Stockings and panty upskirts

It was dark and dreary, I hated it being dark and dreary so I decided to get a taxi to work rather than stand around at the bus stop. We were caught in traffic as usual, Wednesday always seemed to be the busiest day of the week, I suppose long weekends start back at work on a Wednesday and break of the day after so it would make some sense. The taxi driver focused on the road and only glanced back at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. It was definitely my outfit that caught his attention. I was wearing a soft pink suit, the skirt was several inches shorter than what it was meant to be, a seamstress made that happen, and my blouse was buttoned up one less that what was usually deemed sensible dress. You could see the faint line of my cleavage if you looked the right way.

I wore my white stockings; they were sheer and didn’t require garters to hold them up so I was spared the discomfort of the cold metal clasps digging into my leg. I could feel the gentle lace tips rub against the inside of my thigh and more sensitive areas after every bump in the road and it sent shivers right down to my toes, which were enclosed in several hundred pounds worth of shoes.

It wasn’t a long drive to work but traffic made things hectic and was actually pleased to see the office building as we approached it. I paid the taxi driver has fare and watching him ogle my legs as I walked up the steps to work. It was going to be a long day.

My heels clacked loudly against the marble floor as I went to the escalator. The main floor was busting and I was happy to get away from the crowds and stepped carefully on the first step of the moving staircase, I would hate to get one of my heels trapped in a gap.

Business men were below me, they were young and carefree and were not talking about business from the sniggers I could hear behind me but I remained calm and focused, holding on the banister for dear life as the stairs slowly moved upwards, it felt slower than usual but it was probably just my imagination.

I could feel the men’s hot heavy gazes on my ass, they seemed to be talking about something, I hoped to hell I wasn’t flashing anything but what good did that do me, I started to tense. The men were talking about my panties! My skirt must have ridden up and with the boys below me they could see up my skirt.

The lace tips of my stockings didn’t bother me now, but these guys were staring at my most intimate female part and there was nothing I could do about it, well, I say nothing, but somewhere along the line the thought excited me. I started to wonder what they were saying and listened intently.

They talked about the smooth lines of the silk as they melded around my female part, they way that the moulded into my thighs and cupped my ass. They chatted about the way they thought stockings were classy but still screamed erotic sophistication. I started to feel my panties get wet but that wasn’t an accident. I was getting turned on by their love of panties and sexy stockings.

I slid my legs closer together and started to shift them up and down, running my high heeled toes up my calf, smoothing my legs and calming both my nerves and my excitement! I loved the thought of men watching me, watching my stockings and my cute, perky ass.

I cocked my hip and bent one knee and I could swear I heard one of the gentlemen groan a little. I was hoping this escalator was close to the top because I needed to visit the bathroom and sort my skirt before word got around, and in an office like this one, word spreads fast.

The men strained to get a better look up my skirt but my change of stance made it harder for them to see, all the could see with great clarity now was my stockings, which they took their time ogling. Their eyes took in the small, gentle patterns of nylon as it gripped my thighs and calves. It felt so sexy to know that these guys were turned on by just my clothes. Luckily I was about to get away from the whole upskirt scenario as the stair I was on was at the top of the escalator.

I raced of the escalator and straight for the bathroom, my skirt was higher than I thought, the curves of my ass cheeks were slightly showing and it didn’t take me more than two seconds to get it back in place! Thank god for that Now to go out there and face the rest of the office God I hate Mondays! To read all my exclusive stockings stories or to watch my exclusive stockings movies visit my premium stocking site here.