Secretary in stockings going to work

The soft summer breeze tickled the skin on the nape of my neck as I was walking the five blocks it took me to get to work. It was only a temporary job but as with all things I was dressed to impress and ready to make an effort. My heels clacked against the broken pavement, the heat rose from the ground and warmed my toes. I had dressed in open toe sandals, with a heel of course. I had a soft cream, woven suit on with a pale cream blouse to match. My underwear also matched my attire but hopefully, if things went well, no one would have to see them. As I walked down the road my legs rubbed together and the soft, sheer fabric of my creamy, patterned stockings sent shivers up and down my legs.

I had chosen my stockings because today I needed room for my legs to breathe. These stockings had a soft diagonal lines etched into to fine cloth which made it easy for my delicate legs to get the fresh air that they se desperately craved while also feeling the sensuous material grace my skin. They were held tight at the top of my leg with silver metal clips that were very warm with the suns heat.

The street was crowded with hundreds of business men and women making their way to their offices just as I was. Each was consumed in a world of their own apart from the few that looked in my direction, it wasn’t that hard to tell where there mind was and what it was thinking about. The sun beat of my creamy stockings making my legs seem like angels in disguise and combined with the fact my legs were slender, toned and out of this world made them appeal much more to members of the opposite sex.

Eyes fell from my eyes to my legs everywhere I went. I didn’t think it was such a big deal wearing stockings out in public but the seductive and sexy glances I was getting made me think twice on that feeling. My heels seemed to hit the ground louder, as thought they were trying to catch even more attention.

Work wasn’t too far away now. All I had to do was pass the construction yard and a few more tall buildings and I was at the office. Obviously the construction yard was the hard part. A group of around six or eight men gathered near the path passing the tall metal gates into the yard and all eyes fell on me. I lifted my head up and walked as seductively and as erotic as I could, showing them just what I could do. Before I knew it dog whistles filled the air and the young tirade of men started gaping at my face, chest and ultimately my startlingly sexy legs. I took each step with a grace that would put a cat walk model to shame and swung my hips to an imaginable tune that only I could hear.

A subtle grin spread over my face, I certainly hadn’t lost it that was for sure. I walked up the stairs to the office door and buzzed to be let in. The office was full of cool and neutral colours, hence the cream suit. I didn’t want to stand out to much in my first week so I opted for clothing that would get me subtly noticed but keep me out of trouble.

My desk was at the back of the office and as I made my way over to my seat I could feel the heavy gaze of the other employees fall upon my dress style. I could tell that there were some who deemed it inappropriate and others that wouldn’t keep their tongue in their mouths. Luckily I was only in part time so give it three hours time and I would be walking the same path home as I did to get here.

My desk was on the cold side of the office and I could feel my nipples go hard under my creamy, satin bra and stick out through my tight shirt. I slipped of my blazer and set it on the back of my seat and gathered my skirt so that I could sit down. As I did so the tips of my stockings flashed to the gentleman sitting in the both next to mine. His cheeks flushed crimson red as I sorted my skirt, but he couldn’t help glancing one more time to see if they would peek out again but to his dismay they stayed firmly covered with my skirt hem. Concentrating on my computer screen I got started on today’s menial tasks.

The clock ticked loudly in the background and the time went terribly slow. After some general filing and prancing around the office I noticed there was only ten minutes of my shift left for me to endure. Temping was great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes the job was just too boring for my liking.

I stood up quickly hiking my skirt up before anyone could catch a glimpse of my sultry undergarments and headed for the door, trying to sneak away early. I looked at my backside, ensuring my skirt was indeed down and not creased. I stared at the backs of my stockings, my legs were long and shapely and the cream emphasized the curves of my legs, making them look feminine. I stared at the patches on my stockings, fixated on the way the soft lines danced under the office lights like an illusion. Shivers ran up my back and my fingers softly trailed along the edge of my skirt so that I could feel the material brush against my sensitive fingertips.

After those few seconds of sheer bliss I hauled on my coat, grabbed my handbag and made my way to the door. The office was buzzing, phones were ringing and team leaders were shouting. It was the afternoon hype and I was leaving it. I loved working mornings. As soon as I hit the fresh air it was like I was on a natural high, I almost skipped down the steps. The construction yard was coming up and it just so happened that the lovely studs were on a lunch break, the dog whistles started and that subtle grin came over my face one more time as I trotted home. To read all my exclusive stockings stories, see my stocking pictures or watch my exclusive stockings movies visit my premium stockings site here