Jodhpurs sissy and bull

Sabrina wasn’t wearing any panties. He slaves could all see that clearly. She was wearing jodhpurs which were so perfectly made that they held her like an extra skin and were the perfect expression of her sexual power. They showed her every feminine curve and were an open invitation to admire her toned shape, yet they were tight and denied direct contact with her skin unless she chose; an expression of sexual control, the control she exercised over her slaves and her control over her own sexuality. Her conquests were on her terms that was clear.

As well as the jodhpurs she had on black riding boots and spurs. The boots were buffed and shined and the leather creaked as she walked. She was wearing a cutaway riding jacket and a polka dot hunting stock. In her gloved right hand she carried a riding crop. This she now tapped lightly on her right boot as she appraised her slaves.

There were two men and a woman. One of the men and the woman were known to Sabrina. They were part of her regular stable of slaves. The man, Slave A, was one of her sissies. He was devoted to her and eagerly submitted to her every whim. The only obvious sign that he was a sissy was the make-up Sabrina had instructed him to wear. Like the other two slaves he was naked. The woman was young and full-breasted. Her dark hair hung loosely to her shoulders, a natural wave enhancing the fullness of her figure. The third slave was new to Sabrina. He had applied to serve her. He was black and very well hung. Sabrina always demanded a minimum of eight inches and this slave was well beyond that. But in the last cock parade Sabrina had ordered she had been impressed by his girth. However, she had other plans for him today. Even young, hung bulls had to work before Sabrina allowed them to pleasure her.

The slaves were all naked, all had their hands on their heads and were all standing on small plinths about a foot high as ordered. The plinths and the positions gave Sabrina pleasure in her control. The plinths were not big and the slaves could only remain standing on them with the greatest of difficulty, the slightest movement likely to have them fall off. Their excitement made the balancing act more difficult. Both men were fully erect already and Slave A already had a sliver of pre-cum hanging from his dick.

Sabrina stood in front of her slaves, her feet shoulder width apart, as she took her slaves in and enjoyed her tableau. “Now slaves, you’ve all earned a treat today, but as you always like a spot of cruelty with your pleasure you will be pleased to hear that I intend to be a bit of a bitch today.” Sabrina smiled.

“Rule number one. If anyone falls off their plinth they leave right away. Rule number two, no one but me speaks. Not a sound unless I say so. Clear?” Sabrina laughed as her two male slaves opened their mouths to reply before they remembered rule number two. All slaves nodded their heads.

“Good. Now, inspection time” Sabrina examined each of her slaves in turn. The two men’s cocks were subjected to close scrutiny. Slave A was not as big as Sabrina’s new bull but his cock was still a good size. When Sabrina reached her female slave she ran a gloved finger along the woman’s side, following the curve of the woman’s waist and hip.

“Open your mouth”, the woman did as she was told and Sabrina put the crop in the woman’s mouth. “Close.” The woman gripped the crop in her teeth. Sabrina reached into a jacket pocket and pulled out nipple clamps attached to a chain. Sabrina then tweaked the woman’s nipples before increasing the pressure. The woman would certainly have let out a cry of pain had she not had the crop in her mouth. Sabrina attached the nipple clamps and then reached into her pocket for a weight which she hung on the chain. The woman winced.

“Good girl. Now, open.” The woman opened her mouth, the crop rolled out into Sabrina’s outstretched hand and the woman panted, letting out the pain with short, sharp breaths, but not a sound passed her lips.

Sabrina turned to the two men. She looked at the bull. “I hope you’re not smiling. I am the only sadist allowed in this room.” She stood in front of him. “You have a lovely cock. But remember, I can and do have any cock I want. The choice always remains mine. Good girth and length just gets you in the front door, everything else still has to be earned. Understand?” The bull nodded. Sabrina walked behind him and, a moment later, he felt the shock of pain. It was all he could do not to let out a yelp of pain or fall off the plinth. Sabrina brought her crop down hard a second time on his buttocks and although better prepared the bull still struggled both to remain silent and standing.

After the pain came the pleasure. Sabrina walked round and stood in front of him. She gently tickled his heavy balls, smiled at him and said, “There, there, there.”

Sabrina then walked over to her sissy. “Hold your dick in the palm of your hand.” The sissy did as he was told. Sabrina brought the crop down hard and quick three times in a row on her sissy’s engorged member. The sissy gasped but he too remained silent.

“Now, it’s play time.” Pointing her crop at her female slave Sabrina motioned her forward. “Here now.” The woman eagerly trotted towards Sabrina and winced as the weight hanging from her nipples pulled down.

Sabrina sat in her wingback chair. “Take my boots off.” The woman pulled the boots off one after the other. Sabrina stood up. As she undid her jacket she instructed her slave to peel off her jodhpurs. Sabrina undid her blouse and then sat back down. “Boots, back on.” The woman slave eased Sabrina’s boots back on. Now standing in boots with a riding crop Sabrina looked magnificent, raw sexual power and control.

“Lie on your back.” She instructed the woman. Looking at her two male slaves Sabrina gave them their roles. “Sissy, you greedy little whore, I know you’ve been wanting to so go over and suck my bull’s big dick. Don’t you dare make him cum you little tart or I won’t whore you out at the lorry park for a month.”

Sabrina’s sissy needed no second prompting and was soon gobbling greedily on the bull’s big black dick.
Sabrina walked over to her prone female slave. She stood with her feet astride the slave’s head and slowly lowered herself down till she was a few inches above her slave’s head. “Open wide.” The slave opened her mouth and Sabrina let a flow of her golden champagne run all over her slave’s mouth. The slave eagerly drank what she could.

“Now, lick me dry.” The slave did as instructed.

Sabrina stood up and looked at her slaves. The sissy was sucking her bull’s dick and the bull obediently had his hands still on his head despite the obvious pleasure Sabrina’s sissy’s mouth was giving him.

Enjoying herself Sabrina sat down in the wingback chair. She slid forward and opened her legs. She looked at her woman slave. “Now you are going to make me cum. If you don’t perform you will leave.” The woman got up, the pain in her nipples throbbing. She kneeled in front of Sabrina and started to lick her mistress’s pussy. Sabrina lay her head back and idly flicked at the nipple clamps with her crop. The pain in the woman’s nipples spurred her on. She started to eat Sabrina’s pussy, sucking on Sabrina’s clit, holding it tight between her top lip and her tongue. She could feel Sabrina’s juices on her chin and Sabrina thrust her pussy in her slave’s face.

Looking past her slave Sabrina addressed her sissy and her bull. “Sissy, come here. Kneel down behind my pussy licker here and eat her arse out. But you’ve earned your treat today. So make sure your arse is up and waiting.” Then to her bull, “I see you enjoyed Sissy’s work so it’s time for you to pay my sissy back. Get behind my sissy and use that thick black cock of yours on his arse.”

Sabrina’s sissy knelt down and started lapping at her slave’s arse. The bull knelt down behind Sabrina’s sissy and with only the lube from sissy’s saliva slowly inched his big cock into the sissy’s arse. Slowly at first, but gradually faster as sissy’s arse yielded to the black meat the bull thrust into Sabrina’s sissy. The effect sent ripples down the daisy chain and thrust Sabrina’s woman slave into Sabrina’s pussy. Her lips and tongue sucked at Sabrina’s pussy and the weight of the thrusts pushed Sabrina’s vagina. Sabrina felt her climax rising through her belly and warming her thighs. As she came she held her slaves head into her groin. The tongue stopped working it’s job done but the soft mouth pressed against Sabrina’s pussy in time with the bull’s thrusts allowing the waves of a second, deeper orgasm to course through Sabrina’s satisfied body.