Stockings Story – Bored again at work in my secretarial job in the office

Endless keyboard noises, constant mouse clicking and buzzing computer monitors are enough to drive anyone mad. However I hear these all day, five days a week. I’m an office temp and as such I have to deal with the new technology that comes with the job. I still don’t see what was wrong with a typewriter but I’m an old fashioned sort of girl. Work had been quite today so I was passing my time staring at the odd ornament that sat on my desk. You find these ornaments in offices all the time. Its metal, it has five balls dangling from it and the two end ones just hit back and forth of off the main balls. It may sound simple but it’s very hypnotising.

I took my eyes away from my obsession to pick up my pen, I liked to chew on things when I’m bored and pens make the best chew toys. My hand stretched out to get it and as it did so the pen slipped away form my fingers and onto the floor. Feeling somewhat dismayed that I actually had to get up from my chair; I huffed and stood up tall, pressing out my skirt and straightening my blouse. As I said earlier I’m an old fashion girl. Today I wore an old fashioned suit. My skirt was tailored to my hips and waste and my blouse has buttoned up to the neck with a high collar. I wore stockings to cover my legs, as I preferred them over tights and I wore sensible sized heels.

My heels hit the ground with a hard thump as I stood up from my swivel chair. I slumped over and dropped to my knees to get my pen up from the front of my desk. My body was positioned on all fours and my skirt sat higher than I wanted it to, anyone looking behind me would get a sweet shot of my ass and backs of my thighs. I didn’t let that put me off though and headed to get my pen. I crawled over the raspy carpet tiles until my pen was in my reach. However, just as I put my hand on the pen, two perfectly polished black shoes came into view. Those shoes lead to two perfectly shaped legs with perfectly pressed trousers sitting over them. Yes, you guessed it, it was my boss.

Dread filled my body as I remembered where my skirt was positioned and that I was on all fours. I quickly stood up and brushed my skirt down. The only response I got was Office, now Not much to go by but it didn’t sound too pleasant.

I scampered down to his office where I sat down inside. He had comfortable leather chairs and much more interesting ornaments than bouncing balls, not that some balls weren’t interesting! Footsteps sounded in the hallway and I felt nervous as the boss got closer, I stood up to greet him as he walked inside but asked me to sit down.

Once he was seated I took the seat in front of him, crossing my legs over slowly, I didn’t want to hear the bad news too early. However, something must of caught his eye as he concentrated on my legs for sometime after they were crossed before lifting his head up to meet me. His eyes focused on my soft cream stockings, they shone brightly under his office lights and my legs looked spectacular in them, no wonder he couldn’t take his eyes from them.

When he eventually met my eyes he had small beads of sweat dotted across his forehead. His hands went to his desk and gathered up some papers before turning to speak with me.

You have been working here almost a month now, our temp position should have been filled with a full time replacement but no one has yet to come forward, which means the temp position is still available. Would you like to fill it?

I was taken aback by his statement. I didn’t quite understand why he was offering the job to me. OK, it was only a temp job but he was asking me to stay on when I was sitting here expecting him to tell me to pack my things and go home.

Sir, I’m flattered, I replied, I would love to.

Just as I replied I stood up to shake his hand, however, my skirt ripped at my backside and my face flushed a crimson colour before I turned around to inspect the damage. I knew the skirt was tailored tightly but I didn’t think it was that tight. As I turned I forgot who was standing behind me and my boss got a full view of my creamy silk panties and suspenders. My skirt was nearly ripped in half and my boss was staring at me like no man had done before.

His lips were trembling and his hands were shaking. His eyes were completely focused on my silk underwear. My smooth creamy skin was dull in comparison to their colour. My skin started to get goose bumps as I felt a draft run up my backside, I quickly turned around sat back down, trying to hide my embarrassment. My boss called his secretary to bring in my coat and bag. I thanked him but he wasn’t paying attention. His eyes were fixated on my long, slender legs that were shaking with embarrassment. His eyes were bloodshot from concentrating too hard and he didn’t even see his secretary come into the room with my things.

I coughed to get his attention; I wanted to stand up but didn’t want him to see my ass again. He took the hint after a long stare and turned around as I wrapped my coat around my bottom half; I looked very odd walking out of his office. My eyes whipped back to my boss, he gave me a knowing stare to tell me that word wouldn’t spread about my quick flash and I left in a hurry. I got funny looks from everyone as I walked through the building, clutching my coat over my tight ass. I could only imagine the stares that I would get as I walked down the street Want to see and read my about my stocking adventures then you must visit my own site here