Secretary in stockings in my new office

I just closed the door on my new office, that’s right, an office all to myself! This is the type of work I enjoyed doing, being the temporary secretary to someone important – that usually means I get an office to myself and don’t have to sit in a crowded workplace with tons of others around me all day moaning and groaning about how their other halves have packed then salad for lunch rather than a tasty treat.

My leather chair awaited me so I didn’t delay any longer, I sat down on the comfy italian leather by the feel of things and sunk deep down into the curves of the chair! Oh yeah, that felt good. I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the cool leather just taking in the scent of the desks mahogany wood and the smell of freshly cut paper sitting neatly in a pile on my desk. Once I had relaxed for a bit I went in to meet the boss, his window looked out into my office so he beckoned me through when I had gotten used to the layout of the office and talked me through procedure and what my day to day tasks would be. Nothing particularly difficult in the to do list so I went back through my own office and got started on the days tasks ahead.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that I felt my thigh getting cold, I looked down to see that my stocking had slipped down my eg and was almost peeping out through my skirt. I instantly felt a wave of red flush my face and I bent over to fix my stocking. Somehow, it must have come unclipped from my garter.

I closed my office door not wanting any of the staff to see me hiking up my skirt and then locked it. I waded back over to my desk and sat down, unbeknown to me the blinds were very open to the bosses window and the boss was curiously watching what I was doing. I slowly pulled my skirt up, enough for my panties to poke through the gap and gently grasped the lace tip of the stocking, gently pulling it up my thigh. I moved my eyes to the side and looked through the window at my boses office, he was eyeing me up, his mouth was slightly parted and his eyes were glazed over – taking in all the details of my leg and smooth stockings.

Secretly I smiled and continued to watch him out of the side of my eyes and pulled up my stockings, my panty line was peeking out of the side of my skirt and I traced my hand up the side of my leg, caressing my stockings and smoothing out the creases as I pulled the stocking up my leg with my other hand His face tightened as he strained over his desk to look out the window more, he wanted to see my whole leg. He’d just have to strain a little harder then wouldn’t he.

I stretched my leg out to pull my stocking up all the way and hiked my skirt up a little higher revealling my garter belt and the clips, I gently pried open the metal clasps and attached the stocking, I looked up and started at my boss knowingly, he quickly jumped back in his seat and quickly disappeared down on the floor with a loud bang, the wheels of his plush executive chair sticking up the air.

With a giggle I smoothed down my skirt, got up and knocked on his door asking if he was alright. Yes fine thank you, that will be all was the answer I was given with a small cough at the end, I chuckled with laughter and went to sit back at my own desk ¦What a good start to a new job! Read all about my stocking adventures and watch me in my exclusive stockings movies and pictures at my very own premium members site here.