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mistress beats her slave while wearing stockings and suspender belt

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Now this sub thought that I couldn’t break him with a very good solid whipping. Now don’t you imagine I could beat him? Well naturally I could and thus did. Observe when I work with a wide selection of tools which are at my personal convenience right up until he could receive no more. We start out this movie completely clothed, but I get so warm with all the effort required with whipping this specific slave, that I need to strip down to my own under garment and stockings. But the following slave didn’t have a opportunity to get aroused seeing me stripped down, as he was far too busy getting beaten. Of course beaten so hard this individual would never end up being turned on. This is certainly possibly the hardest beating video We have made. Could you enjoy a dam good beating like this slave? Exactly what have you done to be treated in this way? Have you been good or even naughty? This beating goes on for about 40 minutes which is all captured onvideo, from start to finish without pauses or rests.You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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In stockings and boots teasing and punishing a slave

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Sometimes while i am beating a slave they try and get away or maybe they simply just wiggle plus squirm all over. Consequently in that case, while i need them to be still so I can hand them a good thrashing, I have to tie them down. Within this movie I have a new slave tied down while in the dungeon to a therapeutic massage bed once tied down I’ll give him a very good thrashing without him getting away. Not surprisingly Im dressed up in stockings and also knee length boots, to tease him simultaneously as discipline him. I love to blend tease as well as abuse of subs in a session. Is that one thing you enjoy? To have both discomfort as well as joy in the same session? During this readend beating session I combine both hard hits with softer more teasing hitting and use a number of punishing tools, such as canes, floggers as well as tawses. You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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Rubber nurse in stockings gives a handjob

Friday, August 1st, 2014

I am dressed in this rubber nurses outfit and tanned stockings and a pair of high heels. So I can milk this patient in the sex treatment area. The area in the dungeon where I do tests on mens cocks. Often milking them. In this uniform milking set I have included at the end some screen grabs, because you really can’t capture a cumshot in pictures. So most of the set are taken on a camera with a few at the end captured from film. Would you like to be milked by a nurse dressed in rubber with stockings? Well this patient gets to shoot all over my rubber covered breasts.


Fully Fashioned Stockings footjob

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Gentlemen don’t merely want to examine a female in hosiery, they will typically ponder exactly what it could be like to be given a hosiery foot-job. I wager that is certainly a little something you could have dreamed about. With this distinctive video I am going to attempt to explain to you what a hosiery foot job is like. Enjoy as I get started this hosiery foot job by gripping my personal hosiery covered feet all around this specific prick and slowly and gradually wank it off. We finish this film using both my stockings covered feet as well as my hands and wrists. Naturally this fortunate male gets to shoot all over my stockings covered toes and also hands. This specific video is taken coming from a mans standpoint, hence with any luck, it will look like its your tool I’m wanking by using my own hosiery covered feet.

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a good hard caning in the dungeon

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

This specific film is a very lengthy video. It plays for more than FORTY minutes. It had been filmed in the session having a slave who merely loves pain. That session continued for a couple of hours, by far the most prolonged punishing session, in which I made use of a whole variety of hitting equipment in order to beat him with. From crops, & canes, whips, tawse, floggers as well as whatever else I can discover. You can find some hard ass beating here. The two hr session has been cutt in to 45 minutes. This really is simply a video for those who like seeing tough punishment of slaves. We have a tiny bit of butt worship in addition to pussy worship, nevertheless it is principally physical punishment.

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Watch me be a bitch to my slave girl Danni, of course while both of us are in stockings

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

My bitch Danni has a great set of big juggs. Yet this dirty little servant girl is obviously permitting males to cum over them. Therefore today we intend to teach her some sort of lesson and instead of covering her bosoms in jizz we will cover them in very hot wax. Not surprisingly I will be paying special attention to the girl’s large brown nipples and I’ll cover them with hot wax. We’ve our little slutty slave girl dressed up in black stockings and myself when administering the hot wax on her bosoms and nipples in our medical center am being dressed in a plastic nurses dress and brownish nylons.You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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Black stocking worshiper

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

I love men of all races to worship my stockings, licking, caressing, fondling my black stockings. Rubbing my stocking covered feet and massaging my feet and toes. But it doesn’t hurt at all when the man playing with your stockings is some naked black muscly young eye candy does it? Today I have black stockings with red reinforced to and heel and a red seem up the back. Black suspender belt and see through black panties. My white skin in black stockings and his black body make a great contrast don’t you think?




Panty teasing my new house boy

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

I love pleasuring myself and at the same time teasing a man who can’t cum. That is why I love getting my new black houseboy naked and riding him, dressed up in my old school uniform, panties and stockings. Rubbing myself on him to get his cock hard. Then bringing myself to climax on his hard black cock. You get to see lots of panty upskirts and stocking shots, as well as seeing his hard black cock rubbing against my white cotton panties as I ride him. Of course riding his cock is not enough, I need to ride his face hard.



watch me in my office masturbating dressed in stockings using this huge black rubber dildo

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

There is something in this movie for you, for all of you which prefer to be degraded about how exactly tiny a person’s prick is, in that case it is for yourself. Nonetheless in the event you merely enjoy watching the bitchy office slut at work on her workplace fucking herself with a massive black cock then this really is for you personally.

Watch when I take my underwear down and spread my nylon covered hip and legs. You’re able to watch me personally open nice and wide when ramming this enormous dark-colored dick straight into my own wet bald pussy. You can observe how massive black pricks helps make me.

Do you have any bitchy secretary within your office that enjoys to tease? I can guess she likewise adores large dark prick and also fantasizes about shagging them while using huge dildo’s on the woman’s table. You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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Mistress Sabrina giving her slave the hot wax treatment

Friday, March 28th, 2014

I like to experiment with some hot wax on the slave. in particular one who has this kind of good bottom as Danni has. Watch when the very hot white wax drops on to her dark brown body, it nearly looks like sperm. I have my slave girl dressed in only black stockings plus a suspender belt. I’m wearing nylons with a plastic nurses uniform. Slave Danni features a terrific butt I know you are going to agree. I do believe this looks superb all covered with warm wax. Just what do you think? Danni definitely took loads of enjoyment and also a great deal of discomfort from the very hot wax on her rear end.

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Watch me punish my stocking wearing submissive slave girl

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

I’ve got this naughty sub Danni in our dungeon. Danni is new to all or any stuff naughty and so We are training her slowly and gradually without scaring her off. On this video, made within the dungeon, We have this dirty sub Danni tied to this St. Andrews cross and also My goal is to give her juggs some teasing then some abuse with numerous canes, whips and also floggers. But we don’t abandon the punishment there, I flip my sex servant Danni all-around and give her ass an excellent whack as well. Sex Slave Danni has such a superb rear end in stockings and suspenders which i really need to give her a superb whack.You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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Watch me thrash this stocking wearing slave girl

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Danni is actually our brand new servant girl. I will be teaching her to become the dungeon sub and to service me as well as my gentleman friends. However the coaching didn’t start off well, for the reason that on the first morning of her training, Danni was delayed. Several minutes late to be accurate. Hence the initial session was to ensure this specific girl knew never to end up being delayed. The easiest way to teach her appeared to be to give her bum a fantastic beating. So I had the girl stripped naked apart from some dark stockings & bent over the horse. We next make use of numerous implements to thrash the girl’s ass with.

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Angels in stockings features babes like me in stockings

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

This post was taken from a great stockings blog called angels in stockings. Where the blog writer tells you exactly what he wants to do to the stockings model. If you like the post about me and want even more stockings posts then visit angels in stockings here. I want to strip off your clothes — except the stockings, you can keep those on — and throw you to the ground. I want to devour your breasts and swallow your cunt. When the juices are flowing and you are well lubricated, I will drive into you from above so that you feel my weight on top, so that my chest squashes your breasts flat while I fuck my tongue past your lips and drag my fingers through your hair and kiss you deep. My hips will thrust against your pelvis so very hard because you like it rough that way, and, you know, so do I. I want your legs spread wide apart for me, hooking around my back as I take you on the floor like this.

I want to roll over and have you ride my penis. I want to clutch your breasts as you impale yourself over my prick. I want to twist your nipples and hear you groan. I like seeing the way your pussy lips stretch about my shaft. I like how tight you are inside, how your muscles compress my penis, the wetness that flows within you and down my balls. I will play with your clit and roll it in my fingers and pinch a little while you are doing the work of fucking me.

At last, I want to take you as forcefully as I can. I want you draped over your desk, fingers clutching the far side, as I press my pelvis against your ass. I want to drag you backward by the hair. I will grip your tits and use them for leverage as I thrust into you from behind. I want my teeth biting into your shoulders. I want both of us perspiring from the effort of sex. I want the smells in my nose, the scents of your arousal. I want the squishy sounds of my cock entering your pussy and sliding through, the liquid feel inside. I want to hear the clap of my balls slamming into your thighs and buttocks. I want you swearing, the nasty words that escape your mouth announcing how good it is. I want the friction of my cock against your g-spot, the press of my fingers against the nub of your clit. I want your orgasms cascading one after another until, at last, I come with you.

I am in my office right now, thinking of you. I would like to reach up that pencil skirt that you are wearing. I would kick off my shoes and bring my foot into contact with those stockings. I’d turn at the knee and climb up the inner surface of the thigh, brushing my toes where the stockings end. As I pull back on the wheeled office chair, my foot would lift up your skirt. I like the look of your underwear. I like that they are moist. I might lean back in the chair and prop both feet against you as you and push you back against your desk. One of the feet comes to rest on your cunt so that I can feel the wetness of pussy on my soles. The other foot kicks against your thigh to bunch the skirt up and expose your body to me. My hands unbuckle my belt. I undo the button at the top and pull apart the zip. My cock would be ready for you. Fucking you on your desk in your office, with the people you work with outside, where if they listened, they could hear you in the throes of pleasure — I like this idea. I am hard thinking about it. I hope you are, too.. You can download this video in my stockings members area here at sabrinasstockings

danni on fucking machine

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Do you need loosening up for proper men? Well Danni does. So I have her on the the fucking machine to give her a good hard proper fucking. Would you like to get fucked by a machine or maybe you would like to be fucking a busty slave girl in stockings like this? Filmed in high Definition


danni-slave-71-07.jpg  danni-slave-71-10.jpg danni-slave-71-17.jpg danni-slave-71-27.jpg danni-slave-71-43.jpg


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