A train full of men and I try and flash my stockings and panties to all of them

Today I had to work in the city so had to get a train. I love getting on the train. You can relax for your entire journey, not like driving a car. On a train you can read a book or the daily paper or just people watch. I love seeing what other people are doing, or listening into their conversations.

Today, I was on a busy commuter train and the whole train was packed with businessmen off to work in the big smoke. I was sitting next to an older gent dressed in a smart suit and clutching a big briefcase. Opposite me were two much younger men, perhaps in their early forties. One was reading the Times and the other was people watching just like I was.

Nearly all the people in my carriage were men. It was quite noisy, some were having conversations on their mobiles and some were trying to sleep, most were reading. Or so I thought…….

I closed my eyes momentarily, then opened them to find that the man opposite who I thought was reading the Times was actually peeking over the top of the paper and I could see him taking a look up my skirt! I did look sexy, I have to say. I work in quite a male dominated environment and at times, it is so much easier to impress if you look ultra sexy. I was wearing a smart, but fashionable grey skirt suit. I had a white blouse with a big pussy bow and obviously I was wearing my sexy specs.

The skirt was pretty short, and when you sit, it looks shorter than it really is. You could just see the tops of my stockings and through the fabric, the suspender clasps. I had sheer, fully fashioned stockings on and a pair of killer heels. These particular heels, Christian Louboutin, black and had a platform style heel. I adore wearing stockings and I adore sexy heels.

The guy reading the Times pretended to look at something else just in case I spotted him, so I also looked away, pretending I hadn’t spotted him peering up my skirt. As I looked at the other men in my carriage who had broadsheets in front of them, I saw that most of them were doing the same as the Times guy! How cheeky! They were all looking me up and down. Looking at my sexy legs and sexy heels. Some had clocked my fully fashioned stockings and some were looking at the stocking tops.

I pretended that I hadn’t noticed any of them looking at me. I took my compact out of my handbag and a lipstick and put some on. I thought I’d make everyone’s day and flash my lace panties, so I uncrossed, then crossed my legs very slowly making sure that my panties would have just for a moment, been on display!

I am such a tease! I put my lipstick and compact away and looked up. Most men looked back at their broadsheets really quickly and I noticed one man had really quickly shuffled his paper over his crotch because I had made him hard!

I can’t wait for the journey home! I wonder If I end up on a train with these men again and whether or not they’ll expect to see up my skirt again!

I had fun on that particular journey to work and I know that most of my carriage did too! Now come and visit me on my premium site and let me flash you now