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Stockings pictures – putting on stockings outside

April 25, 2016 // 0 Comments

In these stockings pictures of me, that I took while out driving in the country one day, I needed to change my tanned fully fashioned stockings because they had a ladder in them. No girl wants to walk around with a ladder in or stockings, pantyhose or any nylons. So I had to jump out of my car and change them before I got to my rendez-vous with a new gentleman friend I had met. This older gentleman friend loved stockings and so I had to make sure mine were just perfect. Even though it was the height of summer and I was wearing a very casual short denim skirt, I still put on a pair of stockings and a suspender belt, well I like […]

Air Hostess In Stockings up skirt

April 21, 2016 // 0 Comments

When I use to work on the airlines as an air hostess this was the colour of the uniform I use to wear. Watch me getting ready with my white panties and bra, a white garter belt and a pair of white stockings with red seem and reinforced toe and heel. But when I worked as an air hostess the uniform was very strict and so I had to wear tanned or black stockings. But I think these stockings look match the uniform well. I really wanted a uniform similar to show you what I use to wear. Here I am wearing fully fashioned tanned stockings with a Cuban heel and a pair of stiletto’s, then I mainly wore black or tanned stockings. But I […]

Sitting on and bursting balloons while wearing stockings

April 20, 2016 // 0 Comments

I do love to play around in nylons, not necessarily in the sexual means. The truth is I wear stockings, basically at all times plus like to do plenty of things which is enjoyable, however , not sexual. Like right now I will be using these black fully fashioned stockings,, with a corset in addition to charcoal full back knickers & My goal is to possibly be relaxing upon balloons until eventually they burst. View as I rebound down and up in my knickers until eventually the balloons go bang. There’s no doubt that precisely what works really well may be the set off involving the dark-colored nylons, and also the red-colored and also light red balloons..You can watch this video in my premium members […]

Watch me dressed as a nurse fucked by a machine

April 18, 2016 // 0 Comments

Today I need to pay a visit into the fucking machine hospital dressed up in this rubber the medical staff clothing along with a pair of nylons naturally. Obviously it is just about all recorded just for this great fucking machine web site. Nevertheless just before I put on any patients which want to be able to find out how it can be to get banged relentlessly, I firstly ought to check out this specific fucking machine. Look at me while I get hammered relentlessly, by this specific Anaconda fucking machine. We do obviously have the extra dimension of me attired like a nurse in plastic along with stockings. You receive a fantastic frontal view as well as experiencing slutty health professional Sabrina laying on […]

Secretary in stockings on the desk

April 17, 2016 // 0 Comments

These pictures taken in this office sees me in this very traditional secretary clothes. But I have a very short skirt on and am flashing my purple suspenders and my black seemed stockings. You cant quite get a glimpse of my panties. But in the full office set on my site you can. See me on the desk pulling up my skirt to show you my suspender belt I love bending over the desk just so you get a glimpse of the bottom of my white panties up my skirt and you can see the seems of my stockings going right down to my fully fashioned heel. OK this is what you have been waiting for, a secretary on your desk with her skirt pulled […]

A three minute stocking movie for all my lovely stockings blog readers

April 16, 2016 // 0 Comments

If you want to watch a great movie featuring the nets sexiest amateur stocking babe Sabrina, then here it is, all you need to do is sign up to her stockings fanzine, you get instant access to this great stockings movie, plus her exclusive stockings pictures. Plus she will send you stockings pictures, movies and stories. After you subscribe you will need to confirm your email. If it goes into your junk box remember to take it out of your junk mail. Otherwise you wont get my free fanzine    

Stockings Video – Blowing up balloons while wearing stockings

April 12, 2016 // 2 Comments

  In this video for stockings lovers and looners (balloon lovers) alike. I am blowing up some party balloons while wearing some tanned coloured stockings. and a very very short skirt, so you can get lots of up skirt views of my little panties. If you like? Do you like up skirts where you can see a ladies panties and stocking tops and straps? In this short clips taken from the full length exclusive stockings movie on my site, Sabrinas Stockings, you get some up skirt shots as I’m sitting down blowing up the balloons, This clip is only a small clip of the whole movie that lasts for about 8 minutes and I have reduced the quality to be able to put it here […]

Angels in stockings features babes like me in stockings

April 10, 2016 // 0 Comments

This post was taken from a great stockings blog called angels in stockings. Where the blog writer tells you exactly what he wants to do to the stockings model. If you like the post about me and want even more stockings posts then visit angels in stockings here. I want to strip off your clothes — except the stockings, you can keep those on — and throw you to the ground. I want to devour your breasts and swallow your cunt. When the juices are flowing and you are well lubricated, I will drive into you from above so that you feel my weight on top, so that my chest squashes your breasts flat while I fuck my tongue past your lips and drag my […]

Stockings Pictures – Nun in stockings

April 8, 2016 // 0 Comments

Nuns can be naughty too, and so must be restrained. Well, restrained at least for long enough so that you can pull up their frock and pull down their panties! Which is exactly what has happened to me here. Not only do I have my panties pulled down, but my stockings have also been pulled down. You’ll see my sexy black satin suspender belt and it’s sexy metal clasps and my nude stocking tops. Watch me as I try and fail quite miserably as I try to hide my modesty even though I am tied up. What about a naughty nun?  A naughty nun has to be one of the greatest fetishes, naughty nuns have been shown for years. Usually in black fully fashioned stockings […]

Fishnet stockings up skirt

April 6, 2016 // 0 Comments

In these sexy stocking pictures, I’m in the dungeon when the wind is blowing up my short black, net skirt. It reveals my sexy black fishnet stockings, my black and purple suspenders belt with metal clasps and pink panties. I’m also wearing a sexy black corset which I’m pulled tightly into, and you will notice that you can nearly see a glimpse of the tops of my voluptuous boobs! I don’t very often wear fishnet stockings, I am more of a traditional type of gal. But sometimes they look great. Really slutty. Here I am seen in sexy black fishnets and black satin corset ready to go out. Does this skirt look to short? Maybe it is as you can see my pink panties! I […]

Stockings Video – Secretary stockings

April 4, 2016 // 0 Comments

  In this stockings movie shot in my office at work. I am at my desk, wearing a short skirt with tanned coloured stockings. A very short and very loose brown tartan skirt, which I use to tease the other men in the office. Would you like me to tease you if you was sitting opposite me at work? What about this. What about if I was to do a full striptease in the office at my desk for you to see, would you like that? Well in this video I will do that just for you. I will flash you my panties and stocking tops then I will strip down in front of you. Well we are both bored at work, it might cheer […]

Stockings Pictures – Cow Girl In Stockings

April 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

Here I am in the barn dressed as a cow girl. You don’t get many cow girls wearing stockings I know, but a short jean skirt looks great with a pair of stockings underneath, and knee high boots really completes the look! In these couple of pictures taken from a big set on my site, you get to see my stocking tops and my white panties with little red cherries on them. This has been a surprisingly popular set of pictures. I think the reason is this Denim skirt looks really good with stockings. I love sitting on a big leather saddle and I do love a barn though all that hay to roll around in with some young stud cow hand. His hands rubbing […]

Stockings Pictures – Nurse In Stockings

April 1, 2016 // 0 Comments

Does anyone ever get bored of nurses uniforms? I know I don’t. What is it about nurses that we all love so much.? I remember when I was younger and watching the old black and white Ealing films, they always had the sexiest of nurses with coiffed hair and bright red lipstick and most often wearing fully fashioned stockings. I remember then thinking how sexy that was. I love this advert and this nurse is very sexy indeed. Wearing stockings she tries to revive this patient and undoes her nurses uniform to revive him. Well I am sure this stocking wearing nurse would revive anyone. What do you think? Would she revive you? Here I am wearing my short, tight PVC nurses uniform. Under the […]

Stockings Video – Secretary upskirt

March 31, 2016 // 0 Comments

  In this sort stockings and up-skirt secretary video clip, that I have taken off my premium site. I am in the office in this black suit flashing my black stockings tops and my white panties. It seems men can never get enough up skirts when they are at work. They spend all day trying to look up my skirt and I spend all day flashing them my panties and stocking tops. Then we all go home and the next day it starts all over again. Do you ever get bored of looking up a ladies skirt? I never get bored of flashing you! I would spend all day flashing you if I was in the same office as you. Would you like that? Well […]

Black seemed stockings

March 27, 2016 // 0 Comments

In this new picture set, I am wearing sheer black stockings a black suspender belt with metal clasps, frilly white panties and a matching frilly white bra while lying seductively on my bed. I am really comfortable lying here on the sexy fur bed cover even while I am wearing really high heels. I would really love a playmate! Watch me while I flash my black seamed stockings and my bottom in my frilly panties. To see the complete series of pictures, visit my exclusive stockings site here

Stockings Video – Nurse waking up in the morning

March 26, 2016 // 0 Comments

  Well I have just got up and need to get ready for another day at the hospital. Of course a nurse has to wear nylons. It is cold outside and so a girl needs to wear nylons. Most of the other nurses wear pantyhose, but I am a stocking girl. I never like the idea of being caught with some sexy doctor, as he puts his hand up my skirt he finds a pair of pantyhose instead of feeling my stocking tops, suspender belt straps and panties. If you was a doctor and you found yourself in a position to put your hand up my short nurses uniform, what would you prefer? A pair of stockings or a pair of pantyhose? Stockings I hope. […]

Stockings spy

March 25, 2016 // 0 Comments

In these stockings pictures, I am wearing a very sexy Russian army uniform. A heavy coat and a Russian hat. When I was wearing this uniform I felt so turned on. All this ammunition around me, I felt a great sense of power. Watch me unbutton this big, heavy officer’s coat and flash what I am wearing under it! You can see my sexy black seamed stockings and black suspender belt with metal clasps and matching black and pink bra and pantie set. Imagine if you were a Russian soldier and were standing next to me! To see the complete series visit my exclusive stockings site here

If like me you have a real stocking fetish then you will love this new stocking fetish blog

March 22, 2016 // 0 Comments

Stocking fetish blog is a a great new blog for those of us who have a real stocking fetish, like me. It features only ladies in stockings like me. Classy ladies who love stockings. Like in this movie featuring Suburban amateur slut Nikki. If you like this movie and want to see more great stocking fetish porn then visit stocking fetish blog here. Watch this amateur suburban slut, as she plays with herself, pulling up her petticoat and rubbing her stocking covered legs and playing with her garter belt straps. Nicky, is wearing a petty coat and tanned coloured fully fashioned stockings and a white garter belt. Watch as suburban slut Nikki rubs her silky petticoat all over her body. She rubs her pantie covered […]

Sexy Blonde Milf Tabitha in white stockings in the kitchen

March 20, 2016 // 0 Comments

Tabitha is for sure a true mum. I enjoy it if this blonde invites different males around to fuck while in front of this amateurs hubby. I enjoy watching slutty Tabitha having satisfaction from different adult men, it is a strong powerful sexual fantasy many of us talk about. You can find this amateur performing hard live porno shows, alone, plus having sex by using more than 1 gentlemen at once. Slutty Tabitha can be intensely bi & enjoys to please various other swingers. See each of this sluts sizzling & filthy movies with this MILF opening her cunt for brand-new penis and having everything inside. You’re definitely going to like viewing this kinky milf getting fucked frequently. This couple run their website fully on […]

Stockings Video – Maid cleaning the office in stockings

March 19, 2016 // 0 Comments

Everyone has gone home and the office is now empty. I have decided to give my office a clean. I also know that everyone has gone home and the only people left is the security guards who are watching the offices on their TV screens. So I have decided to give them a proper show. It isn’t fair that they miss all the pantie and stocking flashing fun in the day time is it? I mean how would you like it if I was flashing all day and you missed it? Wouldn’t be very fair now would it. So I have put on this very short French maids uniform, black stockings and a little pink pair of panties and I am going to give the […]

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