Someone saw my stockings in the elevator at work

I was in the office and it was nearly closing time, I had been shuffling papers and filing documents all day and I was tired.  I just wanted to go home. I had to wait until five o clock though.  I busied myself until then; tidying up here and there and making it look as though I was actually working even though I wasn’t. Then five o clock came and I was home free.  Now I just had to get downstairs before everyone else!

I jumped in the elevator before everyone else to get down the twenty floors on my building; some people actually walked those steps every day.  I preferred the lift.  I watched the elevator close its doors as people scrambled their way to the exits in every corner of the room.  I could now look forward to going home and curling up in front of the television with a pizza.

I decided to help things along by taking off a few items before I got home so I wouldn’t have to worry before throwing myself on the couch. I looked down and knew that my stockings should be the first to go. The elevator moves reasonably slowly so I thought I’d be able to get away with it.

I pulled my skirt up, exposing my legs wrapped in black lacy stockings.  I undid the metal clasp on the suspenders that was holding the stockings tight on my leg, without those then the stockings would be at my ankles.  I hooked the clips onto my panties and took hold of the left stocking, savouring the feel of the dark lace under my fingertips.  I swirled my fingers over the fine material and slipped the stocking down my thigh and over my knee. I slipped my shoe of and then pulled the stocking from the toes. It slid of with great ease.  I ran my hands back up my legs and replaced my shoe.  I moved onto the other leg.  I ran my hands up and down the smooth fabrics feeling the sexy indentations the lace made.  It was patterned with lines, soft straight lines.  I trailed my finger around the rim of the stocking while glancing at the elevator lights making sure I wasn’t too close to the bottom floor.  I was only half way there.  I ran my hands slowly down my leg, feeling every indent and imprint in the material, they were relatively new so they were still smooth and didn’t have any snags or catches on them.  I went back to the top of the stocking and slid my thumb and finger under the material and gently eased the stocking down my leg.  I worked my way past my knee and down my calves, I slipped the shoe off and then off came the stocking.

I was getting close to the ground so hurriedly put the stocking in my bag.  The bag was too full so I stuffed the stocking down as for as it would go and lay a few other times on top of it.  I gathered up my shoes and placed them on each foot.  I steadied myself before reaching the ground floor making sure I was neat and didn’t look as though I had been playing around in the elevator.  I gathered my footing; I didn’t want to trip on my way out the elevator and quickly went over my hair and make up.  I finally got to the bottom floor and the doors opened, there were several people in the building still but I calmly made my way to the main door peeping out of the corner of my eye for any suspicious looks.  One of the gentlemen I was working with come up behind me and whispered in my ear to check my bag.  I looked down and saw my stocking hanging out the bag.  My face went eight different shades of red and I walked out of the office with the remainder of the staff giggling away at me.  Next time I come to work I think I will be bringing a bigger bag! read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here