The stocking loving stranger in the sex cinema

It was quite a while ago that I decided that while I was in London, that I’d visit a Soho ‘cinema’. I was with a male friend of mine and we’d been in London for the day just shopping and enjoying a day out together.

It was summer and a gorgeous hot day. I was wearing a sexy floral dress. It was quite short and I was wearing stockings with it. When I sat down, you could just about see the sexy stocking tops. I had on a pair of strappy sandals and through them, you could see the slightly darker colour of the reinforced toes and the heels.

I had a few whistles from men that day as I’d walked by and that’s a great feeling, knowing that lots of men find you attractive. It seems such a shame that when there are hundreds of sexy ladies, that could look fabulous if they thought about their appearance more. They seem to think they look acceptable in jeans and baggy t shirts.

I love to wear sexy floral dresses in the summer and only wish it was hot all year round!

It was early evening and my friend and I popped into a trendy bar for a couple of glasses of wine before we went into the cinema, a glass of wine always makes me feel a little more daring!

We finished our drinks and headed for the cinema. Paid our subs to get in and ordered another drink. We sat down at the bar and pretty much straight away, loads of guys seemed to come in. It was getting really busy, so we thought we’d head straight in to see the film. The film was quite sexy actually. The girl in it looked a little like me and was wearing a pair of fully fashioned stockings and a sexy matching set of black lingerie. She was with two guys and was giving them a lot of pleasure!!

I was feeling really sexy myself and slid my hand up my skirt. As I did so, you could very easily see my lean, stocking clad legs and my stocking tops. You saw my sexy satin suspender belt holding up my stockings and it’s metal clasps. I was wearing a pair of see through white lace panties which my friend removed. He was really hard after touching me. He put my panties in his pocket after smelling the crotch.

It wasn’t long before the cinema was packed and there were at least 20 men surrounding us. Watching what we’d do and whether they might see us perform for them. They were all looking up my floral skirt and some were saying how beautiful my legs were and how they’d love to stroke them. I was so horny and feeling so sticky ‘down there’ that I let a few of the men touch my legs and feel how sexy they felt with the silky stockings on. One guy was about 60 and was just running his fingers over a metal clasp and was wanking right next to me. Soon all the guys surrounding us were pulling out their hard cocks and wanking. My male friend too, was whispering to me saying that he couldn’t wait to get me back to our hotel room so that he could be with me in private and he told me all the things he’d do to me. That sent me over the edge and I orgasmed so quickly!

One of the men opposite me had cum unexpectedly over my top. I wiped it away but knew it’d turn me on later knowing there were still traces of someone’s cum there.

It was getting really crowded in the cinema and the men were getting too close now and expecting maybe a little more than what I was prepared to do. We decided to leave, but just before we opened the exit door, a man came up to me and pushed a fifty pound note down my cleavage and begged me to take off my stockings so that he could take them home.

Well, I had plenty more of these particular stockings at home and I had a spare pair in the hotel room to wear the next day so, I sat back down, took each sandal off and carefully unclasped each stocking and slowly rolled each one off. I felt sexy with bare legs too! I slipped off my suspender belt and put it in my jacket pocket and put my sandals back on. The guys left loved watching me sexily remove my stockings and I spotted a couple more men cum over the floor! I handed over my stockings to the guy who I must say was eternally grateful, and my friend and I left the cinema.

We walked back to our hotel and on the way there stopped to buy a bottle of champagne with my recently acquired 50 pound note. I won’t tell you what happened next, I’ll leave that to your imagination!!