Showing my stockings at the office christmas party

It was one of those days, work was busy and I was exhausted but no rest for the wicked as tonight was the works Christmas party. Office temping is a real pain, you’re in and out of different offices all the time, meeting new people is not the easiest of tasks but it pays well. There are ups and downs with everything and the Christmas party happened to be an up. The party meant that I had a great excuse to get my special Christmas party stockings out of the lingerie drawer. After sliding on the special, sexy stockings I headed out the door and made my way to the office. The office was buzzing, everyone made an appearance and by the looks of things the drinking was well underway. I decided to take a seat in a quiet corner so that I could observe the wild animals taking over the boss’s desk. I crossed my legs over one another so that my feet intertwined, the stockings providing the soft comfort from the rub of my skin. The stockings were red, very fine and detailed with light glitter, perfect for the occasion. I glanced at the red shimmering material staring back at me; it was so soft and felt surreal. The stockings clung to my legs like massage oil, sexy and sleek. The suspender clasps gripping tightly to hold them in place, God forbid they should slip down and I loose that sensuous feeling my special stockings gave me.

I stared further down my leg, my bright red shoes shining under the work lights; my legs looked straight and slim under the sexy apparel enclosing them. The sheer material gripping my legs with a fierce grip that makes my legs quiver at times.

I started to adjust myself, sorting out the top half of my stockings as they were twisted. The suspender clips needed to be readjusted; they were white and in total contrast with my Christmas stockings. After taking the tight, metal clip of off my delicate sheer stocking I repositioned it further to the side, as I moved my skirt rode up and my sexy red panties we in full view. It just so happened that the boss wasn’t sitting that far from me and turned his head at the appropriate moment; he caught an eyeful I’m very sure that he enjoyed.

He started to give me a saucy look, sweat dampening his brow. He looked desperate. His eyes started to fall to the floor, glancing at my shoes. His eyes then started to devour my stockings as he started to crawl his way up my legs. His tongue was at the tip of his mouth by the time he reached me knee, where the shine of my stockings was at its greatest. He worked his way up to my thigh, catching sight of my lace and my tight, white suspender clips. His eyes finally rested on my red panties. They were sleek and sexy made from Italian lace. They gently clung to my skin offering me the overage I greatly needed. His tongue was almost fully out of his mouth and his eyes screaming hunger.

Quickly covering myself up, I looked over my stockings one last time. The red material glinting in the light, enticing and appealing I felt a shiver go up my spine. Time to go home I think. It was time to go home and put these stockings back into the lingerie drawer yet again, until next year that is. Read more of my stockings adventures or watch my exclusive stockings movies here