Office secretary upskirt when I change the light bulb in the office

A loud crack filled the room and all the office staff looked up. The light bulb had burst and smashed over one of the fax machines. There was some panic around the room but once everyone had seen what had happened they just got back on with their business and I seemed to be the only one concerned about cleaning up the glass and replacing the light bulb. The cleaners weren’t in for a few hours yet and I was thinking of the safety of the office staff, mainly me, what if I fell over in these heels and landed in the glass?! I took it upon myself to hunt for the dust pan and brush and clean it up; I would also need a light bulb to replace the broken one. I stood up from my desk smoothing the creases out of my baby pink, woollen skirt and headed for the storage cupboard in search for the things I needed.

I walked across the office past the broken glass; I could hear small shards of glass crunch under my heels as I walked bravely across the office floor. People stared up at me wondering where I was going as they saw me head to the storage cupboard. My body was tense; all this attention was setting every nerve ending on edge. Everything was louder and brighter. I could feel my blouse shift on my shoulders with every stride, I could feel my skirt rest gently on my hips with every sway of my hips and I could feel my pink stockings grip my thighs with every fibre as I walked closer towards my destination.

The cupboard was dark and smelled like mould. I quickly found what I was looking for and made a dash for the safety of the office. My heels banged loudly when they shouldn’t have, the floor was carpeted. I picked up a waste paper bin and headed over to the desk with the broken glass. While some people kept themselves to themselves others thought it appropriate to stare at what I was doing, making me nervous enough to cut myself on a tiny shard of glass.

I crouched down on my heels, my skirt riding up to show the tips of my thick stockings and delicate thighs. I could feel the rush of blood to my cheeks and I was soon red with embarrassment. Without wanting to cause undue attention to myself I just got on with what I was doing. I could feel fresh air breeze up my skirt onto the soft cotton of my pink panties which sent shivers down my spine.

The brush was harsh against the carpet sending shards flying all over the place but I did the best I could with the tools that I had. My ass was starting to get cold, so were my thighs. The cool air tingled against my thighs and crotch. I swept up what I could before placing the large shards in the waste bin. I felt the heavy stares of some of the office workers; I caught their eyes staring at my legs hidden by my pink, detailed stockings. They were taking in every soft lined indented into my stockings, their eyes lifting up towards my ass where they could see my suspender clips glinting under the office spot lights.

After picking up the large shards that I could I decided that it was time for me to change the light bulb which unfortunately meant I had to stand on the desk, even with my heels I wasn’t tall enough to reach the tiled ceiling. I pulled out the chair from under the desk as prying eyes watched what I was up to, not one of them offered to give me help, they just stared at my legs and hoped I would flash some flesh.

I carefully hoisted myself up onto the table and steadied myself before looking up, my heels shook under me as sweat lined my forehead. I looked up to where the light was, there was the base of the light bulb still stuck in the fixture so I had to gently take it out, being careful not to cut myself again.

I stretched up and felt my clothes ride up with me, my skirt reached new heights and the not only did the tips of the stockings flash the office but the soft pink of my cotton panties got a show as well. I didn’t stop though, the quicker that I got this light bulb in the quicker that I could get down and get back to work. Gasps filled the office as I almost slipped and fell down of the table and it was only then that two of the kind gentlemen in the office came over to steady me, I think that they were more interested in getting a look up my skirt more than anything else.

I screwed the light bulb into the hole and let go of the breath I never knew I was holding when it was done. As I let myself slink back down I felt my clothes go down with me and the two young gentlemen walked away in disappointment their hopes of more flesh shattered just like the previous light bulb.

I hopped down of the table and glanced around at the other workers. Their heads all dipped back down to their computers and I brushed my hands down my skirt and headed back to my desk, leaving the brush and dustpan where they lay. I sat down and smiled to myself knowing that I went above and beyond the call of duty today and wondered what other perks of the job tomorrow was going to have in store for me. For all my exclusive stockings content visit my premium site here