Trying to buy stockings when your young “Rant”

I always try and buy stockings in shops, so I can see what the stockings look like against my skin. Unless it is a brand or style of stocking that I have bought many times before. It does means going from one shop to another looking through dozens of pairs of hold ups, trying to find stockings, because it seems not many people even buy realtraditional stockings any more.

Well the other day I was in town, hunting around in the department stores for stockings. Eventually i found in department store a pair of tanned stockings that would suit me took it to the till to pay. the woman looked at them then at me and said ‘these are stocking you know, you need a suspender belt

Im sorry was she sugesting perhaps i cant read or that im incapable of figuring out that stockings need a suspender belt?

‘yes, i know’ i said and smiled

She then replied ‘We sell tights and holds up to you know and we sell the suspender belts too’ said the oh so helpfull shop assistant. As if I am too stupid to notice rack upon rack of hold ups, pantyhose and suspender belts!

‘Yes i saw them’ Lots of nasty plastic suspender belts. I have pleanty of well made ones at home. Just like this one I say’ At that I pull up my short skirt and show her and pretty much everyone in the shop my stockings, suspender belt and panties. I was so annoyed.

Finally she allows me to pay.

How utterly ridiculous is this? I’m trying to buy somthing and she attempts to talk me out of it. is it realy that unbeleivable that a young women wants stockings rather than pantyhose? Shall I give up wearing stockings and start wearing hold ups? Comments welcome