Flashing my stockings and panties on the London underground

Today was my big adventure! I was going to take the tube to work today, for those of you who don’t know that is, it’s the underground train system. I’ve been warned of it for over a year but seeing as I wasn’t going into work at rush hour this morning and didn’t need leave till 11am I figured I’d just hop on one of them rather than grab the bus. First time for everything right

It was a reasonable warm day so the tube station wasn’t so cold. I had to go down the escalators to get to my platform and wait on the speeding train. I sat down on an empty bench with my handbag at my side waiting or the train to come. Wonder if it was timely, unlike the buses.

Well, to my surprise, the train arrived on time and was occupied by only two people! I was shocked, apparently they are always, always busy. Oh well more space for me then. I hopped on quickly before the doors shut on me and grabbed a seat facing the windows, the couple that were already on the train were front facing, they could see me and I could see them out of the corner of my eye.

They were a middle aged couple, a man and his wife by the looks of things. Both dressed in suits and ready for the day ahead just like I was. I couldn’t the wifes legs but she probably didn’t have on what I was thinking. Stockings. I wear them everyday, I just love the feel of them as they grip my thigh and elongate my legs. The sheer silk brushes against my soft smooth legs and send tingles down my spine. I always get excited thinking about stockings but today, heaven forbid, mine were starting to irritate me.

It was hot outside so hot down here too and my legs were starting to sweat under the silken cladding that covered my legs. They weren’t as bad as pantyhose would be but stockings can get very, very hot. I decided it’d be best if I took them of until I got home later. Of course, they were thigh highs and that meant riding my skirt up a little to unclip the garters. The problem being the other man and lady in the carriage with me. I could just stand up, pull up my skirt and hike my stockings down, not just for the sake of the attention but I might rip them and I couldn’t do that! These were fully fashioned luxury silken stockings with reinforced heel and toe! One of my favorites pairs. I’d have to be discreet.

I waited until the woman looked out the window and her partner looked down at his feet, they noticed I was on the train but hadn’t paid much attention to me. I slowly started to ride my skirt up my leg, being careful as not to grab their attention. Unbeknown to me the husband lifted his eyes up and watched me with his head bowed to the floor.

Gently and slowly I pulled the stocking up further, I felt someone staring at me but when I looked up the wife and husband were sitll looking elsewhere or so I thought. I moved my hands round to my left leg and slowly rimmed my fingers around the stocking tip till I came to the garter at the back, softly, I unclipped it and removed the garter from the belt slipping it into my bag. I did the same with the front garter being careful not to mark or rip my beautiful, precious stockings.

Next to come of was the stocking. I quickly slipped my hand up my skirt, grasping the lace at the top and gently rolled it down my leg. I could feel a hot, heavy gaze on me but when I looked up the husbands head was still down and the wife had laid her head back on the seat with her eyes closed. There was no one else in the carriage. Shaking it off I continued sliding the stocking down my leg gently, loving the feel of the soft silk slide over my legs. There were a light 10 denier and felt like heaven to touch.

When I got to my shoe I undid the ankle strap and slipped my toes out of my show, the reinforced heel and toe sections were darker than the rest of the stocking and stood out nicely. I pulled the stocking quickly over my toe and folder the stocking up slipping it into my bag. After stuffing my bare toes back into my shoes I redid the ankle strap and sat up straight again, making sure no one was watching me. I was so naive.

I moved my hands round to my other leg and sipped the garters of the same way as before, taking great care not to damage my wonderful stockings. I ran my hand up and down the length of my leg before letting my fingers find the top of my stocking and roll it gently down my soft skin. I closed my eyes, taking my time to pull the stocking of, I wanted to feel the silk run down my body like warm water and I shivered all over just moving the stocking down my leg. Mmmmm, it felt so good but there was that heavy pressure in the back of my neck which kept telling me someone was watching me. Read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here