Sabrinas socks

Well a girl has to sometimes be different, I do like and sometimes wear socks, but always long sexy ones, they are ideal for lounging around the house. Here are a few different collections of pictures with me wearing socks.

Well I thought I would take this opportunity of being alone in the office to wear something different than stockings. So here I am posing in my long black socks. You have to check out these adorable little panties I have on too!


OK for those of you who don’t like white panties. I have done some pictures in black panties. I love black panties as they make your bum look smaller. lol But this set has some extra naughty shots as I have a quick play with myself


I do love white panties, and so do my members as they are always buying my used ones. LOL. So I thought I would get right down to it and pose for you in these white panties and white socks. Before I take them off


Pictures of me on a hot day taking off my sweaty panties. I start off in my Long Socks & Short Skirt and change my cherry panties


Pictures of me in what I wear when lounging around the house. I love frilly skirts and love my long socks. If I am with someone I have to be very discreet though as these frilly skirts tend to ride up a bit and you can get a glimpse of my panties


Well a girl has to play. Nothing on my site is fake, if I am playing, then I am playing and in this set of pictures I am doing just that. Not wearing stockings, but long stripey socks and black panties that I remove


when I am at home I always like to still stay feeling sexy, what ever I am doing. Although stockings are my favourite, there is something sexy about long white socks. Watch me washing up in this ultra short tartan skirt, white socks and white panties.


See if you can get a glimpse of my naughty area in these pictures. Watch me strip off my white panties and see if I am discreet enough. lol. I should be I have plenty of practice. I often take my panties off on a train or in public. When they are sweaty and in need of a change. But no one has got a glimpse yet. Well I don’t think so. lol


Well I am glad I kept my old school uniform now. I knew it would come in handy one day. lol. Take a look at what I use to go to school in. No wonder I turned out like I did. I didn’t get a chance to study lol. Wearing socks in these photo’s but I also have pictures of me in my uniform wearing stockings.