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Rubber nurse in stockings playing with balloons

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

I love stockings, but just lately Ive also started to get a big love for rubber, especially when I am playing with balloons. Everyone pretty much likes a balloon. They’re bright and bouncy and stupidly cheerful. They can float, they make a loud noise when popped. I love the feel and sound as the balloons rub against the rubber. I also love to rub balloons on my panties and stocking covered legs. In this movie, I am dressed in this very sexy rubber nurse outfit and stockings and I play with various balloons.visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

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Rubber nurse in stockings gives a handjob

Friday, August 1st, 2014

I am dressed in this rubber nurses outfit and tanned stockings and a pair of high heels. So I can milk this patient in the sex treatment area. The area in the dungeon where I do tests on mens cocks. Often milking them. In this uniform milking set I have included at the end some screen grabs, because you really can’t capture a cumshot in pictures. So most of the set are taken on a camera with a few at the end captured from film. Would you like to be milked by a nurse dressed in rubber with stockings? Well this patient gets to shoot all over my rubber covered breasts.


Saucy secretary by day, but naughty nurse by night both in stockings of course

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Well being a secretary is my job, but being a nurse is a fantasy. I love dressing up as a nurse, of course all sexy nurses wear stockings. Well they do here anyway.

After a hard day at work. We all have to unwind somehow. I unwind usually by stripping off down to my stockings and rolling around the house semi naked. I wonder how many of you wind down by watching me


I much prefere the traditional uniforms and the less costumey uniforms. So from now on I am only going to be wearing authentic stuff. Like this real nurses uniform, borrowed from a real nurse. But of course wearing my real tanned stockings and black suspender belt.


What is it about a nurses uniform, that gets men hot? What gets me hot is the saucy films, with naughty nurses. But only if they are wearing stockings of course. Well anyway. Here I am, nurse sabrina, taking off my tanned stockings and changing them for my black stockings. That should make you feel better.


Traditional nurse changing out of my tanned stockings and into my black stockings. You even get to see a glimpse of my panties on the way


Nurse on video changing my black stockings to tanned stockings

Thursday, July 24th, 2014


I am going to let you watch me get undressed out of my nurses uniform and the black stockings that I have wearing all day and then you can watch me putting on my tanned coloured. Imagine if I was a real nurse, my stockings and panties would be very sweaty from giving lots of men bed baths all day. Lots of bending over and flashing my panties to make everyone feel better I think. So in my lunch break or when I get home I would of course change my stockings and panties. You wouldn’t want me smelling would you? Or would you? Would you like to smell my panties and worn stockings? I bet you would like to smell them while I was still wearing them wouldn’t you?. visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

Old fashioned pictures of me in a nurse uniform showing my stockings

Friday, July 11th, 2014

I love vintage pictures taken of women, they always look so sexy and always have on great underwear. The sort of underwear that you can’t seem to find these days. Great fully fashioned stockings, girdles, big metal clips. Ladies always looked so classy then and so sexy. Well I have not got a time machine and so I have had to edit these pictures to try and re-create that vintage stockings look. Here I am in this nurses uniform taking off these tanned coloured stockings in a vintage picture post card style. What do you think?






Watch me be a bitch to my slave girl Danni, of course while both of us are in stockings

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

My bitch Danni has a great set of big juggs. Yet this dirty little servant girl is obviously permitting males to cum over them. Therefore today we intend to teach her some sort of lesson and instead of covering her bosoms in jizz we will cover them in very hot wax. Not surprisingly I will be paying special attention to the girl’s large brown nipples and I’ll cover them with hot wax. We’ve our little slutty slave girl dressed up in black stockings and myself when administering the hot wax on her bosoms and nipples in our medical center am being dressed in a plastic nurses dress and brownish nylons.You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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Mistress Sabrina giving her slave the hot wax treatment

Friday, March 28th, 2014

I like to experiment with some hot wax on the slave. in particular one who has this kind of good bottom as Danni has. Watch when the very hot white wax drops on to her dark brown body, it nearly looks like sperm. I have my slave girl dressed in only black stockings plus a suspender belt. I’m wearing nylons with a plastic nurses uniform. Slave Danni features a terrific butt I know you are going to agree. I do believe this looks superb all covered with warm wax. Just what do you think? Danni definitely took loads of enjoyment and also a great deal of discomfort from the very hot wax on her rear end.

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Watch me dressed as a nurse fucked by a machine

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Today I need to pay a visit into the fucking machine hospital dressed up in this rubber the medical staff clothing along with a pair of nylons naturally. Obviously it is just about all recorded just for this great fucking machine web site. Nevertheless just before I put on any patients which want to be able to find out how it can be to get banged relentlessly, I firstly ought to check out this specific fucking machine. Look at me while I get hammered relentlessly, by this specific Anaconda fucking machine. We do obviously have the extra dimension of me attired like a nurse in plastic along with stockings. You receive a fantastic frontal view as well as experiencing slutty health professional Sabrina laying on my front, griping my own heels and fucked from behind. This scene where by I grab my high heels to get pounded is probably the hardest orgasmic pleasure I’ve ever endured. visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

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Stockings Pictures - Nurse In Stockings

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Does anyone ever get bored of nurses uniforms? I know I don’t. What is it about nurses that we all love so much.? I remember when I was younger and watching the old black and white Ealing films, they always had the sexiest of nurses with coiffed hair and bright red lipstick and most often wearing fully fashioned stockings. I remember then thinking how sexy that was.

I love this advert and this nurse is very sexy indeed. Wearing stockings she tries to revive this patient and undoes her nurses uniform to revive him. Well I am sure this stocking wearing nurse would revive anyone. What do you think? Would she revive you?

Here I am wearing my short, tight PVC nurses uniform. Under the nurses uniform I have a pair of tanned stockings,  a pale blue suspender belt with metal clasps and a black bra and matching panties. If I wanted to revive you like in the nurse advert, would this nurses uniform, stockings and killer heels work?



Stockings Video - Nurse waking up in the morning

Thursday, February 13th, 2014


Well I have just got up and need to get ready for another day at the hospital. :) Of course a nurse has to wear nylons. It is cold outside and so a girl needs to wear nylons. Most of the other nurses wear pantyhose, but I am a stocking girl. I never like the idea of being caught with some sexy doctor, as he puts his hand up my skirt he finds a pair of pantyhose instead of feeling my stocking tops, suspender belt straps and panties. If you was a doctor and you found yourself in a position to put your hand up my short nurses uniform, what would you prefer? A pair of stockings or a pair of pantyhose? Stockings I hope. Anyway here in this exclusive video you get to see me getting dressed in the morning and that obviously includes putting on a suspender belt and stockings. Would you like to come into my bedroom and watch? Well you can visit sabrinas stockings here and come into my bedroom

danni on fucking machine

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Do you need loosening up for proper men? Well Danni does. So I have her on the the fucking machine to give her a good hard proper fucking. Would you like to get fucked by a machine or maybe you would like to be fucking a busty slave girl in stockings like this? Filmed in high Definition


danni-slave-71-07.jpg  danni-slave-71-10.jpg danni-slave-71-17.jpg danni-slave-71-27.jpg danni-slave-71-43.jpg


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