Stockings Video – Maid hoovering in stockings


I love teasing at home and when as work. Sometimes if I have a gentleman visiting I love to get his attention all the time. Cleaning is a perfect opportunity to get dressed up in my favourite French maid uniform and really tease him while I clean. Well there is no point letting an opportunity to turn a man on go to waste is there? So come in and sit down I will be ready for you in a minute, I just need to Hoover the house. I hope you can see my panties and black stockings while I bend over to Hoover the floor. You will get some very good up skirts at the same time. Would you like that? Do you like to see a lady dressed as a maid in black stockings and a very short dress while they are hoovering? Well if you do then come in and join me visit sabrinas stockings here and come and watch me