Secretary at my new temping job

The cold air slapped against my wet legs as I made my way to the bedroom cupboard. I was getting ready for my job; it was a temporary one again at a posh firm in a building about five blocks away. My cupboard was lined with expensive silk, cashmere and wool garments that each felt wonderful against my skin. I needed something lush and professional so that I could keep everyone’s eyes on me and opted for a black wool suit that screamed elegance but showed enough leg to keep everyone’s attention. Taking the hanger of the rail, with the clothes attached, I made my way over to the bed and lay the midnight black suit against the cloudy white sheets that lined my bed. I tiptoed over to my set of drawers and fumbled in the top left drawer which held my lingerie.

A white matching set caught my eye and that is what I would be wearing today. The lacy cotton bra would uplift my breasts and give me a plunging cleavage that would catch any mans attention. The panties would look lovely sitting neatly up from my pale, natural coloured stockings.

Once I was comfortable sitting down on the bed I picked up the soft white bra and held it firmly against my bust while I clipped the bra together with the front fastening clip. The bra cupped my breasts boosting them outwards and upwards. The straps sat delicately on my shoulders. I skimmed my fingers down my stomach as I picked the panties up and bent over to slide them up my delicate legs. After sliding each foot into the panty holes I eased them over my legs and sat them gently onto my hips.

My natural, sheer stockings lay smoothed out on the bed. They shimmered under the bedroom light as I grazed my fingers up and down the smooth material before picking them up and guiding them to my soft and sumptuous legs. I gently pried open the first stocking and placed my left foot inside the gaping hole. The sheer cloth gracefully slid up my leg and over my knee so that it came to rest gently over my thigh. I snapped the cold, metal suspender clips tightly on the delicate fabric and watch the clip indent the stocking.

The second stocking felt just as wonderful. I felt the smooth material work its way up my leg. The sensations tickled my sensitive skin as I placed the stocking atop my thigh and proceeded to hold it up with the cold, harsh clasp. My underwear was fully on and I stood up so that I could place my suit on.

I slipped my soft cream shirt on over my sexy lingerie and felt the cool fabric drift over my torso. I buttoned up the shirt, leaving the top button open so that I could expose my jutting cleavage. My black and white pinstriped suit jacket and skirt lay on the bed. I slid the skirt of the coat hanger and undid the plastic button and zip. I slipped into the skirt, the silk underskirt brushing against my stockings sending shivers down my spine.

I glanced in my cupboard mirror before putting on my suit jacket, I looked stunning, elegant and sexy all at once. A smile crossed my lips as I headed back for the jacket. Today was going to be a good day, I knew it.

I threw my bag over my shoulder and headed for the front door. I would grab a coffee from the van on the way to work. I slipped my high heeled court shoes on as I reached the door. They sky was glowing bright but it wasn’t hot. It was freezing cold and I hailed a taxi forgetting all about the morning coffee as the wind blew through my hair.

The driver was a tall, dark haired Englishmen who eyed me up thoroughly before the taxi left the rank. His eyes were fixated on my stunning legs. My skirt hid ridden up and the lace tips of my stockings were peeking out from under my skirt. His attention was plainly in that area and he almost wet himself as he dodged a car speeding by. My legs felt the draft as the cool air slipped up my skirt and against my panties. The driver licked his lips as we sped down the streets, he was not really paying much attention to where he was going as long as his eyes could linger on the sneaky peek my succulent legs provided him with.

He was just passing my stop as I shouted for him to stop, with a flushed and somewhat embarrassed look he asked for the fare. I dug around in my purse until I could find change. His hands and mine brushed as the money changed hands and he looked up at me, his eyes full of lust and quickly dipping own to eye my legs over once more as I walked up to the office building.

I walked up the steps and had to endure a few carnivorous looks from passers by who were fixated on my wearing stockings to the office. As I took each step I felt the stockings glide against the inside of my thighs, I tingled all over as I approached the office door and made my way inside. Each passer by insisted on peeking at my legs and what enclosed them.

As I approached the reception desk I smoothed my hands down my skirt and over the tops of my stockings, savouring the feel of the sheer nylon against my fingertips. As the desk was getting closer and closer I reached out to pick up my staff badge. My heels clicked loudly against the marble flooring directing all the attention towards me and my fine legs. I made my way to the elevators feeling the heavy weight of gazes weighing me down as the elevator bells rung.

I looked around one last time before proceeding into the lift. As I took the first step forward I altered my skirt to make it somewhat longer so that I didn’t attract so much attention. Any other circumstance the attention would be much appreciated but right now I need to be considered professional. As the elevator closed doors the gentleman passing the lift had his jaw to the floor and his eyes stuck on my thighs. I wonder what other reactions this day would entice? Maybe I’m due a raise. To read all my exclusive stockings adventures, watch my stockings movies or see my exclusive stockings pictures visit my premium site here