Stockings and pantie up-skirts in the back of a taxi

I received a phone call in the early morning asking me to temp at a new office. I didn’t know where it was so I figured I would book a taxi for today until I figured out a bus route. I got up nice and early to get prepared, there is nothing better than looking your best at work and I dress to impress. I headed over to the lingerie drawer and removed some black lacy panties and a box containing new black stockings. They were also lacy but very delicate and detailed. There were fine flowers etched in the soft fabric. After completing my hair and makeup I then started to get dressed. First on was the underwear. The bra slid over my shoulders clinging tightly to my firm, pert breasts. I fastened the clasp loosely so I would have freedom of movement; the clasp was soft and smooth on my sweet back. I worked my way down to the panties. I slipped my panties on gently but with a delicate grace that would shame any stripper. My panties lace glided over my skin sensually, making me feel like a woman. The lace tingled in certain places and felt warm atop my skin. It was like a fantasy come true. I adjusted the panty as it sat on my hips; lace always looks good on me. My panties were the perfect accessory to my stockings. The teasingly covered my backside but showed enough flesh to turn any man on. My firm cheeks were smooth under the lace allowing the panties to glide over them as they moved.

Then it was time for the stockings, my favourite piece of lingerie. I gently removed the soft, sultry stocking from the box they came in. Wearing stockings that are black always makes me look exotic and sexy. I gently sat my self down on the bed and took a stocking in my left hand. I rolled it gently so as not to get any ladders in the leg, no point rushing things and ruining a beautiful pair of stockings like these. I eased my foot into the rolled stocking, gentle not to catch my manicured toes on the sheer fabric. I slowly but steadily eased the stocking up my leg taking great care not to rip the gentle fabric. I tugged the stocking over my knee and gently pulled it the rest of the way up to the top of my thigh. I then attached the black metal suspender clasps, they held on tight indenting the French lace. I started to roll the other stocking to put it on my right leg. I rolled it steadily making sure my nails did not get caught in the fine lace. Once rolled I slowly brought my foot up and into the hole. Slowly but surely I started to bring the stocking up over my knee and to the top of my thigh. I grasped the cold, metal clasp and opened its tight mouth. I slid it over the stocking and let it clamp down onto the lace. It may have been tight but it seemed gentle on the lace. I stood up of off the bed and had a looking in the mirror, my stockings looked sexy and sheer, my breasts looked pert and firm and my waist looked sleek and sultry, what more could I have asked for.

I then headed for a shirt, I choose white. My bra was black but it would add a hint of flavour to my body under the white shirt, showing of my beautiful curves. I buttoned up the shirt making sure every button matched the correct hole. The buttons slid in the holes with ease, this shirt had been worn and taken of many times. I fixed the cuffs and then headed to the wardrobe for a skirt. I choose a black pencil skirt with a neat slit up the side. The slit would discreetly show the top of my stockings if I moved the wrong, or the right way. I eased the skirt over my stocking paying special attention to the suspender clasps. I did not want to catch my skirt on them for fear of ripping my stunning lacy stockings. I slipped the skirt over the clasps and fastened the button. I took one look in the mirror one last time and thought perfect. I looked elegant and sexy all at the same time. My stockings shining in my reflection sent shivers down my spine

I heard the taxi pull up outside so grabbed my coat and handbag and headed for the door. I slipped into the taxi and slammed the door shut. The taxi driver gave me the once over from his windscreen mirror and started off to the office.

We were about half way to the office, stuck in traffic, and I felt that my right stocking was loose. I speedily looked down my skirt, only to see that the suspender clasp had let go of the sexy stocking and was dangling in between my legs. I discreetly pulled my skirt up at the side, trying to grasp the clasp without making it look as though I was doing naughty things in the back of the taxi. I must have made to much noise as the taxi driver glanced in the mirror only to see my hand up my skirt fondling with the stockings.

He had a look on his face that I hadn’t seen before. It was a bemused and satisfied look as though he had been peeping the whole time. He told me not to worry and continue what I was doing, and to the shock of him I did. I grabbed the black, tight clip and quickly but gently tugged my stocking up and snapped them together. I then sorted my skirt back down, much to the amusement of the driver who looked like the cat with the cream.

We finally arrived at our destination and as I reached for my purse the driver told me not to worry about it, what he had seen was payment enough. I got out of the taxi and headed into the office. I felt the soft lace rubbing between my thighs and the suspenders tug playfully at my skin as I walked. I needed to re-adjust myself again but I thought I should leave it until I find the ladies toilet. I wouldn’t want to cause a scene, especially in my new place of work. To see all my exclusive stocking content visit my premium exclusive site here