bring my head back down to look down towards my feet. The white marble base of the shower shines back at me from below. My feet covered in water, the water working its way up to my ankles but it never gets there.

I find the soap and rub my body all over with it; intimate places get soaped as well as places on plain view every day. I take great care in making sure my body is well rinsed and moisturized. I smell the soap on my skin and it makes me tingle, its lavender which at the moment seems to be my favourite smell. I make sure I am thoroughly clean before leaving the shower. I grab a towel and wrap myself in it before I catch the cold and head of to the bedroom. I steady my self against the drawers while I start to dry myself with the towel.

I start at my hair; I gently ease the towel through my hair careful not to pull it. I pat my hair gently with the towel. I softly dry my face, neck and throat making sure everywhere is dry in that area before moving on. I get to my breasts, I take the towel gently and wrap it over them and rub over the towel, paying attention to under my breasts. I lift them up and pad the towel under where they would usually sit. I drop my breasts back down so that they are in the position they should be. I gently rub my tummy, taking care to make sure that my back is getting dried at the same time. I lower the towel to my hips and waist padding as I go. I work my way down towards my intimate female area where I gently rub the towel making sure that I am dry before starting on my legs. I bend over slightly, the arc of my back looking sexy as ever. I work from the thigh down, rubbing and patting every square inch of my leg to make sure they are ready for what is to come next. I lay the towel on the dresser and made my way to the bed.

I sat myself on the edge of the bed fumbling about with the underwear until I found the blue silk panties. I look at them; they shined in the bedroom light like a dark star. Slipping the panties on each foot, I stood up so that I could gently tug them on, they barely covered my backside but no one would be here today so I could walk around naked if I pleased. I sorted the panties and then sat back down on the bed. The bra shone at me next, with its soft, delicate lace cups. I picked it up and positioned it over my shoulders gripping each breasts with my hand and inserting them into the cups. I adjusted each breast individually and closed the clasp on the front of the bra. In untwisted the top strap and then headed for the stockings.

Stockings are my favourite part of lingerie. They give a woman power and sex appeal. I stared at my stockings. I’ve had them for just less than one year. They have done well to last me this long as I tend to ladder my stockings. I picked up the first stocking and gently fixed it and sorted it so that my feet wouldn’t catch the sides and rip it. The lace felt smooth under my fingertips, and felt even better under my toes. The lace simply glided over my well moisturized legs and eased up my leg without any trouble. It went straight over the knee and up to the panties. I picked up the next stocking. I stared at the blue lace fabric, it was soft and delicate and I held it up to my face rubbing it against my pure skin. I took it down to my toes and gently inserted them into the stockings hole. I eased the stocking up my leg gracefully and attached both of the stockings to the suspender clips, they are metal and cold but I’m sure the will soon heat up. I headed back to the dresser drawers, picked up my coffee and headed downstairs once more.

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Brand new nylon blog for all nylon amateurs

September 1st, 2014

Well I know you love amateurs in nylons. So I know you will love this new nylon blog. Called Nylon Amateurs. Of course the name of this nylon blog pretty much tells you what you are going to get before you get to this blog. Lots of sexy amateurs in nylons. Stockings, pantyhose, all nylons. Like in these pictures taken from nylon amateurs. Danica Collins teases us with a few down blouse shots and a few upskirts, before she gets her big firm tits out, at the same time, hitches her skirt up to flash us her stocking tops and panties. Busty British stocking loving milf housewife, Danica Collins, is  today, dressed in a tight blouse and a very short skirt and stockings. If you like real amateurs in nylons, take a quick look at this great nylon blog. Tell me what you think. Take a look here


Slutty punk chick with pink stockings

August 31st, 2014

I don’t do porn as you guys know, but I can be very slutty and can dress very slutty when I am going out to a party or a night club. Would you like to catch me up a dark back alley playing with myself wearing this little number? Here I am in these very sexy pink stockings and black panties, when all the flashing I have been doing to all the gentlemen all night has got me way too excited. I have to find some where quiet to play with myself. The toilets are way to busy and there is a cue. So I go outside and find somewhere quiet, pull up my skirt and masturbate, right there and then on the floor. Would you like to come and watch me, as I slip my hands down my black panties and masturbate? Watch me now as I pull on my garter belt straps and fiddle with the top of my stockings.




Black seemed stockings pictures

August 30th, 2014

Well I have been at work all day. Being a secretary and commuting to and from work does make you a bit sticky by the end of the day. Did you think I would be wearing the same clothes when I got in? .A girl has to unwind I like to unwind by removing the stockings that I have been wearing all day and then my panties, before finding some new fresh stockings and panties and getting dressed for the evening. If you like you can watch me today. Watch as I remove my stockings and take off my clothes before I get into the shower with a glass of wine. Do you like to watch ladies undress? I bet you do. You can watch me undress every day if you like. Would you like that? Well what are you waiting for? become one of my premium members today and enjoy all my stockings content each and every day here at Sabrinas Stockings




Stripping off my stocking outside

August 29th, 2014


One thing I really love to do is strip off outside. That is why the country side is worth going to. But it has to be a nice hot day. One thing though that does happen is that you always get people walking past who are out dog walking. When that happens you have to make a dash for your clothes or the car, whichever is quickest and easiest. In this movie I strip down to my stockings and panties and bra, before removing my stockings again and getting dressed. When i shot this exclusive stockings movie for my site, about 30 seconds later came to older gentlemen. I am sure they must have seen me and been waiting until I was finished, because they both gave me a huge smile. Though that could well have been because the denim skirt I was wearing was so short. visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

Someone saw my stockings in the elevator at work

August 28th, 2014

I was in the office and it was nearly closing time, I had been shuffling papers and filing documents all day and I was tired.  I just wanted to go home.  I had to wait until five o clock though.  I busied myself until then; tidying up here and there and making it look as though I was actually working even though I wasn’t.  Then five o clock came and I was home free.  Now I just had to get downstairs before everyone else!

I jumped in the elevator before everyone else to get down the twenty floors on my building; some people actually walked those steps every day.  I preferred the lift.  I watched the elevator close its doors as people scrambled their way to the exits in every corner of the room.  I could now look forward to going home and curling up in front of the television with a pizza.

I decided to help things along by taking off a few items before I got home so I wouldn’t have to worry before throwing myself on the couch.  I looked down and knew that my stockings should be the first to go.  The elevator moves reasonably slowly so I thought I’d be able to get away with it.

I pulled my skirt up, exposing my legs wrapped in black lacy stockings.  I undid the metal clasp on the suspenders that was holding the stockings tight on my leg, without those then the stockings would be at my ankles.  I hooked the clips onto my panties and took hold of the left stocking, savouring the feel of the dark lace under my fingertips.  I swirled my fingers over the fine material and slipped the stocking down my thigh and over my knee.  I slipped my shoe of and then pulled the stocking from the toes.  It slid of with great ease.  I ran my hands back up my legs and replaced my shoe.  I moved onto the other leg.  I ran my hands up and down the smooth fabrics feeling the sexy indentations the lace made.  It was patterned with lines, soft straight lines.  I trailed my finger around the rim of the stocking while glancing at the elevator lights making sure I wasn’t too close to the bottom floor.  I was only half way there.  I ran my hands slowly down my leg, feeling every indent and imprint in the material, they were relatively new so they were still smooth and didn’t have any snags or catches on them.  I went back to the top of the stocking and slid my thumb and finger under the material and gently eased the stocking down my leg.  I worked my way past my knee and down my calves, I slipped the shoe off and then off came the stocking.

I was getting close to the ground so hurriedly put the stocking in my bag.  The bag was too full so I stuffed the stocking down as for as it would go and lay a few other times on top of it.  I gathered up my shoes and placed them on each foot.  I steadied myself before reaching the ground floor making sure I was neat and didn’t look as though I had been playing around in the elevator.  I gathered my footing; I didn’t want to trip on my way out the elevator and quickly went over my hair and make up.  I finally got to the bottom floor and the doors opened, there were several people in the building still but I calmly made my way to the main door peeping out of the corner of my eye for any suspicious looks.  One of the gentlemen I was working with come up behind me and whispered in my ear to check my bag.  I looked down and saw my stocking hanging out the bag.  My face went eight different shades of red and I walked out of the office with the remainder of the staff giggling away at me.  Next time I come to work I think I will be bringing a bigger bag! read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

Getting ready in black stockings

August 27th, 2014

These pictures were taken on a camera phone, so the quality isn’t quite as good as they should be, but I thought you would like them anyway, as it shows me at home in my bedroom. I was getting ready for a stocking worship session, it was an impromptu shoot, I just handed my friend the camera and told him to take the pics as I get ready. Im putting on black lingerie with a new pair of black stockings and these very cute black high heel shoes.





Do you like a lady to be submissive in stockings?

August 27th, 2014

I just love the film “The Secretary” What a sexy film that is. I have watched it dozens of times. I love the whole film, the only difference I would have made is I would have put the secretary Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) in stockings instead of pantyhose. I love this spanking scene as well as the mild bondage scene. I think all secretaries need to be spanked once in a while.

I love to be a submissive secretary in the office. In these pictures I am having to tidy up the desk while in constraints. You get lots of flashes of my white panties in these up-skirt pictures.




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August 26th, 2014

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Changing my stockings after work

August 25th, 2014


In this exclusive stockings movie you get to watch me change my stockings. Unclipping my metal clasps that have been holding up these tanned stockings all day, under my black business suite, rolling down these nylons down my legs and removing them from my legs. I then show you the used stockings for you to inspect and see if they are all sweaty or if either of my stockings has any ladders in them. Would you enjoy checking my stockings each day after I come home after work? I bet you would. I could take them off in front of you for you to inspect if you would like. All my exclusive stockings movies are for real stockings lovers and I love to do requests. So don’t be shy, if you have any stockings fantasies and want me to act them out please get in touch. visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

My dinner date with a gentleman who just loves stockings

August 24th, 2014

I was sitting on the bus to work thinking about the usual things in life, hair make up, lingerie etc. It was a Friday and was looking forward to the weekend. Fridays are always the best day at work for me as I get to finish early, being an office temp I got that luxury but it was one of only a few luxuries I did have when it came to work. The bus seat was uncomfortable and when we went up and down over cracks in the road my skirt kept riding up, so I forever had to perch up and sort my skirt before the old man sitting across from me stole a peek.

My bus finally got to my stop and I made my way down the stairs and onto the street. It was a lovely day, the sun was hot and the sky was clear. I headed down the street to the office. My shoes were clacking against the ground, my stockings protecting my feet from the harsh consequences that high heels provided. My stockings also protected my legs from sunburn. I use these excuses every day just so I can feel the soft material of stockings grace my legs. I love the feel of walking when I’m wearing stockings; it’s like rubbing my legs against silk. The feeling is sensuous and erotic. When I walk and my stockings rub together it is like electricity between my legs. I love the sensation of the suspender clips gently nibbling away at my inner thighs, my panties rubbing against my body when I move and the way that stockings make me feel like a woman in power.

I walked into the building oozing confidence. I used the lift to get to the middle floor; I was not walking up stairs in heels. I was wearing my black ones today to match my black Yves saint Lauren suit. I wore a deep red shirt underneath my suit jacket. My lingerie was scarlet red. My bra was made of lace and the cups were moulded. The straps were thin and the cups sat in a half moon shape supporting my firm breasts. My panties were silk, they were the colour of blood and felt like heaven to wear. I stared at them lying on my sheets this morning and against the whiteness they stood out like a bright light. My suspenders match the colour of my panties. My stockings were scarlet red in colour. They were made of Lycra and the sheer material shone in the sun glinting through the building windows. Once I started walking through the office I was getting funny looks, some good, and some bad. It seemed as though some of the staff weren’t used to their colleagues wearing stockings to work.

I eased myself down at my desk, the desk I was designated for my several weeks here. Some of the women in the office looked at me shocked while some of the men looked with lust. Their eager eyes telling me that I looked good enough to eat. I crossed over my legs and this caught their attention further. My skirt slid up just enough that they could see they were definitely stockings and not tights. Their eyes were glued to the tops of my thighs, that was until I stood up to sort myself out. I did not want to set a bad example in my first week. My skirt was shorted that it was supposed to be for work and as a result of that the tips of my stockings showed, my colleagues catching the glint of my metal suspenders if they looked the right way. I crossed over my legs, quickly flashing my panties and bemusing the men sitting opposite me who could see under the desk. They eyes lit up with a sex appeal that I hadn’t seen in a long while. I enjoyed the reaction it got but thought it best to keep myself to myself for now.

The day past relatively quickly despite the mornings rush. I was glad to see the clock strike one, which meant lunch time! I made my way back to the elevator and squeezed in beside one of the gentlemen I was working with. I stood on the left and he was on the right, I looked at the lights on the lift but he was looking at my legs. To be honest I couldn’t blame him, my stockings were very sexy. He eyed me up from top to bottom. He stared at my thighs, his thoughts lingering on what my skirt was covering. He eyed his way down to my knees, staring at the curve under my knee. I felt his glare move down past my calf and rest on my feet. The lift hit the ground floor and the noise brought him back to the real world.

I made my way out of the lift and towards the cafeteria, not many offices had one so I made good use of this one. I waited in the queue to get myself some sandwiches. It wasn’t too long but I’m just impatient. After being served I headed to one of the seats in the corner where I could just watch everyone. I was sitting by myself of course; I didn’t want to make friends as I would be moving on soon.

I was eating my sandwiches when the gentleman from the lift sat two tables behind me with another one of our colleagues. They were muttering under their breath so I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I did however feel the burden of heavy gazes resting on me. I calmly ate my sandwich, pretending that I didn’t know they were stealing a look. I saw in the reflection of the window near me they were looking me up and down and obviously talking about the good bits. Again the skirt I was wearing was showing more than I had hoped for. As I sat down, in a wild bid to prevent the tips of my stockings show I pulled my skirt down and the tops of my panties were in full view. This obviously needed fixing. I stood up gracefully, pretending that I was looking for my handbag. While doing so, I sneakily adjusted my skirt and sat back down. Of course doing this meant the top of my stockings were on show and the men from the office got more for lunch than they had hoped. Their eyes sat still on my thighs, they were breathing in tune to my pulse. Watching the stockings as they sat there, doing nothing apart from making my legs look sexy. Their eyes were full of something and it wasn’t the Friday afternoon joy. I rubbed my legs together under the table and I swear that one of the men winced in anticipation. My legs bounced with every move I took exciting the gentlemen further. After devouring my sandwich, with a sexy pout on my lips the whole time I felt that it was time to put the men out of their misery and let them concentrate on their lunch.

I stood up, their eyes followed. I felt the stockings rub between my legs and my walk turned into a provocative swagger. The sensation of the stockings rubbing at the top of my thighs was unbearable. I felt the suspender clips teasingly scrape my skin, sending shivers up my spine. I emptied my food tray and headed back to the elevator.

Standing in the elevator all alone gave me the chance to feel my stockings, run my hands up and down the smooth fabric, savouring every last minute of it before I had to return to my bleak work. It felt as though water would barely touch the stockings, the material is so smooth that the water would just glide off. I felt the suspenders under my skirt; they were cold to the touch. The metal was tight and held my stockings in place; I didn’t want them to be falling down around my ankles especially at work.

I heard the lift starting to shudder which meant I was nearly at my floor; I gave my stockings one last run over with my hands, memorizing the feel under my fingers. The elevator dinged just as I stood up. I walked back to my desk and sat down, waiting for the clock to strike five so that I could head home. That is what my day is all about, hoping for the clock to strike four o clock.

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August 23rd, 2014

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A lady is sometimes allowed to be a bitch In Stockings

August 22nd, 2014

Although I am submissive by nature, I have a strict side too. I like to keep the whip handy for when people have been naughty. I love corsets as well as stockings and they go so well together.


I need a slave. To do the house work and clean my shoes and wash my stockings. But if you want the job then be prepared to be flogged if you don’t work hard enough. But before I flog you I will rub this flogger on myself.


I love uniforms and love army uniforms. I bought this East German officers uniform in Germany. Its a real uniform and not a party uniform. OK, officially you are not suppose to wear the Uniform with black stockings and black knee length boots. But with this crop in my hand, who is going to argue?


Can you imagine what it would be like to on the floor licking your mistresses feet and toes and heels and high heel pointy shoes? Well now you can as I stand above you wearing black stockings, black suspender belt, black panties and a white shirt. I even force my dirty stiletto heel in your mouth.


Voyeur movie of secretary in the office in stockings playing with herself

August 21st, 2014


Would you like to see what secretaries do when you have left the office? Well in this voyeur movie you can see what I do when I am left alone in the office. Well girls have needs as well you know and after spending the morning flashing gentlemen on the train on my way to work and having been flashing the boss my panties all day in some up-skirt action, I can get very excited. Today I got very excited and was rubbing myself through my panties and playing with my stocking tops and suspender belt straps. Imagine if you had a secret camera on the office wall and booked me as a temp secretary for a week. If you went out and came back later you could watch me on the video tape footage playing with myself. You could even hint the next day what you have seen. I wonder how many security men have watched me playing with myself in the office, a fare few I would have thought have seen me in my panties and stockings. visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie For more secretaries and secretary sex take a look at the secretary blog secretary sex

Rubber nurse in stockings playing with balloons

August 20th, 2014

I love stockings, but just lately Ive also started to get a big love for rubber, especially when I am playing with balloons. Everyone pretty much likes a balloon. They’re bright and bouncy and stupidly cheerful. They can float, they make a loud noise when popped. I love the feel and sound as the balloons rub against the rubber. I also love to rub balloons on my panties and stocking covered legs. In this movie, I am dressed in this very sexy rubber nurse outfit and stockings and I play with various balloons.visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

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