Two stocking wearing ladies spend the evening in together

This set is taken with my new girl friend Shiva Shaw. Who is just about to launch her own site Shiva Shaw. This busty half Indian girl loves stockings like me, and has been blessed with naturally large breasts, 36G if I’m exact, which is quite unusual for Indian girls. Her site isn’t even launched yet, so you get an exclusive look to the start of lots of content we are going to shoot together, for my site and hers. As a Member of my site you will get access to all the content we do together. In this set we are having a girls night in. Talking about men and stockings and drinking a lot of wine and getting a little silly together.


of course after a few glasses of wine we get all silly and all sexy and all dressed up in stockings as she spanks my bottom. I love having my bottom spanked when I have been naughty and always do it in stocking. Lucky for me my new friend loves spanking bottoms 🙂 Also likes to kiss my bottom afterwards to make it all better again 🙂


When it is time for bed we were so drunk and silly after taking pictures and drinking wine that we end up having a pillow fight in our undies. Watch me pillow fight with my new best girlfriend Shiva. We start of fighting then end up pulling each others clothes off. Though our stockings remain. It ends up in a play fight and we end up pulling each others panties off!