Titillating Temp in stockings at work

Office temping is tough work. You’re neither here nor there and you could be changing work places from month to month and you never know what to expect. This week I was attending an interview for working in an office pretty close to home which saved me loads on taxi and bus fares of which all of the savings went to a good cause, my stockings habit. As I was walking to work in my chic office suit I noticed men staring but there is nothing new there. I caught them glancing at my legs, the best part of my body. They were eyeing me up from toe to thigh and didn’t miss one detail by the looks of things and I’m sure the fact I was wearing white lacy stockings helped things along. After another ten minutes walk and two men staring I finally reached the office my feet killing me from the white pin heels I was wearing. As I stepped in the building I could feel the heavy gaze of the staff watching every move I made towards the boss’s office. It was like I was the prey and they were the predators just waiting to strike. Office plants brushed past my stockings tickling my legs as I moved as gracefully as any women could with this amount of pressure weighing them down. I finally made it to the office after what felt like forever but was barely a few seconds. From the boss’s tilted blinds that lined the office windows I could see the rest of the staff start to get back to work. Mr Scott stood up and shook my hand, his palm was sweaty and so were the bags under his eyes. He was tense and uptight but as soon as we touched hands he relaxed a little.

We were there to discuss my work and what I was to do. I sat on the leather chair smoothing my white pinstripe skirt down as I sat. My legs automatically crossed showing the boss just what I was hiding under my perfectly tame outfit. I showed my white lacy thongs and stockings, he must have caught sight of my inner thigh because he suddenly grew tense again. He shuffled the papers on his desk while I laid my bag down at the side of the chair. His eyes met mine and were full of lust. A lust for something he knew that he couldn’t have. His eyes glanced over my pristine white suit, starting from the top of my head to the bottom of my shoes. He worked his way past my lips and chin. He reached my breasts and his lips slightly parted and a small gasp was made from his mouth. We discussed my CV and I politely answered every question he posed. He conducted the interview very professionally considering the pressure it looked as though he was under. After twenty minutes of bantering back and forth the interview ended with an appropriate handshake. He told me to come back tomorrow, I started at nine.

I left the office, the glares of the other staff weighing me down as I walked to the door. I got the impression that they didn’t like newcomers; either that or they didn’t like people in white. I finally reached the building door and exited to the street, the heat of the sun beating down on me. I had to get home quickly and strip off before I suffered from sun stroke. I walked as quickly as my white pin heels would let me. It was though I was glowing as I walked down the street, the light reflecting off my suit.

After ten minutes I finally reached the door to my apartment. I fumbled for my keys and opened the door, picking up the mail as I went. I threw my bag and letters on the settee before heading upstairs to the bedroom. The cool air of the apartment was sweet relief. As I entered the bed room I kicked of my shoes and headed over to the bed. I undid my coat buttons easing the jacket of my shoulders and draped it over the bed. My shirt buttons easily undid and one by one I worked my way down to my midriff exposing my bare flesh to the cool air of my bedroom. I glided the shirt of my shoulders and threw it over the coat and both lay in a heap on the bed. I undid the button and zip on my skirt gentle not to catch my lacy panties in the zipper. The skirt fell down over my waists quickly. I sat down on the bed staring at my legs.

The stockings covering them were beautiful. They were elegant, classy and sophisticated. They felt smooth, sleek and baby skin soft. They were unique. I loved my stockings. I unclipped the left stocking from its suspender clasp. The tight grip of the metal had left a mark on it but nothing that couldn’t be pressed out. I let the clasp dangle next to my skin, the cool metal providing sweet relief. I took the tip of the stockings in my manicured hands rubbing my fingertips along the edge of the smooth fabric, savouring every feel as I gently eased the stocking down my thigh and over my knee. I bent over to carry on the rest of the way down my leg. I stocking rolled up the further it went and by the time it had rolled to my foot it was merely a ball of lace, sexy enticing lace. The right stocking was then unclipped. I rubbed my hands up and down the stockings tasting with my fingers the feel of the material. Lace was a favourite of mine; the white sheer lace I was wearing always made me feel sexy. I smoothed my hands over the lace, up and down gently but firmly. I was memorising every pattern n the lace, every fine detail etched into the lace. I worked my way back to the top of my thigh and gripped the stocking tight. I tugged it over my thigh and knee and eased it the rest of the way down my soft, pure legs. I threw the stockings on the floor and stood up.

I walked over to my dresser and set the alarm for tomorrow. I did not want to be late, the staff did not look too pleased to see me as it was, I definitely did not want to give them another reason to scorn at me. I slumped back downstairs to read my mail and make some coffe To read this and all my stories visit me and watch all my exclusive stockings content visit my premium site here