Stocking and pantie up-skirt in the back of a taxi cab

I was late for work again! No time for the bus so I called a cab and it was here in under ten minutes, very unusual for big city taxis. I wasn’t anywhere near ready so I hoped into the taxi with my basics on, no make up, shoes or stockings – they were all stuffed into my day bag!

After setting off making my way to the other side of town I relaxed a little knowing that I was on my way, I knew there’d be traffic, it’s rush hour after all but at least now I can finish getting ready. I grabbed the make up out of my hand bag and applied what little make up I actually used. Just a touch of eye liner to make my eyes stand out, some lip gloss for a perfect pout and busher to make my cheeks cute and rosy – as if the cold weather wasn’t enough.

I pulled my shoes and stocking out of the bag and the driver looked in his read view mirror with a strange expression on his face, his eyes glued to my baby pink fishnet stockings and pink high heel pump shoes. He should be concentrating on his driving not my lingerie so I looked up at him and cock my eyebrow, with an embarassed cough he focused back on the road being careful only to look up when he thought I wasn’t looking.

I put my shoes down on the floor and rested my back against the taxi seats. It felt good to have a site down, I had been rushing around all morning and didn’t even have time for a good cup of tea, scandalous. Anyhow, it wouldn’t be long until I got to work so I needed to press on. I reached for my stockings on the seat next to my and started to roll the first one. They were very fine fishnet stockings with an elasticated lace hold up at the top, no garters today, thank god as they might have gave the old taxi driver a heart attack. I could almost hear his heart beat now as he watched me slide the stocking over my leg and down to my toes, I felt the cab swerve a litle as he puts his eyes back on the road and concentrated some more on driving than oggling me.

A big grin settled on my face and I slid my toes into the stocking hole and pulled it gently up my leg, being careful to keep it straight and avoid getting any ladders, I didn’t bring a spare pair today as I just didn’t have the time to grab one and throw them into my handbag. I rolled the stocking up my leg with one hand and smoothed out the creases with the other, trailing my fingers over the fine material, my eyes glanced up at the rear view mirrow and I watched cab driver quickly avert his eyes, as if I didn’t see him.

The stocking was now up over my knee and I hiked my skirt up a bit more so that I could slide the stocking up to rest of my smooth thigh, the elasticated lace hold up band would keep it there without any problems and any garters. It wasn’t until I pulled the stocking up fully did I realise that I had brought my skirt up too far and that my soft pink panties were peeking out under my black skirt, I raced the stocking up to my thigh, settled out the creases and quickly lowered my skirt, my eyes shooting up to the taxi man who’s face was now the color of beetroot, my face was about to join his!

After calming down a little I slipped on my high heel pumps and moved onto the other leg. Slowly I pulled my skirt up making sure that my panties stayed firmly under wraps and started to roll the stocking up. I crossed my leg over the other one to make it easier to reach my toes, everytime I bent over my boobs almost jumped out my bra. With ease I slid the fine fishnets over my toes but hesitated a little when I felt my toe catch the fabric. I quickly unhooked the stocking and continued sliding it up my legs patting down the material as I went, the cab drivers heavy breaths echoed through my ears but I just smiled and kept going. Once it got to the part where I slipped it onto my thigh I double checked to make sure my panties couldn’t be seen by peeping toms and pulled the stocking up into it’s rightful place.

Just as I pulled my shoe onto my foot the cab driver pulled up outside my office, I handed him the cash and told him to keep the change, I don’t think he heard a word I said however – his eyes were still glued to my stockings and ass – what a productive way to start the day!= read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here