My Fishnet Stockings

Glancing at my watch I relaxed, I was early to work today which was good as I was starting at a brand new office this week. I’d be there for three weeks so I wanted to make a good impression on my first day – showing up on time was the right way to go about it. I also dressed for the occasion too. I picked up my sexiest, most professional black suit. It was made up of a crisp silk shirt with the collar folded down over the black expensive suit jacket, which was tailored at the waist and gave me a very sexy hour glass figure. I wore an above the knee pencil skirt which had a long slit in it, almost long enough so that you could see the tips of my fishnet stockings with 5 inch lace hold ups, they were also black. I wore black 3inch stilettos to polish of the outfit and my versace bag just added the sweetest of finishing touches. Of course what let me down was the fact that I was taking the bus to work, it was gloomy and not raining thankfully which meant people wouldn’t really notice that I had been standing outside in the cold, gloomy weather waiting for our public transport which never seemed to improve regardless of the governments promises. Today the bus was on time, I could hear it humming down the way just a couple of streets away. I started to fumble in my bag for my purse as I waited on the bus.

I saw it pull into the street and it was empty, thank god. I hated a full bus in the morning on the way to work, I’m so not a morning person. Just as I was about to grab the change from my purse and step upto the bus, the bus opened the doors and I jumped, sending my change flying down on the ground!

In a flurry I bent over, particularly unlady like and asked the bus driver to wait a few seconds while I picked up my lost change! He nodded in agreement, his bus was empty so he didn’t have to worry about nagging passengers just his route but seeing as he’s normally late it didn’t matter all that much.

I dropped my bag onto the ground and bent over, forgetting about the high slit in my skirt. I started picking up my loose change when out of the corner of my eye I saw the bus driver lean over his chair and stare down at my ass, I continued picking up the coins of course until I realised what he might be staring at. My face turned red but I didnt want to show my embarassment so I picked up the small change quicker.
I felt the heat flow down my face and body into my legs and then my ass. My stocking tips were showing and his face was beggining to sweat. I could feel his eyes on my ass, oggling my panties and stockings. I wasn’t wearing any garter today, just my hold ups. My panties were black lace and covered my round, perky bottom, they seemed to have him in a trance. He was staring at my curved cheeks and long, slim legs in the stilettos, the shoes made my legs appear longer than they really were. I felt his heavy gaze on the back of my thigh, his eyes weaving in and out the criss crosses of my fishnet tights. I smoothed my skirt down over my ass but all that did was send out a quick groan from him, what felt like ages picking up these coins was only a few seconds.
I moved one of my legs forward which was a bad idea, it only opened up the gape in my skirt even wider flashing a stocking clad leg! I quickly closed my legs and picked up the remaining few coins and grabbed my handbag. The bus driver grunted and quickly turned around in his seat, as if nothing had happened. Although his eyes were bloodshot and his brow covered in sweat. I went to pay the man but was told that it was taken care of, just to go and sit down! I need to drop my coins on the pavement more often if I’m going to get special treatment on the bus in future!

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