Flashing my stockings on the train while commuting to work

I was late, I was terribly late. I missed my alarm clock going of this morning and was rushing around getting everything ready for my new office job. I rushed my shower and even went without my coffee. I was running up and down my stairs like I had a rocket in a place it shouldn’t be. I did my make up as artfully as I could, considering the pressure I was under. I wanted to make sure that I enough time to pick out a beautiful suit and coordinated everything else. In my bedroom I was standing at the cupboard looking at everything I owned and decided on a chocolate brown pinstripe suit. I opted for a soft pink shirt to go underneath; the colours complimented each other nicely. I headed over to my lavender scented lingerie drawer to pick out some stockings, bra, and panties to wear under the suit. I choose a chocolate brown set to match the suit. I don’t think pale pink stockings would be appropriate for the office.

I stood over at the bed, facing away from the mirror. I dropped the clothes on the bed and picked up the bra. It was satin and the cups were made of lace. I fitted the bra over my firm breasts clasping the bra at the front underneath the bow. I adjusted the straps and went to pick up the panties. I stared at them; they were one of the first pairs of silk panties that I bought. They were soft and smooth. They glided over my skin like warm butter. It was feels as though the fabric melts in between my fingers. I slid the panties up each leg, making sure that they were properly on and then attached the suspenders.

I sat down on the bed, my legs were aching from all the running about that I had been doing. I relaxed a little and picked up the first stocking. It was beautiful; it was smooth, elegant and sexy all at the same time. I twirled the stocking around my finger tips. It was like it was made form baby oil. I separated the stocking so that I could slip my foot inside and slide the stocking up my leg. My toes caught on the lace at first but once the stocking was adjusted I was able to slide my leg easily into the stocking, feeling the lace ease up my moisturised leg was pure bliss. I ran my hands over the stocking after it was on. Feeling the smooth surface even though it was lace, it was hard to tell there were any fine markings on it. I clipped the top of the stocking to the suspender and watched the metal clamp down tight over the stocking. I glanced at my watch realising the time and picked up the other stocking, I still felt the need to twirl it over my fingers and hands. I had to keep every ounce of control to try and keep from admiring the stocking. I slipped it over my toes and ran it up my leg. I eased the metal suspender clip over the stocking and stood up.

I picked up my shirt from the bed and threw it over my body, I buttoned up the shirt a quick as I could, if I went any slower than I would miss my train to work. I eased the skirt over my stockings and suspenders, the feeling of the material rubbing together gave me a quick thrill. I slipped my jacket over my shirt and sorted the collar before heading to grab my shoes. I slipped my feet in the shoes and raced for my handbag. I headed out the door twenty minutes later than I would have liked to.

I almost jogged down the street to get to the train station in time. It took me ten minutes to get to the station which was two minutes later than the train was due. I was lucky though, just my luck trains are always late but this time I was grateful, I didn’t want to show up late on my first day. I hopped on the train just before the doors were closing.

I took a seat in the back of the train, it wasn’t busy but there were several people dotted over the train. I sat down on my seat, careful not to sit on the gum on the chair. I sat in the middle of the chair that was I could get out easier. I folded my skirt down but it wasn’t that long and didn’t cover all of what it should. The gentleman next to me stared out of the corner of his eye; I don’t think he saw a woman wearing stockings every day. He had a cheeky glint in his eye; he stared at my legs, taking in every detail that my stockings had to offer. He eyed my legs from the bottom up. He was staring at my brown suede shoes. He worked his eyes up my legs, his mouth half parted. He rested his eye on my knee. Savouring his way up my thigh till he got to the point where my skirt covered the rest of what I had to show. He turned away at this point obviously not interested any more and about time because this was my stop.

I picked up my bag and scooted over the chair careful not to catch myself on the gum. The stranger watched me walk to the door and out of the train. Thank goodness I wasn’t going to be late. Sometimes men just don’t now when to give up. Visit me at my stocking site here to read all my exclusive stockings stories