Saturday night stockings

The morning rain tapped hard on my window. It’s what woke me up this morning. I was still groggy from the night before and just lay in bed thinking about the past week. My duvet covers were pulled up tight to my chin as the winter weather was coming in thick and heavy and the dull light of sunrise was just passing. My clock flashed ten am, great, early. I was still wearing my underwear from the night before – baby pink bra and panties set, with garters and a pair of baby pink stockings – Cuban heeled and straight seams down the back. I closed my eyes and remember last night, I was a bunny girl! The works night out, or rather a leaving do for me at the work place I had been for the past month. The bosses decided to do things a little differently this time and made everyone who was attending dress up! That’s right, we all had to indulge in skimpy little outfits and costumes for the night. Mind you, I didn’t have a problem with that as I wouldn’t be going back there, not in the foreseeable future anyway – the joys of being an office temp I suppose.

Last night I was looking through my drawers when I found a short pink frilly skirt and new I had the top and underwear to match it, my heart was set on that outfit although I should have asked around as to what everyone else was wearing as I was dressed up kind far too revealing. I picked up a pair of bunny ears on the way home from work and made my own fluffy cotton ball tail!

When I got home I went straight to my wardrobe which had my suit already hanging! I jumped in the shower and made myself smell pretty and did my hair before getting the clothes and underwear on. I’m very funny about my lingerie, I like it done to perfection, you never know who’s going to get a peek up your panties these days.

I flopped down on the bed and started up at my ceiling before I got ready. I didn’t fancy leaving this job as I had got used to the people there but then that’s the downside as well as the plus. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. Anyhow, I forgot about the bad bits and started to get excited about my party! It’s not often they throw a leaving do so it was time to make the most of it.

Jumping up of the bed I grabbed my outfit and ripped it off the hanger. I laid the pretty pink skirt over to the side and picked up my bra. Sliding it over my shoulders I slipped my breasts comfortable into the cups making sure my nipples were well tucked in and pushed the bra up a bit, giving me some boosted cleavage! I did the clips in at the back and turned around for my panties, they pink was so soft I almost missed it against my white bedsheets. They were low rise, full bottom coverage ones and fitted like a dream. I slid them up my smooth legs and settled them onto my hips, rubbing out the creases and fixing the little pink bow ties at the side so that they were straight.

Next up were my stockings, my most favored piece of lingerie. Some girls like corsets, bra’s, pantyhose – not me, I was a stockings girl. I sat down on the bed and lifted my left leg up. I smoothed the stocking down over my leg and shivered at the feeling of the soft warm nylon against my legs. I thought about wearing my pair of fishnets but they were far to bright a pink to wear to the night out. I rolled the stocking up gently, making sure that the heel was to the bottom and slipped my perfectly manicured foot in. I pulled the heel around my own and then slid the rest of the stocking gently up my leg, savoring the feel of the warm fabric on my clean, fresh skin. It feels like heaven to have stockings rub up my leg, I totally get of on it! Once the stocking was up to my thigh I picked up the garter from the bed and attached the stocking to my panties.

I sat back down on the bed, brushing my hair out of my face and lifted up my right leg, eagerly but gently all the same, I rolled the stocking to make sure I wouldn’t get any ladders in it, and aimed my foot inside. My toes gripped the fabric ad my heel slid into the ‘grip’ at the back and I slid the stocking up my leg, sorting the seam running up the back of the stocking into place – making sure it was centred. Nothing worse than having off centred stocking seams! I sat the stocking high up on my thigh and attached it with the white suspender to my panties. Once I was sure everything was in place I relaxed a little and let my legs dangle of the bed. I rubbed my hands over my thighs and just let the feeling wash over me…I then remember about my night out and rushed up to put my skirt on with a big smile on my face!

Picking up the frilly pink skirt, I slid it up over my stocking clad legs and settled it just about my pantie line! I slipped on my silk white blouse and strapped my fluffy cotton tail to my round perky ass. I fixed the floppy bunny ears I picked up at the shop to my head and grabbed my coat heading for the door.

A cold gust of wind brought me back to reality and I pulled the duvet covers back up to my neck and nuzzled my face in them, another two hours sleep wasn’t going to hurt, it was Saturday anyway! Read more of my stockings adventures or watch my exclusive stockings movies and pictures on my site for premium members here