Secretary in stockings masturbating in the office

I have been flashing my panties all day and am really hot and moist, so I pull up my little grey short skirt and pull down my lacey black panties, run my fingers between my panties and my suspender belt and run myself untill I come. Lets hope no one walks in the office.


In these pictures I get way to carried away and without wearing any panties, just some fully fashioned stockings, a 12 strap garter belt and a pencil skirt, that I pull up, you see way to much.


This set of pictures of me in the office wearing a long black skirt with a split up the front gets very naughty. Because I am on the phone to a collegue when he starts talking all dirty to me. Underneath my black pencil skirt I am wearing nothing but these stockings and no panties at all. So you get to see far more than you should.


Why is it when guys call you up at work, they always want to know what you are wearing. Just because you are bored at work guys, it doesnt meen I am doing nothing. I havn’t got time to sit around having phone sex all day! Well sometimes I have