wearing nothing but stockings and heels in the garden with parasol’s to cover myself up

Well it is a lovely day again today, so I have decided to sit out in the sun in the garden. Wearing nothing but these tanned coloured stockings and bronze suspender belt and brown heels. But although I want to get a tan I don’t want to expose myself to much to the sun. Or more importantly to the nosy neighbors who are probably watching. So I take two parasol’s to help shade me from the sun. But you would be surprised how hard it is for a lady to keep herself covered up just using parasol’s and you get to see far to much of me and my stockings and even my boobs. So no staring! It is rude to stare at a lady when she is trying to sunbath. Do you stare at your neighbors when they are sunbathing? I bet you do. You pervert! I know my neighbors are always watching me sunbathing. One of the old gentlemen who has the apartment above mine often sits and watches  me in the garden. Trying to get a glimpse up my skirt at my stockings and panties. I am pretty sure he was watching me today as I was getting some sun. I wonder if he liked my new stockings? What do you think? Do you like my new stockings? I hope you do and secretly between me and you, I hope this particular gentlemen liked my stockings too and maybe a bit more.