Stocking upskirt in the library

After hushing the group of young men joking around in the corner of the room I got back to doing what I do best, playing secretly on the computer when I should be working. The library was quiet today so there was not much that needed done, there was some odd filing pieces and some faxes to be sent but nothing major. This month I had been placed in a library administration team. I snapped shut the book on the front of the desk, a book that was left there by a young boy who decided that Peter Rabbit was too young for him and he could no longer keep the book as he was a big boy now. His mother had asked if we could take the book as a donation and the boy wore a cheesy smile on his face, like he was doing someone a great big favour. The library welcomed donations but it just made more paperwork and filing for us first hand staff.

The library was painted in a dull green. I think when the couple who opened this places decided to have it decorated they must have been against colour. Everything screamed out plain and tasteless. The book shelves were even painted that disgusting green colour and the only bright thing that could be found was a computer screen. Computers littered every bare wall and desk. IT is the new in thing so the library thought it would kit itself out with some up to date technology.

Today was my turn to stack the shelves. I had tried to get out of it complaining of a sore leg but the boss just looked at my heels and politely stated that if I could wear them to work with a sore leg I could stand on a ladder and put books on a shelf. I made a mental note to myself at the time not to wear heels as high as these to work again, especially if I was going to need an out clause at some point of the day.

The list of books that needed putting back on the shelves grew larger as the day went on. Policy has it that you are not supposed to put the books back on the shelves until the end of the day but with the initiative I have, and the knack for getting into bother, I decided to lighten the load and took a pile of books to their category shelves and started to put them back up.

The hard part came when I needed to reach the top shelf. My heels were high but they weren’t that high. I needed the step ladder, something that wasn’t as discreet as books. I had to be quick not to get caught. The library just happened to be silent so my noisy heels echoed of the library walls. My pace quickened as I dragged the step ladders through the aisles to the one where I needed it. It squeaked loudly as I pulled it across the floor.

Today was not the best day for me to be climbing a ladder. I was wearing a soft pink blouse and a short black, pleated skirt. My hair was tied back in a loose pony tail and my make up was only slightly applied. I was fresh and innocent today as opposed my to erotic and sexy look I usually wear. I did of course wear my stockings; they are one piece of clothing I couldn’t live without. Today I wore a baby pink pair with small zigzag lines running through the soft fabric. I remembered putting them on this morning before I left. I imagined the soft feel of them material under my fingertips as I dragged them up my legs. I felt my toes press against the tight cloth in my shoes. The stockings sat neatly on the tops of my thighs while cold metal clasps dug into the lace material that lined the top of them so that they would stay on. I almost put a ladder in them, they are that delicate. The sheer material shone under the soft dim of the library lights. They were thin and smooth and made my legs look as innocent as I was trying to be.

The ladder lay steadily against the bookshelves; luckily I was light so there was little chance of them falling over. I could hear murmuring in the background as my first foot touch the ladder steps. It was the young boys in the corner of the room peering at me from behind their university study books. It was obviously not their books that they were studying.

Despite the distraction I carried on, ignoring the smirks and the silent dog whistles that sounded in the background. I gripped the ladders fiercely with one hand while I held the books in a tray with the other and lifted both feet onto the first step. I just had to climb another six or so steps and I was there. By the time I had reached the tops of the stairs my skirt had ridden up and was barely covering my ass. The boys behind me had a good stare as the lacy tips of my stockings were in full view and if they came any closer they would not only be seeing the sexy stockings but also the soft pink panties to go with them.

Their eyes were fixated on my long, slender legs. I stretched up to put some of the books on a higher shelf and it was like watching puppies watch their favourite toy. Their tongues were hanging out of their mouths and their lips were very wet. Each of the young men’s eyes took in every detail of my stockings and pleated skirt. Their eyes traced the smooth zigzag lines that were etched into the soft material and lustfully looked up the backs of my toned legs to my ass.

I don’t think a hurricane could have torn their eyes away. Once all the books were in place I smoothed down my skirt hiding the tips of the stockings form the young men’s eyes. I could hear small pangs of disappointment as I slid my skirt down my legs to cover my lacy thighs. I could feel the heated gaze of each boy race over me wondering what to take in next. Just one moment ago they were laughing at me for climbing the ladder, now they would shut up just to keep me there.

As I slid my skirt down I slipped my hands onto my legs to catch a warm feeling from my stockings. I shivered as the soft nylon skimmed my fingertips and sent the boy’s eyes into over drive. I let my shoulders relax a little as I skimmed my fingertips over my thighs and knee’s. I embraced the feel of the smooth yet rough feeling of my stockings as I stood taller than everyone in the library and was being watched by some very good looking youths.

It didn’t take long for me to get back to reality that’s for sure. It was barely five minutes since I had dragged the ladder but the boss was standing at the base of the ladders screaming for me to come down, and of course, looking up my skirt. His eyes also fixated on my stockings but I think his interested laid mainly in my silky, pink panties that were almost, but not quite, hidden by my skirt. I jumped down of my ladder and my boss kindly pointed out I had a sore leg and maybe I shouldn’t do that anymore.

Walking back to my desk I almost melted at the knees. I could feel the nylon material rubbing in between my legs making me go crazy. The soft fabric rubbed against my inner thighs as I shook my ass and swayed my hips back to my desk. The young men stared on, anxious to see if I was grabbing more books to put back on the shelves, watching my legs and my ass like hawks. I had to disappoint them however, as I sat back down I could literally feel their breath rushing out form their mouths, breaths I’m sure they didn’t even know they were holding until now.

I sit back down on the chair and crossed my sexy legs over, my shoes dangling in mid air. I loved the way that the stockings rubbed against each other; they made my legs shake and my back shiver. I looked over to the young men in the corner as see them gathering up their books to leave. My guess is that they had had enough excitement for one day, and if I was lucky they may even come back tomorrow. To see all my exclusive stocking content visit sabrinas stockings here