Playing with my stocking feet and toes

Would you like to play with my feet? I love having my feet being played with, especially when I am wearing stockings. I usually find that if a gentleman likes stockings and legs he also likes feet in stocking. Do you like to massage a ladies feet, rubbing her toes and heels? Rubbing her toes through her fully fashioned stockings? Well would you like to rub my feet today? I have been walking around all day on them, to work and from work and all day in the office, I have been walking around to show men my legs. I have been wearing a very sexy pair of high heels that match my suite and stockings perfectly, but they also make my feet ache, so I need someone to give them a really long massage, or I will just massage them myself. Want to watch? Well you can, but I have taken my panties off because they were all wet after I have worn them all day, so no peeking up my skirt now.