Secretary in stockings gets caught in the rain

Raindrops dribbled down the sides of the bus shelter, thank god there was a bus shelter otherwise my new silk, crisp, white suit would be soaked through and I would be see through for all the world to see, which is something that nobody really wants on a Monday morning on their way to work.

The bus shelter was empty thankfully, well almost. There was a young man, in his late twenties reading his early morning paper, one of several that were tucked under his arms. His briefcase sat neatly at his feet and his black suit was sitting gently on his toned body. He seemed like a business executive, strong and fierce, while here I was in my Angelic white suit, a mere office temp. My skirt was two inches shorter than it really should have been and my white spiked heels clacked loudly against the ground as I paced back and forth. My stockings rubbed gently against my thighs sending shivers up my back but I stayed focused, I didn’t want to focus on the wet patch starting to soak into my panties. I put the feeling of the sheer, white stockings at the back of my mind and focused on the stranger.

His black as night hair was slick with gel and plastered to his head, his eyes were harsh but his mouth was soft and gentle. He screamed wealth, power, and for some strange reason, the word stamina came to mind.

My eyes moved lower down his body, his muscles were tight and spread evenly over his chest, his shoulders were wide and his hands rigid and smooth, that man had never done a hand days work in his life and by the £1000 Rolex on his wrist it seemed like he wouldn’t ever have to again. His shoes were perfectly polished, no doubt by the hands of his butler, his trousers neatly pressed and creased in all the right places. For some reason though I started to imagine naughty things about my stranger and when he turned and his ass faced me that was not the best thing that could have happened. I was mesmerised by how pert and tight it was, so small and cute!

I came back to my senses when he looked in my direction, pretending to read his paper rather than his ass. It was a shame too as I was really enjoying the view! Thankfully I heard the faint rattle of the buses engine and readied myself for my 20 minute journey to work.

Being the gentlemen that the stranger was I was on the bus first. What got me thinking was why on Earth was this man getting the bus, he was obviously wealthy, maybe his car was in the garage, but what about a limo or a taxi? A bus just didn’t fit the bill.

The stranger sat on the very back benches of the bus so I was sitting in front of him, thinking and wondering, not the best thing to do for someone like me, my mind usually tuned to naughty things when that was left to happen but just as I was thinking that I felt a heavy gaze press against the back of my head and I knew it was him, his fierce gaze ripped my hair to the side and slid down my neck, intently heading south.

My bust was next, jutting and full, sitting half in and half out of my blouse, a little bit of flesh went a long way these days and I could tell my wealthy stranger was lapping up every second of it. His eyes focused on my flat stomach, lowering themselves to my waist, my ass and my thighs. I heard heavy breathing but I wasn’t so sure that it was him; it could very well have been me!

I clenched my gut, I slowly looked down to check my stocking tips weren’t showing but it wasn’t much use, the soft lace of my hold ups were peeking out through the edge of my skirt and there was nothing I could do but feel the hot and heavy gaze of the stranger on the bus staring at them.

My hands were clammy, I laid them down on my knees and twirled my fingers over my stocking clad leg, in a way, I was trying to turn him on, egging him on but not letting him get his way. I can be a real tease when I want to be and today I was just in the mood for it. He adjusted himself on the seat and I heard him move over slightly, getting himself a better view.

My hold ups were white; they were sheer and soft, glinting gently in the morning lights. I wasn’t wearing any garter today so there were no straps gripping my legs, just the tight feel of an elastic band on my thighs. I have always loved the way that stockings affect men, today was no different and he succumbed to the lust of them just like every other man! Their elegance, their class and sophistication while also screaming erotic pleasures is just too much to bare for some men and this stranger was definitely one of those men.

His breaths were shallow and his neck cracked as he looked to see what stop we were coming up to, I nearly forgot that we were on the bus but his soft sounds made me remember. I could hear him picking up his briefcase, getting ready to get off at the next stop. I felt somewhat saddened.

As he got up however, my mind quickly changed. He was walking beside me one moment and the next he was down on the floor, his hand pulling down my right stocking as he went, a loud rip was heard and then my stocking was ruined. I couldn’t help but moan, these were one of my favourite pairs but the stranger being the gentlemen that he was helped me take off the stocking and apologised for his carelessness. It wasn’t until after he was off the bus did I realise it wasn’t carelessness at all! I couldn’t find my stocking anywhere and when I turned around I could see it peeking out of the top part of his suit jacket pocket, and his proud, cocky walk told me he had planned every single move To read all my exclusive stockings stories or watch my exclusive stockings movies visit my premium stockings site here