London Soho pantie & stocking up skirt

I’d arranged to meet up with a male friend of mine who I haven’t seen in ages. He’s about the same age as me and is gorgeous….such a shame he’s gay! Anyway, we’d decided that instead of a major shopping trip, we’d head into Soho for the day, just to have a spot of lunch, a glass of wine, or two and do a bit of people watching!

It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was wearing a little black mini-dress, a pair of very expensive fully fashioned, sheer nylons and my favourite, brown knee length boots and new Gucci sunglasses. I thought I looked quite hot! I felt really sexy anyway as the sunshine makes you happy and stockings and knee high boots always make me feel really sexy. Paul and I sat down at a table on the street at a favourite wine bar of his. He said it was fabulous for watching the world go by.

He wasn’t wrong there! We chatted and set the world to rights and we could watch loads of people go by at the same time. Saw some really different people, not just the average Joe. There were transsexuals in full, make up and wacky dress and there were street traders, really over the top gay men and women, tramps, druggies, men in long overcoats, and despite the hot weather, they were carrying brown paper bags or briefcases full of magazines they’d bought in sex shops.

I like watching men scuttling in and out of sex shops, they look around to see if anyone notices them going in and coming out of the book shops or fetish shops. I don’t know why they get so embarrassed, I don’t bat an eyelid when I go into a sex shop. Paul says he goes into the gay sex shops to check out the talent! There are so many gorgeous gay men round here, in fact most of the good looking men will be gay here.

We had a couple of glasses of wine each and shared a quick bite to eat, then wandered off around the shops. I bought a couple of really nice pairs of stockings which I’m sure I will get to show you very soon, one is a pair similar to the pair I have on today, quite pricey, but worth every penny. The other pair is a pair of black fishnet stockings…very racy! We also went into a couple of sex shops and Ann Summers where I bought some very tacky undies and a couple of toys. (I might tell you about them another time!)

Next, we had a look in some of the book shops. Paul said said he’d noticed the same men in the same book shops as us and said they must be following us and were they pick pockets perhaps? I told him he was being paranoid. We were in one particular shop where one book caught my eye. I started to flick through the book and thought about buying it, then I just got the feeling someone was really staring at me, I looked down at the floor and literally jumped out of my skin!!! He must have been there for ages. To get to the point, there was a man, on the floor, looking right at my legs and my fully fashioned stockings, the metal clasps of the satin suspender belt holding them up and my panties!!!! People must have seen him, but no-one said a word! I didn’t think that was normal behaviour!

The cheek of the bloke!!! I was so shocked, I mean, a man blatantly looking up my skirt and at my underwear! He just looked like a normal guy, you’d expect him to be a bit weird or something?! I suppose at least I wear nice stockings and nice panties!! Anyway, he got up right away and ran off. I summoned Paul over and told him about the guy and Paul laughed with hysterics! I wasn’t angry with what had just happened, just in pure shock! Ok, I did have a laugh about it as well, but don’t you think that was a little bizarre!? Paul did say, that If a lady wears stockings, especially classy fully fashioned stockings, straight men would love to see more of them, most women don’t wear stockings these days and most women seem to wear jeans. So, he probably thought he’d look while he had a chance.

We had a great day anyway Paul and I, and bought loads of tacky stuff. I did buy that book that caught my eye though, and every time I look at it now, even though it’s not a funny book, it makes me laugh and think of that cheeky guy looking at my sexy stocking clad legs, my suspender straps and right up my skirt at my panties! I should have taken my little white panties off perhaps and given him a souvenir. What do you think? See all my exclusive content and read all my stockings stories at my premium site here