Sabrina in stockings gets a spanking from a gentleman friend

One of my members is really into CP and spanking. He once wrote to me saying that it really would be his dream come true if he could spank me. He said he would love to buy me some sexy underwear of his choice and for me to strip in front of him, put on the underwear he chooses for me then he can spank my bare bottom.

I decided that it would be good to meet him and certainly no harm in me receiving a good spanking.

I thought I would arrange to meet him and let him fulfill his dreams of spanking my bare behind. I won’t tell you his name, but we met in a mutually agreed location and got to work!

He was a bit nervous but I soon put his mind at rest. He handed me a large pink box with a big black ribbon tied around it. It was a box full of my favourite type of lingerie from Agent provocateur. I opened each individual package and set out my new gifts. I had a black satin corset, black satin full back panties and a gorgeous black satin suspender belt which had 12 straps with metal clasps. I also had a sheer black pair of fully fashioned stockings.

He definitely had good taste, they were all things I would have picked out for myself. He urged me to put on his gifts and my sexy high heels. When I was ready he instantly got into his role.

He ordered me into the centre of the room where he inspected every inch of me.

He told me that I should have known better and as an avid stocking wearer, I should at least be able to put on a pair of fully fashioned stockings on correctly!

He bent me over an armchair and spanked my bottom with his bare hand. It really hurt. He told me that the lines down the back of the stockings were not perfectly straight and that when he was finished spanking me with his bare hand, I had to roll each one over my legs and replace them again.

He spanked me about 50 times. I am not used to being spanked so much, so I was’nt surprised that I would find it painful.

He told me to take off each stocking and replace them correctly. I unclipped each metal clasp and rolled down the stockings one at a time. I was really careful as I didn’t want to ladder them. I didn’t want to be spanked more than necessary! I carefully put the stockings back on and made sure that the lines at the back were looked perfect. I clipped them into place and put on my heels.

He ordered me back into the centre of the room where he inspected my legs. Up and down he looked and he felt each of the metal clasps to make sure I had clipped them correctly. It is actually harder than you might think to apply stockings to perfection and clip them in exactly the right place when you are wearing a corset. This corset was very tight and most restricting!

He said that I had done a great job at putting the fully fashioned stockings back on but as I had done so, I had created a tiny snag in one of them.

So, not only had I been a bad girl for not putting on my stockings correctly the first time, the second time, I had snagged one of them and for that…you guessed it, more punishment.

He pushed me over the armchair and pulled down my sexy new panties to my knees and whipped my bottom (which was already very red and sore) with a riding crop. It really was so painful. He whipped me 10 times then used a leather flogger and flogged my bare behind. My bottom felt like it was on fire! He used his belt and whacked me with that too. He also used a cane which he whipped each of my cheeks in tur. He told me I looked like a slut with my panties at my knees and whipped me some more.

My bottom must be red raw by now. It really was stinging! I had tears in my eyes it was so painful!

He stopped soon after as I suppose he didn’t want to push any boundaries. That was an experience! You could see raised, red whip marks on my bottom and it hurt for days afterwards and really I’d had the very mildest of spankings!

My member had a great time spanking me and I had some gorgeous new lingerie and fully fashioned stockings to add to my collection. We’ll definitely get together again in the future I’m sure! Read all my stockings stories and watch my exclusive stockings movies and nylon pictures at my premium site here