Stockings pictures – putting on stockings outside

In these stockings pictures of me, that I took while out driving in the country one day, I needed to change my tanned fully fashioned stockings because they had a ladder in them. No girl wants to walk around with a ladder in or stockings, pantyhose or any nylons. So I had to jump out of my car and change them before I got to my rendez-vous with a new gentleman friend I had met. This older gentleman friend loved stockings and so I had to make sure mine were just perfect. Even though it was the height of summer and I was wearing a very casual short denim skirt, I still put on a pair of stockings and a suspender belt, well I like to please, especially I like to please real stocking loving gentlemen. Luckily for me I always carry a spare pair of stockings, just in case I put a ladder in the ones I am wearing. I was wearing a purple suspender belt and so these new pair of tanned stockings were perfect and my new gentleman friend wasn’t disappointed when I arrived in my very sexy tanned stockings, short skirt and high heels, in fact he spent the whole meeting trying to look up my skirt at my panties! To see the complete stockings series visit me at Sabrinas Stockings