Busses are really great places to flash your stockings and panties

I rinsed the shampoo out my hair and turned of the shower and opened the shower door, my body getting hit with the cold air that always seems to be there after you’ve left a shower or bath. After grabbing my towel and hugging it around my body tightly, I dabbed my hair and made my way to the bedroom where I was about to get ready for work.

I closed the bathroom door, not wanting the cold air to take over the heat that was in my bedroom. I made my way over to the bed, my feet wetting my blue carpet. I dropped the towel at my feet and stood on it so that my feet would dry.

Leaning over the bed, I picked up my lingerie and brought it closer. I picked up my cotton panties; they were white with lacy seams. I pulled the soft, scented panties over my legs. They were pulling against my legs, my legs being still damp from the shower. After I pulled them up over my hips and sat them on my waist I thought about the day ahead but the lovely feel of pure cotton against my skin brought me back to my sense.

I picked up my suspenders from the bed, feeling the cold metal clips in my hand, I rubbed them for a few seconds with my fingers to try and get some heat into them before I let them touch my thighs. I attached the slips and let them dangle down, waiting for the stockings to be attached. They weren’t as cold when I first touched them but I would have preferred them warmer. I sat down on the bed and brought one of the stockings forward.

The white stocking was pure white, when it lay on the bed it was hard to see, it melted into the white sheets. I held it in my hand and it glowed against my skin. The fabric was Spanish lace, I’d got this pair of stockings brought back for my when my friends went to Madrid; they knew I loved them so treated me. I had stockings from countries all over the world. These stockings were amongst my favourite few. The material was pure and smooth. I had had them for a long time but there were still no impurities on them. The cloth was still fine and sleek; the colour was pure and shone brightly under the sun. The feeling of them riding over my leg was still immense.

I slipped my fingers in the hole and eased the stocking open. It was stretchy and warm. The white lightened as the stocking opened further. I slowly moved the stocking down over my foot and eased it up my leg, feeling the neat, pure lace slide over my legs. The feeling was somewhat erotic. The stockings didn’t cling to my legs like the panties did. They were smooth and sleek.

The next stocking lay on the bed sheets, almost invisible to the naked eye. I crawled over the bed to pick it up and stared at it, intertwined with my fingers. It was like holding a feather. The stocking wasn’t only soft but it had no weight to it. I moved my hands down my leg, dragging the stocking over my calf as I went. The stocking glided over my toes softly, not catching on my nails. I wriggled my leg into the stocking, pulling it up over my thigh and attached the suspender clip so that the stocking would stay in place.

Reaching over to grab my watch, I got up from the bed. My watch was fast so I knew I had plenty of time to get to the bus stop. My shirt was also white; it was a long, silk shirt with silver buttons that slid easily into their holes. The top two buttons of my shirt never gets done up so they were left open exposing my bare neck. I reached on top of my cabinet and dipped my hands into the jewellery box and brought out a gold necklace. It had a love heart pendant on it with a diamond in the middle, shining brightly under the light.

After putting on the necklace I got up and put on my suit. My skirt was hanging up so I walked slowly and provocatively over to the cupboard where it hung, took it down and eased it up my legs. It slid over the soft, lacy material of my stockings with great ease and the button and zip were up in under a second. My coat lay over the end of my bed and as I reached for it I dipped my feet into my shoes, seeing as they were on the way to my bed. I picked up my coat and threw it over my shoulders, there was no point putting it on as the sun was beaming today.

With my coat in hand, my shoes on foot and my ban on my shoulder I was ready to leave for work. The bus stop was only a five minute journey and in the sun it would make things quicker. The sun shone down on my white outfit, causing me to look like an angel as I walked down the street. I was gleaming like a bright star and my appearance dazzled passers by. My walk was slow and sexy making sure I dominated the street with my presence. My hips swayed and my thighs rubbed together, the stockings making me sweat under the hot sun. The feeling of the stockings pressing against my thighs was sensuous and sultry. I looked every bit the goddess and felt like it too.

The bus stop was only a few feet ahead of me and when I approached and sat down my skirt rode up just that inch too high and the gentleman next to me got a sneaky peek and just what my skirt was covering. I sat back up quickly and sorted myself while the old man next to me smirked, obviously pleased with what he had seen. The tips of my stocking had been on show, and his eyes had lit up like light bulbs, taking in the view while he could. His face dropped when I sorted myself, although my skirt didn’t sit where I had hoped it would and still exposed the neat lace trimmings of the tops of my stockings; it wasn’t as great a view as the last one he had. His eyes were full of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. He was fidgeting where he sat, staring at my stockings. Taking in the view while he could, the bus was due soon and my thinking was he was waiting for a different one. He eyed my legs up slowly, memorizing the look of my lace. Noting the fine indents where the patterns were and trying to look past the stocking to my leg. His eyes rose up from the ground and focused on my thighs, he was watching the pulse under my skin beat against the lace trimmings at the top. I could almost hear his heart beat, his hands shaking on his lap.

I could hear the bus in the next street, the swishing noise of the suspension lowering the passengers waiting to exit. The gentleman’s eyes were still firmly fixed on my stockings. He must have known the bus was coming and did not want to miss a thing. The bus drove into the street; he shifted his position as I stood up. I edged my way to the front of the path, steadying myself for the bus to come. As the bus got closer the gentleman shifted once more, his eyes firmly attached to the back of my legs. This obviously wasn’t his bus.

The bus doors opened for me and the heat escaped out of the door, the bus driver was sweating and I proceeded up the steps and paid for my ticket. The old man finally lifted his head to look at my face for the first time, on his lips lay a broken smile and the bus sped off. read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here