Stripping off my clothes straight into the washing machine


I am a busy lady, in the day I am working as a secretary, going from office to office as a temp. So sometimes when I come home after a day commuting to work, flashing at men and fitting in some work at the office, I am usually in a rush. Today is one of those days, I need to get these clothes off so I can get changed and go out to dinner with a gentlemen friend of mine. So I strip off right there in the kitchen and throw my clothes into the washing machine. One thing you need to know about this is that my kitchen window has no blinds or curtains, so the neighbours can look in and they often do. I never show to much, but I often walk around half naked and today you get a proper view of what they can see when they look through my window. Do you think they would like to see me in these black stockings? Will they like to see my panties as I bend over? Do you like this up-skirt shot? visit sabrinas stockings here