I just love shopping for stockings and clothes

Shopping has always been a hobby of mine. I like to do it when the mood takes me and there is nothing better than a huge shop at my fingertips, bulging at the seams with wonderful, brightly coloured clothes and gifts for me to lavish my cash on. Temping was fun and paid well so I was perfectly suited in my job.

As I walked in, the annoying floor attendants that squirted perfume over you everywhere you walked bombarded me. I rushed through them all dying to get to the clothes section. Clothes were my hobby, in particular, stockings. I love to wear ultra sexy stockings; it doesn’t matter if they are black, white, plain or patterned. I just love the way that the soft fabrics cling to my legs and keep them protected from the harsh winter winds and summer sun. I also find them extremely sexy and erotic. I enjoy the way they chafe at my inner thighs and the soft lacy tips rub together near my crotch.

In auto-pilot I walked over to the stockings section. It was a unisex store but I didn’t mind men looking at me while I was buying stockings, I just didn’t like them seeing me try them on! I take forever to put a stocking on. I slow down and feel the nylon or cotton or whatever kind of fabric the stocking is made out of, glide up my leg, over my knee and onto my thigh. I fiddle sensuously with the suspender clips making sure they are sitting in just the right position before standing up to look at them. Then I lay my eyes over every detail of the stocking, taking in every single indent on them, savouring the feel of them on my legs and the way they rubbed over my sensitive skin.

My eyes wandered over the vast rows of stocking, all packed neatly in their boxes with a hole at the front so that their patterns could be seen. I love to look at all the colours and feel the patterns with my fingers before trying them on. I always tried on stockings even though I didn’t need to as it was obvious they would fit. I just like to get my personal kicks.

I walked over to the reds. I was wearing a red suit today and thought it best to buy something to match. My legs were bare at the moment, I hadn’t wore any stockings today with the thoughts of buying new ones! My eyes fell upon a gorgeous pair of shimmering red, diagonally patterned red stockings. They had small glittery bit running through the fabric and they had diagonals patterned on them. They were also very fine rather than the thick style I am used to wearing.

I picked them up and went into the changing rooms, they were also unisex. I passed by several empty cubicles. However, they weren’t all empty. One of them had a woman, I would guess in her mid forties, trying on some skirts. The other had a young man trying on a new suit. He was devilishly handsome and I blushed and walked into the cubicle opposite his.

My hands traced over the silver box that held the stockings. My bag fell to the floor and I hoisted my skirt up before slipping of my red, leather, high heeled shoes. My legs were creamy and very delicate. My skin tingled in anticipation of the stocking and my hands trembled as I opened the box. The red stockings fell on my lap in a bundle, wrapped around some cardboard to keep them in place. I gathered the first one up in my hands and ran it over my fingertips, gently caressing the thing material. I pried it open gently with my fingers, being careful not to damage it. As I leant down to put it on my foot I knocked the curtain and it opened slightly, but enough so that the young man opposite me could see everything that I was about to do and I had no idea that he could.

Unbeknown to me he took a seat against the wall and watched me try on my stockings. His eyes lying heavily on my legs and he took deep, shallow breaths. I didn’t hear a thing, or see a thing for that matter. I carried on as normal, taking my time to ease the stocking up over my foot and calf. I sat it on my knee while I smoothed it over my toes and up over my leg. I then carried on lifting it up over my knee on onto my thigh. My hands fumbled around for the suspender clips and gripped the harsh clasps before sticking them onto the stocking. As I do so I threw my head back and let my hands wander over my leg with the stocking on, it felt wonderful and highly erotic but little did I know that I had prying eyes.

As I picked up the second stocking I pulled it open enough to let my manicured toes slip in. As I did so I felt the fine, yet scratchy material slide up my legs and onto my thighs. My lips were trembling and my mouth was really wet. I licked my lips, my saliva acted as gloss as the lights shone down on me. I was just tilting my head back when I noticed that my curtain was open and that I had a peeping Tom. My face went scarlet and I threw the curtains closed!

I whipped of the stockings and stuffed them back in the box, rushing to the checkouts. As I left the changing room the stranger was gone but my body filled with dread as I saw him standing at the check out with his suit in hand. I bowed my head as I stood behind him and put my stockings in the basket that was next in line to his.

As the cashier was ringing up his suit, his hands moved quicker than lightening and picked up the stockings from my basket. These too he said to the cashier. She flashed her piercing eyes at him while I stared on in shock. He just smiled. The cashier rang up the goods and sent us on our way.

I stopped following him at the front door and tapped him on the shoulder, Any chance I can have my stockings please? I asked him my eyes still wide in shock! He looked at me, the stockings in his hand and then back at me. A big grin just flashed over his face and he walked out of the store leaving me standing without the stockings that I had tried on, those stockings were in his hands and heading to his home. I just stood and watched as that stranger walked away with my intimate apparel, oh well, I turned on my heels and went back to the stockings section. Just another excuse to try some more stockings on! Read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here