stranger on the train

Sabrina liked train journeys. There was the chance to relax,read a magazine, switch off. Also she generally felt very, very sexual on trains. The steady rhythms, the smallish area, all of it served to make her feel highly sexual. Today, wearing her brown knee-high boots, leather miniskirt, black pantyhose and black roll neck jumper she looked highly sexual too.

Her presence had not gone unnoticed by the other passengers,there were five men on the train, the usual mix of train passengers, a couple in suits, a man in overalls and a couple of younger men. They had all noticed Sabrina when they had got on the train. Sabrina barely registered it, she was used to being noticed.
However, Sabrina now noticed one of the younger men had been gazing at her for some time in an almost trance-like state. She looked him in the eyes and gave him a cool smile. The man smiled back and as he did so his whole body relaxed slightly causing his legs to open. Sabrina looked down and notice the man had a fairly substantial bulge and a pleasing erection which had spread through his trousers and was resting alongside his waistband. Sabrina,looking the man straight in the eyes slowly and teasingly opened her own legs just a fraction.

The man looked stunned and his jaw slackened. He was both nervous and thrilled and couldn’t take his eyes from this highly sexual woman now looking at him without any hint of nerves in her steady look. Without realising it the man moved and his right hand automatically dropped down to make his erection more comfortable in his trousers. Sabrina laughed. And then she opened her legs a fraction more.
The man was flushed now, his sexual excitement was both weakening him and making him feel strong. Sabrina was not wearing any panties and the man felt a sticky patch of pre-cum pump from his engorged penis. The man gazed with a palpable sexual longing at the boots, the toned thighs and the beautiful, shaved pussy.
Sabrina tore a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose and beckoned the man over. He was almost hobbled by his huge erection and Sabrina laughed at his futile attempts to hide it.
‘OK, then, show me.’ She said.
‘Er, what here?’
‘Yes, and now. If you want to try the goodies then I need to see what you are bringing to the party. So, get your cock out and flop it on the table.’
The man looked around, now highly nervous at this assured woman giving him orders so calmly. But he unzipped his flies and pulled out a heavy engorged penis.
‘On the table I said.’
With some difficulty the man half squatted down so he could lay his penis on the table. Sabrina enjoying his physical pain smiled and said,‘A little suffering is good for the soul. And anyway, I need to be earned.’ She then examined the man’s penis. ‘Mmm, not bad. Nice and smooth, a reasonable length, what is it, seven inches? The girth is a bit disappointing though. I suppose you must be wearing wonderpants or something. I was expecting more.’
Sabrina, stood up, as she did so she gently ran a nail up the man’s shaft. He nearly collapsed at this lightest of touches and was almost panting as she walked past him.
Addressing the other men in the carriage she calmly said, ‘I am feeling horny and I need some real cock. Sunny here was close but no cigar.If you think you have what it takes then queue here tackle out and we’ll see if any of you are worthy.’
The men all stood up immediately and walked towards Sabrina’s table. ‘Right, in a line and drop ‘em boys.’
The men all did as instructed. Sabrina laughing at her own private joke sat back and looked the line of cocks up and down.
Her eyes fell on the second man in the line. ‘Oh dear, and why did you think you might win.’ Holding his penis with her forefinger and thumb she mocked, ‘Perhaps if the train was full of borrowers or munchkins you might have had a chance, but really. This!’ The man embarrassed but thrilled a moment later when Sabrina cupped his balls. He held his breath as she squeezed them enough to make him squeal. ‘I can’t imagine why you thought I’d be interestedin this. Imagine me trying to fuck this weenie little thing. I suppose you’d expect me to pretend wouldn’t you, “Oooh, yes you’re sooooo big. No, I have never felt it like this before.” Not me, I’m a true alpha woman and I only play with alpha cocks. Most women aren’t as frank as this are they? Well, a valuable lesson learned. Now say thank you Miss Sabrina.’
‘Thank you, Miss Sabrina.’ The man dutifully replied. He moved to pull his trousers up. ‘Oh no, leave him out. If I need a laugh I can always look to you.’
Sabrina resumed her seat. ‘OK, now we’ve eliminated the weenies let’s see what we have left. OK, boys get wanking. Let’s see if we’ve got any growers here.’
The men all gripped their cocks and started masturbating at Sabrina’s command. Sabrina watched half interested in the show being put on for her.
Turning to the first man who was still hard and still had his cock resting on the table she said, ‘Well done. I’d nearly forgotten about you. Here’s what you can do. Get on your hands and knees, down in the dirt and you can lick my pussy. I want you to do a proper job, and if you don’t make me cum then you will not enjoy the consequences.’ She moved slowly forwards to the man and then grabbed his nipples and despite his moans of pain she pulled him to the floor by his nipples. ‘Go on, see to my needs.’ She said.
The man started lapping greedily at Sabrina’s pussy. He had needed no second invitation and ignoring the dirty floor ate Sabrina’s delicious pussy, enjoying the first sweet emanations of juices as her pussy moistened at the physical sensations and the control she exerted.
Looking at the men Sabrina smiled broadly, ‘Oh and we have a definite winner. Look at that boys. That’s what you call a big cock, a massive schlong, a throbbing beast. The man in the overalls stood with his hands on his hips while his engorged member swayed with the movement of the train. It was heavy and very thick and a good ten inches in length.
‘That will do nicely.’ She said. Keep it hard for me while my pussy sub does his work. Sabrina moved her legs apart and the man licking her pussy felt his head forced into her groin. Sabrina was almost masculine in her demand and control over her own pleasure. She forcefully pushed the man’s head into her sex when she wanted him to lick her wet cunt harder and then pulled him by his hair away from her when she wanted to enjoy the waves of pleasure now coursing through her body. As she climaxed she ground herself into the man’s face and he greedily sucked at her swollen clitoris. Relaxing intoher orgasm Sabrina casually pushed the man’s head away.

‘Now, for the main course.’
Sabrina got on to the table, easing herself forward so that she was right at its very edge. She motioned the man with the biggest cock forward. His enormous penis swayed with each step.
‘Stop there,’ said Sabrina. She reached forward and grabbed his penis. ‘Look at this borrower boy, a lady such as I shouldn’t be able to get her finger and thumb round a properly sized penis. This is how it should be.’
Sabrina took the penis and pulled it towards her. The man literally followed his dick. Sabrina rubbed the tip of the man’s penis up and down her wet pussy, the man arched his head back and moaned. Sabrina then held the man’s penis to the entrance of her pussy. Then slowly she pulled it in to her. At first because of the girth her pussy would not yield but soon the head of the man’s penis was inside her. Sabrina now moaned herself. ‘Oh yes, this is how it should be. I can feel myself having to stretch to allow this Fucking.Big. Dick. Inside me. The man started to move forward. Sabrina slapped him hard across the cheek. ‘I am in charge here. That dick of yours is just my toy. I say how far how fast and how deeply it goes inside me. Understand.’ Chastened,the man nodded.
‘Now, slowly, inch by inch I want to see that cock go inside me. Go any faster than I want and you get another slap. Understood? Good, now,slowly. Yes, just like that. Hey weenie dick, you see if this was you you’d be finished pushing by now, but this cock still has another six inches at least to go.’
As the man finally eased his entire length into her Sabrina relaxed and paused to enjoy the feeling. ‘Now, take it out, yes, nice and slowly and lie on the table.’ As the man withdrew his penis Sabrina stood up on the table. Rightly proud of her body she enjoyed the stares of the men at her toned thighs. There was no doubt who controlled every aspect of this situation.
The man had crawled between her legs and was now lying on his back beneath her, his huge cock standing up. Sabrina slowly squatted down and impaled herself on the man’s cock. She then started to ride him. As with her tame pussy licker she now used the man’s cock as she wished. She leaned back her hands pressing down on his chest and then leaned forward, reverse cowgirl she rode the man’s penis drawing her own pleasure in precisely the way she wanted. The other men stood transfixed, all rock hard. ‘OK, boys, if you want to you can wank yourselves off while you dream about your cock being.’
The men all started masturbating, all came within a few seconds their cocks hanging limp with cum dripping out of them. Sabrina leaned forward and rode the cock hard bringing herself to her second orgasm of the day. Deftly as she felt the head of the man’s penis engorge she lifted herself off him and watched with enjoyment as he ejaculated into the open air, his orgasm ruined he let out a yelp of pain.