Stockings and no panties up skirt flashing on the train

I just thought I would tell you all about the time that I was coming home from London on the train after a really long, successful day of shopping. It was a warm summer’s evening and I had spent all day on my feet. I was shopping for myself in London and I had spent a lot of money on lots of lovely new clothes, shoes and sexy new stockings.

It was a relief to finally find a seat on the train and a place to stow all my bags. I began to relax as the train pulled away from the station and I had taken the weight off my feet. I love to wear heels, they are so sexy, but sometimes after wearing them for 12 hours walking around London I regret it! I rested my feet on a bag which had my new Jimmy Choo’s in and looked around the carriage at all the gentlemen travelling home after a long day working in the city. The chap opposite me smiled and I saw him steal a long look at my stocking clad legs.

I was wearing some silky, sheer, fully fashioned stockings which I almost always wear, especially when trying on new clothes as they go with everything. I had on a little black pleated summery skirt and a summery floral blouse which I had unbuttoned to my cleavage.

I could see the man opposite me was really looking at every inch of me with great intent and really seemed to be admiring me. I had bought myself a glass of wine when the drinks trolley came round and started to feel a little less inhibited. The more passengers that got off on my way home, the more of myself I felt I could expose the the man opposite. I gradually unbuttoned a couple more blouse buttons and I gradually increased the gap between my legs and pulled my little skirt a bit higher.

He could now very easily see that I was wearing no panties and had a shaven pussy. He could easily see that I was wearing a sexy black and white satin suspender belt with metal clasps holding up my sexy stockings. He was looking very pleased that I was exposing myself especially for him and I could see his cock becoming very hard. Now this was a real turn on for me. I love to see men get really turned on when I do saucy things for them. It makes me even saucier! I tried my best to be as discreet as possible and that it was only he that could see what I was doing. It must be great to sit opposite a lady and really fancy her and to top it all off have her discreetly show you intimate parts of her body. He could easily see down my blouse at my full cleavage and my sexy satin plunge bra and he could easily see my sexy shiny wet pussy lips up my short skirt and my long slender legs that are encased in fully fashioned stockings. Stockings itself must be a treat to see. Not many ladies wear them these days.

I was getting very wet down below now and couldn’t wait to get home and relieve myself!

I felt so pleased after a wonderful day’s shopping, I did a great deed and flashed myself to an unsuspecting passenger. It’s so nice to make someone’s day. I got home that evening and stripped down to just my stockings and suspenders and heels and relieved my very wet pussy on my big welcoming leather sofa. Read more of my stockings adventures or watch my exclusive stockings movies and pictures on my site for premium members here