A girl getting ready for a night on the town in stockings of course

It was cold, I hated it being cold. Thankfully my shower was just at the right temperature as I stepped in, escaping the nasty chill in my bedroom. I seriously need to get rid of that draughty window and get a new one in.

Steam filled up the shower room as I lathered my body in luxurious soaps and oils, gently exfoliating and rubbing my legs down. Once I was satisfied that they were silky smooth and I was fresh and clean I decided to get out and brave the cold! My super sized bath sheet kept me somewhat warm, that was until I threw it down on the bedroom floor and went in search of some clothes.

It had been a long day at the office and I was looking forward to my night out, it isn’t often that I go out with friends, other than to office parties but tonight I decided to head out up town.

My cupboard was packed with clothes but I couldn’t choose what I wanted to wear. I needed something short but classy, sexy but doesn’t scream I’m looking for sex, just as my mind started thinking about sex I snapped it back to reality and my eyes landed on a black pleated skirt, it was short and sexy yet gave off classy vibes. I picked out a sparkly black top to match and then headed for my underwear, the favourite and easiest part of picking my clothes.

I am addicted to stockings so I raked through my whole drawer until I found a pair of sexy, black, hold ups that would compliment my outfit perfectly. Nothing screams erotic better than stockings so I wear them all the time, even to work.

After throwing the clothes down on the bed I sat down and started to get dressed, since I was wearing hold ups I put my stockings on first. I flexed my toes and stretched out my toned leg, gently; I picked up the first sheer black stocking and started to roll it so that it would slide easily over my smooth leg.

These stockings were Cuban heel stockings, that meant they had reinforced heels which were double stitched and looked extremely sexy with high heel spiked sandaks, just what I had in mind.

With my leg stretched and my stocking ready to go I entered my toes into the opening of the stocking and gently started to pull, slowly releasing the stocking over my leg, sorting the heel into place and gliding the rest of the stocking up my thigh until it was high enough to stay up by itself, the elastic in the lacy tip always turns me on but only slightly.

With one leg down I just had one to go. I picked up the other stocking and started to roll it down, I hate having ladders in my stockings so I like to put these on perfectly. Once the stocking was rolled I eased it over my foot, adjusting the heel into place and then sliding the rest of the stocking up my leg. My legs were smooth and the sheer nylon gracefully slid up my leg, it was teasing and erotic, especially as my love for stockings got me thinking about sex, or rather lack thereof in my life!

I lay back on the bed, rubbing my legs gently together, starting to feel the arousal between my legs, I felt the stockings slide over each other, the fabric crashing into each other and sending tingles up my back. I could feel small pulses under where the elastic was gripped firmly to my thigh, twitches throughout my calf brought me back to reality with a sharp bank and the pleasure started to recede, I need to save myself for later on!

With that thought I stood up of the bed, and stood into my panties, lifting them up to sit neatly on my hips, the back of my panties moulded perfectly to my curved, sexy ass and my bra slipped on with ease. It was just a matter of throwing on my sparkly top and cotton skirt. My spiked heels were waiting for me at the door!

I packed my handbag, make up, tissues, condoms Everything a girl needs for a hot night out and went to the front room to put my shoes on, waiting on the taxi.

I sat down, picking up my shoes I looked at them, the heel was softly worn and the soles were moulded to my feet, making walking in them very easy. I slipped my stocking clad toes in with my Cuban heels gripping the edge of the shoe. I gently did the buckle around the ankle and then put on the other show, taking care not to rip my stockings in the process.

I slid my hand up and down my stocking checking for rips or ladders, I was safe, no marks. My fingers slid over the stocking, they were smooth, shiny and sheer. I felt strange sensations running through my finger tips. My head fell back against the chair and my hand slipped up over my knee heading towards my thigh. My fingers were racing up my skirt until they found the soft, laced tips of my stocking; I was intently rubbing them when an annoying beeping sound woke me from my aroused state! Typical!

I stood up and headed out the door, headed out for a wonderful night out on the town and a chance to get luck on my side, I sure as hell didn’t fancy coming home alone

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