Egyptian pink skirt with gold tassles and black stockings

I bought this pink belly dancing skirt in Egypt. It is pink and has gold coins hanging from it. It is see through and so you can see I have no panties on. Well you can if you look very closely. Which of course I know you wont be. I am not belly dancing in these pictures. Though I may do a belly dance one day in it, with stockings maybe? What do you think? Belly dancing in stockings or bare legs? Anyway, I have been caged by my master again, waiting for him to order me to dance. He keeps me in this cage and only lets me out when I’m ordered to belly dance. But today my master wants me to masturbate for him, playing with my my stockings and rubbing this pink cotton on my very wet pussy. I know you have wanted to see my breasts for a long time. I keep teasing you by only just giving you a glimpse on my boobs and nipples. Well today I have my breasts out so you can wank over them. Would you like to cum on my breasts or my stockings? I like it when a gentlemen cums on my legs and stockings but also like it when men cum over my breasts. Not often do I let any men come near me, but on the odd occasion when a very rich gentlemen friend has taken me out enough and bought me enough very nice presents, I sometimes let them masturbate over my legs and stockings or breasts. What do you think? Shall I get out my breasts more often?