Secretary on a Monday morning

Monday morning papers rustled and dreary faces lined the train. It was Monday rush hour and on an underground train you were always hard pressed to find a seat. I was leaning against a tall, cold shiny pole surrounded in suited men and women all on their way to the daily grind.

I however was not your typical suit woman. Instead of wearing tights I wore stockings, everybody I have ever met has had their own personal opinion on stockings and for the most part it’s a good one. I just love the way that the soft, smooth fabric rubs against my delicate skin, the way that they sit gently on my thighs and the way my toes rub together and are kept warm and cosy. The train jerked me back and forth and my hands were tied up between my bag and my folders so I had no choice but to let my skirt ride up a little, I would just have to deal with the stares I knew I was going to get. I could feel my soft cotton skirt riding slowly up my ass, a soft cool breeze hit my crotch and it sent shivers down my spine.

I looked around the passengers trying to catch out whose heavy eyes I could feel upon me and there they were. A group of young men skulking in the corner of the train all had their young eyes glazed over and their minds focused on one thing, what was resting under my sweet short skirt.

I braced myself as the train went over a few bumpy patches. My jutting breasts bounced up and down as the train skidded to a halt at one of the stops. None of the young men left the train. I looked down at my legs, pretending not to notice their heavy, hot gazes. I stared at my soft, black, leather court shoes and watched them melt into my thick nylon stockings. I savoured the feel of the sweet fabric embracing my leg and closed my eyes.

When I opened them I noticed that the train was half empty and my stop was next. I took a seat near the door, being careful to avoid the half chewed gum that was places strategically in the middle of the seat. I laid my folders and my bag next to me and sorted my skirt that had slid up my legs for more than I had wanted it to.

I needed to adjust myself so I took the time to do it while the train was empty. Although the young men were still sitting in the corner their eyes could barely see what I was about to do. I hoisted up my skirt so that not only were the tips of my stockings showing but my soft silky panties were exposed as well. I moved the suspender clips back into the centre of my leg so that I was more comfortable then re-attached the harsh metal clasps to the soft black stockings, the silver glinting under the trains spotlights.

On the other leg I had to turn the stocking around so I peeled it off and sorted it by hand. As I was slipping the soft stocking back onto my leg I looked up to find one of the young men standing over me, as though he was wanting to tell me something. Apparently the train had stopped and I hadn’t noticed and the kind young man had got more than he had bargained for when he stepped around to where I was sitting, not that he minded of course.

I rushed my stocking back onto my delicate creamy leg as the young man stood standing in front of me. My stocking slipped on easily and I gathered my things and stood up, the young man steadied me before he walked away, a sly grin spread across his face.

It was a sunny day and I was quite looking forward to work. There were several handsome young men that worked in the office below mine who always made entering the building a happy Monday task.

The sun beat down on my head as I walked up to the lavishly decorated office building. For the next few months I was working as a leading accountants PA for a very well established law firm. The money was good and the company was even better.

After walking up the endless steps that lead into the building I picked up my ID badge from the reception desk and made my way to the elevator. As I stepped inside I was greeted by two young handsome men that worked at the floor beneath mine. I stepped into the lift and the two young men stood behind me, quietly gossiping between them.

I stood still watching the lights pass each floor slower than I remembered. I could hear the boys whispering behind me about my stockings, I looked down at my shoes, taking in what they were saying.

They were talking about my legs and the way that they curved at the backs of my knees. They talked about how black my stockings were against my creamy skin. They laughed at the way my hips swayed back and forth to the cheesy elevator music and they were wondering what lay under my tight, cotton skirt.

I felt their eyes move up and over my stockings, taking in every detail of the black nylon of stockings that they could before we reached their stopped which was just a few seconds away. I felt them shuffling to the front of the lift beside me and as the door opened and they walked out I felt two hands skiff the sides of my legs and ass and a giggle escape the mouth of two grown men.

I myself felt a giggle escape my mouth as the doors closed and the lift carried onto my floor. What a perfect way to start a Monday… Read all my stories and watch my exclusive movies and pictures at my very own site for premium members here.