Pictures of a strict bitch in black stockings and suspenders. Who needs a stockings slave


Well I need a new slave, someone who wants to worship me and my stockings. Are you the sort of slave who is willing to lick my boots clean? Are you prepared to lick the metal clasps of my suspender belt until they shine? What about my knee length leather boots? When I get a slave he has to be prepared to do all of that and much more. I demand that the sole and heel of my boots are cleaned, that my slave licks the floor in front of where ever I walk. That he runs his tongue up the back of my stockings, right up the seam until he reaches my panties and licks them clean as well. Even if having the material from my stockings and panties makes his tongue and mouth dry. Is that you are you willing to do that? The thing is with a true stockings worshiper is that they must expect nothing in return. The very best you can hope for is once a month I might let you wash my stockings or smell my panties, bet even then I would have to be in a VERY good mood. To see the complete video and all my videos visit sabrina Stockings