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black stockings pictures taken on a mobile

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

These pictures were taken by one of my lovers on his phone. It isn’t really a set of pictures in terms of quality that I would usually show you and isn’t really a selfie, it is something in between. He wanted to take some pictures of the stockings I was wearing for him, before the night started. I was wearing a black dress for him, black stockings and a garter belt, plus some very sexy heels. Even though the quality is not great I hope you enjoy them anyway, as they show you what I wear on my normal days when I am not prepared to be in front of the camera.





Black stockings maid making the bed

Monday, September 8th, 2014

When I left school and was at college I use to have a part time job as a chambermaid. But the uniform wasn’t as sexy or as short as this one. So I use to have to pull it up to get it short. I love being a chambermaid and would always bend over the bed and flash my panties if there was a gentleman in the room. They seem to enjoy it. Well I gave up that job years ago but I have to keep my own apartment clean, because as you know a secretary job doesn’t stretch to being able to afford a cleaner. Here I am in my French maids uniform making the bed in these pictures. Would you like to book me as a maid to do all your cleaning? I would wear this uniform and make sure I bent over when making the bed. Would you like that?




Would you like to smell my panties master

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Well my master who keeps me in this cage, likes to watch me smell and play with my panties, I have to put on little sex shows for him, playing with myself, my stockings and my panties, which of course makes me and them even more moist, would you make me pull the panties up and into my wet crouch while you watched me? After playing with my panties for your amusement you could make me take them off and smell and taste them. Would you like to smell them? Here I am taking my wet panties off and smelling them and then tasting them. Would you like to see what my wet panties taste like after I have been pulling them up inside my crouch?




Stocking bondage pictures

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

In this stocking shoot I’m tied up in this warehouse wearing black stockings a pink suspender belt and blue panties. Then I have my panties pulled down over my stockings.


I love being tied up. I love losing control and so someone can do what ever they want to me. I am tied up wearing a black corset, frilly black panties until they are pulled down and tanned coloured fully fashioned stockings. I think the red rope looks great tied around these stockings. Hope you do too


I love being restrained, especially if I’m wearing some sexy lingerie and some stockings. The only problem is if you are restraining a woman while she is wearing nylons you have to be careful as they easily snag and nice fully fashioned nylons like these are expensive and I don’t like to snag them  so be gentle as you are having your way with me.


These pictures are a little bit naughtier than what I usually let you see. But I had no choice as I was tied to a chair wearing nothing but pink stockings and black suspender belt and Lacy bra. The photographer just tied me down, pulled my panties off and started taking pictures. I hope you enjoy them like he did.


I love the feel of silky stockings on my legs. But I also like the feeling of rope. Being tied up wearing nothing but stockings and lingerie is a real turn on for me. The stockings in these pictures are a favourite style of mine. Tanned with black tops and a black seem and a black Cuban heel. Yummy


A lady is sometimes allowed to be a bitch In Stockings

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Although I am submissive by nature, I have a strict side too. I like to keep the whip handy for when people have been naughty. I love corsets as well as stockings and they go so well together.


I need a slave. To do the house work and clean my shoes and wash my stockings. But if you want the job then be prepared to be flogged if you don’t work hard enough. But before I flog you I will rub this flogger on myself.


I love uniforms and love army uniforms. I bought this East German officers uniform in Germany. Its a real uniform and not a party uniform. OK, officially you are not suppose to wear the Uniform with black stockings and black knee length boots. But with this crop in my hand, who is going to argue?


Can you imagine what it would be like to on the floor licking your mistresses feet and toes and heels and high heel pointy shoes? Well now you can as I stand above you wearing black stockings, black suspender belt, black panties and a white shirt. I even force my dirty stiletto heel in your mouth.


Do pantyhose and stockings look good together?

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

In this explicit set I am in the office wearing stockings and pantyhose, but as I am wearing no panties I get very hot and very moist so I decide to relieve myself at my desk. I rub myself through my pantyhose and inside my pantyhose.


corset, pantyhose and nylons, well this is something a little bit different, me in pantyhose but of course I amwearing some hold up nylons. The thing I like about pantyhose is that you can see through them when you are not wearing any panties, but without revealing too much


Removing my stockings and panties using these two victoria umbrellas to cover myself

Friday, June 13th, 2014


Watch me in this Victorian style dress and umbrellas trying to change my panties and stockings without you trying to get a glimpse of me. I love this old fashioned look and these black stockings go just perfect. I do like the tease and love to tease any gentlemen friends. Usually I like to tease guys in every day situations, like in the office or on the train. A little pantie flash here or a stocking top flash there. But I also like to dress up, maybe do a little strip when men are watching. I set this movie up so I could do a little tease for you. See me as I remove my panties, but using these umbrellas to try and hide myself. Watch me as I take down my stockings and pull them off and play with them in front of you. Do you like to see a lady in stockings perform a little teasing show for you? If you do then I hope you like this little video. Remember these are just teasers and all my full length exclusive stockings movies are on my very own site . To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings

My new play friend has her own blog

Monday, June 9th, 2014

You have almost certainly seen my busty Indian friend Shiva. We have made some great pictures together and we often go out on the town together to flirt with men. Now Shiva has her very own blog, like my stockings blog. You can read all about her naughty adventures and see her pictures and watch her exclusive movies. so visit the busty Indian teen Shiva Shaw here

“It seems that I have this thing for being quite submissive, it shows very much in this set of pictures when my good friend Sabrina came along and gave me what’s for! She put the leash on me and had me bent over with my hands cuffed, I won’t even tell you what she did to me with that large leather whip. It was uncomfortable, I was in a bit of pain, I felt humiliated - and I loved every second of it. I love it when Sabrina comes to play, we get up to all sorts Read more of her blog posts here


Pictures of a strict bitch in black stockings and suspenders. Who needs a stockings slave

Saturday, May 31st, 2014


Well I need a new slave, someone who wants to worship me and my stockings. Are you the sort of slave who is willing to lick my boots clean? Are you prepared to lick the metal clasps of my suspender belt until they shine? What about my knee length leather boots? When I get a slave he has to be prepared to do all of that and much more. I demand that the sole and heel of my boots are cleaned, that my slave licks the floor in front of where ever I walk. That he runs his tongue up the back of my stockings, right up the seam until he reaches my panties and licks them clean as well. Even if having the material from my stockings and panties makes his tongue and mouth dry. Is that you are you willing to do that? The thing is with a true stockings worshiper is that they must expect nothing in return. The very best you can hope for is once a month I might let you wash my stockings or smell my panties, bet even then I would have to be in a VERY good mood. To see the complete video and all my videos visit sabrina Stockings

Corsets look great with stockings and a garter belt

Monday, April 28th, 2014

I sometimes go out for the evening in my boned corset and always I wear stockings and suspenders. Watch me getting ready for a night out. All there is left to do is put my fully fashioned seemed stockings on.


This is my new corset from What Katie Did. I would like to see what you think. I am wearing it with tanned stockings and a black garter belt. Plus a little pair of see through panties. The corset is Heavyweight satin with a modesty Panel. It has a stainless steel busk front opening, a laced back and steel boning and is fully hand made.


I love being tied up. I love losing control and so someone can do what ever they want to me. I am tied up wearing a black corset, frilly black panties untill they are pulled down and tanned coloured fully fashioned stockings. I think the red rope looks great tied around these stockings. Hope you do too.


Can you imagine what it would be like to on the floor licking your mistresses feet and toes and heels and high heel pointy shoes? Well now you can as I stand above you wearing black stockings, black suspender belt, black panties and a white shirt. I even force my dirty stiletto heel in your mouth.


Here I am in my bedroom getting ready for a night out. Wearing nothing but my black corset, black suspender belt, black panties and pink stockings. Of course before I leave the house I will put on some more clothes, well maybe a skirt at least


Sitting on and bursting balloons while wearing stockings

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

I do love to play around in nylons, not necessarily in the sexual means. The truth is I wear stockings, basically at all times plus like to do plenty of things which is enjoyable, however , not sexual. Like right now I will be using these black fully fashioned stockings,, with a corset in addition to charcoal full back knickers & My goal is to possibly be relaxing upon balloons until eventually they burst. View as I rebound down and up in my knickers until eventually the balloons go bang. There’s no doubt that precisely what works really well may be the set off involving the dark-colored nylons, and also the red-colored and also light red balloons..You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now


Busty Kerry Marie in black stockings and a black corset masturbates

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Busty English big bust female kerry did have many job opportunities. On the list of jobs kerry marie has done include bar worker, store helper, table dancer, stripper, putting together computer boards and dental hygienist. What exactly this slut finds attractive in a gentleman? “I like suits. I think adult males in suits are generally amazing. Or perhaps anyone in uniforms. I love uniforms. Sometimes postman’s uniforms I think are really appealing! “. Nevertheless what this English huge breast brunette is very famous for is usually getting out those 34JJ chests on the camera. So anyone may possibly consider this slut can be some sort of sugary, angelic, healthy, bit of a pushover? Well, you simply made the biggest misjudgment of your boob adoring life. Observe as this slut plays with her considerably worshiped juggs when this slapper stares at the camera. She has got very much to show. Yet this slappers site is not just about Kerry’s superb large boobs, as fantastic as about kerry Marie’s chest are. It is additionally about kerry marie dressing up in naughty clothes and also nylons, masturbating alone or even together with kerry Marie’s big breast friends. kerry marie possesses a great character to match Kerry’s innocent appearance and absolutely nothing awful may be claimed about it fine lady. Piled as well as plump now (this slapper gained a lot of pounds back in 2004) this slapper gained scorelands plump babe of the Calendar year two years running (2004 and also 05) plus shows up within xlgirls frequently at this point as well. View this dazzling British amateur in these videos as kerry in black stockings and a black corset masturbates.


New stocking photoshoot

Friday, February 7th, 2014

I did a new photo shoot last week. See me here in some very sexy sheer black stockings with my old college uniform. I loved wearing stockings for this shoot and not long white socks as I remember from college. Here is just one picture from the shoot. See me in my sexy uniform, black stockings, very short skirt, hat and tie”




My friend TJ Heart in black stockings

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

tj has a large appetite for intimacy, I guess you can say tj is an official whore at heart. I believe you’ll discover that tj is usually not really your common woman next door. tj and also her partner ADORE viewing porn. Seeing that they appreciate it a great deal they decided to produce a new internet site for people to be able to appreciate at the same time. Take a glimpse at this blonde amateur in charcoal nylons. tj is a sexy nudists M. I. L. F that adores getting rude. This amateur wife possesses numerous sexy films and also images for us all to enjoy. Have a look at some of the woman’s naughty photographs and video clip examples. I would like everyone to get a little taste of just what will be waiting for everyone within. tj can not wait for anyone to see the woman in many of her dirtiest swinging experiences. From time to time tj can be along with some other ladies or perhaps sexxy single men. TJ’s partner films all this and they put it right here on her web site for you in order to appreciate. tj has always been a natural exhibitionist and this internet site gives her the excellent outlet to show herself sexually. There is certainly so much to discover. Therefore get out your lube and be ready to get off hard. See this big breasted flasher amateur in black nylons posing in her kitchen area. visit tj here.



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