Ladies also love stockings as well you know

Work is always a nightmare. Being stuck in an office all day long filing and typing and never getting to have any fun is not the greatest job in the world. Travelling by bus was my choice of public transport this week, the office wasn’t too far from my house and I could have walked but decided that wearing high heels and walking, even though it was just a few streets away, wasn’t a good idea. The bus tends to be hot, full and a bumpy ride. After a bus trip my make up, hair and clothes tend to look worse than they do in the morning. My first place to visit when I reached the office was to the ladies so that I could get myself looking my best again. The bus may have been hot but it was raining cats and dogs, my hair, suit, and make up was a mess by the time the bus reached the office so I jogged to the ladies praying no one would see me. The ladies toilets were empty except for one woman. She was in her early twenties; she worked at the desk opposite mine. She was sorting her make up; I guess hers got streaky in the rain too.

My handbag was full of what I needed so I laid it on the counter in front of the mirror. I raked through my bag searching for my essentials; lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner etc. I sorted my make up as quickly as I could, wanting to be at my desk ten minutes before starting time. My hair needed fixed badly. After combing my hair through with my fingers I gave up hope and decided that was the best it was going to get.

My clothes needed adjusting, the rain had them wrinkled and distorted. I smoothed out my pale blue coat, smoothing the wrinkles. I calmed my shirt collar over my jacket lapels. My white shirt was almost see-through with the rain. After sorting my top half, it was time to move onto the bottom half.

The young lady was just exiting the cubicle at the time that I decided to sort my stockings, with her being a lady I didn’t think twice about it. My shoes came off, the young lady curiously giving me looks out of the side of her eye. Not thinking twice I kept going. Running my hands up my stockings, feeling the soaking wet lace that was clinging to my legs brought great sensations I hadn’t had in a while. The stockings were originally soft blue but the rain had made them dark. The young lady pretended to look as though she was putting on her make up and had no interest but she was starting to stare more regularly at me. I decided to be careful with what I was going to do, I didn’t want her getting too much of an eyeful, and didn’t know if she was staring because she was interested or offended.

I sorted my skirt, straightening it up, feeling the suspenders move under it. The metal clips that held my stockings in place with pressing firmly against my skin. The rain made the skirt tight around my legs, pressing the clasps deep down into my skin. The pain was somewhat sultry and sexy. The metal was cold, sending chills down my legs. I felt that the stockings were dry against my thighs. The skirt protected my thighs from being dripping wet and for that I was thankful.

The lady standing next to me had stopped with her make up and had started on her hair, her eyes glinting with excitement. She had a small curl to her lips that showed that she was more than likely enticed and interested rather than put of and offended. She kept giving me side glances, making sure that I wasn’t stopping.

I didn’t stop just yet although I wasn’t planning on giving her exactly what she wanted. I smoothed the lacy, blue stockings against my legs. They were still soft, despite the fact that they were soaking wet. If there was no company I would have took them off and held them under the hand dryer. Seeing as the situation was the way it was a decision to play it cool was made and I just adjusted me for now but come back later.

I took a couple of hand towels from the dispenser and started patting my leg; lifting my skirt up a little so that I could get to the small wet patch that lay there. This caught the ladies attention and she busied herself in the mirror so that she could watch my reflection. I dabbed my sexy, sultry stockings with the hand towels, trying to get rid of the moisture that soaked them. They were tight against my skin and when I walked I felt the two stockings rubbing against my legs, the sensations were like something I never felt before. The lady next to me picked up on my arousal because she too started to fidget where she stood. She didn’t know whether she was coming or going.

Smoothing my hands down my legs, I took in the feel of my wet stockings. Savouring the fact that not only men were interested in my sleek, sexy stockings but women could be interested too. I pulled myself up again and faced the mirror. My shoes were slipped back on and I watched her face fall in disappointment. Gathering up my make up and giving her a cheeky smile may have had more impact than thought about, something sparked in her eyes and then I left the bathroom. I didn’t look back but knew she watched me walk away from the bathroom door, her foot holding it open for her to see my hips sway back and forth my legs glide in front of each other. I made my way to the office and mentally prepared myself for the day ahead.