Stockings Story – Late for work (again)

My watch is ten minutes fast, however, I didn’t realise this until I stood at the bus stop impatiently waiting on my bus, thinking I was late. It was windy, cold and damp. This was not starting out to be a good day. As I waited I threw my ass down onto the cold plastic bench and waiting for the bus to come. The older gentleman sitting next to me asked if I was alright and I replied that I thought I had missed the bus. The old dear informed me however that it wasn’t due for another ten minutes. That was when I realised that my watch was fast. After setting my watch to the appropriate time I got up of the seat and started to ace back and forth the bus stop. I have never liked waiting for anything and I certainly didn’t like to wait for public transport. It was always late, early or missing in action. I have yet to step on a train or bus that was on time. Taxis are probably the most reliable way to get around town but they also prove to be the most expensive.

My feet were starting to ache. I wore my brown, suede shoes that had killer heels on them as I wasn’t walking to work. I also wore a chocolate brown suit with a skirt that flared nicely a few inches above my knees. This however was the wrong attire for a day like this; a gust of wind in the wrong direction is all that is needed for me to bare all to anyone looking in my direction. Thankfully the bus stop had a shelter, safeguarding me from the cruelty of the wind.

After checking my watch again I sat back down there was still an awful long time to wait on the bus. I was bored and anxious to get to work. I enjoyed the office I was in just now. There were lots of friendly faces and I just happened to be the only woman in that department, it was a small department, but the rest of my colleagues were hot blooded males, just the way I liked them.

It started to rain, I could hear the soft patter of the rain drops plop against the shelter and I was glad to be wearing my stockings. Although they wouldn’t protect me against the rain they would stop my legs from getting cold. Speaking of stockings, I just happened to look over to the man sitting next to me and I found his eyes plastered to my chocolate, striped stockings. His head never moved an inch when I looked at him. His eyes were fully concentrating on my shoes, legs and what covered them. I rolled my eyes and leaned back against the shelter, letting out a sigh. However, things started to look up as I saw the bus start down the road.

I almost leapt out of my seat, my skirt flying up high and my shoes clacked loudly against the concrete on the ground. As the bus approached the gentleman coaxed me in front of him so that I could get on first, not that this was manners, there was certainly an ulterior motive.

My first leg lifted up as I stepped onto the bus, and just as I did that an untoward gust of wind blew right between my legs, not only giving me shivers up and down my spine but lifting up my skirt for a bus load of people and the gentleman at the back of me who looked as though he was about to have a heart attack. Everything went on show. My soft, lacy stocking tips, my chocolate brown suspenders and my milky chocolate cotton panties. There was of course all the flesh in between the clothes that went on show too.

It happened to fast for me to stop it. A loud gasp came from inside the bus and the gentleman behind me squeaked quietly. As the blood rushed up to my face faster than this the bus could travel, I stepped up the other stair and boarded the bus. The driver who was in shock let me on for free so I suppose I got something out of the incident.

Feeling somewhat self conscious I took a seat near the back of the bus. The back seat itself was taken by two middle aged, rather handsome suit men on their way to work. They were pretending to read the daily paper but their eyes fell under the pages onto my legs as I crossed them over to get comfortable on the seat. I could hear small sniggers before the paper rustled and was put down.

As I made myself comfortable I lay back on the seat and rested my hands on my knees. I twirled my fingers gently over the thick nylon that enclosed my legs. My fingers danced over the stripy indents on my stockings, the soft material sending goose bumps over my skin. I have always loved the feeling of a pair of stockings on my legs and over my feet. I loved the way they gripped the top of my thighs, letting air sweep into my crotch. The feeling was highly erotic.

Just as I rested my eyes I felt a rip slide up my stockings. I managed to catch a ladder in my stockings and needed to take them off. The bus was far too crowded for that at the moment but I couldn’t walk around town with half a stocking ripped! I needed to think of a way to take them of without being noticed.

I decided to wait about five minutes. There was a big stop due where I could be sure lots of people were going to get off and get on their way to work. I was right too, the stop did prove useful and the bus emptied greatly but there was still the issue of the two men behind me sniggering at me flashing my panties to them, albeit by accident.

I weighed up the options and the worst thing that could happen if I took of the stockings on the bus couldn’t be any worse than what had happened just as I boarded so I decided to go for it. My eyes scoured the bus looking for anyone who was sneaking a peek before I sat further in on the seat, closer to the window. I opened my hand bag so that once I took of the stockings I could quickly put them in my bag and not have to worry about them.

My shoes were the first things to come off. I slipped them off gently, being careful not to make any sudden noises as though I was in a lions den. Once they were off I slipped my hand up my skirt, if anyone looked now they would think I was playing with myself. In truth, I was temped but got back to work trying to take these stockings of before anyone noticed and before my time ran out. I was only several stops away from my own.

My fingers grasped a cold metal suspender clip and clinched it tight, releasing the stocking from its harsh grasp. I slipped my finger under the stocking and could feel the gentle indent on the soft fabric. My fingers were trembling as they lined themselves around the lacy stocking tip and started dragging the stocking down my delicate leg. I felt the thick nylon pull at my skin, causing shivers to run over my body and sweat to form on my brow. My fingers were almost numb at the feeling of the thick nylon under my tips. I rolled the stocking down over my thigh and under my knee. I struggled getting it down past my calf but I got there in the end and slipped it over my perfectly manicured foot.

The first stocking was a breeze so I was surer about the second one. I dumped the first stocking over my bag and slipped my hands once more up my skirt to find the cold clasp and unclip my imprisoned stocking. There was no mark left on this stocking, all I could feel under my fingers were soft, lacy stocking tips that were eager to get down of my leg. My hands were shaking as I rolled my stocking down my leg. I could hear the bus stopping and suddenly my head hit of the seat in front of me. This was the stop just before mine and my stop was hardly a minute away.

The gentleman behind me also lunged forward and just happened to catch me with my hands up my skirt playing with my stockings. His face was one of pure delight. I didn’t know what to say and by the looks of him he didn’t want to say anything, just look. His eyes were full of hunger but I looked at him straight into the eyes and caught his attention. After throwing a dirty look he took the hint and went to sit with his friend. He didn’t say anything but I could tell that he was up to something.

I finished of rolling my sensuous stocking down my leg and over my foot. My shoes slipped easily back on my feet but I could tell I was going to have blisters by the end of the day. I started to compose myself and stood up to head to the front of the bus as my stop was approaching. I hadn’t heard anything from the two men so I picked up my bag and headed for the front stairs. As the doors opened a rush of cold air hit me but I grabbed my skirt before I let the wind blow it away. I smiled to myself knowing I had done something decent and stepped of the bus stairs. However

As the bus was leaving I could hear a knock on the window, I turned to see who it was but my face filled with dread as the bus started to drive away past me. The two gentlemen were at the back window waving to me, they weren’t waving with their hands however, and they were waving me with my stocking! I frantically checked my bag but could only find the one stocking. As I looked up once more I saw the man who looked at me with delight hold it up to his nose, pure mischief in his eyes. In those moments, the funniest thought came to me… At least I have one less stocking to wash read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here