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Titillating Temp in stockings at work

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Office temping is tough work. You’re neither here nor there and you could be changing work places from month to month and you never know what to expect. This week I was attending an interview for working in an office pretty close to home which saved me loads on taxi and bus fares of which all of the savings went to a good cause, my stockings habit. As I was walking to work in my chic office suit I noticed men staring but there is nothing new there. I caught them glancing at my legs, the best part of my body. They were eyeing me up from toe to thigh and didn’t miss one detail by the looks of things and I’m sure the fact I was wearing white lacy stockings helped things along. After another ten minutes walk and two men staring I finally reached the office my feet killing me from the white pin heels I was wearing.

As I stepped in the building I could feel the heavy gaze of the staff watching every move I made towards the boss’s office. It was like I was the prey and they were the predators just waiting to strike. Office plants brushed past my stockings tickling my legs as I moved as gracefully as any women could with this amount of pressure weighing them down. I finally made it to the office after what felt like forever but was barely a few seconds. From the boss’s tilted blinds that lined the office windows I could see the rest of the staff start to get back to work. Mr Scott stood up and shook my hand, his palm was sweaty and so were the bags under his eyes. He was tense and uptight but as soon as we touched hands he relaxed a little.

We were there to discuss my work and what I was to do. I sat on the leather chair smoothing my white pinstripe skirt down as I sat. My legs automatically crossed showing the boss just what I was hiding under my perfectly tame outfit. I showed my white lacy thongs and stockings, he must have caught sight of my inner thigh because he suddenly grew tense again. He shuffled the papers on his desk while I laid my bag down at the side of the chair. His eyes met mine and were full of lust. A lust for something he knew that he couldn’t have. His eyes glanced over my pristine white suit, starting from the top of my head to the bottom of my shoes. He worked his way past my lips and chin. He reached my breasts and his lips slightly parted and a small gasp was made from his mouth. We discussed my CV and I politely answered every question he posed. He conducted the interview very professionally considering the pressure it looked as though he was under. After twenty minutes of bantering back and forth the interview ended with an appropriate handshake. He told me to come back tomorrow, I started at nine.

I left the office, the glares of the other staff weighing me down as I walked to the door. I got the impression that they didn’t like newcomers; either that or they didn’t like people in white. I finally reached the building door and exited to the street, the heat of the sun beating down on me. I had to get home quickly and strip off before I suffered from sun stroke. I walked as quickly as my white pin heels would let me. It was though I was glowing as I walked down the street, the light reflecting off my suit.

After ten minutes I finally reached the door to my apartment. I fumbled for my keys and opened the door, picking up the mail as I went. I threw my bag and letters on the settee before heading upstairs to the bedroom. The cool air of the apartment was sweet relief. As I entered the bed room I kicked of my shoes and headed over to the bed. I undid my coat buttons easing the jacket of my shoulders and draped it over the bed. My shirt buttons easily undid and one by one I worked my way down to my midriff exposing my bare flesh to the cool air of my bedroom. I glided the shirt of my shoulders and threw it over the coat and both lay in a heap on the bed. I undid the button and zip on my skirt gentle not to catch my lacy panties in the zipper. The skirt fell down over my waists quickly. I sat down on the bed staring at my legs.

The stockings covering them were beautiful. They were elegant, classy and sophisticated. They felt smooth, sleek and baby skin soft. They were unique. I loved my stockings. I unclipped the left stocking from its suspender clasp. The tight grip of the metal had left a mark on it but nothing that couldn’t be pressed out. I let the clasp dangle next to my skin, the cool metal providing sweet relief. I took the tip of the stockings in my manicured hands rubbing my fingertips along the edge of the smooth fabric, savouring every feel as I gently eased the stocking down my thigh and over my knee. I bent over to carry on the rest of the way down my leg. I stocking rolled up the further it went and by the time it had rolled to my foot it was merely a ball of lace, sexy enticing lace. The right stocking was then unclipped. I rubbed my hands up and down the stockings tasting with my fingers the feel of the material. Lace was a favourite of mine; the white sheer lace I was wearing always made me feel sexy. I smoothed my hands over the lace, up and down gently but firmly. I was memorising every pattern n the lace, every fine detail etched into the lace. I worked my way back to the top of my thigh and gripped the stocking tight. I tugged it over my thigh and knee and eased it the rest of the way down my soft, pure legs. I threw the stockings on the floor and stood up.

I walked over to my dresser and set the alarm for tomorrow. I did not want to be late, the staff did not look too pleased to see me as it was, I definitely did not want to give them another reason to scorn at me. I slumped back downstairs to read my mail and make some coffe To read this and all my stories visit me and watch all my exclusive stockings content visit my premium site here

Secretary in stockings gets caught in the rain

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Raindrops dribbled down the sides of the bus shelter, thank god there was a bus shelter otherwise my new silk, crisp, white suit would be soaked through and I would be see through for all the world to see, which is something that nobody really wants on a Monday morning on their way to work.

The bus shelter was empty thankfully, well almost. There was a young man, in his late twenties reading his early morning paper, one of several that were tucked under his arms. His briefcase sat neatly at his feet and his black suit was sitting gently on his toned body. He seemed like a business executive, strong and fierce, while here I was in my Angelic white suit, a mere office temp.

My skirt was two inches shorter than it really should have been and my white spiked heels clacked loudly against the ground as I paced back and forth. My stockings rubbed gently against my thighs sending shivers up my back but I stayed focused, I didn’t want to focus on the wet patch starting to soak into my panties. I put the feeling of the sheer, white stockings at the back of my mind and focused on the stranger.

His black as night hair was slick with gel and plastered to his head, his eyes were harsh but his mouth was soft and gentle. He screamed wealth, power, and for some strange reason, the word stamina came to mind.

My eyes moved lower down his body, his muscles were tight and spread evenly over his chest, his shoulders were wide and his hands rigid and smooth, that man had never done a hand days work in his life and by the £1000 Rolex on his wrist it seemed like he wouldn’t ever have to again. His shoes were perfectly polished, no doubt by the hands of his butler, his trousers neatly pressed and creased in all the right places. For some reason though I started to imagine naughty things about my stranger and when he turned and his ass faced me that was not the best thing that could have happened. I was mesmerised by how pert and tight it was, so small and cute!

I came back to my senses when he looked in my direction, pretending to read his paper rather than his ass. It was a shame too as I was really enjoying the view! Thankfully I heard the faint rattle of the buses engine and readied myself for my 20 minute journey to work.

Being the gentlemen that the stranger was I was on the bus first. What got me thinking was why on Earth was this man getting the bus, he was obviously wealthy, maybe his car was in the garage, but what about a limo or a taxi? A bus just didn’t fit the bill.

The stranger sat on the very back benches of the bus so I was sitting in front of him, thinking and wondering, not the best thing to do for someone like me, my mind usually tuned to naughty things when that was left to happen but just as I was thinking that I felt a heavy gaze press against the back of my head and I knew it was him, his fierce gaze ripped my hair to the side and slid down my neck, intently heading south.

My bust was next, jutting and full, sitting half in and half out of my blouse, a little bit of flesh went a long way these days and I could tell my wealthy stranger was lapping up every second of it. His eyes focused on my flat stomach, lowering themselves to my waist, my ass and my thighs. I heard heavy breathing but I wasn’t so sure that it was him; it could very well have been me!

I clenched my gut, I slowly looked down to check my stocking tips weren’t showing but it wasn’t much use, the soft lace of my hold ups were peeking out through the edge of my skirt and there was nothing I could do but feel the hot and heavy gaze of the stranger on the bus staring at them.

My hands were clammy, I laid them down on my knees and twirled my fingers over my stocking clad leg, in a way, I was trying to turn him on, egging him on but not letting him get his way. I can be a real tease when I want to be and today I was just in the mood for it. He adjusted himself on the seat and I heard him move over slightly, getting himself a better view.

My hold ups were white; they were sheer and soft, glinting gently in the morning lights. I wasn’t wearing any garter today so there were no straps gripping my legs, just the tight feel of an elastic band on my thighs. I have always loved the way that stockings affect men, today was no different and he succumbed to the lust of them just like every other man! Their elegance, their class and sophistication while also screaming erotic pleasures is just too much to bare for some men and this stranger was definitely one of those men.

His breaths were shallow and his neck cracked as he looked to see what stop we were coming up to, I nearly forgot that we were on the bus but his soft sounds made me remember. I could hear him picking up his briefcase, getting ready to get off at the next stop. I felt somewhat saddened.

As he got up however, my mind quickly changed. He was walking beside me one moment and the next he was down on the floor, his hand pulling down my right stocking as he went, a loud rip was heard and then my stocking was ruined. I couldn’t help but moan, these were one of my favourite pairs but the stranger being the gentlemen that he was helped me take off the stocking and apologised for his carelessness. It wasn’t until after he was off the bus did I realise it wasn’t carelessness at all! I couldn’t find my stocking anywhere and when I turned around I could see it peeking out of the top part of his suit jacket pocket, and his proud, cocky walk told me he had planned every…single…move… To read all my exclusive stockings stories or watch my exclusive stockings movies visit my premium stockings site here

Showing my stockings at the office christmas party

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

It was one of those days, work was busy and I was exhausted but no rest for the wicked as tonight was the works Christmas party.  Office temping is a real pain, you’re in and out of different offices all the time, meeting new people is not the easiest of tasks but it pays well.  There are ups and downs with everything and the Christmas party happened to be an up. The party meant that I had a great excuse to get my special Christmas party stockings out of the lingerie drawer.  After sliding on the special, sexy stockings I headed out the door and made my way to the office.

The office was buzzing, everyone made an appearance and by the looks of things the drinking was well underway.  I decided to take a seat in a quiet corner so that I could observe the wild animals taking over the boss’s desk.  I crossed my legs over one another so that my feet intertwined, the stockings providing the soft comfort from the rub of my skin.  The stockings were red, very fine and detailed with light glitter, perfect for the occasion. I glanced at the red shimmering material staring back at me; it was so soft and felt surreal.  The stockings clung to my legs like massage oil, sexy and sleek.  The suspender clasps gripping tightly to hold them in place, God forbid they should slip down and I loose that sensuous feeling my special stockings gave me.

I stared further down my leg, my bright red shoes shining under the work lights; my legs looked straight and slim under the sexy apparel enclosing them.  The sheer material gripping my legs with a fierce grip that makes my legs quiver at times.

I started to adjust myself, sorting out the top half of my stockings as they were twisted.  The suspender clips needed to be readjusted; they were white and in total contrast with my Christmas stockings.  After taking the tight, metal clip of off my delicate sheer stocking I repositioned it further to the side, as I moved my skirt rode up and my sexy red panties we in full view. It just so happened that the boss wasn’t sitting that far from me and turned his head at the appropriate moment; he caught an eyeful I’m very sure that he enjoyed.

He started to give me a saucy look, sweat dampening his brow.  He looked desperate.  His eyes started to fall to the floor, glancing at my shoes.  His eyes then started to devour my stockings as he started to crawl his way up my legs.  His tongue was at the tip of his mouth by the time he reached me knee, where the shine of my stockings was at its greatest.  He worked his way up to my thigh, catching sight of my lace and my tight, white suspender clips.  His eyes finally rested on my red panties.  They were sleek and sexy made from Italian lace.  They gently clung to my skin offering me the overage I greatly needed.  His tongue was almost fully out of his mouth and his eyes screaming hunger.

Quickly covering myself up, I looked over my stockings one last time.  The red material glinting in the light, enticing and appealing I felt a shiver go up my spine.  Time to go home I think. It was time to go home and put these stockings back into the lingerie drawer yet again, until next year that is. Read more of my stockings adventures or watch my exclusive stockings movies here

Black Stockings secretary in the office

Monday, June 30th, 2014

The office was larger than any I  had ever working in before, the custodial staff all wore uniforms and the executive staff flashed off their posh motors and fancy suits and briefcases.  All the floors were highly polished marble with brass corners and there were three lifts and 2 marble stair cases that lead you to the offices upstairs.

Reception staff also wore the same uniform, the young lady at the reception desk asked me what business I was here on so I filled her in about me being the new temp for the administrative department, trying to sound as elegant and posh as my clothes portrayed me.

I may not have been in an executive position but I still had the posh suit, I was still missing the fancy car however.  She advised me that I was to proceed to level 6, her accent dotting every I and crossing every T.  Her tongue was sharp yet welcoming.  I decided that I was going to freshen myself up in the ladies before heading upstairs as I had a few minutes to spare before starting work.

The toilets were better than I expected them to be.  There were luxurious soaps and perfumes littering the wash hand basins.  There were soft hand creams and moisturisers lining the window sills.  The scent of soft rose lingered in the air as though fresh roses sat in front of me, but they did not.

I looked into the full length mirror and watched the young lady look back at me.  I wore a beaming red pinstripe suit and midnight black shirt.  My stiletto heels shined under the bathroom spotlights.  My jutting breasts were large and my cleavage stuck out like a sore thumb.  My trim, toned stomach lay hidden under my shirt and blazer while my sexy legs screamed for attention.

I wore black stockings with fine straight lines indented so that it looked as though there was no material in those lines.  The stripes were very fine and very evenly spaced out so looked very elegant.  They matched my pinstripe suit except they were black and my suit was red.  The complimented my shoes nicely.

I skimmed my fingers along the hem of my skirt, just so that I could feel the wonderful material that embraced my legs on the tip of my fingers as I had that morning when I put them on.  I felt the sheer nylon tingle the insides of my thighs as I walked to work this morning, I endured the endless teasing of my silk panties rubbing against my hips every time I moved my candy ass.  I looked over myself once more before heading out of the toilets somewhat flustered and made my way over to the nearest lift.  If I hadn’t been wearing shoes this high then I would have taken the stairs, as it stood I really didn’t fancy a broken ankle on my first day at work.

The lift was purely made from ornamental glass.  This was certainly the wrong day to wear a skirt.  As the lift came down the glass tube that enclosed it I stared up at the suit men that filled the lift.  As I suspected I did not see any women wearing skirts in the lift, but I would be the one to change that.

The lift stopped with the bell dinging in the background.  The workers shuffled out and continued on their way, not stopping to look back at me, the woman who was about to ride the lift in a skirt and stockings.  I stepped into the lift and watch the doors close, sealing my fate.  I pressed the number 6 and waited patiently for the lift to take off, hoping that I wouldn’t need to stop at every floor.

The lift was smooth and quiet; it was hard to tell you were moving if you closed your eyes.  Workers passed by below me and hardly moved an eyeball at me, for that I was glad.  However, as with everything there is always one, one that defies belief.

He stood there in his impressive Armani suit made out of expensive wool.  His briefcase oozed Italian leather and his shoes shined brightly, obviously, just having been polished by the young man outside.  His eyes were fixated on me however, not his expensive suit, shoes or briefcase.  Not on the moving elevator or expensive glass or marble.  No, they were on me and my legs.  He didn’t even glance at my chest.

His eyes scoured my legs, devouring every inch of them, making my mouth go dry.  I licked my lips as his eyes lustfully took in every detail of my stockings.  He traced the fine, empty lines of the material with his prying eyes.  As the lift got higher, so did the view.  His eyes were gleaming and his neck straining, he took a few steps backwards to enjoy the view a little more.

The beginnings of my thighs were showing now, his eyes taking in every detail of them too.  He watched as the soft lights of the elevator reflected against the harsh metal clasps that held my stockings in place.  Thankfully my floor was only two stops away so he shouldn’t get to see past my panties.

His eyes didn’t budge.  His hands didn’t flinch.  His face stayed neutral, all of his face except for his eyes.  They were mixing with emotions, lust being the primary one.  I could feel his heavy gaze resting on my legs, my thighs to be precise.  Soon they rose to my crotch where, thankfully, my creamy, silk panties covered.

I could hear the elevator stopping but somehow I didn’t want to leave.  I took my eyes of off the young man down below to make sure we were at my stop and my suspicions proved correct, I was here.  I turned around to see him before I left, to see where his eyes were fixated on now.  He was gone.  It didn’t take him long but he had disappeared into the crowd.

I stepped out of the elevator somewhat disappointed.  I enjoyed the feel of his weighted gaze over my body.  Suddenly the office didn’t seem that spectacular.  I walked along the red carpet of the hallway until I entered the office where I was working.  Soon enough the young stranger was out of my head as I was staring at the most hi tech, up to date office I had even worked in.  I had a feeling that today was going to be a good one. To read all my exclusive stockings stories and watch me stockings movies and pictures visit my own premium site here

Stockings and panty upskirts

Friday, June 27th, 2014

It was dark and dreary, I hated it being dark and dreary so I decided to get a taxi to work rather than stand around at the bus stop. We were caught in traffic as usual, Wednesday always seemed to be the busiest day of the week, I suppose long weekends start back at work on a Wednesday and break of the day after so it would make some sense. The taxi driver focused on the road and only glanced back at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. It was definitely my outfit that caught his attention.

I was wearing a soft pink suit, the skirt was several inches shorter than what it was meant to be, a seamstress made that happen, and my blouse was buttoned up one less that what was usually deemed sensible dress. You could see the faint line of my cleavage if you looked the right way.

I wore my white stockings; they were sheer and didn’t require garters to hold them up so I was spared the discomfort of the cold metal clasps digging into my leg. I could feel the gentle lace tips rub against the inside of my thigh and more sensitive areas after every bump in the road and it sent shivers right down to my toes, which were enclosed in several hundred pounds worth of shoes.

It wasn’t a long drive to work but traffic made things hectic and was actually pleased to see the office building as we approached it. I paid the taxi driver has fare and watching him ogle my legs as I walked up the steps to work. It was going to be a long day.

My heels clacked loudly against the marble floor as I went to the escalator. The main floor was busting and I was happy to get away from the crowds and stepped carefully on the first step of the moving staircase, I would hate to get one of my heels trapped in a gap.

Business men were below me, they were young and carefree and were not talking about business from the sniggers I could hear behind me but I remained calm and focused, holding on the banister for dear life as the stairs slowly moved upwards, it felt slower than usual but it was probably just my imagination.

I could feel the men’s hot heavy gazes on my ass, they seemed to be talking about something, I hoped to hell I wasn’t flashing anything but what good did that do me, I started to tense. The men were talking about my panties! My skirt must have ridden up and with the boys below me they could see up my skirt.

The lace tips of my stockings didn’t bother me now, but these guys were staring at my most intimate female part and there was nothing I could do about it, well, I say nothing, but somewhere along the line the thought excited me. I started to wonder what they were saying and listened intently.

They talked about the smooth lines of the silk as they melded around my female part, they way that the moulded into my thighs and cupped my ass. They chatted about the way they thought stockings were classy but still screamed erotic sophistication. I started to feel my panties get wet but that wasn’t an accident. I was getting turned on by their love of panties and sexy stockings.

I slid my legs closer together and started to shift them up and down, running my high heeled toes up my calf, smoothing my legs and calming both my nerves and my excitement! I loved the thought of men watching me, watching my stockings and my cute, perky ass.

I cocked my hip and bent one knee and I could swear I heard one of the gentlemen groan a little. I was hoping this escalator was close to the top because I needed to visit the bathroom and sort my skirt before word got around, and in an office like this one, word spreads fast.

The men strained to get a better look up my skirt but my change of stance made it harder for them to see, all the could see with great clarity now was my stockings, which they took their time ogling. Their eyes took in the small, gentle patterns of nylon as it gripped my thighs and calves. It felt so sexy to know that these guys were turned on by just my clothes. Luckily I was about to get away from the whole upskirt scenario as the stair I was on was at the top of the escalator.

I raced of the escalator and straight for the bathroom, my skirt was higher than I thought, the curves of my ass cheeks were slightly showing and it didn’t take me more than two seconds to get it back in place! Thank god for that…Now to go out there and face the rest of the office…God I hate Mondays! To read all my exclusive stockings stories orto watch my exclusive stockings movies visit my premium stocking site here.

Secretary in stockings going to work

Friday, June 20th, 2014

The soft summer breeze tickled the skin on the nape of my neck as I was walking the five blocks it took me to get to work. It was only a temporary job but as with all things I was dressed to impress and ready to make an effort. My heels clacked against the broken pavement, the heat rose from the ground and warmed my toes.

I had dressed in open toe sandals, with a heel of course. I had a soft cream, woven suit on with a pale cream blouse to match. My underwear also matched my attire but hopefully, if things went well, no one would have to see them. As I walked down the road my legs rubbed together and the soft, sheer fabric of my creamy, patterned stockings sent shivers up and down my legs.

I had chosen my stockings because today I needed room for my legs to breathe. These stockings had a soft diagonal lines etched into to fine cloth which made it easy for my delicate legs to get the fresh air that they se desperately craved while also feeling the sensuous material grace my skin. They were held tight at the top of my leg with silver metal clips that were very warm with the suns heat.

The street was crowded with hundreds of business men and women making their way to their offices just as I was. Each was consumed in a world of their own apart from the few that looked in my direction, it wasn’t that hard to tell where there mind was and what it was thinking about. The sun beat of my creamy stockings making my legs seem like angels in disguise and combined with the fact my legs were slender, toned and out of this world made them appeal much more to members of the opposite sex.

Eyes fell from my eyes to my legs everywhere I went. I didn’t think it was such a big deal wearing stockings out in public but the seductive and sexy glances I was getting made me think twice on that feeling. My heels seemed to hit the ground louder, as thought they were trying to catch even more attention.

Work wasn’t too far away now. All I had to do was pass the construction yard and a few more tall buildings and I was at the office. Obviously the construction yard was the hard part. A group of around six or eight men gathered near the path passing the tall metal gates into the yard and all eyes fell on me. I lifted my head up and walked as seductively and as erotic as I could, showing them just what I could do. Before I knew it dog whistles filled the air and the young tirade of men started gaping at my face, chest and ultimately my startlingly sexy legs. I took each step with a grace that would put a cat walk model to shame and swung my hips to an imaginable tune that only I could hear.

A subtle grin spread over my face, I certainly hadn’t lost it that was for sure. I walked up the stairs to the office door and buzzed to be let in. The office was full of cool and neutral colours, hence the cream suit. I didn’t want to stand out to much in my first week so I opted for clothing that would get me subtly noticed but keep me out of trouble.

My desk was at the back of the office and as I made my way over to my seat I could feel the heavy gaze of the other employees fall upon my dress style. I could tell that there were some who deemed it inappropriate and others that wouldn’t keep their tongue in their mouths. Luckily I was only in part time so give it three hours time and I would be walking the same path home as I did to get here.

My desk was on the cold side of the office and I could feel my nipples go hard under my creamy, satin bra and stick out through my tight shirt. I slipped of my blazer and set it on the back of my seat and gathered my skirt so that I could sit down. As I did so the tips of my stockings flashed to the gentleman sitting in the both next to mine. His cheeks flushed crimson red as I sorted my skirt, but he couldn’t help glancing one more time to see if they would peek out again but to his dismay they stayed firmly covered with my skirt hem. Concentrating on my computer screen I got started on today’s menial tasks.

The clock ticked loudly in the background and the time went terribly slow. After some general filing and prancing around the office I noticed there was only ten minutes of my shift left for me to endure. Temping was great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes the job was just too boring for my liking.

I stood up quickly hiking my skirt up before anyone could catch a glimpse of my sultry undergarments and headed for the door, trying to sneak away early. I looked at my backside, ensuring my skirt was indeed down and not creased. I stared at the backs of my stockings, my legs were long and shapely and the cream emphasized the curves of my legs, making them look feminine. I stared at the patches on my stockings, fixated on the way the soft lines danced under the office lights like an illusion. Shivers ran up my back and my fingers softly trailed along the edge of my skirt so that I could feel the material brush against my sensitive fingertips.

After those few seconds of sheer bliss I hauled on my coat, grabbed my handbag and made my way to the door. The office was buzzing, phones were ringing and team leaders were shouting. It was the afternoon hype and I was leaving it. I loved working mornings. As soon as I hit the fresh air it was like I was on a natural high, I almost skipped down the steps. The construction yard was coming up and it just so happened that the lovely studs were on a lunch break, the dog whistles started and that subtle grin came over my face one more time as I trotted home. To read all my exclusive stockings stories, see my stocking pictures or watch my exclusive stockings movies visit my premium stockings site here

Ladies also love stockings as well you know

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Work is always a nightmare. Being stuck in an office all day long filing and typing and never getting to have any fun is not the greatest job in the world. Travelling by bus was my choice of public transport this week, the office wasn’t too far from my house and I could have walked but decided that wearing high heels and walking, even though it was just a few streets away, wasn’t a good idea. The bus tends to be hot, full and a bumpy ride. After a bus trip my make up, hair and clothes tend to look worse than they do in the morning. My first place to visit when I reached the office was to the ladies so that I could get myself looking my best again.

The bus may have been hot but it was raining cats and dogs, my hair, suit, and make up was a mess by the time the bus reached the office so I jogged to the ladies praying no one would see me. The ladies toilets were empty except for one woman. She was in her early twenties; she worked at the desk opposite mine. She was sorting her make up; I guess hers got streaky in the rain too.

My handbag was full of what I needed so I laid it on the counter in front of the mirror. I raked through my bag searching for my essentials; lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner etc. I sorted my make up as quickly as I could, wanting to be at my desk ten minutes before starting time. My hair needed fixed badly. After combing my hair through with my fingers I gave up hope and decided that was the best it was going to get.

My clothes needed adjusting, the rain had them wrinkled and distorted. I smoothed out my pale blue coat, smoothing the wrinkles. I calmed my shirt collar over my jacket lapels. My white shirt was almost see-through with the rain. After sorting my top half, it was time to move onto the bottom half.

The young lady was just exiting the cubicle at the time that I decided to sort my stockings, with her being a lady I didn’t think twice about it. My shoes came off, the young lady curiously giving me looks out of the side of her eye. Not thinking twice I kept going. Running my hands up my stockings, feeling the soaking wet lace that was clinging to my legs brought great sensations I hadn’t had in a while. The stockings were originally soft blue but the rain had made them dark. The young lady pretended to look as though she was putting on her make up and had no interest but she was starting to stare more regularly at me. I decided to be careful with what I was going to do, I didn’t want her getting too much of an eyeful, and didn’t know if she was staring because she was interested or offended.

I sorted my skirt, straightening it up, feeling the suspenders move under it. The metal clips that held my stockings in place with pressing firmly against my skin. The rain made the skirt tight around my legs, pressing the clasps deep down into my skin. The pain was somewhat sultry and sexy. The metal was cold, sending chills down my legs. I felt that the stockings were dry against my thighs. The skirt protected my thighs from being dripping wet and for that I was thankful.

The lady standing next to me had stopped with her make up and had started on her hair, her eyes glinting with excitement. She had a small curl to her lips that showed that she was more than likely enticed and interested rather than put of and offended. She kept giving me side glances, making sure that I wasn’t stopping.

I didn’t stop just yet although I wasn’t planning on giving her exactly what she wanted. I smoothed the lacy, blue stockings against my legs. They were still soft, despite the fact that they were soaking wet. If there was no company I would have took them off and held them under the hand dryer. Seeing as the situation was the way it was a decision to play it cool was made and I just adjusted me for now but come back later.

I took a couple of hand towels from the dispenser and started patting my leg; lifting my skirt up a little so that I could get to the small wet patch that lay there. This caught the ladies attention and she busied herself in the mirror so that she could watch my reflection. I dabbed my sexy, sultry stockings with the hand towels, trying to get rid of the moisture that soaked them. They were tight against my skin and when I walked I felt the two stockings rubbing against my legs, the sensations were like something I never felt before. The lady next to me picked up on my arousal because she too started to fidget where she stood. She didn’t know whether she was coming or going.

Smoothing my hands down my legs, I took in the feel of my wet stockings. Savouring the fact that not only men were interested in my sleek, sexy stockings but women could be interested too. I pulled myself up again and faced the mirror. My shoes were slipped back on and I watched her face fall in disappointment. Gathering up my make up and giving her a cheeky smile may have had more impact than thought about, something sparked in her eyes and then I left the bathroom. I didn’t look back but knew she watched me walk away from the bathroom door, her foot holding it open for her to see my hips sway back and forth my legs glide in front of each other. I made my way to the office and mentally prepared myself for the day ahead.

Slut in stockings with a cucumber

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

This particular morning I had a really lovely lie in and by the time I had got up, it was mid morning. I had spent a while in bed just lying there and thinking naughty thoughts. I really needed a new dildo that I could use while I think of naughty things!

I finally got out of bed and showered. I felt really fresh and ready for the day ahead. I drew back the curtains and saw that it was a gorgeous day. I looked in my wardrobe and picked out something to wear. I put on some matching lacy underwear and a sexy satin suspender belt. I pulled out a new pair of stockings and put each one on carefully so as not to ladder them. I rolled them up and over my knees and let them rest over my smooth thighs. I clipped each of the clasps on to the sheer fabric of the stockings and admired myself in the mirror.

I put on a sexy blue and pink floral dress and a pair of new high heels and my big sunglasses. I picked up my handbag and left the house ready to hit the shops. I jumped on the number 7 bus and headed into town. I love it when the sun is shining, I feel so sexy.

I got off the bus after my 30 minute journey and went straight to my favourite underwear shop, Agent Provocateur. I really fancied a couple of new pairs of panties. I picked out two very different pairs and also matching bras. I slipped out of my floral dress and tried on the new underwear. I stood admiring the fit of the lingerie and felt really sexy standing there in my stockings and heels.

I took off the underwear after deciding I had to buy them and I got dressed and paid the cashier.

I wandered round the shops for a while and was enjoying browsing. I couldn’t spend too much more as Agent Provocateur isn’t exactly inexpensive!

I walked through the market and picked up some delicious strawberries and then a display of cucumbers caught my eye! I felt my pussy getting wet and I really wanted to go home and play with myself! Maybe it was their size and shape that made me think naughty thoughts!? I picked out a huge cucumber and paid the stall holder. I quickly left and jumped onto the bus to get home as fast as possible.

What could be sexier than lying on my bed in my stockings and new underwear and playing with a large cucumber I thought! I arrived home, slammed the door shut and went straight to my bedroom. I hurriedly took off my dress and my underwear and put on one of the new pairs of panties and matching bra. I grabbed the cucumber and lay down with it next to me. I slid my fingers inside my panties and felt my soaking wet pussy. I was feeling so naughty at the thought of fucking my pussy with a big cucumber. I grabbed it and licked it and sucked it and pretended I was sucking a cock. I could feel the metal clasps of my stockings as I felt my smooth stocking clad thighs. I slowly put the cucumber inside myself and moaned with sheer pleasure. I didn’t want to be too noisy as my window was open, but I couldn’t help it.

I fucked myself so hard and really fast and imagined that I was being fucked by someone I had just met. I imagined that I had flashed a guy on the bus up my skirt and he saw my stocking tops and panties and got so turned on his cock grew really hard. I imagined I had invited him home with me for a marathon sex session.

Thinking these naughty thoughts and thinking that the cucumber was a real cock. I orgasmed so quickly and so noisily, but I didn’t care if the neighbour’s heard me. I lay for a while on my big bed recovering from a mind blowing orgasm.

Everytime that I see a cucumber now, I get really excited and my pussy gets so wet that I have to go and masturbate as quickly as possible. Read all my exclusive stockings stories at my premium mebers site here

Secretary at my new temping job

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

The cold air slapped against my wet legs as I made my way to the bedroom cupboard.  I was getting ready for my job; it was a temporary one again at a posh firm in a building about five blocks away.  My cupboard was lined with expensive silk, cashmere and wool garments that each felt wonderful against my skin.  I needed something lush and professional so that I could keep everyone’s eyes on me and opted for a black wool suit that screamed elegance but showed enough leg to keep everyone’s attention.

Taking the hanger of the rail, with the clothes attached, I made my way over to the bed and lay the midnight black suit against the cloudy white sheets that lined my bed.  I tiptoed over to my set of drawers and fumbled in the top left drawer which held my lingerie.

A white matching set caught my eye and that is what I would be wearing today.  The lacy cotton bra would uplift my breasts and give me a plunging cleavage that would catch any mans attention.  The panties would look lovely sitting neatly up from my pale, natural coloured stockings.

Once I was comfortable sitting down on the bed I picked up the soft white bra and held it firmly against my bust while I clipped the bra together with the front fastening clip.  The bra cupped my breasts boosting them outwards and upwards.  The straps sat delicately on my shoulders.  I skimmed my fingers down my stomach as I picked the panties up and bent over to slide them up my delicate legs.  After sliding each foot into the panty holes I eased them over my legs and sat them gently onto my hips.

My natural, sheer stockings lay smoothed out on the bed.  They shimmered under the bedroom light as I grazed my fingers up and down the smooth material before picking them up and guiding them to my soft and sumptuous legs.  I gently pried open the first stocking and placed my left foot inside the gaping hole.  The sheer cloth gracefully slid up my leg and over my knee so that it came to rest gently over my thigh.  I snapped the cold, metal suspender clips tightly on the delicate fabric and watch the clip indent the stocking.

The second stocking felt just as wonderful.  I felt the smooth material work its way up my leg.  The sensations tickled my sensitive skin as I placed the stocking atop my thigh and proceeded to hold it up with the cold, harsh clasp.  My underwear was fully on and I stood up so that I could place my suit on.

I slipped my soft cream shirt on over my sexy lingerie and felt the cool fabric drift over my torso.  I buttoned up the shirt, leaving the top button open so that I could expose my jutting cleavage.  My black and white pinstriped suit jacket and skirt lay on the bed.  I slid the skirt of the coat hanger and undid the plastic button and zip.  I slipped into the skirt, the silk underskirt brushing against my stockings sending shivers down my spine.

I glanced in my cupboard mirror before putting on my suit jacket, I looked stunning, elegant and sexy all at once.  A smile crossed my lips as I headed back for the jacket.  Today was going to be a good day, I knew it.

I threw my bag over my shoulder and headed for the front door. I would grab a coffee from the van on the way to work.  I slipped my high heeled court shoes on as I reached the door.  They sky was glowing bright but it wasn’t hot.  It was freezing cold and I hailed a taxi forgetting all about the morning coffee as the wind blew through my hair.

The driver was a tall, dark haired Englishmen who eyed me up thoroughly before the taxi left the rank.  His eyes were fixated on my stunning legs.  My skirt hid ridden up and the lace tips of my stockings were peeking out from under my skirt.  His attention was plainly in that area and he almost wet himself as he dodged a car speeding by.  My legs felt the draft as the cool air slipped up my skirt and against my panties.  The driver licked his lips as we sped down the streets, he was not really paying much attention to where he was going as long as his eyes could linger on the sneaky peek my succulent legs provided him with.

He was just passing my stop as I shouted for him to stop, with a flushed and somewhat embarrassed look he asked for the fare.  I dug around in my purse until I could find change.  His hands and mine brushed as the money changed hands and he looked up at me, his eyes full of lust and quickly dipping own to eye my legs over once more as I walked up to the office building.

I walked up the steps and had to endure a few carnivorous looks from passers by who were fixated on my wearing stockings to the office.  As I took each step I felt the stockings glide against the inside of my thighs, I tingled all over as I approached the office door and made my way inside.  Each passer by insisted on peeking at my legs and what enclosed them.

As I approached the reception desk I smoothed my hands down my skirt and over the tops of my stockings, savouring the feel of the sheer nylon against my fingertips.  As the desk was getting closer and closer I reached out to pick up my staff badge.  My heels clicked loudly against the marble flooring directing all the attention towards me and my fine legs.  I made my way to the elevators feeling the heavy weight of gazes weighing me down as the elevator bells rung.

I looked around one last time before proceeding into the lift.  As I took the first step forward I altered my skirt to make it somewhat longer so that I didn’t attract so much attention.  Any other circumstance the attention would be much appreciated but right now I need to be considered professional.   As the elevator closed doors the gentleman passing the lift had his jaw to the floor and his eyes stuck on my thighs.  I wonder what other reactions this day would entice?  Maybe I’m due a raise. To read all my exclusive stockings adventures, watch my stockings movies or see my exclusive stockings pictures visit my premium site here

An average day in the life of a stocking lover

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Work takes it out of you all week and then the weekend is full of partying. Where on earth can anyone find peace in the world? Well I figured since I had worked and partied so hard it was time for a casual, relaxing Sunday and I had the perfect idea. A picnic was in order, yes that’s right, a traditional wicker basket, sandwiches and strawberries picnic. Luckily enough the day started of very bright and promising.

I bathed today, rather than opting for the shower. I had time to kill and I wanted to kill it peacefully. I lay under all the bubbles, my breasts bobbing up and down in the water and my legs shining under the bathroom spotlights. Today was going to be a good day I could feel it.

The cool air slapped my legs as I got out of the bathroom, even with the heating on it was still cold as soon as you jumped out of a bath. I wrapped my towel around me snug and tight and then headed towards the bedroom.

My bedroom was a lot cosier than the bathroom. I hugged my towel close to me as I started to dry myself of. I rubbed the towel in between my legs and over my thighs, soaking up every bit of moisture on the bottom half of my body. I ran the towel along my shoulders and down my breasts. I dabbed my hair in the towel, preventing droplets of water falling back down my smooth body.

I had chosen a subtle, more playful suit for the day. Of course I wore my stockings but I wore a short, black, floaty skirt and a soft cream tank top to go with it. I sat down on the bed as I started to get dressed. My bra was the first garment that I picked up. It was a soft, cream, stain bra that held my breasts in place with moulded cups. The straps sat gently on my shoulders and the clasp neatly clung to my gentle back.

My stockings were cream in colour to match my top and my underwear. The stockings were gently pattered with two soft lines running up the back of them. They were thick and I had chosen cream to keep my legs cool from the hot sun.

The stockings melded into the white bed sheets, like a soft stain. I picked up the first one and eased it open with my perfectly manicured hands. It was smooth on my fingertips, the fabric whispering against my soft skin. I pulled the stocking steadily over my leg, the gentle material felt like heaven on my skin.

I picked up the other sticking and pried it open. I let the long sock trail over my leg and sit gently on my hips. My panties were cool to the touch but I picked them up and laid them over my crotch and say them on my waist. Afterwards I clipped the stockings onto the suspender belt and got up to put on the rest of my clothes. My skirt slid easily up my soft legs. As it floated around my thighs when I walked it was like I was walking on air.

My top slid over my head, gently catching my hair. It fit perfectly around my breasts and flat stomach.

I decided to stop messing around putting my clothes on and to start heading out. My wicker basket was ready to go filled to the brim with strawberries and cream. The day was bright and I decided to get out of the house and into the hot sunshine, the park was waiting for me, and it’s not nice to keep it waiting.

As I stepped outside a wave of fresh air slapped against my face and I welcomed it. Of course I did not welcome the breeze that blew my skirt up over my panties where it didn’t belong and I didn’t welcome the jeers from the men across the road at the building site. However, I carried on and made my way down the street towards the park. Obviously the park was full today, there were kids running around, mothers pushing strollers and groups of young strapping men playing soccer in the middle of the field.

I found a nice quiet spot under a tree where I could see everyone and everything yet I could keep myself hidden from public view. I lay my wicker basket down on the grass beneath my feet, my feet were trapped in high sandals but I took my feet out of my sandals and let them rest on the ground, my stockings prevented them from getting grass and dirt in between my toes. I crossed my legs over and my skirt slid up some more, catching the attention of the young men playing soccer. I thought I had hidden myself well but young eyes manage to find everything.

I adjusted my skirt and dipped into my wonderfully prepared basket. The strawberries were in a green tub and I took them out. I also took out the cream and a bowl and filled the bowl with both the strawberries and then drizzled them in the runny cream. It looked absolutely delicious. I picked up the first strawberry and held it close to my mouth, savouring the sweet smell. The young men had all but turned with their tongues hanging out as I licked the strawberry and nibbled seductively on it. My stockings just added to the tease and they had a hard time concentrating on the ball they should be.

A sudden gush of wind comes and blows my skirt up to heights I’d rather it didn’t reach. I quickly flushed my skirt down but not without catching my stocking. The stocking ripped down one side and I could hardly leave it like that. So even with the prying eyes I decided that the only thing to do would be remove both stockings, in the middle of the park it wasn’t such a great idea but when you’re left with no other options you have to do what you have to do.

I looked around; most eyes were turned and now was a better chance than any. I hoisted up my skirt. The hem was sitting just at my panty line, my crotch visible to those who looked properly. I slid my fingers underneath the tips of my stockings; I felt the thick nylon grip my fingers as I slid it down my legs. I was just beginning to enjoy what I was doing when a white, leather ball bounced to my feet. One of the young men jogged across to get it.

He was, I would suggest, only in his early twenties but he had a body of a god. His eyes were full of lust and it looked as though something had captivated him. I’m assuming it was my slender legs completely bare to him. I looked up, my eyes were seductive and swear formed on his brow. I crawled over on my knees to get the ball, my ass was high in the air and my bare legs were showing up to the top of my thighs. I looked back at him, his hands were dangling over his crotch, itching to knead himself but he kept his pose.

I crept up onto my knees and then stood up. My knees had grass stains and my skirt was still higher than it had been when I had walked to the park. I handed him his ball, deliberately lingering my hand over his. He looked up at me anxious to say something and just as his lips started to part as if to say something I turned around and went back to my strawberries. He looked at me, his eyes working their way over my body, his eyes lingering on my bare leg and thighs.

He turned around sharply and made his way back to his friends. I laughed quietly to myself as I gathered up my strawberries and cream. I picked up my wicker basket and slipped my high sandals back on my cool feet. The wicker basket sat gently over my arm as I half skipped out of the park, the young man stared back at me, his eyes lingering over my legs. A soft smile crept over my lips and I drew another strawberry out of the basket and nibbled gently on it as I walked home. A lovely day for a picnic… Read more of my stockings adventures at my very own stocking site sabrinas stockings

Sabrina in stockings gets a spanking from a gentleman friend

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

One of my members is really into CP and spanking. He once wrote to me saying that it really would be his dream come true if he could spank me. He said he would love to buy me some sexy underwear of his choice and for me to strip in front of him, put on the underwear he chooses for me then he can spank my bare bottom.

I decided that it would be good to meet him and certainly no harm in me receiving a good spanking.

I thought I would arrange to meet him and let him fulfill his dreams of spanking my bare behind. I won’t tell you his name, but we met in a mutually agreed location and got to work!

He was a bit nervous but I soon put his mind at rest. He handed me a large pink box with a big black ribbon tied around it. It was a box full of my favourite type of lingerie from Agent provocateur. I opened each individual package and set out my new gifts. I had a black satin corset, black satin full back panties and a gorgeous black satin suspender belt which had 12 straps with metal clasps. I also had a sheer black pair of fully fashioned stockings.

He definitely had good taste, they were all things I would have picked out for myself. He urged me to put on his gifts and my sexy high heels. When I was ready he instantly got into his role.

He ordered me into the centre of the room where he inspected every inch of me.

He told me that I should have known better and as an avid stocking wearer, I should at least be able to put on a pair of fully fashioned stockings on correctly!

He bent me over an armchair and spanked my bottom with his bare hand. It really hurt. He told me that the lines down the back of the stockings were not perfectly straight and that when he was finished spanking me with his bare hand, I had to roll each one over my legs and replace them again.

He spanked me about 50 times. I am not used to being spanked so much, so I was’nt surprised that I would find it painful.

He told me to take off each stocking and replace them correctly. I unclipped each metal clasp and rolled down the stockings one at a time. I was really careful as I didn’t want to ladder them. I didn’t want to be spanked more than necessary! I carefully put the stockings back on and made sure that the lines at the back were looked perfect. I clipped them into place and put on my heels.

He ordered me back into the centre of the room where he inspected my legs. Up and down he looked and he felt each of the metal clasps to make sure I had clipped them correctly. It is actually harder than you might think to apply stockings to perfection and clip them in exactly the right place when you are wearing a corset. This corset was very tight and most restricting!

He said that I had done a great job at putting the fully fashioned stockings back on but as I had done so, I had created a tiny snag in one of them.

So, not only had I been a bad girl for not putting on my stockings correctly the first time, the second time, I had snagged one of them and for that…you guessed it, more punishment.

He pushed me over the armchair and pulled down my sexy new panties to my knees and whipped my bottom (which was already very red and sore) with a riding crop. It really was so painful. He whipped me 10 times then used a leather flogger and flogged my bare behind. My bottom felt like it was on fire! He used his belt and whacked me with that too. He also used a cane which he whipped each of my cheeks in tur. He told me I looked like a slut with my panties at my knees and whipped me some more.

My bottom must be red raw by now. It really was stinging! I had tears in my eyes it was so painful!

He stopped soon after as I suppose he didn’t want to push any boundaries. That was an experience! You could see raised, red whip marks on my bottom and it hurt for days afterwards and really I’d had the very mildest of spankings!

My member had a great time spanking me and I had some gorgeous new lingerie and fully fashioned stockings to add to my collection. We’ll definitely get together again in the future I’m sure! Read all my stockings stories and watch my exclusive stockings movies and nylon pictures at my premium site here

Secretary in stockings in my new office

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

I just closed the door on my new office, that’s right, an office all to myself! This is the type of work I enjoyed doing, being the temporary secretary to someone important - that usually means I get an office to myself and don’t have to sit in a crowded workplace with tons of others around me all day moaning and groaning about how their other halves have packed then salad for lunch rather than a tasty treat.

My leather chair awaited me so I didn’t delay any longer, I sat down on the comfy italian leather by the feel of things and sunk deep down into the curves of the chair! Oh yeah, that felt good. I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the cool leather just taking in the scent of the desks mahogany wood and the smell of freshly cut paper sitting neatly in a pile on my desk.

Once I had relaxed for a bit I went in to meet the boss, his window looked out into my office so he beckoned me through when I had gotten used to the layout of the office and talked me through procedure and what my day to day tasks would be. Nothing particularly difficult in the to do list so I went back through my own office and got started on the days tasks ahead.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that I felt my thigh getting cold, I looked down to see that my stocking had slipped down my eg and was almost peeping out through my skirt. I instantly felt a wave of red flush my face and I bent over to fix my stocking. Somehow, it must have come unclipped from my garter.

I closed my office door not wanting any of the staff to see me hiking up my skirt and then locked it. I waded back over to my desk and sat down, unbeknown to me the blinds were very open to the bosses window and the boss was curiously watching what I was doing. I slowly pulled my skirt up, enough for my panties to poke through the gap and gently grasped the lace tip of the stocking, gently pulling it up my thigh. I moved my eyes to the side and looked through the window at my boses office, he was eyeing me up, his mouth was slightly parted and his eyes were glazed over - taking in all the details of my leg and smooth stockings.

Secretly I smiled and continued to watch him out of the side of my eyes and pulled up my stockings, my panty line was peeking out of the side of my skirt and I traced my hand up the side of my leg, caressing my stockings and smoothing out the creases as I pulled the stocking up my leg with my other hand…His face tightened as he strained over his desk to look out the window more, he wanted to see my whole leg. He’d just have to strain a little harder then wouldn’t he.

I stretched my leg out to pull my stocking up all the way and hiked my skirt up a little higher revealling my garter belt and the clips, I gently pried open the metal clasps and attached the stocking, I looked up and started at my boss knowingly, he quickly jumped back in his seat and quickly disappeared down on the floor with a loud bang, the wheels of his plush executive chair sticking up the air.

With a giggle I smoothed down my skirt, got up and knocked on his door asking if he was alright. “Yes fine thank you, that will be all” was the answer I was given with a small cough at the end, I chuckled with laughter and went to sit back at my own desk…What a good start to a new job! Read all about my stocking adventures and watch me in my exclusive stockings movies and pictures at my very own premium members site here.

Secretary on a Monday morning

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Monday morning papers rustled and dreary faces lined the train. It was Monday rush hour and on an underground train you were always hard pressed to find a seat. I was leaning against a tall, cold shiny pole surrounded in suited men and women all on their way to the daily grind.

I however was not your typical suit woman. Instead of wearing tights I wore stockings, everybody I have ever met has had their own personal opinion on stockings and for the most part it’s a good one. I just love the way that the soft, smooth fabric rubs against my delicate skin, the way that they sit gently on my thighs and the way my toes rub together and are kept warm and cosy.

The train jerked me back and forth and my hands were tied up between my bag and my folders so I had no choice but to let my skirt ride up a little, I would just have to deal with the stares I knew I was going to get. I could feel my soft cotton skirt riding slowly up my ass, a soft cool breeze hit my crotch and it sent shivers down my spine.

I looked around the passengers trying to catch out whose heavy eyes I could feel upon me and there they were. A group of young men skulking in the corner of the train all had their young eyes glazed over and their minds focused on one thing, what was resting under my sweet short skirt.

I braced myself as the train went over a few bumpy patches. My jutting breasts bounced up and down as the train skidded to a halt at one of the stops. None of the young men left the train. I looked down at my legs, pretending not to notice their heavy, hot gazes. I stared at my soft, black, leather court shoes and watched them melt into my thick nylon stockings. I savoured the feel of the sweet fabric embracing my leg and closed my eyes.

When I opened them I noticed that the train was half empty and my stop was next. I took a seat near the door, being careful to avoid the half chewed gum that was places strategically in the middle of the seat. I laid my folders and my bag next to me and sorted my skirt that had slid up my legs for more than I had wanted it to.

I needed to adjust myself so I took the time to do it while the train was empty. Although the young men were still sitting in the corner their eyes could barely see what I was about to do. I hoisted up my skirt so that not only were the tips of my stockings showing but my soft silky panties were exposed as well. I moved the suspender clips back into the centre of my leg so that I was more comfortable then re-attached the harsh metal clasps to the soft black stockings, the silver glinting under the trains spotlights.

On the other leg I had to turn the stocking around so I peeled it off and sorted it by hand. As I was slipping the soft stocking back onto my leg I looked up to find one of the young men standing over me, as though he was wanting to tell me something. Apparently the train had stopped and I hadn’t noticed and the kind young man had got more than he had bargained for when he stepped around to where I was sitting, not that he minded of course.

I rushed my stocking back onto my delicate creamy leg as the young man stood standing in front of me. My stocking slipped on easily and I gathered my things and stood up, the young man steadied me before he walked away, a sly grin spread across his face.

It was a sunny day and I was quite looking forward to work. There were several handsome young men that worked in the office below mine who always made entering the building a happy Monday task.

The sun beat down on my head as I walked up to the lavishly decorated office building. For the next few months I was working as a leading accountants PA for a very well established law firm. The money was good and the company was even better.

After walking up the endless steps that lead into the building I picked up my ID badge from the reception desk and made my way to the elevator. As I stepped inside I was greeted by two young handsome men that worked at the floor beneath mine. I stepped into the lift and the two young men stood behind me, quietly gossiping between them.

I stood still watching the lights pass each floor slower than I remembered. I could hear the boys whispering behind me about my stockings, I looked down at my shoes, taking in what they were saying.

They were talking about my legs and the way that they curved at the backs of my knees. They talked about how black my stockings were against my creamy skin. They laughed at the way my hips swayed back and forth to the cheesy elevator music and they were wondering what lay under my tight, cotton skirt.

I felt their eyes move up and over my stockings, taking in every detail of the black nylon of stockings that they could before we reached their stopped which was just a few seconds away. I felt them shuffling to the front of the lift beside me and as the door opened and they walked out I felt two hands skiff the sides of my legs and ass and a giggle escape the mouth of two grown men.

I myself felt a giggle escape my mouth as the doors closed and the lift carried onto my floor. What a perfect way to start a Monday… Read all my stories and watch my exclusive movies and pictures at my very own site for premium members here.

Stockings and no panties up skirt flashing on the train

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

I just thought I would tell you all about the time that I was coming home from London on the train after a really long, successful day of shopping. It was a warm summer’s evening and I had spent all day on my feet. I was shopping for myself in London and I had spent a lot of money on lots of lovely new clothes, shoes and sexy new stockings.

It was a relief to finally find a seat on the train and a place to stow all my bags. I began to relax as the train pulled away from the station and I had taken the weight off my feet. I love to wear heels, they are so sexy, but sometimes after wearing them for 12 hours walking around London I regret it!

I rested my feet on a bag which had my new Jimmy Choo’s in and looked around the carriage at all the gentlemen travelling home after a long day working in the city. The chap opposite me smiled and I saw him steal a long look at my stocking clad legs.

I was wearing some silky, sheer, fully fashioned stockings which I almost always wear, especially when trying on new clothes as they go with everything. I had on a little black pleated summery skirt and a summery floral blouse which I had unbuttoned to my cleavage.

I could see the man opposite me was really looking at every inch of me with great intent and really seemed to be admiring me. I had bought myself a glass of wine when the drinks trolley came round and started to feel a little less inhibited. The more passengers that got off on my way home, the more of myself I felt I could expose the the man opposite. I gradually unbuttoned a couple more blouse buttons and I gradually increased the gap between my legs and pulled my little skirt a bit higher.

He could now very easily see that I was wearing no panties and had a shaven pussy. He could easily see that I was wearing a sexy black and white satin suspender belt with metal clasps holding up my sexy stockings. He was looking very pleased that I was exposing myself especially for him and I could see his cock becoming very hard. Now this was a real turn on for me. I love to see men get really turned on when I do saucy things for them. It makes me even saucier! I tried my best to be as discreet as possible and that it was only he that could see what I was doing. It must be great to sit opposite a lady and really fancy her and to top it all off have her discreetly show you intimate parts of her body. He could easily see down my blouse at my full cleavage and my sexy satin plunge bra and he could easily see my sexy shiny wet pussy lips up my short skirt and my long slender legs that are encased in fully fashioned stockings. Stockings itself must be a treat to see. Not many ladies wear them these days.

I was getting very wet down below now and couldn’t wait to get home and relieve myself!

I felt so pleased after a wonderful day’s shopping, I did a great deed and flashed myself to an unsuspecting passenger. It’s so nice to make someone’s day. I got home that evening and stripped down to just my stockings and suspenders and heels and relieved my very wet pussy on my big welcoming leather sofa. Read more of my stockings adventures or watch my exclusive stockings movies and pictures on my site for premium members here

Saturday night stockings

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

The morning rain tapped hard on my window. It’s what woke me up this morning. I was still groggy from the night before and just lay in bed thinking about the past week. My duvet covers were pulled up tight to my chin as the winter weather was coming in thick and heavy and the dull light of sunrise was just passing. My clock flashed ten am, great, early. I was still wearing my underwear from the night before - baby pink bra and panties set, with garters and a pair of baby pink stockings - Cuban heeled and straight seams down the back.

I closed my eyes and remember last night, I was a bunny girl! The works night out, or rather a leaving do for me at the work place I had been for the past month. The bosses decided to do things a little differently this time and made everyone who was attending dress up! That’s right, we all had to indulge in skimpy little outfits and costumes for the night. Mind you, I didn’t have a problem with that as I wouldn’t be going back there, not in the foreseeable future anyway - the joys of being an office temp I suppose.

Last night I was looking through my drawers when I found a short pink frilly skirt and new I had the top and underwear to match it, my heart was set on that outfit although I should have asked around as to what everyone else was wearing as I was dressed up kind far too revealing. I picked up a pair of bunny ears on the way home from work and made my own fluffy cotton ball tail!

When I got home I went straight to my wardrobe which had my suit already hanging! I jumped in the shower and made myself smell pretty and did my hair before getting the clothes and underwear on. I’m very funny about my lingerie, I like it done to perfection, you never know who’s going to get a peek up your panties these days.

I flopped down on the bed and started up at my ceiling before I got ready. I didn’t fancy leaving this job as I had got used to the people there but then that’s the downside as well as the plus. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. Anyhow, I forgot about the bad bits and started to get excited about my party! It’s not often they throw a leaving do so it was time to make the most of it.

Jumping up of the bed I grabbed my outfit and ripped it off the hanger. I laid the pretty pink skirt over to the side and picked up my bra. Sliding it over my shoulders I slipped my breasts comfortable into the cups making sure my nipples were well tucked in and pushed the bra up a bit, giving me some boosted cleavage! I did the clips in at the back and turned around for my panties, they pink was so soft I almost missed it against my white bedsheets. They were low rise, full bottom coverage ones and fitted like a dream. I slid them up my smooth legs and settled them onto my hips, rubbing out the creases and fixing the little pink bow ties at the side so that they were straight.

Next up were my stockings, my most favored piece of lingerie. Some girls like corsets, bra’s, pantyhose - not me, I was a stockings girl. I sat down on the bed and lifted my left leg up. I smoothed the stocking down over my leg and shivered at the feeling of the soft warm nylon against my legs. I thought about wearing my pair of fishnets but they were far to bright a pink to wear to the night out. I rolled the stocking up gently, making sure that the heel was to the bottom and slipped my perfectly manicured foot in. I pulled the heel around my own and then slid the rest of the stocking gently up my leg, savoring the feel of the warm fabric on my clean, fresh skin. It feels like heaven to have stockings rub up my leg, I totally get of on it! Once the stocking was up to my thigh I picked up the garter from the bed and attached the stocking to my panties.

I sat back down on the bed, brushing my hair out of my face and lifted up my right leg, eagerly but gently all the same, I rolled the stocking to make sure I wouldn’t get any ladders in it, and aimed my foot inside. My toes gripped the fabric ad my heel slid into the ‘grip’ at the back and I slid the stocking up my leg, sorting the seam running up the back of the stocking into place - making sure it was centred. Nothing worse than having off centred stocking seams! I sat the stocking high up on my thigh and attached it with the white suspender to my panties. Once I was sure everything was in place I relaxed a little and let my legs dangle of the bed. I rubbed my hands over my thighs and just let the feeling wash over me…I then remember about my night out and rushed up to put my skirt on with a big smile on my face!

Picking up the frilly pink skirt, I slid it up over my stocking clad legs and settled it just about my pantie line! I slipped on my silk white blouse and strapped my fluffy cotton tail to my round perky ass. I fixed the floppy bunny ears I picked up at the shop to my head and grabbed my coat heading for the door.

A cold gust of wind brought me back to reality and I pulled the duvet covers back up to my neck and nuzzled my face in them, another two hours sleep wasn’t going to hurt, it was Saturday anyway! Read more of my stockings adventures or watch my exclusive stockings movies and pictures on my site for premium members here


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