Selfies and pictures taken on my phone

This is a HUGE mixed bag of pictures. There are over 500 pictures here taken by me or friends of me on my phone. As you know Im really into twitter and love to tweet pictures when I am out and about or at home. So I thought I would upload them here for those of you who don’t follow me on twitter. There is a huge range of pictures here. Some me just having a laugh. Some of me posing. Lots of pictures of my feet, shoes, some more explicit ones of me. Panties, upskirts, nails, toes. Just really a mixed bag of pictures. Some people will like them and others not so much. But you get to see me in my day to day wear

stockings043.jpg  stockings048.jpg  stockings060.jpg  stockings096.jpg  stockings433.jpg  stockings472.jpg  stockings489.jpg