Do I wear stockings even on a Sunday?

Sundays are the worst day of the week. It is the last day of the weekend and you know that Monday, tomorrow, is the first day of the week which means back to work. Sunday is also the day to get my housework done. The cleaning, ironing and washing all sorted in just one day.

As usual with every Sunday morning I get up and slip into my sexy little silk chemise. I trot downstairs and head straight to the kettle, nothing screams Sunday morning better than coffee. I grab my mug and fill it with two sugars, I like life sweet. Once the coffee is made, I like mine white by the way, it is time to head back upstairs and get the shower on. I throw myself up the stairs and start to pick out today’s clothes, although I never tend to go anywhere on Sundays I still feel the need to get dressed.

I make my way over the chest of drawers and open the top one, it creaks as it opens. All the oil must have worn off as this is my favourite drawer. This is my lingerie drawer. As soon as I open it I smell bursts of lavender from the drawer freshener I got last month for my birthday. It keeps the lingerie fresh and scented. I raid about until I find the few items that I am looking for. I pick out the sapphire blue bra with the lace cups, the dark blue silk panties and the midnight blue Italian lace stockings.

I make my way towards the shower room. I slip out of my black sexy number and let it fall to the marbled floor. I test the water in the shower my perfectly manicured toes to make sure that it isn’t too hot. I slip one arm in just to make sure and then the rest of me follows.

I stand under the pressure of the shower, the water hitting my back in fierce beats. I stand and dip my hand back, exposing my delicate throat and neck. My hair gets soaked and detangles in the water as it flows through my hair, every bead of water putting back the moisture which day to day life rids my hair of. I run my hands through my hair shaking out the water as I bring my head back down to look down towards my feet. The white marble base of the shower shines back at me from below. My feet covered in water, the water working its way up to my ankles but it never gets there.

I find the soap and rub my body all over with it; intimate places get soaped as well as places on plain view every day. I take great care in making sure my body is well rinsed and moisturized. I smell the soap on my skin and it makes me tingle, its lavender which at the moment seems to be my favourite smell. I make sure I am thoroughly clean before leaving the shower. I grab a towel and wrap myself in it before I catch the cold and head of to the bedroom. I steady my self against the drawers while I start to dry myself with the towel.

I start at my hair; I gently ease the towel through my hair careful not to pull it. I pat my hair gently with the towel. I softly dry my face, neck and throat making sure everywhere is dry in that area before moving on. I get to my breasts, I take the towel gently and wrap it over them and rub over the towel, paying attention to under my breasts. I lift them up and pad the towel under where they would usually sit. I drop my breasts back down so that they are in the position they should be. I gently rub my tummy, taking care to make sure that my back is getting dried at the same time. I lower the towel to my hips and waist padding as I go. I work my way down towards my intimate female area where I gently rub the towel making sure that I am dry before starting on my legs. I bend over slightly, the arc of my back looking sexy as ever. I work from the thigh down, rubbing and patting every square inch of my leg to make sure they are ready for what is to come next. I lay the towel on the dresser and made my way to the bed.

I sat myself on the edge of the bed fumbling about with the underwear until I found the blue silk panties. I look at them; they shined in the bedroom light like a dark star. Slipping the panties on each foot, I stood up so that I could gently tug them on, they barely covered my backside but no one would be here today so I could walk around naked if I pleased. I sorted the panties and then sat back down on the bed. The bra shone at me next, with its soft, delicate lace cups. I picked it up and positioned it over my shoulders gripping each breasts with my hand and inserting them into the cups. I adjusted each breast individually and closed the clasp on the front of the bra. In untwisted the top strap and then headed for the stockings.

Stockings are my favourite part of lingerie. They give a woman power and sex appeal. I stared at my stockings. I’ve had them for just less than one year. They have done well to last me this long as I tend to ladder my stockings. I picked up the first stocking and gently fixed it and sorted it so that my feet wouldn’t catch the sides and rip it. The lace felt smooth under my fingertips, and felt even better under my toes. The lace simply glided over my well moisturized legs and eased up my leg without any trouble. It went straight over the knee and up to the panties. I picked up the next stocking. I stared at the blue lace fabric, it was soft and delicate and I held it up to my face rubbing it against my pure skin. I took it down to my toes and gently inserted them into the stockings hole. I eased the stocking up my leg gracefully and attached both of the stockings to the suspender clips, they are metal and cold but I’m sure the will soon heat up. I headed back to the dresser drawers, picked up my coffee and headed downstairs once more.

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