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The stocking loving stranger in the sex cinema

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

It was quite a while ago that I decided that while I was in London, that I’d visit a Soho ‘cinema’. I was with a male friend of mine and we’d been in London for the day just shopping and enjoying a day out together.

It was summer and a gorgeous hot day. I was wearing a sexy floral dress. It was quite short and I was wearing stockings with it. When I sat down, you could just about see the sexy stocking tops. I had on a pair of strappy sandals and through them, you could see the slightly darker colour of the reinforced toes and the heels.

I had a few whistles from men that day as I’d walked by and that’s a great feeling, knowing that lots of men find you attractive. It seems such a shame that when there are hundreds of sexy ladies, that could look fabulous if they thought about their appearance more. They seem to think they look acceptable in jeans and baggy t shirts.

I love to wear sexy floral dresses in the summer and only wish it was hot all year round!

It was early evening and my friend and I popped into a trendy bar for a couple of glasses of wine before we went into the cinema, a glass of wine always makes me feel a little more daring!

We finished our drinks and headed for the cinema. Paid our subs to get in and ordered another drink. We sat down at the bar and pretty much straight away, loads of guys seemed to come in. It was getting really busy, so we thought we’d head straight in to see the film. The film was quite sexy actually. The girl in it looked a little like me and was wearing a pair of fully fashioned stockings and a sexy matching set of black lingerie. She was with two guys and was giving them a lot of pleasure!!

I was feeling really sexy myself and slid my hand up my skirt. As I did so, you could very easily see my lean, stocking clad legs and my stocking tops. You saw my sexy satin suspender belt holding up my stockings and it’s metal clasps. I was wearing a pair of see through white lace panties which my friend removed. He was really hard after touching me. He put my panties in his pocket after smelling the crotch.

It wasn’t long before the cinema was packed and there were at least 20 men surrounding us. Watching what we’d do and whether they might see us perform for them. They were all looking up my floral skirt and some were saying how beautiful my legs were and how they’d love to stroke them. I was so horny and feeling so sticky ‘down there’ that I let a few of the men touch my legs and feel how sexy they felt with the silky stockings on. One guy was about 60 and was just running his fingers over a metal clasp and was wanking right next to me. Soon all the guys surrounding us were pulling out their hard cocks and wanking. My male friend too, was whispering to me saying that he couldn’t wait to get me back to our hotel room so that he could be with me in private and he told me all the things he’d do to me. That sent me over the edge and I orgasmed so quickly!

One of the men opposite me had cum unexpectedly over my top. I wiped it away but knew it’d turn me on later knowing there were still traces of someone’s cum there.

It was getting really crowded in the cinema and the men were getting too close now and expecting maybe a little more than what I was prepared to do. We decided to leave, but just before we opened the exit door, a man came up to me and pushed a fifty pound note down my cleavage and begged me to take off my stockings so that he could take them home.

Well, I had plenty more of these particular stockings at home and I had a spare pair in the hotel room to wear the next day so, I sat back down, took each sandal off and carefully unclasped each stocking and slowly rolled each one off. I felt sexy with bare legs too! I slipped off my suspender belt and put it in my jacket pocket and put my sandals back on. The guys left loved watching me sexily remove my stockings and I spotted a couple more men cum over the floor! I handed over my stockings to the guy who I must say was eternally grateful, and my friend and I left the cinema.

We walked back to our hotel and on the way there stopped to buy a bottle of champagne with my recently acquired 50 pound note. I won’t tell you what happened next, I’ll leave that to your imagination!!

London Soho pantie & stocking up skirt

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

I’d arranged to meet up with a male friend of mine who I haven’t seen in ages. He’s about the same age as me and is gorgeous….such a shame he’s gay! Anyway, we’d decided that instead of a major shopping trip, we’d head into Soho for the day, just to have a spot of lunch, a glass of wine, or two and do a bit of people watching!

It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was wearing a little black mini-dress, a pair of very expensive fully fashioned, sheer nylons and my favourite, brown knee length boots and new Gucci sunglasses. I thought I looked quite hot! I felt really sexy anyway as the sunshine makes you happy and stockings and knee high boots always make me feel really sexy. Paul and I sat down at a table on the street at a favourite wine bar of his. He said it was fabulous for watching the world go by.

He wasn’t wrong there! We chatted and set the world to rights and we could watch loads of people go by at the same time. Saw some really different people, not just the average Joe. There were transsexuals in full, make up and wacky dress and there were street traders, really over the top gay men and women, tramps, druggies, men in long overcoats, and despite the hot weather, they were carrying brown paper bags or briefcases full of magazines they’d bought in sex shops.

I like watching men scuttling in and out of sex shops, they look around to see if anyone notices them going in and coming out of the book shops or fetish shops. I don’t know why they get so embarrassed, I don’t bat an eyelid when I go into a sex shop. Paul says he goes into the gay sex shops to check out the talent! There are so many gorgeous gay men round here, in fact most of the good looking men will be gay here.

We had a couple of glasses of wine each and shared a quick bite to eat, then wandered off around the shops. I bought a couple of really nice pairs of stockings which I’m sure I will get to show you very soon, one is a pair similar to the pair I have on today, quite pricey, but worth every penny. The other pair is a pair of black fishnet stockings…very racy! We also went into a couple of sex shops and Ann Summers where I bought some very tacky undies and a couple of toys. (I might tell you about them another time!)

Next, we had a look in some of the book shops. Paul said said he’d noticed the same men in the same book shops as us and said they must be following us and were they pick pockets perhaps? I told him he was being paranoid. We were in one particular shop where one book caught my eye. I started to flick through the book and thought about buying it, then I just got the feeling someone was really staring at me, I looked down at the floor and literally jumped out of my skin!!! He must have been there for ages. To get to the point, there was a man, on the floor, looking right at my legs and my fully fashioned stockings, the metal clasps of the satin suspender belt holding them up and my panties!!!! People must have seen him, but no-one said a word! I didn’t think that was normal behaviour!

The cheek of the bloke!!! I was so shocked, I mean, a man blatantly looking up my skirt and at my underwear! He just looked like a normal guy, you’d expect him to be a bit weird or something?! I suppose at least I wear nice stockings and nice panties!! Anyway, he got up right away and ran off. I summoned Paul over and told him about the guy and Paul laughed with hysterics! I wasn’t angry with what had just happened, just in pure shock! Ok, I did have a laugh about it as well, but don’t you think that was a little bizarre!? Paul did say, that If a lady wears stockings, especially classy fully fashioned stockings, straight men would love to see more of them, most women don’t wear stockings these days and most women seem to wear jeans. So, he probably thought he’d look while he had a chance.

We had a great day anyway Paul and I, and bought loads of tacky stuff. I did buy that book that caught my eye though, and every time I look at it now, even though it’s not a funny book, it makes me laugh and think of that cheeky guy looking at my sexy stocking clad legs, my suspender straps and right up my skirt at my panties! I should have taken my little white panties off perhaps and given him a souvenir. What do you think? See all my exclusive content and read all my stockings stories at my premium site here

Stockings and pantie up-skirts in the back of a taxi

Friday, April 11th, 2014

I received a phone call in the early morning asking me to temp at a new office. I didn’t know where it was so I figured I would book a taxi for today until I figured out a bus route. I got up nice and early to get prepared, there is nothing better than looking your best at work and I dress to impress. I headed over to the lingerie drawer and removed some black lacy panties and a box containing new black stockings. They were also lacy but very delicate and detailed. There were fine flowers etched in the soft fabric.

After completing my hair and makeup I then started to get dressed. First on was the underwear. The bra slid over my shoulders clinging tightly to my firm, pert breasts. I fastened the clasp loosely so I would have freedom of movement; the clasp was soft and smooth on my sweet back. I worked my way down to the panties. I slipped my panties on gently but with a delicate grace that would shame any stripper. My panties lace glided over my skin sensually, making me feel like a woman. The lace tingled in certain places and felt warm atop my skin. It was like a fantasy come true. I adjusted the panty as it sat on my hips; lace always looks good on me. My panties were the perfect accessory to my stockings. The teasingly covered my backside but showed enough flesh to turn any man on. My firm cheeks were smooth under the lace allowing the panties to glide over them as they moved.

Then it was time for the stockings, my favourite piece of lingerie. I gently removed the soft, sultry stocking from the box they came in. Wearing stockings that are black always makes me look exotic and sexy. I gently sat my self down on the bed and took a stocking in my left hand. I rolled it gently so as not to get any ladders in the leg, no point rushing things and ruining a beautiful pair of stockings like these. I eased my foot into the rolled stocking, gentle not to catch my manicured toes on the sheer fabric. I slowly but steadily eased the stocking up my leg taking great care not to rip the gentle fabric. I tugged the stocking over my knee and gently pulled it the rest of the way up to the top of my thigh. I then attached the black metal suspender clasps, they held on tight indenting the French lace. I started to roll the other stocking to put it on my right leg. I rolled it steadily making sure my nails did not get caught in the fine lace. Once rolled I slowly brought my foot up and into the hole. Slowly but surely I started to bring the stocking up over my knee and to the top of my thigh. I grasped the cold, metal clasp and opened its tight mouth. I slid it over the stocking and let it clamp down onto the lace. It may have been tight but it seemed gentle on the lace. I stood up of off the bed and had a looking in the mirror, my stockings looked sexy and sheer, my breasts looked pert and firm and my waist looked sleek and sultry, what more could I have asked for.

I then headed for a shirt, I choose white. My bra was black but it would add a hint of flavour to my body under the white shirt, showing of my beautiful curves. I buttoned up the shirt making sure every button matched the correct hole. The buttons slid in the holes with ease, this shirt had been worn and taken of many times. I fixed the cuffs and then headed to the wardrobe for a skirt. I choose a black pencil skirt with a neat slit up the side. The slit would discreetly show the top of my stockings if I moved the wrong, or the right way. I eased the skirt over my stocking paying special attention to the suspender clasps. I did not want to catch my skirt on them for fear of ripping my stunning lacy stockings. I slipped the skirt over the clasps and fastened the button. I took one look in the mirror one last time and thought perfect. I looked elegant and sexy all at the same time. My stockings shining in my reflection sent shivers down my spine

I heard the taxi pull up outside so grabbed my coat and handbag and headed for the door. I slipped into the taxi and slammed the door shut. The taxi driver gave me the once over from his windscreen mirror and started off to the office.

We were about half way to the office, stuck in traffic, and I felt that my right stocking was loose. I speedily looked down my skirt, only to see that the suspender clasp had let go of the sexy stocking and was dangling in between my legs. I discreetly pulled my skirt up at the side, trying to grasp the clasp without making it look as though I was doing naughty things in the back of the taxi. I must have made to much noise as the taxi driver glanced in the mirror only to see my hand up my skirt fondling with the stockings.

He had a look on his face that I hadn’t seen before. It was a bemused and satisfied look as though he had been peeping the whole time. He told me not to worry and continue what I was doing, and to the shock of him I did. I grabbed the black, tight clip and quickly but gently tugged my stocking up and snapped them together. I then sorted my skirt back down, much to the amusement of the driver who looked like the cat with the cream.

We finally arrived at our destination and as I reached for my purse the driver told me not to worry about it, what he had seen was payment enough. I got out of the taxi and headed into the office. I felt the soft lace rubbing between my thighs and the suspenders tug playfully at my skin as I walked. I needed to re-adjust myself again but I thought I should leave it until I find the ladies toilet. I wouldn’t want to cause a scene, especially in my new place of work. To see all my exclusive stocking content visit my premium exclusive site here

Taking off my stockings after work

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Slowly I opened the lock on my front door, it had been a long day at the office and I was pleased to be opening the door to my flat, which I might remind you is about five floors up! Not the easiest to trek up with high heels and no energy. I banged the door shut and put the kettle on, getting ready to make a nice cup of warm tea. Tonight I was going to sit in front of the television and watch a few movies with some popcorn and tea. Nothing wrong with that at all!

I made my way through to the bedroom to get undressed, grab a shower and slip into something more comfortable. Slipping of my shoes I walked into the tiled bathroom and switch on the shower. I grabbed my towel from the bedroom and started to get undressed

The first thing to come off would be my office pencil skirt. I hated long skirts but the manager at the office I was temping in was rather strict and a prude to say the least so a long skirt was mandatory. However, I wouldn’t be put of wearing my stockings so as you can imagine I had fine nylon stockings on, only 15 denier with a 3inch lace top. The stockings were seamed with a cuban heel and looked gorgeous, if only my boss wasn’t so darned strict.

I slipped my suit jacket and crisp white blouse of and was left to wander around my room in nothing more than my bra, panties, garter belt, garters and black stockings. I wandered over the mirror to get a better look at my ensemble, or lack thereof and was pleasantly surprised. I knew that these stockings felt good when I wore them but had no idea that they looked this good on me too.

My hands moved down to my garter belt and unlipped the soft black garters, instead of a metal clip these ones had a soft plastic catch which takes me a long, long time to get on. This type of clip stops me hurting my precious stockings. I slipped the garter belt down my leg along with the clips and stood out of it, leaving my panties where they were, cupping my soft, rounded ass cheeks.

I lowered my hands down to the tips of my left stocking and watched in the mirror as I grabbed the lace gently between my fingers, slowly rolling it down my leg being careful not to get any ladders in the gentle, soft fabric. I got goosebumps on my leg and ass as I slipped the material down my soft, smooth legs and over my perfectly manicured toes. I closed my eyes and rubbed the stocking over my foot for a few seconds just for the feeling…

Moving onto the right leg, I did the same, slipped my fingers gently onto the lace top and started to roll down my leg, but stopped. I trailed my hand up and down the straight seam at the back, rubbing my heel where the fabric was tougher and darker and over my toes where the material clung tightly. Slowly I started to move the fabric back down my legs and over my toes, running my hands down my bare legs behind the stocking, closing the goosebumped trail the sheer nylon left in it’s wake…

Definitely time for a cold shower! I locked myself in the shower for quite a long time, the water beating down on the beat of my back and over my ass felt good. The heat seeped into my skin and alleviated the tension in my legs. I covered myself in expensive soap and lathered my legs, ass and the rest of my body till the days impurities were washed away. After rinsing my body and hair I got out, snuggled up in my giant bathrobe and plodded back through to the living room to grab my tea and popcorn! What an odd combination. To see me in all my exclusive stockings content then visit my premium site here

My Fishnet Stockings

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Glancing at my watch I relaxed, I was early to work today which was good as I was starting at a brand new office this week. I’d be there for three weeks so I wanted to make a good impression on my first day - showing up on time was the right way to go about it. I also dressed for the occasion too. I picked up my sexiest, most professional black suit. It was made up of a crisp silk shirt with the collar folded down over the black expensive suit jacket, which was tailored at the waist and gave me a very sexy hour glass figure. I wore an above the knee pencil skirt which had a long slit in it, almost long enough so that you could see the tips of my fishnet stockings with 5 inch lace hold ups, they were also black. I wore black 3inch stilettos to polish of the outfit and my versace bag just added the sweetest of finishing touches.

Of course what let me down was the fact that I was taking the bus to work, it was gloomy and not raining thankfully which meant people wouldn’t really notice that I had been standing outside in the cold, gloomy weather waiting for our public transport which never seemed to improve regardless of the governments promises. Today the bus was on time, I could hear it humming down the way just a couple of streets away. I started to fumble in my bag for my purse as I waited on the bus.

I saw it pull into the street and it was empty, thank god. I hated a full bus in the morning on the way to work, I’m so not a morning person. Just as I was about to grab the change from my purse and step upto the bus, the bus opened the doors and I jumped, sending my change flying down on the ground!

In a flurry I bent over, particularly unlady like and asked the bus driver to wait a few seconds while I picked up my lost change! He nodded in agreement, his bus was empty so he didn’t have to worry about nagging passengers just his route but seeing as he’s normally late it didn’t matter all that much.

I dropped my bag onto the ground and bent over, forgetting about the high slit in my skirt. I started picking up my loose change when out of the corner of my eye I saw the bus driver lean over his chair and stare down at my ass, I continued picking up the coins of course until I realised what he might be staring at. My face turned red but I didnt want to show my embarassment so I picked up the small change quicker.
I felt the heat flow down my face and body into my legs and then my ass. My stocking tips were showing and his face was beggining to sweat. I could feel his eyes on my ass, oggling my panties and stockings. I wasn’t wearing any garter today, just my hold ups. My panties were black lace and covered my round, perky bottom, they seemed to have him in a trance. He was staring at my curved cheeks and long, slim legs in the stilettos, the shoes made my legs appear longer than they really were. I felt his heavy gaze on the back of my thigh, his eyes weaving in and out the criss crosses of my fishnet tights. I smoothed my skirt down over my ass but all that did was send out a quick groan from him, what felt like ages picking up these coins was only a few seconds.
I moved one of my legs forward which was a bad idea, it only opened up the gape in my skirt even wider flashing a stocking clad leg! I quickly closed my legs and picked up the remaining few coins and grabbed my handbag. The bus driver grunted and quickly turned around in his seat, as if nothing had happened. Although his eyes were bloodshot and his brow covered in sweat. I went to pay the man but was told that it was taken care of, just to go and sit down! I need to drop my coins on the pavement more often if I’m going to get special treatment on the bus in future!

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Stockings Story - Late for work (again)

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

My watch is ten minutes fast, however, I didn’t realise this until I stood at the bus stop impatiently waiting on my bus, thinking I was late. It was windy, cold and damp. This was not starting out to be a good day. As I waited I threw my ass down onto the cold plastic bench and waiting for the bus to come. The older gentleman sitting next to me asked if I was alright and I replied that I thought I had missed the bus. The old dear informed me however that it wasn’t due for another ten minutes. That was when I realised that my watch was fast.

After setting my watch to the appropriate time I got up of the seat and started to ace back and forth the bus stop. I have never liked waiting for anything and I certainly didn’t like to wait for public transport. It was always late, early or missing in action. I have yet to step on a train or bus that was on time. Taxis are probably the most reliable way to get around town but they also prove to be the most expensive.

My feet were starting to ache. I wore my brown, suede shoes that had killer heels on them as I wasn’t walking to work. I also wore a chocolate brown suit with a skirt that flared nicely a few inches above my knees. This however was the wrong attire for a day like this; a gust of wind in the wrong direction is all that is needed for me to bare all to anyone looking in my direction. Thankfully the bus stop had a shelter, safeguarding me from the cruelty of the wind.

After checking my watch again I sat back down there was still an awful long time to wait on the bus. I was bored and anxious to get to work. I enjoyed the office I was in just now. There were lots of friendly faces and I just happened to be the only woman in that department, it was a small department, but the rest of my colleagues were hot blooded males, just the way I liked them.

It started to rain, I could hear the soft patter of the rain drops plop against the shelter and I was glad to be wearing my stockings. Although they wouldn’t protect me against the rain they would stop my legs from getting cold. Speaking of stockings, I just happened to look over to the man sitting next to me and I found his eyes plastered to my chocolate, striped stockings. His head never moved an inch when I looked at him. His eyes were fully concentrating on my shoes, legs and what covered them. I rolled my eyes and leaned back against the shelter, letting out a sigh. However, things started to look up as I saw the bus start down the road.

I almost leapt out of my seat, my skirt flying up high and my shoes clacked loudly against the concrete on the ground. As the bus approached the gentleman coaxed me in front of him so that I could get on first, not that this was manners, there was certainly an ulterior motive.

My first leg lifted up as I stepped onto the bus, and just as I did that an untoward gust of wind blew right between my legs, not only giving me shivers up and down my spine but lifting up my skirt for a bus load of people and the gentleman at the back of me who looked as though he was about to have a heart attack. Everything went on show. My soft, lacy stocking tips, my chocolate brown suspenders and my milky chocolate cotton panties. There was of course all the flesh in between the clothes that went on show too.

It happened to fast for me to stop it. A loud gasp came from inside the bus and the gentleman behind me squeaked quietly. As the blood rushed up to my face faster than this the bus could travel, I stepped up the other stair and boarded the bus. The driver who was in shock let me on for free so I suppose I got something out of the incident.

Feeling somewhat self conscious I took a seat near the back of the bus. The back seat itself was taken by two middle aged, rather handsome suit men on their way to work. They were pretending to read the daily paper but their eyes fell under the pages onto my legs as I crossed them over to get comfortable on the seat. I could hear small sniggers before the paper rustled and was put down.

As I made myself comfortable I lay back on the seat and rested my hands on my knees. I twirled my fingers gently over the thick nylon that enclosed my legs. My fingers danced over the stripy indents on my stockings, the soft material sending goose bumps over my skin. I have always loved the feeling of a pair of stockings on my legs and over my feet. I loved the way they gripped the top of my thighs, letting air sweep into my crotch. The feeling was highly erotic.

Just as I rested my eyes I felt a rip slide up my stockings. I managed to catch a ladder in my stockings and needed to take them off. The bus was far too crowded for that at the moment but I couldn’t walk around town with half a stocking ripped! I needed to think of a way to take them of without being noticed.

I decided to wait about five minutes. There was a big stop due where I could be sure lots of people were going to get off and get on their way to work. I was right too, the stop did prove useful and the bus emptied greatly but there was still the issue of the two men behind me sniggering at me flashing my panties to them, albeit by accident.

I weighed up the options and the worst thing that could happen if I took of the stockings on the bus couldn’t be any worse than what had happened just as I boarded so I decided to go for it. My eyes scoured the bus looking for anyone who was sneaking a peek before I sat further in on the seat, closer to the window. I opened my hand bag so that once I took of the stockings I could quickly put them in my bag and not have to worry about them.

My shoes were the first things to come off. I slipped them off gently, being careful not to make any sudden noises as though I was in a lions den. Once they were off I slipped my hand up my skirt, if anyone looked now they would think I was playing with myself. In truth, I was temped but got back to work trying to take these stockings of before anyone noticed and before my time ran out. I was only several stops away from my own.

My fingers grasped a cold metal suspender clip and clinched it tight, releasing the stocking from its harsh grasp. I slipped my finger under the stocking and could feel the gentle indent on the soft fabric. My fingers were trembling as they lined themselves around the lacy stocking tip and started dragging the stocking down my delicate leg. I felt the thick nylon pull at my skin, causing shivers to run over my body and sweat to form on my brow. My fingers were almost numb at the feeling of the thick nylon under my tips. I rolled the stocking down over my thigh and under my knee. I struggled getting it down past my calf but I got there in the end and slipped it over my perfectly manicured foot.

The first stocking was a breeze so I was surer about the second one. I dumped the first stocking over my bag and slipped my hands once more up my skirt to find the cold clasp and unclip my imprisoned stocking. There was no mark left on this stocking, all I could feel under my fingers were soft, lacy stocking tips that were eager to get down of my leg. My hands were shaking as I rolled my stocking down my leg. I could hear the bus stopping and suddenly my head hit of the seat in front of me. This was the stop just before mine and my stop was hardly a minute away.

The gentleman behind me also lunged forward and just happened to catch me with my hands up my skirt playing with my stockings. His face was one of pure delight. I didn’t know what to say and by the looks of him he didn’t want to say anything, just look. His eyes were full of hunger but I looked at him straight into the eyes and caught his attention. After throwing a dirty look he took the hint and went to sit with his friend. He didn’t say anything but I could tell that he was up to something.

I finished of rolling my sensuous stocking down my leg and over my foot. My shoes slipped easily back on my feet but I could tell I was going to have blisters by the end of the day. I started to compose myself and stood up to head to the front of the bus as my stop was approaching. I hadn’t heard anything from the two men so I picked up my bag and headed for the front stairs. As the doors opened a rush of cold air hit me but I grabbed my skirt before I let the wind blow it away. I smiled to myself knowing I had done something decent and stepped of the bus stairs. However…

As the bus was leaving I could hear a knock on the window, I turned to see who it was but my face filled with dread as the bus started to drive away past me. The two gentlemen were at the back window waving to me, they weren’t waving with their hands however, and they were waving me with my stocking! I frantically checked my bag but could only find the one stocking. As I looked up once more I saw the man who looked at me with delight hold it up to his nose, pure mischief in his eyes. In those moments, the funniest thought came to me… At least I have one less stocking to wash read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

Stockings Story - Bored again at work in my secretarial job in the office

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Endless keyboard noises, constant mouse clicking and buzzing computer monitors are enough to drive anyone mad. However I hear these all day, five days a week. I’m an office temp and as such I have to deal with the new technology that comes with the job. I still don’t see what was wrong with a typewriter but I’m an old fashioned sort of girl.

Work had been quite today so I was passing my time staring at the odd ornament that sat on my desk. You find these ornaments in offices all the time. Its metal, it has five balls dangling from it and the two end ones just hit back and forth of off the main balls. It may sound simple but it’s very hypnotising.

I took my eyes away from my obsession to pick up my pen, I liked to chew on things when I’m bored and pens make the best chew toys. My hand stretched out to get it and as it did so the pen slipped away form my fingers and onto the floor. Feeling somewhat dismayed that I actually had to get up from my chair; I huffed and stood up tall, pressing out my skirt and straightening my blouse. As I said earlier I’m an old fashion girl. Today I wore an old fashioned suit. My skirt was tailored to my hips and waste and my blouse has buttoned up to the neck with a high collar. I wore stockings to cover my legs, as I preferred them over tights and I wore sensible sized heels.

My heels hit the ground with a hard thump as I stood up from my swivel chair. I slumped over and dropped to my knees to get my pen up from the front of my desk. My body was positioned on all fours and my skirt sat higher than I wanted it to, anyone looking behind me would get a sweet shot of my ass and backs of my thighs. I didn’t let that put me off though and headed to get my pen. I crawled over the raspy carpet tiles until my pen was in my reach. However, just as I put my hand on the pen, two perfectly polished black shoes came into view. Those shoes lead to two perfectly shaped legs with perfectly pressed trousers sitting over them. Yes, you guessed it, it was my boss.

Dread filled my body as I remembered where my skirt was positioned and that I was on all fours. I quickly stood up and brushed my skirt down. The only response I got was “Office, now” Not much to go by but it didn’t sound too pleasant.

I scampered down to his office where I sat down inside. He had comfortable leather chairs and much more interesting ornaments than bouncing balls, not that some balls weren’t interesting! Footsteps sounded in the hallway and I felt nervous as the boss got closer, I stood up to greet him as he walked inside but asked me to sit down.

Once he was seated I took the seat in front of him, crossing my legs over slowly, I didn’t want to hear the bad news too early. However, something must of caught his eye as he concentrated on my legs for sometime after they were crossed before lifting his head up to meet me. His eyes focused on my soft cream stockings, they shone brightly under his office lights and my legs looked spectacular in them, no wonder he couldn’t take his eyes from them.

When he eventually met my eyes he had small beads of sweat dotted across his forehead. His hands went to his desk and gathered up some papers before turning to speak with me.

“You have been working here almost a month now, our temp position should have been filled with a full time replacement but no one has yet to come forward, which means the temp position is still available. Would you like to fill it?”

I was taken aback by his statement. I didn’t quite understand why he was offering the job to me. OK, it was only a temp job but he was asking me to stay on when I was sitting here expecting him to tell me to pack my things and go home.

“Sir, I’m flattered,” I replied, “I would love to.”

Just as I replied I stood up to shake his hand, however, my skirt ripped at my backside and my face flushed a crimson colour before I turned around to inspect the damage. I knew the skirt was tailored tightly but I didn’t think it was that tight. As I turned I forgot who was standing behind me and my boss got a full view of my creamy silk panties and suspenders. My skirt was nearly ripped in half and my boss was staring at me like no man had done before.

His lips were trembling and his hands were shaking. His eyes were completely focused on my silk underwear. My smooth creamy skin was dull in comparison to their colour. My skin started to get goose bumps as I felt a draft run up my backside, I quickly turned around sat back down, trying to hide my embarrassment. My boss called his secretary to bring in my coat and bag. I thanked him but he wasn’t paying attention. His eyes were fixated on my long, slender legs that were shaking with embarrassment. His eyes were bloodshot from concentrating too hard and he didn’t even see his secretary come into the room with my things.

I coughed to get his attention; I wanted to stand up but didn’t want him to see my ass again. He took the hint after a long stare and turned around as I wrapped my coat around my bottom half; I looked very odd walking out of his office. My eyes whipped back to my boss, he gave me a knowing stare to tell me that word wouldn’t spread about my quick flash and I left in a hurry. I got funny looks from everyone as I walked through the building, clutching my coat over my tight ass. I could only imagine the stares that I would get as I walked down the street… Want to see and read my about my stocking adventures then you must visit my own site here

A train full of men and I try and flash my stockings and panties to all of them

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Today I had to work in the city so had to get a train. I love getting on the train. You can relax for your entire journey, not like driving a car. On a train you can read a book or the daily paper or just people watch. I love seeing what other people are doing, or listening into their conversations.

Today, I was on a busy commuter train and the whole train was packed with businessmen off to work in the big smoke. I was sitting next to an older gent dressed in a smart suit and clutching a big briefcase. Opposite me were two much younger men, perhaps in their early forties. One was reading the Times and the other was people watching just like I was.

Nearly all the people in my carriage were men. It was quite noisy, some were having conversations on their mobiles and some were trying to sleep, most were reading. Or so I thought…….

I closed my eyes momentarily, then opened them to find that the man opposite who I thought was reading the Times was actually peeking over the top of the paper and I could see him taking a look up my skirt! I did look sexy, I have to say. I work in quite a male dominated environment and at times, it is so much easier to impress if you look ultra sexy. I was wearing a smart, but fashionable grey skirt suit. I had a white blouse with a big pussy bow and obviously I was wearing my sexy specs.

The skirt was pretty short, and when you sit, it looks shorter than it really is. You could just see the tops of my stockings and through the fabric, the suspender clasps. I had sheer, fully fashioned stockings on and a pair of killer heels. These particular heels, Christian Louboutin, black and had a platform style heel. I adore wearing stockings and I adore sexy heels.

The guy reading the Times pretended to look at something else just in case I spotted him, so I also looked away, pretending I hadn’t spotted him peering up my skirt. As I looked at the other men in my carriage who had broadsheets in front of them, I saw that most of them were doing the same as the Times guy! How cheeky! They were all looking me up and down. Looking at my sexy legs and sexy heels. Some had clocked my fully fashioned stockings and some were looking at the stocking tops.

I pretended that I hadn’t noticed any of them looking at me. I took my compact out of my handbag and a lipstick and put some on. I thought I’d make everyone’s day and flash my lace panties, so I uncrossed, then crossed my legs very slowly making sure that my panties would have just for a moment, been on display!

I am such a tease! I put my lipstick and compact away and looked up. Most men looked back at their broadsheets really quickly and I noticed one man had really quickly shuffled his paper over his crotch because I had made him hard!

I can’t wait for the journey home! I wonder If I end up on a train with these men again and whether or not they’ll expect to see up my skirt again!

I had fun on that particular journey to work and I know that most of my carriage did too! Now come and visit me on my premium site and let me flash you now

I just love shopping for stockings and clothes

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Shopping has always been a hobby of mine. I like to do it when the mood takes me and there is nothing better than a huge shop at my fingertips, bulging at the seams with wonderful, brightly coloured clothes and gifts for me to lavish my cash on. Temping was fun and paid well so I was perfectly suited in my job.

As I walked in, the annoying floor attendants that squirted perfume over you everywhere you walked bombarded me. I rushed through them all dying to get to the clothes section. Clothes were my hobby, in particular, stockings. I love to wear ultra sexy stockings; it doesn’t matter if they are black, white, plain or patterned. I just love the way that the soft fabrics cling to my legs and keep them protected from the harsh winter winds and summer sun. I also find them extremely sexy and erotic. I enjoy the way they chafe at my inner thighs and the soft lacy tips rub together near my crotch.

In auto-pilot I walked over to the stockings section. It was a unisex store but I didn’t mind men looking at me while I was buying stockings, I just didn’t like them seeing me try them on! I take forever to put a stocking on. I slow down and feel the nylon or cotton or whatever kind of fabric the stocking is made out of, glide up my leg, over my knee and onto my thigh. I fiddle sensuously with the suspender clips making sure they are sitting in just the right position before standing up to look at them. Then I lay my eyes over every detail of the stocking, taking in every single indent on them, savouring the feel of them on my legs and the way they rubbed over my sensitive skin.

My eyes wandered over the vast rows of stocking, all packed neatly in their boxes with a hole at the front so that their patterns could be seen. I love to look at all the colours and feel the patterns with my fingers before trying them on. I always tried on stockings even though I didn’t need to as it was obvious they would fit. I just like to get my personal kicks.

I walked over to the reds. I was wearing a red suit today and thought it best to buy something to match. My legs were bare at the moment, I hadn’t wore any stockings today with the thoughts of buying new ones! My eyes fell upon a gorgeous pair of shimmering red, diagonally patterned red stockings. They had small glittery bit running through the fabric and they had diagonals patterned on them. They were also very fine rather than the thick style I am used to wearing.

I picked them up and went into the changing rooms, they were also unisex. I passed by several empty cubicles. However, they weren’t all empty. One of them had a woman, I would guess in her mid forties, trying on some skirts. The other had a young man trying on a new suit. He was devilishly handsome and I blushed and walked into the cubicle opposite his.

My hands traced over the silver box that held the stockings. My bag fell to the floor and I hoisted my skirt up before slipping of my red, leather, high heeled shoes. My legs were creamy and very delicate. My skin tingled in anticipation of the stocking and my hands trembled as I opened the box. The red stockings fell on my lap in a bundle, wrapped around some cardboard to keep them in place. I gathered the first one up in my hands and ran it over my fingertips, gently caressing the thing material. I pried it open gently with my fingers, being careful not to damage it. As I leant down to put it on my foot I knocked the curtain and it opened slightly, but enough so that the young man opposite me could see everything that I was about to do and I had no idea that he could.

Unbeknown to me he took a seat against the wall and watched me try on my stockings. His eyes lying heavily on my legs and he took deep, shallow breaths. I didn’t hear a thing, or see a thing for that matter. I carried on as normal, taking my time to ease the stocking up over my foot and calf. I sat it on my knee while I smoothed it over my toes and up over my leg. I then carried on lifting it up over my knee on onto my thigh. My hands fumbled around for the suspender clips and gripped the harsh clasps before sticking them onto the stocking. As I do so I threw my head back and let my hands wander over my leg with the stocking on, it felt wonderful and highly erotic but little did I know that I had prying eyes.

As I picked up the second stocking I pulled it open enough to let my manicured toes slip in. As I did so I felt the fine, yet scratchy material slide up my legs and onto my thighs. My lips were trembling and my mouth was really wet. I licked my lips, my saliva acted as gloss as the lights shone down on me. I was just tilting my head back when I noticed that my curtain was open and that I had a peeping Tom. My face went scarlet and I threw the curtains closed!

I whipped of the stockings and stuffed them back in the box, rushing to the checkouts. As I left the changing room the stranger was gone but my body filled with dread as I saw him standing at the check out with his suit in hand. I bowed my head as I stood behind him and put my stockings in the basket that was next in line to his.

As the cashier was ringing up his suit, his hands moved quicker than lightening and picked up the stockings from my basket. “These too” he said to the cashier. She flashed her piercing eyes at him while I stared on in shock. He just smiled. The cashier rang up the goods and sent us on our way.

I stopped following him at the front door and tapped him on the shoulder, “Any chance I can have my stockings please?” I asked him my eyes still wide in shock! He looked at me, the stockings in his hand and then back at me. A big grin just flashed over his face and he walked out of the store leaving me standing without the stockings that I had tried on, those stockings were in his hands and heading to his home. I just stood and watched as that stranger walked away with my intimate apparel, oh well, I turned on my heels and went back to the stockings section. Just another excuse to try some more stockings on! Read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

Flashing my stockings and panties on the London underground

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Today was my big adventure! I was going to take the tube to work today, for those of you who don’t know that is, it’s the underground train system. I’ve been warned of it for over a year but seeing as I wasn’t going into work at rush hour this morning and didn’t need leave till 11am I figured I’d just hop on one of them rather than grab the bus. First time for everything right…

It was a reasonable warm day so the tube station wasn’t so cold. I had to go down the escalators to get to my platform and wait on the speeding train. I sat down on an empty bench with my handbag at my side waiting or the train to come. Wonder if it was timely, unlike the buses.

Well, to my surprise, the train arrived on time and was occupied by only two people! I was shocked, apparently they are always, always busy. Oh well more space for me then. I hopped on quickly before the doors shut on me and grabbed a seat facing the windows, the couple that were already on the train were front facing, they could see me and I could see them out of the corner of my eye.

They were a middle aged couple, a man and his wife by the looks of things. Both dressed in suits and ready for the day ahead just like I was. I couldn’t the wifes legs but she probably didn’t have on what I was thinkg. Stockings. I wear them everyday, I just love the feel of them as they grip my thigh and elongate my legs. The sheer silk brushes against my soft smooth legs and send tingles down my spine. I always get excited thinking about stockings but today, heaven forbid, mine were starting to irritate me.

It was hot outside so hot down here too and my legs were starting to sweat under the silken cladding that covered my legs. They weren’t as bad as pantyhose would be but stockings can get very, very hot. I decided it’d be best if I took them of until I got home later. Of course, they were thigh highs and that meant riding my skirt up a little to unclip the garters. The problem being the other man and lady in the carriage with me. I could just stand up, pull up my skirt and hike my stockings down, not just for the sake of the attention but I might rip them and I couldn’t do that! These were fully fashioned luxury silken stockings with reinforced heel and toe! One of my favorites pairs. I’d have to be discreet.

I waited until the woman looked out the window and her partner looked down at his feet, they noticed I was on the train but hadn’t paid much attention to me. I slowly started to ride my skirt up my leg, being careful as not to grab their attention. Unbeknown to me the husband lifted his eyes up and watched me with his head bowed to the floor.

Gently and slowly I pulled the stocking up further, I felt someone staring at me but when I looked up the wife and husband were sitll looking elsewhere or so I thought. I moved my hands round to my left leg and slowly rimmed my fingers around the stocking tip till I came to the garter at the back, softly, I unclipped it and removed the garter from the belt slipping it into my bag. I did the same with the front garter being careful not to mark or rip my beautiful, precious stockings.

Next to come of was the stocking. I quickly slipped my hand up my skirt, grasping the lace at the top and gently rolled it down my leg. I could feel a hot, heavy gaze on me but when I looked up the husbands head was still down and the wife had laid her head back on the seat with her eyes closed. There was no one else in the carriage. Shaking it off I continued sliding the stocking down my leg gently, loving the feel of the soft silk slide over my legs. There were a light 10 denier and felt like heaven to touch.

When I got to my shoe I undid the ankle strap and slipped my toes out of my show, the reinforced heel and toe sections were darker than the rest of the stocking and stood out nicely. I pulled the stocking quickly over my toe and folder the stocking up slipping it into my bag. After stuffing my bare toes back into my shoes I redid the ankle strap and sat up straight again, making sure no one was watching me. I was so naive.

I moved my hands round to my other leg and sipped the garters of the same way as before, takng great care not to damage my wonderful stockings. I ran my hand up and down the length of my leg before letting my fingers find the top of my stocking and roll it gently down my soft skin. I closed my eyes, taking my time to pull the stocking of, I wanted to feel the silk run down my body like warm water and I shivered all over just moving the stocking down my leg. Mmmmm, it felt so good but there was that heavy pressure in the back of my neck which kept telling me someone was watching me. Read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

Secretary who is late for work today. Again!

Friday, January 10th, 2014

I checked my watch, I was late but what was new. Work started at nine and I tended to arrive about ten minutes after that but it wasn’t my fault, public transportation in this place is terrible. The bus was late or the taxi got caught in traffic, I know I could get up earlier but my bed is just too comfy for that.

Today I took the bus to work, but still had to walk a block to reach the office. The street was crammed with people all making their way to their office buildings and getting ready for the day ahead. I strutted as quickly as I could but the crowds were just too much so I swam with the fishes and took my time.

When I reached the office doors relief swept over me but that was soon shadowed with anxiousness as I saw the boss at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. He looked angry but his face softened as soon as I got closer. He ordered me to his office, and I, the measly office temp obeyed his command.

I got to the office before he did and made myself comfortable on the guest seats. They were comfortable enough but not as comfy looking as his plush executive leather chair, it went back and forward and sideways too. I dashed up from my chair and ran around the desk to his, or rather I hobbled around the desk to his chair, my heels were too high for me to run in!

I saw down in his chair, the leather was cool against my black silk skirt and the chill seeped through the fabric till it reached my bottom. I lay back and crossed my legs, picking up a pen and twirled it at my mouth. I could get used to this, being the bossman, sitting in the big chair and ordering all the little temps around. Shame it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, in saying that though I do love my job, travelling around different offices and meeting new people. Never in the same place for too long!

I heard the door knob click and before I coul hobble back round to the side of the table that I should have been on the big scary bossman was through the door with his eyes glazing at me. Oops. He placed his hands on his hips and started to tap his feet, this wasn’t going to be good.

His mouth started to move and lecture me about my lateness and my blatant disregard for the rules but I was to busy staring at him, watching his perfectly sculpted lips move and his muscly chest flex when he shifted from side to side. I felt my nipples grow taught in my white silk bra and my arousal started to seep through into my panties. They were silk, my wetness was going to stain!

I stood up from his chair, feeling my sheet white, seamed stockings rub against each other, and walked towards him. I put my hand up to my hair and looked up at him with my big round eyes and pleaded how sorry I was. My hand started to drop from my hair down the curves of my body till it got to the bottom of my skirt where I rubbed the silk in between my fingers, all the while pleading with him not to complain to the agency, a girl like me couldn’t afford to live without my cushy temp job…

His face softened and his eyes dipped to my fingers as they caressed my skirt, slightly drawing it up and revealing my lacey stocking tips and metal garter clips. His eyes snapped back up into his head and he looked back at my face, sweat starting to form on his brow. I smiled as innocently as I could, my eyes doing that “I’m a helpless little girl” look that all we women seem to be capable of.

He stopped staring and walked around me to his chair, shaking his head. He warned me not to be late again and just let me of with the oral warning. I was a lucky girl. I thanked him with my most sweetest voice and trottedo out of his office towards my desk. Another day, another escape! I’m glad I have legs, breasts and those puppy dog eyes of mine! Read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

Do I wear stockings even on a Sunday?

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Sundays are the worst day of the week. It is the last day of the weekend and you know that Monday, tomorrow, is the first day of the week which means back to work. Sunday is also the day to get my housework done. The cleaning, ironing and washing all sorted in just one day.

As usual with every Sunday morning I get up and slip into my sexy little silk chemise. I trot downstairs and head straight to the kettle, nothing screams Sunday morning better than coffee. I grab my mug and fill it with two sugars, I like life sweet. Once the coffee is made, I like mine white by the way, it is time to head back upstairs and get the shower on. I throw myself up the stairs and start to pick out today’s clothes, although I never tend to go anywhere on Sundays I still feel the need to get dressed.

I make my way over the chest of drawers and open the top one, it creaks as it opens. All the oil must have worn off as this is my favourite drawer. This is my lingerie drawer. As soon as I open it I smell bursts of lavender from the drawer freshener I got last month for my birthday. It keeps the lingerie fresh and scented. I raid about until I find the few items that I am looking for. I pick out the sapphire blue bra with the lace cups, the dark blue silk panties and the midnight blue Italian lace stockings.

I make my way towards the shower room. I slip out of my black sexy number and let it fall to the marbled floor. I test the water in the shower my perfectly manicured toes to make sure that it isn’t too hot. I slip one arm in just to make sure and then the rest of me follows.

I stand under the pressure of the shower, the water hitting my back in fierce beats. I stand and dip my hand back, exposing my delicate throat and neck. My hair gets soaked and detangles in the water as it flows through my hair, every bead of water putting back the moisture which day to day life rids my hair of. I run my hands through my hair shaking out the water as I bring my head back down to look down towards my feet. The white marble base of the shower shines back at me from below. My feet covered in water, the water working its way up to my ankles but it never gets there.

I find the soap and rub my body all over with it; intimate places get soaped as well as places on plain view every day. I take great care in making sure my body is well rinsed and moisturized. I smell the soap on my skin and it makes me tingle, its lavender which at the moment seems to be my favourite smell. I make sure I am thoroughly clean before leaving the shower. I grab a towel and wrap myself in it before I catch the cold and head of to the bedroom. I steady my self against the drawers while I start to dry myself with the towel.

I start at my hair; I gently ease the towel through my hair careful not to pull it. I pat my hair gently with the towel. I softly dry my face, neck and throat making sure everywhere is dry in that area before moving on. I get to my breasts, I take the towel gently and wrap it over them and rub over the towel, paying attention to under my breasts. I lift them up and pad the towel under where they would usually sit. I drop my breasts back down so that they are in the position they should be. I gently rub my tummy, taking care to make sure that my back is getting dried at the same time. I lower the towel to my hips and waist padding as I go. I work my way down towards my intimate female area where I gently rub the towel making sure that I am dry before starting on my legs. I bend over slightly, the arc of my back looking sexy as ever. I work from the thigh down, rubbing and patting every square inch of my leg to make sure they are ready for what is to come next. I lay the towel on the dresser and made my way to the bed.

I sat myself on the edge of the bed fumbling about with the underwear until I found the blue silk panties. I look at them; they shined in the bedroom light like a dark star. Slipping the panties on each foot, I stood up so that I could gently tug them on, they barely covered my backside but no one would be here today so I could walk around naked if I pleased. I sorted the panties and then sat back down on the bed. The bra shone at me next, with its soft, delicate lace cups. I picked it up and positioned it over my shoulders gripping each breasts with my hand and inserting them into the cups. I adjusted each breast individually and closed the clasp on the front of the bra. In untwisted the top strap and then headed for the stockings.

Stockings are my favourite part of lingerie. They give a woman power and sex appeal. I stared at my stockings. I’ve had them for just less than one year. They have done well to last me this long as I tend to ladder my stockings. I picked up the first stocking and gently fixed it and sorted it so that my feet wouldn’t catch the sides and rip it. The lace felt smooth under my fingertips, and felt even better under my toes. The lace simply glided over my well moisturized legs and eased up my leg without any trouble. It went straight over the knee and up to the panties. I picked up the next stocking. I stared at the blue lace fabric, it was soft and delicate and I held it up to my face rubbing it against my pure skin. I took it down to my toes and gently inserted them into the stockings hole. I eased the stocking up my leg gracefully and attached both of the stockings to the suspender clips, they are metal and cold but I’m sure the will soon heat up. I headed back to the dresser drawers, picked up my coffee and headed downstairs once more.

. read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

Someone saw my stockings in the elevator at work

Friday, December 27th, 2013

I was in the office and it was nearly closing time, I had been shuffling papers and filing documents all day and I was tired.  I just wanted to go home.  I had to wait until five o clock though.  I busied myself until then; tidying up here and there and making it look as though I was actually working even though I wasn’t.  Then five o clock came and I was home free.  Now I just had to get downstairs before everyone else!

I jumped in the elevator before everyone else to get down the twenty floors on my building; some people actually walked those steps every day.  I preferred the lift.  I watched the elevator close its doors as people scrambled their way to the exits in every corner of the room.  I could now look forward to going home and curling up in front of the television with a pizza.

I decided to help things along by taking off a few items before I got home so I wouldn’t have to worry before throwing myself on the couch.  I looked down and knew that my stockings should be the first to go.  The elevator moves reasonably slowly so I thought I’d be able to get away with it.

I pulled my skirt up, exposing my legs wrapped in black lacy stockings.  I undid the metal clasp on the suspenders that was holding the stockings tight on my leg, without those then the stockings would be at my ankles.  I hooked the clips onto my panties and took hold of the left stocking, savouring the feel of the dark lace under my fingertips.  I swirled my fingers over the fine material and slipped the stocking down my thigh and over my knee.  I slipped my shoe of and then pulled the stocking from the toes.  It slid of with great ease.  I ran my hands back up my legs and replaced my shoe.  I moved onto the other leg.  I ran my hands up and down the smooth fabrics feeling the sexy indentations the lace made.  It was patterned with lines, soft straight lines.  I trailed my finger around the rim of the stocking while glancing at the elevator lights making sure I wasn’t too close to the bottom floor.  I was only half way there.  I ran my hands slowly down my leg, feeling every indent and imprint in the material, they were relatively new so they were still smooth and didn’t have any snags or catches on them.  I went back to the top of the stocking and slid my thumb and finger under the material and gently eased the stocking down my leg.  I worked my way past my knee and down my calves, I slipped the shoe off and then off came the stocking.

I was getting close to the ground so hurriedly put the stocking in my bag.  The bag was too full so I stuffed the stocking down as for as it would go and lay a few other times on top of it.  I gathered up my shoes and placed them on each foot.  I steadied myself before reaching the ground floor making sure I was neat and didn’t look as though I had been playing around in the elevator.  I gathered my footing; I didn’t want to trip on my way out the elevator and quickly went over my hair and make up.  I finally got to the bottom floor and the doors opened, there were several people in the building still but I calmly made my way to the main door peeping out of the corner of my eye for any suspicious looks.  One of the gentlemen I was working with come up behind me and whispered in my ear to check my bag.  I looked down and saw my stocking hanging out the bag.  My face went eight different shades of red and I walked out of the office with the remainder of the staff giggling away at me.  Next time I come to work I think I will be bringing a bigger bag! read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

My dinner date with a gentleman who just loves stockings

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

I was sitting on the bus to work thinking about the usual things in life, hair make up, lingerie etc. It was a Friday and was looking forward to the weekend. Fridays are always the best day at work for me as I get to finish early, being an office temp I got that luxury but it was one of only a few luxuries I did have when it came to work. The bus seat was uncomfortable and when we went up and down over cracks in the road my skirt kept riding up, so I forever had to perch up and sort my skirt before the old man sitting across from me stole a peek.

My bus finally got to my stop and I made my way down the stairs and onto the street. It was a lovely day, the sun was hot and the sky was clear. I headed down the street to the office. My shoes were clacking against the ground, my stockings protecting my feet from the harsh consequences that high heels provided. My stockings also protected my legs from sunburn. I use these excuses every day just so I can feel the soft material of stockings grace my legs. I love the feel of walking when I’m wearing stockings; it’s like rubbing my legs against silk. The feeling is sensuous and erotic. When I walk and my stockings rub together it is like electricity between my legs. I love the sensation of the suspender clips gently nibbling away at my inner thighs, my panties rubbing against my body when I move and the way that stockings make me feel like a woman in power.

I walked into the building oozing confidence. I used the lift to get to the middle floor; I was not walking up stairs in heels. I was wearing my black ones today to match my black Yves saint Lauren suit. I wore a deep red shirt underneath my suit jacket. My lingerie was scarlet red. My bra was made of lace and the cups were moulded. The straps were thin and the cups sat in a half moon shape supporting my firm breasts. My panties were silk, they were the colour of blood and felt like heaven to wear. I stared at them lying on my sheets this morning and against the whiteness they stood out like a bright light. My suspenders match the colour of my panties. My stockings were scarlet red in colour. They were made of Lycra and the sheer material shone in the sun glinting through the building windows. Once I started walking through the office I was getting funny looks, some good, and some bad. It seemed as though some of the staff weren’t used to their colleagues wearing stockings to work.

I eased myself down at my desk, the desk I was designated for my several weeks here. Some of the women in the office looked at me shocked while some of the men looked with lust. Their eager eyes telling me that I looked good enough to eat. I crossed over my legs and this caught their attention further. My skirt slid up just enough that they could see they were definitely stockings and not tights. Their eyes were glued to the tops of my thighs, that was until I stood up to sort myself out. I did not want to set a bad example in my first week. My skirt was shorted that it was supposed to be for work and as a result of that the tips of my stockings showed, my colleagues catching the glint of my metal suspenders if they looked the right way. I crossed over my legs, quickly flashing my panties and bemusing the men sitting opposite me who could see under the desk. They eyes lit up with a sex appeal that I hadn’t seen in a long while. I enjoyed the reaction it got but thought it best to keep myself to myself for now.

The day past relatively quickly despite the mornings rush. I was glad to see the clock strike one, which meant lunch time! I made my way back to the elevator and squeezed in beside one of the gentlemen I was working with. I stood on the left and he was on the right, I looked at the lights on the lift but he was looking at my legs. To be honest I couldn’t blame him, my stockings were very sexy. He eyed me up from top to bottom. He stared at my thighs, his thoughts lingering on what my skirt was covering. He eyed his way down to my knees, staring at the curve under my knee. I felt his glare move down past my calf and rest on my feet. The lift hit the ground floor and the noise brought him back to the real world.

I made my way out of the lift and towards the cafeteria, not many offices had one so I made good use of this one. I waited in the queue to get myself some sandwiches. It wasn’t too long but I’m just impatient. After being served I headed to one of the seats in the corner where I could just watch everyone. I was sitting by myself of course; I didn’t want to make friends as I would be moving on soon.

I was eating my sandwiches when the gentleman from the lift sat two tables behind me with another one of our colleagues. They were muttering under their breath so I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I did however feel the burden of heavy gazes resting on me. I calmly ate my sandwich, pretending that I didn’t know they were stealing a look. I saw in the reflection of the window near me they were looking me up and down and obviously talking about the good bits. Again the skirt I was wearing was showing more than I had hoped for. As I sat down, in a wild bid to prevent the tips of my stockings show I pulled my skirt down and the tops of my panties were in full view. This obviously needed fixing. I stood up gracefully, pretending that I was looking for my handbag. While doing so, I sneakily adjusted my skirt and sat back down. Of course doing this meant the top of my stockings were on show and the men from the office got more for lunch than they had hoped. Their eyes sat still on my thighs, they were breathing in tune to my pulse. Watching the stockings as they sat there, doing nothing apart from making my legs look sexy. Their eyes were full of something and it wasn’t the Friday afternoon joy. I rubbed my legs together under the table and I swear that one of the men winced in anticipation. My legs bounced with every move I took exciting the gentlemen further. After devouring my sandwich, with a sexy pout on my lips the whole time I felt that it was time to put the men out of their misery and let them concentrate on their lunch.

I stood up, their eyes followed. I felt the stockings rub between my legs and my walk turned into a provocative swagger. The sensation of the stockings rubbing at the top of my thighs was unbearable. I felt the suspender clips teasingly scrape my skin, sending shivers up my spine. I emptied my food tray and headed back to the elevator.

Standing in the elevator all alone gave me the chance to feel my stockings, run my hands up and down the smooth fabric, savouring every last minute of it before I had to return to my bleak work. It felt as though water would barely touch the stockings, the material is so smooth that the water would just glide off. I felt the suspenders under my skirt; they were cold to the touch. The metal was tight and held my stockings in place; I didn’t want them to be falling down around my ankles especially at work.

I heard the lift starting to shudder which meant I was nearly at my floor; I gave my stockings one last run over with my hands, memorizing the feel under my fingers. The elevator dinged just as I stood up. I walked back to my desk and sat down, waiting for the clock to strike five so that I could head home. That is what my day is all about, hoping for the clock to strike four o clock.

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Changing my stockings on the bus

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

I was on my way to work. As usual I was in a different office this week than last week and it was on the other side of town, too expensive for a taxi so I had to take a bus. I got up in the morning as per usual, turned on the shower and headed downstairs for the mail. After making myself a coffee I jumped in the shower to freshen myself up for the day ahead.

After getting out the shower I headed over to the cupboard to choose my suit for the day. I decided on a red wool floaty skirt, and fitted jacket. A white blouse underneath the jacket complimented the outfit just nicely. I headed over the chest of drawers next to pick out the day’s lingerie. I opted for a soft red, moulded cup bra, a pale red pair of panties and suspenders and my soft red stockings.

I headed over to the bed to get dressed. I let the towel slip of me, it hit the floor with a thud. I lent over and picked up the bra. I gently placed each breast inside the cups the strapped the bra on around my back. It was one of my favourite bras. After sorting out my top half I made my way down to the bottom. I slipped on my pale red lacy panties, each leg slipping through each hole with beautiful fluidity and grace. I placed them on my hips where they should be and looked down on the bed.

My stockings lay there; pale in colour but bright against the luminous white of my bed sheets. It was as though they were floating on clouds and I was about to bring then down from heaven. I plucked up the first stocking, savouring the sweet smell of lavender from the scented bag I keep in my lingerie drawer. I let the sheer material slide under my fingertips. It was soft and sensuous, they are part of a two set of stockings that I have, they are not lacy or cotton but made of Lycra, a very fine sheer covers them. They are light to hold and slide in and out my fingers like water. I gently gather it up in my hands and bend forward to slide it over my toes. I glide the stocking up my calf and over my knee not stopping until I got to the thigh. I wiggled my red metal clasp over the stocking so that it held the stocking in place. I then turned back around to face the other stocking lying on the bed, on its own in the clouds. I picked it from the bed and gathered up the stocking as I did with the previous and slid my leg into the soft, sultry fabric and eased it up my leg. With the other clasp firmly attached to the stocking I head back to the wardrobe to get my suit on.

My white blouse is dulled around my chest because of the red shining through. If I move to the side, the space in the buttons shows my soft bra sitting just below the surface. I folded down the collar of my shirt and buttoned it up except for the top two buttons. I picked up my wool skirt and slid it up my sheer legs, the fabrics rubbing together made my legs weak and shaky. I pulled the skirt over my pants and did the zipper, taking care not to snag my panties. I dug out my red court shoes before placing on my jacket. I slipped each foot into the shoe making sure it was well padded before walking; heels are not good for trekking to a bus stop in and standing around waiting for a late bus. I slipped on my jacket and buttoned the centre button. I quickly glanced in the full length mirror before grabbing my bag and heading downstairs. I look fabulous, my stockings, shoes and outfit were perfectly matched.

I headed down the street towards the nearest bus stop. Thank goodness it was a stop with a shelter, shelters had seats and my feet were sore. I sat patiently for ten minutes for the bus to come, and it wasn’t here. Twenty minutes later the bus arrived, empty and deserted. I stood up and made my way to the bus doors, where a middle aged bald man was sitting watching me quite contently. I steadied myself before boarding the bus; I didn’t want to fall flat on my face. I paid my fare and headed to the middle of the bus where I could sit comfortably knowing I was all alone. I laid my bag on the seat and sat down when I suddenly heard a pinging noise. It was my suspender clips.

I decided against the stockings now, deciding that if they were going to do this all day at work then they needed to be removed. Discreetly shuffling myself further behind the seat I stuck my hand up my skirt to unclasp the other stocking. They were both undone now which would make it easier for me to gently slide them off. The bus driver kept glancing back at me via the window mirror but I looked calm and steady as though nothing was happening.

I slid my feet out of my shoes and tucked one foot under my thigh. I rubbed the tip of the stocking with my toe, trying to grab it and ease it down my leg. I must have put up some struggle as the bus driver looked at me as though I was off my head. As the driver looked away I finally managed to get my stocking down my leg as gracefully as one could use her foot to do so. I bent over and slipped the stocking off and stashed it in my handbag. Now for stocking number two to come off. Again I tucked my opposite foot under my leg with my toes trying to catch the soft, sheer fabric but with no luck. We stopped and a passenger got on. She sat right in front of me on the other side, one glance from the sides of her eyes and she would see everything. I had to make it quick so I pulled my foot down as fast as it would go dragging my sexy stocking as I went. I pretended to drop my handbag and quickly gathered up the stocking and threw it into my handbag. Finally it was over. Although the suspender clasps were tickling my thighs as they hung in mid air, I could live with that.

It was finally my stop, a few short minutes later and I started to head of the bus. It wasn’t until the lady sitting in front of me called me back that I realised I forgot to put my shoes back on and was about to head into work without them, with my face as red as my shoes I grabbed the shoes, put them on my feet and dashed into the office building. I think tomorrow I will get a taxi.

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