I just love boots and stockings in fact boots or stockings. Just a sample of my collection of boots

I love wearing a mac out, because no one can see what you are wearing underneath. All they can see is your legs poking down with stockings on. I love to wear my long cream lace up, knee length leather boots as they keep me dry in the rain and look fantastic with stockings. Watch me pull my panties down that are attached to my stockings and play with myself.


These metallic balloons look great with these fur lined leather knee length lace up boots. As I turn around you get a good look at my bottom through these Lacey French panties and you can also see the tops of my fully fashioned stockings.


Watch me pose in my hotel room at the Rubens hotel at the palace in London. I am wearing nothing but these tanned stockings with a black top and black seem and some brown knee length boots. It was a nice little hotel and I went for a small break and to see the cabaret the musical, so I thought I would share some pictures from my hotel with you


I love uniforms and love army uniforms. I bought this East German officers uniform in Germany. Its a real uniform and not a party uniform. OK, officially you are not suppose to wear the Uniform with black stockings and black knee length boots. But with this crop in my hand, who is going to argue?


I have been flashing my panties all day and am really hot and moist, so I pull up my little grey short skirt and pull down my Lacey black panties, run my fingers between my panties and my suspender belt and run myself untill I come. Lets hope no one walks in the office.


Well a girl needs to ride sometimes. After a good hard ride, I come home and drink a glass of wine. Usually I only drink champagne, as cheap drinks go to my head. But sometimes I drink a nice glass of wine. In these very naughty pictures I am in my jodhpurs with my riding crop. Then I get out of my riding clothes just for you


This set of pictures of me in the office wearing a long black skirt with a split up the front gets very naughty. Because I am on the phone to a colleague when he starts talking all dirty to me. Underneath my black pencil skirt I am wearing nothing but these stockings and no panties at all. So you get to see far more than you should.


Here I am in this very naughty set, wearing a short jean skirt, brown boots and tanned stockings and a black suspender belt. First I flash my little white panties at you and then I slowly drop my panties and give you a quick up-skirt flash, of course my stockings stay on. Wouldn’t want to show to much up my skirt.


I just love being tied up and these 12 strap stockings look really cute against the rope, that is restraining me. I also have my hands and arms in gloves that are tied together as well as my silver leather boots